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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
The Robots' Robot

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "The Robot's Robot".

Note: Scenes that were cut from certain reruns are highlighted in red.

[The episode begins with a Sheep Farmer riding a donkey-driven hay cart. The donkey whinnies, then the sheep farmer turns his head to his right side when he hears Jackson and Suzie, a pair of lion cubs riding their bicycles past him and making car engine sounds. They drive their bicycles off a cliff, and Jackson grunts as he lands near the cart, screeching to a halt near a billboard with Robotnik's face on it. The donkey neighs and the Sheep Farmer gasps, and Suzie lands near his cart.]

Suzie: Whoops!

[Suzie screeches to a halt near Jackson.]

Jackson: Radical jump, Suzie!
Suzie: Totally! I almost wiped! Come on, Jackson, I'll race you home!

[Jackson points his right thumb at the Robotnik billboard behind him.]

Jackson: Last one to the village is as rotten as Robotnik!

[Jackson and Suzie ride their bicycles past the Sheep Farmer. They then ride them down the path to the city in the distance.]

Suzie: Mom's cooking spaghetti! I can smell it from here!
Jackson: I'm starving!

[Jackson gasps as the screen rumbles. He and Suzie stop their bicycles, and see the city in the process of imploding.]

Suzie: Hey, what's going on?
Jackson: Wow! The whole village is exploding or something!

[Jackson points his left index finger at the imploding city.]

Suzie: More like "or something!

[A view of the imploded city is shown.]

Suzie: It's the opposite of exploded! It's... what's the word?

[Sonic runs up to Jackson and Suzie.]

Sonic: Imploded?
Suzie: Yeah, imploded! That's...

[Suzie turns to face Sonic and stares in shock at him.]

Suzie: Sonic the Hedgehog!
Jackson: Cool!

[Tails flies up to Sonic.]

Tails: What's happenin', Sonic?
Sonic: Looks like we got some work to do, little bro! Some sleazebag imploded these kids' town!
Suzie: But there's only one person on Mobius who would do something so incredibly gross and disgusting!

[The camera moves to the upper-right corner of the screen, where a camera with a red letter "R" on it is revealed to be sitting on a tree branch. A view from Robotnik's security monitor is shown.]

Sonic, Tails, Jackson, Suzie, and Dr. Robotnik: Dr. Robotnik!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. He is revealed to be sitting in a chair, and Scratch and Grounder are revealed to be behind him.]

Robotnik: Go ahead! Help those miserable brats, you pest of a hedgehog, and see if I care!
Grounder: Okay. Do you care, your rankness?
Robotnik: In a word...

[Robotnik leans up to Grounder, who stares in shock and screams at him.]

Robotnik: No!

[Grounder's head falls off.]

Grounder: Boy, he's in a good mood today!

[Scratch walks up to Grounder's disembodied head and picks it up with both his hands.]

Scratch: Yeah!
Robotnik: Because I have another foolproof plan for taking over the planet!

[Grounder's body rolls up to Scratch, who puts Grounder's head back on it.]

Scratch and Grounder: Tell us what it is!
Robotnik: That meaningless little village has been imploded...

[Robotnik walks up to the Super Planetary Implosion Machine, or the SPIM for short.]

Robotnik: By this! The SPIM! Super Planetary Implosion Machine! Capable of imploding villages, towns, entire cities at the push of a button!

[Grounder screws his head back onto his body with both his hands.]

Grounder: Wow, that's mean!

[A tear emits from Robotnik's left eye, and he wipes it off with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: It's so mean, it overwhelms me with joy! And tomorrow, I'm going to use it to force the helpless citizens of Mobius to grovel at my feet!

[Robotnik reaches behind the SPIM and pulls out the Butal Lepron Atomic Material Modification Oscillator, or the BLAMMO for short, with his left hand. The BLAMMO lights up.]

Robotnik: And to think the whole machine is powered by this; the Butual Lepron Atomic Material Modification Oscillator!
Grounder: Whoo-hoo! Huh! What a mouthful! I hope we get to call it by its initials!
Robotnik: Or if you prefer to call it by its initials, the BLAMMO!
Scratch: The BLAMMO powers the SPIM?
Robotnik: Exactly! And tomorrow, everyone on Mobius will submit to me, or be imploded out of existence!

[Robotnik sets the BLAMMO down on the SPIM. He walks away, and Grounder picks up the BLAMMO with both his hands.]

Grounder: Oooh, look at it, Scratch! It glows!

[Suddenly, Grounder loses his grip on the BLAMMO and tosses it in the air.]

Grounder: Whoops!

[Robotnik turns and stares in shock at the BLAMMO.]

Robotnik: No!

[Grounder screams, as does Robotnik, as the latter catches the BLAMMO in his right hand.]

Robotnik: You bungling bolt-heads! The BLAMMO is a hair-trigger, highly unstable device! The slightest jiggle could set it off and implode the entire planet, and us with it!
Scratch: That wouldn't have been good!
Grounder: Yeah!

[Grounder chuckles nervously.]

Grounder: Sorry!
Robotnik: "Sorry"? YOU witless widgets nearly imploded me, and you're sorry?!

[Grounder groans as Robotnik smacks his face with his left hand and walks away.]

Robotnik: Where did I go wrong with you two? Why, a complete idiot could make a better robot than you!

[Scratch walks up to Grounder.]

Grounder: Hey, did you hear that? A complete idiot could make a better robot than us!
Scratch: Yeah! Hey, hey, hey! We're a complete idiot, aren't we?
Grounder: Hey! We could build our own robot!

[Scratch nods his head, "Yes" in approval. The screen transitions to the next scene, where a view of the ceiling is shown as the camera moves down to Scratch and Grounder, both of whom are at the Robo-Matic Machine.]

Grounder: This is so easy! We just throw a bunch of spare parts into the robot-making machine!

[Scratch, who is holding a battery in both his hands, puts it into the Robo-Matic machine. Grounder, who is holding a propeller in both his drills, hands it to Scratch, who puts it into the Robo-Matic machine.]

Scratch: Just think, a mindless, partless nincombot servant of our very own!

[Grounder, who is now holding a microwave in both his drills, hands it to Scratch, who puts it in the Robo-Matic machine. Grounder then holds a battery in both his drills and hands it to Scratch, who puts it in the Robo-Matic machine.]

Grounder: Yeah! We could boss it around, humiliate it, and abuse it,

[Scratch holds up his left index finger.]

Scratch: Just like Dr. Robotnik does to us!

[Scratch and Grounder hug each other.]

Scratch and Grounder: We're gonna be parents!

[The screen transitions to a view outside the Imploded City, where Sonic, Tails, Jackson, and Suzie all are.]

Sonic: Yep, it's imploded, all right!
Tails: Looks like a donut!
Suzie: What are we gonna do? Our parents are in there!

[Suzie points her right index finger at the Imploded City.]

Suzie: We want to go home!

[Tears emit from Jackson's eyes as he covers them with both his hands.]

Jackson: I'm hungry!
Sonic: Don't worry, kid!

[Sonic runs away.]

Sonic: We'll get your village back to normal again!

[Sonic runs back, carrying a box of donuts in both his hands.]

Sonic: Or I'm a slow-mo, and I am no slow-mo! Have a donut, champ!

[Sonic opens the box with his right hand. Jackson licks his lips hungrily.]

Jackson: Mmm-mmm-mmm! Thanks!

[Jackson picks up a donut with his left hand. Sonic closes the box and hands it to Suzie.]

Sonic: In the meantime, we'll pitch camp!

[Sonic runs up to a tree and sets up a tent and a campfire. He leans against the tree.]

Sonic: And wait for Robotnik to make a mistake!
Tails: But what if he doesn't make a mistake?
Sonic: If he doesn't, those dumb-bots, Scratch and Grounder will! In fact, they're proably making one right now!

[The screen transitions to a view outside Robotnik's fortress as the camera zooms in on it.]

Scratch: Okay, throw the switch!

[The Robo-Matic machine turns on and starts up.]

Scratch: Our very own robot!
Grounder: Oh, Scratch, I wonder what it will look like!

[Grounder's nose falls off and into the Robo-Matic Machine.]

Grounder (in a nasal voice): Hey, I lost my nose again!
Scratch: Here it comes!

[Grounder rolls up to Scratch.]

Grounder (in a nasal voice): I can't wait to give it its first orders!

[Robot emerges from the Robo-Matic machine.]

Scratch: It's a boy! He has my chin and my eyes! Bwahahaha!
Grounder (in a nasal voice): Yeah, but he has my nose! Give me that!

[Grounder takes his nose back with is left drill. Robot flinches and beeps.]

Scratch: What do we call him?
Grounder: How bout' "Groundling"?
Scratch: Forget it, ratchet-head! I was thinking along the lines of "Scratch the Second"!
Grounder: Aw, no way, exhaust-breath!
Scratch: He needs a name that'll show how smart his parents are! Something imaginative, like...
Scratch and Grounder: Robot!

[Robot beeps and flinches. Grounder then chuckles.]

Grounder: Okay, what do we make him do first?
Scratch: What do we hate to do the most?

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Scratch, Grounder, and Robot are all in the kitchen. Robot is wearing an apron. Scratch points his right index finger at him.]

Scratch: Okay, slave! Ahem! I mean, son! Wash!

[Robot turns to face the dishes, and looks up at them. He beeps nervously, then pulls his apron back with his left claw. A sink emits from his chest, and he puts one dish in it with his right claw. He then tosses that dish, along with many more, into the Super Dish-O-Matic machine. Scratch stares in amazement.]

Scratch: This is great! Look at him go! Bwahahaha!
Grounder: Yeah! Ha ha ha ha! We'll have to make more robots so we can retire!

[As Robot continues putting dishes in his sink with his right claw and tossing them into the Super Dish-O-Matic with his left, he beeps angrily. Soon, the Super Dish-O-Matic is full. Scratch and Grounder stare in shock.]

Grounder: Hey, he's overloading the Super Dish-O-Matic!

[Scratch holds up both his hands like stop signs.]

Scratch: Hey hey! Slow down! Stop!

[But Robot doesn't stop. In fact, he overloads the Super-Dish-O-Matic, causing it to explode and shattered dishes to fly everywhere. Grounder screams as he flinches.]

Scratch: Aw, Dr. Robotnik's gonna be very unhappy!

[Sure enough, Robotnik is revealed to be standing in the doorway, wearing a fez, red pajamas with tan spots on them, and tan slippers.]

Robotnik: Robotnik isn't unhappy. In fact, he's... extremely ticked off!!! What have you done to my China?!!!
Grounder: Uh, well, um, completely trashed it?

[Robotnik points his left index finger at Robot, who stares in shock at him.]

Robotnik: And what is this?!

[Robotnik leans up to Robot, who beeps nervously at him.]

Scratch: He's our very own robot!
Grounder: Yeah! Um, we built him to work around the house! You know, uh, mowing the lawn, emptying the garbage, doing the, um, uh, dishes?

[Grounder holds up a piece of one of the shattered dishes with his right drill.]

Robotnik: You are useless! I'm going to personally take you apart and turn you into a popcorn popper!

[Robot shudders, and a thought balloon appears on the left side of the screen. In the thought balloon, Robot visualizes himself as a popcorn popper. Robot then rolls away, beeping frantically. Robotnik then turns to face Scratch and Grounder, who scream in fear.]

Robotnik: You two dumb-bots! Now clean up this mess, and keep it down!

[Robotnik yawns and stretches. He then walks back out the doorway.]

Robotnik: I'm going to take over Mobius first thing in the morning, and I need my beauty rest!

[Scratch salutes Robotnik with his right hand.]

Scratch: Yes, Sir, your putridity, sir!
Grounder: Aw, don't pay any attention to him, Robot! He says he's gonna take us apart all the time! Uh, Robot?

[A view of a bindle is shown, with a toothbrush, an alarm clock, a can of oil, a rag, and three batteries in it. A photo of Scratch and Grounder is tossed into it, and Robot beeps as he stares at the BLAMMO he is holding in his left claw. He is about to toss it in, when he hears Scratch.]

Scratch: Robot! Stop! Don't touch that!

[Scratch and Grounder run towards Robot.]

Scratch: He took the BLAMMO module! We gotta stop him!

[Robot, who is now holding the tied-up bindle in his left claw, beeps angrily and rolls away. He rolls down the mountain to Robotnik's fortress, and Scratch and Grounder stop when they reach the doorway.]

Scratch: Robot! Wait! Come back! Oh, no! We gotta get that BLAMMO back before Dr. Robotnik finds out it's gone!
Grounder: Yeah, and before Robot jiggles it or, or drops it, or something, and the whole planet implodes! What are we gonna do, Scratch?
Scratch: He's our little Schnookums, and we're gonna find it back!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic is rested against the tree outside the Imploded City, reading a newspaper. Robot, who is now carrying the bindle in his left claw, rolls past him.]

Sonic: Cute little robot!

[Sonic stares in shock and gasps when he sees an article in the newspaper. He walks up to Tails, who is sleeping in a sleeping bag outside the tent.]

Sonic: Let's go, Tails!

[Sonic puts his right hand on Tails' back, waking him up. He then opens the newspaper with his right hand.]

Sonic: The game's afoot! Check out this ad in the morning paper!

[Tails takes the newspaper from Sonic with his left hand and opens it with his right.]

Tails: Parents seek missing robot.

[The inside of the newspaper is shown. The headline says, ROBOT MISSING, and has pictures of Robot, Scratch, and Grounder.]

Tails: Last seen leaving Robotnik's fortress, carrying a toothbrush, two pairs of extra underwear, and a highly unstable BLAMMO device that could easily implode the entire planet.

[Sonic points his left thumb behind himself.]

Sonic: And I just saw that very robot headed toward Jumbo Canyon! Jackson, you and Suzie get some more sleep! We'll be back! Let's bail, Tails!

[Sonic runs away, and Tails flies behind him. Robot continues rolling across the road. A thought balloon appears on the right side of the screen, and once again, Robot visualizes himself as a popcorn popper.]

Robotnik: Useless! Take you to pieces! Turn you into popcorn popper!

[Robot's thought balloon disappears, and Robot beeps frantically. Sonic runs behind him, and Robot comes to the wall of a mountain. A propeller emits from Robot's chest, and he uses it to drill a hole through the mountain wall. Sonic screeches to a halt when he comes to the hole, and looks inside.]

Sonic: Tricky little tyke! What do you think, Tails? Should I triple-spin us a tunnel through the mountain, go over the top, or run around it? Let me think!

[Robot digs through the other side of the mountain, and his propeller goes back into his chest. He looks back when he hears Scratch.]

Scratch: Shnookums!

[The camera cuts to a view of Scratch and Grounder and zooms in on them.]

Grounder: Come to daddy!

[Scratch and Grounder walk up to Robot, who stares in shock at them and rolls away. Grounder points his left drill at him.]

Grounder: Uh-oh! He's headed right for Jumbo Canyon!

[The camera cuts to a view of Jumbo Canyon, and moves down to the bottom of the screen. Scratch and Grounder run faster towards Robot.]

Scratch: He'll set off the BLAMMO module!
Grounder: Oh, we're doomed!
Scratch and Grounder: Look out!

[Robot turns to face Jumbo Canyon. He beeps frantically as he screeches to a halt, but it is too late, and he falls off Jumbo Canyon. The screen fades to black. In the next scene, Robot continues falling off the cliff and beeping frantically. Scratch and Grounder watch from the edge of the cliff.]

Grounder: Shnookums!

[Grounder gasps.]

Grounder: Oh, no!

[Sonic and Tails run up to Scratch and Grounder.]

Sonic: What's goin' on?
Grounder: He went over the edge!
Scratch: Do something! If he hits the bottom, it'll set off the BLAMMO module!
Sonic: Let's just get one thing straight; I'm not gonna save him to help you two grease cans!
Scratch and Grounder: You're not?
Sonic: Nope! I'm gonna save him cause' if I save him, I save the planet, and I love savin' Mobius!

[Sonic runs down the side of the cliff, past Robot, and lands on the ground below.]

Sonic: What we need here is a little soft water!

[Sonic spins into the ground, digging a hole. He jumps out of the hole just in time as a geyser erupts. The water from the geyser cushions Robot's fall, then launches Robot into the air, causing him to land safely back on the edge of the cliff. Robot beeps happily, then looks around and rolls away. Tails flies down to Sonic and lands near him.]

Tails: That was cool-a-mundo, Sonic!
Sonic: Yeah, but that little bot's still on the loose, and he's still got that BLAMMO thing-a-ma-jig! Come on!

[Sonic runs away, and Tails flies behind him. Scratch and Grounder are still looking own the side of the cliff.]

Grounder: What happened?
Scratch: I can't see, it's too far down!

[The camera moves to the right side of the screen as Sonic screeches to a halt. It focuses on him as he tiptoes up to Scratch and Grounder.]

Sonic: Boo!

[Scratch and Grounder scream as they turn around and stare in shock at Sonic. They then fall off the cliff.]

Sonic: Have a closer look!

[Scratch and Grounder scream as they fall off the cliff and land on the ground below, creating a crater. As they climb out of it, Scratch has stars spinning around his head, while Grounder has two miniature Grounders spinning around his head, which is turned away from his body.]

Scratch: Guess we gotta face the music!

[Grounder groans.]

Grounder: The only music I hear is me whistling!

[Stars stop spinning around Scratch's head.]

Scratch: Oh, no, dim-bot! We gotta fess up to Dr. Robotnik!

[Scratch turns Grounder's head clockwise with both his hands so that it is facing his body again.]

Scratch: He needs the BLAMMO module to run the Super Planetary Implosion Machine! Remember?
Grounder: Oh, yeah! Gee, do you think he's noticed that the BLAMMO is missing?

[The camera cuts to a view of Robotnik's fortress and zooms in on it.]

Robotnik: Where's my BLAMMO?!

[The camera cuts to a view inside Robotnik's fortress, and moves to the left side of the screen, where Robotnik is now at the SPIM.]

Robotnik: I hate it when my plans to become planetary dictator are ruined before breakfast!

[Robotnik turns away from the SPIM, revealing tears to be in his eyes. He wipes them away with his right index finger. He growls as he ducks and looks behind the SPIM, then runs around it counter-clockwise. He then looks at the camera and growls at it, and steam emits from his ears.]

Robotnik: Where's my S.S.S.S.S. Squad? They must be behind this complete disaster!

[The doors open, and Scratch and Grounder run through them. Scratch squawks as he trips, and Grounder grunts as Scratch falls beside him.]

Grounder: We're here, your supreme smelliness, sir!

[Robotnik walks up to Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Well, good morning! Out for a little stroll?

[Scratch and Grounder nod their heads, "Yes" at Robotnik.]

Robotnik: How lovely! Now... Where's my BLAMMO?!

[Scratch squawks as he stands up and turns to face Robotnik. He points his right index finger behind himself.]

Scratch: Our very own robot ran away with it, Sir!

[Grounder nods his head, "Yes".]

Grounder: Yeah, and now the Hedgehog is after it!
Robotnik: The Hedgehog?

[Robotnik covers his eyes with both his hands.]

Robotnik: This whole morning just got worse!

[Robotnik walks away and presses a red button with his right hand. His Egg-O-Matic Hovercraft lands near him, and he jumps into it. He starts it up.]

Grounder: Where are you going, your rottenness?
Robotnik: I'm going to find that brat robot of yours, get my BLAMMO, threaten Mobius with implosion, and take over the planet! Any questions?

[Grounder raises his left drill.]

Grounder: Yeah! Can...
Robotnik: Too bad!

[Scratch and Grounder scream as they stare in shock, with Scratch's eyes and Grounder's nose popping out of their heads. Scratch runs away, and Grounder ducks his head into his body as Robotnik flies past them. Grounder then pokes his head out of his body.]

Grounder: I'll ask him later.

[The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place outside the Imploded Village. The camera moves to the right side of the screen, until it reaches the campsite and zooms in on it. Robot beeps sadly, and Suzie awakens.]

Suzie: Huh?

[Suzie rubs her eyes with both her hands. She then pushes Jackson with her right hand.]

Suzie: Jackson, wake up!

[Jackson awakens, and bubbles pop above his head.]

Jackson: Huh? Wh-what's up?
Suzie: Shhh! Listen! Somebody's crying!

[As Robot beeps sadly, Suzie walks up behind the tree and peeks behind it. Jackson follows her, and the camera moves to the right side of the screen, where Robot is standing next to the tree his bindle is rested against and holding the photo of Scratch and Grounder in both his claws. Jackson turns to face Suzie.]

Jackson: I-it's a little robot!

[Robot, who is now holding the photo in his right claw, backs away as he beeps sadly. Suzie walks up to him.]

Suzie: Yeah, but he's kinda cute, and he's really scared!

[Jackson walks up to Suzie.]

Suzie: It's okay, little robot! We're not gonna hurt you!

[Robot whistles in relief.]

Jackson: I don't think he can talk!
Suzie: What you lookin' at? It's okay!

[Robot hands Suzie the photo of Scratch and Grounder, which she now holds in her left hand.]

Suzie: I bet these are his parents!

[Jackson walks up to Suzie and looks at the photo.]

Jackson: Man, they're ugly!

[Robot stares and beeps angrily.]

Suzie: Jackson!
Jackson: Sorry. I guess he misses his parents just like us!

[Robot backs away as Jackson and Suzie walk towards the root near him and sit on it.]

Suzie: Sonic can help us, can't he?

[Sonic runs up to Jackson, Suzie, and Robot. Tails flies behind him and lands near them.]

Sonic: What do you know? He came right to our camp! Hey, little bot'!

[Robot beeps nervously, grabs his bindle with his left claw, and tries to back away, but Susie grabs his right arm with her left hand and pulls him towards Sonic.]

Suzie: Don't be scared, Sonic's cool!

[Robot beeps nervously. Sonic then rubs his nose with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Looks like you've scooped up a little doo-dad that could implode the whole planet!

[Robot rolls up to his bindle and unfolds it with both his claws. Inside are the toothbrush, alarm clock, oil can, rag, three batteries, the photo of Scratch and Grounder, and the BLAMMO module. Sonic points his left index finger at the BLAMMO module, which the camera zooms in on.]

Sonic: That must be it! Can we borrow that, kiddo?

[Robot looks over at Suzie and beeps, "Yes" in approval. Sonic holds out both his hands.]

Sonic: That's it, just hand it to me nice and...

[Robot picks up the BLAMMO module with his right claw.]

Sonic: Gently!

[Robot tosses the BLAMMO module.]

Jackson: Get it!
Tails: Look out!

[Sonic stares in shock as the BLAMMO flies through the air. Robotnik laughs evilly as he catches it in his left hand.]

Robotnik: I've got it! Which means I've got the power to implode Mobius!

[Robotnik laughs evilly as he flies away. Nuts and bolts fall out of his Egg-O-Matic. Sonic screeches to a halt onto the forest path, and Jackson and Suzie follow him.]

Sonic: We'll go stop him! You kids hang tight! Gotta fly, guys!

[Sonic signals Tails with his left hand.]

Sonic: Come on, Tails!

[Sonic runs through the desert, leaving a trail of fire behind him, and Tails flies behind him. Robot beeps nervously, then rolls across the path Sonic ran across. Robotnik continues flying through the desert.]

Robotnik: Now I just hook up the BLAMMO to the SPIM, and Mobius is mine!

[Robotnik looks in his left rear view mirror, and sees Sonic catching up to him.]

Robotnik: Blast that hedgehog!

[Robotnik flies to his right side.]

Robotnik: I'll lose him in the lava pools!

[Robotnik flies into a dormant volcano, and Sonic , Tails and Robot follow behind him. Sonic screeches to a halt when he comes across a platform. He pants heavily as beads of sweat fall from his head, and he wipes his head with his right hand. Tails flies up to him.]

Tails: Man, it's hot down here!

[Sonic turns to face Tails and coughs into his left fist.]

Sonic: Yeah, but it's a dry heat! Not!

[Sonic runs away, and jumps across the platforms. Fireballs head towards him, and Robotnik laughs evilly.]

Robotnik: Fried hedgehog!

[Sonic continues jumping across the platforms, and dodges the fireballs.]

Tails: Look out, Sonic!

[Sonic screeches to a halt atop a platform.]

Sonic: Uh-oh!

[A fireball heads towards Sonic, who gears up to run, but stops when Robot runs in front of him. A fire extinguisher emerges from his chest compartment, and he squeezes the trigger with his right claw, spraying fire-fighting foam that extinguishes the fireball. The fire extinguisher goes back in his chest compartment.]

Sonic: Thanks, little bot'!

[Robot turns towards Sonic and beeps happily at him.]

Robotnik: Drat that junk pile robot! Let's see how they handle the Frozen lake!

[Robotnik flies his Egg-O-Matic through the volcano and into the Frozen Lake. Sonic and Robot chase after him. Sonic then slips on the ice.]

Sonic: Whoops! Guess I should have brought some ice skates!

[Robot is revealed to be holding ice skates in both his claws, which Sonic's feet land in.]

Sonic: Thanks again, Robot!

[Sonic turns to face Robot, who beeps happily at him. Sonic then chases after Robotnik, who presses a button on his control panel with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: Have some Burrobots, hedgehog!

[The trap door on the Egg-O-Matic opens, and three Burrobots fall out, landing on the ice. They then crawl across the ice. Sonic stops when he comes across them.]

Sonic: Burrobots! The trouble with em...

[Sonic spins towards the Burrobots, then spins counter-clockwise around them, cutting a hole in the ice, which sinks them. Sonic then continues skating across the ice.]

Sonic: Is they can't swim!
Robotnik: Sonic got away again! No matter, he'll never get into my fortress!

[Robotnik pulls the lever back with his left hand, setting the Egg-O-Matic's speed to HIGH, and it flies into Robotnik's fortress through the front doors, which close just before Sonic can get to them. Tails flies up to Sonic and lands to his right side, and Robot rolls up to Sonic's left side.]

Tails: He made it inside! Now what are we gonna do?
Sonic: Well, let's see... If I dig a tunnel under the fortress... no, too much time! Maybe if I disguise myself as a pizza delivery guy... no!

[Robot rolls up to the door and pulls a key out of his chest compartment with his right claw, which he uses to unlock the doors. They open, and Robot beeps happily as Sonic and Tails stare in amazement.]

Sonic: Now, that is one handy robot!

[Sonic runs through the doorway, and Tails and Robot follow behind him. Inside Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik is at the SPIM as the camera moves up to the top of it.]

Robotnik: Now that I have the BLAMMO, Mobius is mine!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. He then runs up to the ladder and climbs up it, then into the seat.]

Robotnik: But first, I'm going to implode a certain pesky...

[Before Robotnik can finish, Sonic runs up to the SPIM and in front of Robotnik, who stares in shock and screams at him.]

Sonic: Hedgehog? Have to catch me first!

[Robotnik stares angrily at Sonic, who runs up to Robot and puts his left hand on his back.]

Sonic: You wouldn't implode a cute little tyke like this, would you? I know a couple of parents who would be very upset!

[Sonic runs away, and Scratch and Grounder run up to Robot. Grounder has his drills pressed together to beg.]

Grounder: Dr. Robotnik, please don't implode our slave!

[Scratch turns to face Grounder.]

Scratch: Snookums!
Grounder: Yeah, don't implode our slave, Snookums!

[Scratch and Grounder both hug Robot.]

Robotnik: Move, you metal morons! Fine! I should have imploded you two nincombots ages ago!

[Sonic runs up to the spim and opens the door to the control panel with his right hand. He then spins like a tornado, and when he stops spinning, he is disguised as a professor.]

Sonic: So, we cross-wire ze fibillator, de-polarize ze coprocessor, re-doohickey ze whatzit, und calibrate ze proper coordinate, so zat ze first time he pushes the implode button, ze village is un-imploded!

[Robotnik presses the button with his right index finger, and the camera cuts to a view outside the Imploded Village. The camera zooms out on it as Jackson and Suzie watch from atop a rock. The village un-implodes, and Jackson and Suzie turn to face each other and high-ten each other. Back in Robotnik's fortress, Sonic presses various buttons on the SPIM's control panel with his right index finger very fast.]

Sonic: Und then re-calibrate ze whatchamacallit, so that ze second time he pushes the button...

[Sonic presses buttons on the control panel with both his index fingers really fast.]

Robotnik: What's the matter with this blasted thing?

[Robotnik presses the button with his right index finger again.]

Sonic: He implodes his own fortress! (To the viewers) After a very, very, very small delay!

[Sonic runs out of his professor disguise, and the SPIM starts up. Robot beeps as Sonic snatches him and pulls him away, and Scratch and Grounder look at each other.]

Scratch and Grounder: Huh?

[Sonic runs out of Robotnik's fortress just in time, as it now implodes. Robotnik is now flattened and hanging from the chimney.]

Robotnik: My fortress! My beautiful fortress! I hate that hedgehog! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!
Sonic: Don't worry, Robotnik! You'll figure out how to un-implode yourself eventually!

[Scratch and Grounder are also revealed to be flattened and hanging from the chimney as the camera zooms in on them.]

Scratch and Grounder: Our Snookums! We want our Snookums!

[Sonic now has his hand on Robot's back as he turns to face him.]

Sonic: What do you say, Robot? You wanna stay with those losers?

[Sonic points his right thumb at Scratch and Grounder. Robot beeps as he looks at the photo of Scratch and Grounder he is holding in his right claw. He then tosses it aside.]

Sonic: Couldn't have put it better myself! But what are we gonna do with you?

[Tails flies up to Sonic and Robot.]

Tails: I got an idea, Sonic! Remember Scrap Valley?

[Sonic snaps his left thumb and index finger upon hearing this.]

Sonic: The home for misfit robots! Way to be, Tails! Clever as a fox!

[Robot looks over at Sonic and Tails repeatedly. The screen transitions to a view of Sonic and Tails standing outside Scrap Valley from "Sonic Gets Thrashed".]

Tails: Do you think he'll like living in Scrap Valley?
Sonic: Absolutely! After all, they speak his language!

[Robot rolls up to three robots, and one of them lifts him up with both its claws. Robot beeps happily, and the screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Inside Robotnik's fortress, steam emits from under a wooden door.]

Grounder: Uh-oh! Did I leave the iron on?

[Grounder is revealed to be sitting in a chair, and Scratch, who is standing alongside him, squawks in fear. Sonic jumps onto the chair, and points his right index finger down.]

Sonic: On the floor in a fire, bots! Don't breathe the smoke!

[In the next scene, Sonic, Scratch, and Grounder are all crawling under the smoke loud. When Sonic reaches the wooden door, he touches it with his right hand. The wooden door quickly burns his right hand, and as the camera zooms in on him, he holds his right wrist with his left hand.]

Sonic: The door's hot, don't open it! Find another way out!

[Sonic walks up to a window, only to find there is no fire escape in it.]

Sonic: No fire escape?

[Scratch and Grounder crawl towards the wooden door, which suddenly opens. They stare in shock.]

Scratch and Grounder: Huh?

[A wave of water washes Scratch and Grounder away. Tails walks in, wearing a fireman's helmet and carrying a fire hose in both his hands. Sonic pokes his head out from the left side of the screen.]

Sonic (to the viewers): Remember, when you carelessly mess fire, you're gonna get burned! Sonic Says!