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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
The Robots' Robot

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"The Robots' Robot" is the fifty-eighth episode of the series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite being produced as the fifty-eighth episode, it aired as the sixty-fourth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic costumes

  • A Professor


Robotnik created The Super Planetary Implosion Machine (SPIM) which he used to implode an entire city. The machine is powered by the Butal Lepton Atomic Material Modification Oscillator (BLAMMO). After Scratch and Grounder almost drop the B.L.A.M.M.O., Robotnik says that a complete idiot could make a better robot than them. Figuring they were complete idiots, Scratch and Grounder started making a new robot.

Meanwhile, Sonic comforts a pair of Lion cubs named Jackson and Suzie whose home was in the imploded city.

Scratch and Grounder throw spare parts in Robotnik's robot making machine. They create a purple robot with tricycle wheels. Grounder wants to name him Groundling and Scratch wants to name him Scratch II. They soon agree to name him Robot. They waste no time in making Robot do all their chores. Feeling disgruntled, Robot works too fast and breaks dishes. Robotnik is not happy and he yells at the three of them. He especially yells at Robot, calling him useless and declaring his intention to dismantle him and turn him into a popcorn popper. Feeling sad and frightened by the idea of being turned into a popcorn popper, Robot runs away, taking with him a few random possessions, including the BLAMMO.

Sonic sees Robot go by and head towards Jumbo Canyon. Tails then reads Sonic a newspaper with an add from Scratch and Grounder that says Robot is missing and has a BLAMMO device that could implode the entire planet. Sonic and Tails rush off to find Robot. Scratch and Grounder find Robot, but he runs away from them. In the pursuit, Robot goes off a cliff. Scratch and Grounder ask Sonic for help. Sonic saves Robot, but he gets away.

Scratch and Grounder tell Robotnik what happened, so he goes after Robot himself.

Jackson and Suzie find Robot crying. They befriend him and convince him that Sonic is good. Robot throws away the BLAMMO and Robotnik catches it. Sonic chases Robotnik into a volcano. A fireball comes at Sonic, but Robot shows up and puts it out with a fire extinguisher. Sonic then chases Robotnik to a frozen lake. Sonic slips around until Robot gives him his ice skates. They get to Dr. Robotnik's fortress but it is locked. Robot has the key and he unlocks the door.

Scratch and Grounder protect Robot by putting their arms round him so that he is not imploded. Disguised as an Einstein type professor, Sonic rigs the SPIM machine to unimplode the city and implode Robotnik's fortress instead and escapes with Robot. Robot decides to forget Scratch and Grounder. Sonic and Tails take him to Scrap Valley, the home for misfit robots. Robot is very happy in his new home.

Sonic Sez

Sonic educates Scratch and Grounder on fire safety.


  • When Dr. Robotnik catches the BLAMMO that Grounder drops, a second BLAMMO can be seen resting on the SPIM. Unlike the one being held by Robotnik, it is not glowing.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Le Robot des robots The Robot of Robots
German Der kleine Roboter The Little Robot
Italian Litigio tra robot Quarrel between robots
Spanish (Spain) El robot de los robots The robot of robots
Spanish (Latin America) El robot de los robots The robot of robots


  • The episode's title is a pun on the saying "A man's man".