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The Robotnik Express

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"The Robotnik Express" is the fourteenth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the fourteenth episode, it aired as the fifteenth episode during the show's original run.




Sonic's Disguises

  • Conductor
  • Sports coach


Scratch and Grounder are conducting the Robotnik Express, a train filled with explosives that they must deliver to Dr. Robotnik. Upon trying to stop them, Sonic and Tails get captured, allowing Scratch and Grounder to celebrate out loud. Hearing the Badniks celebrate, Da Bears come to help. Before Da Bears arrive, Sonic and Tails escape and wrap up Scratch and Grounder like mummies. Da Bears show up and free Scratch and Grounder thinking they are Sonic and Tails. Scratch and Grounder play along saying that they are indeed Sonic and Tails and need Da Bears' help in capturing Grounder and Scratch. They describe Scratch as being Spiny and Blue and Grounder having two tails.

While attempting to stop the train, Sonic and Tails break the throttle lever by accident, and Sonic realizes there's a bridge above the Buffalo Village that is out. In order to save the village, Sonic places a tree at a very stiff switch, so when the train hits the tree, the tree will pull the switch, causing the train to switch tracks and run into a gorge.

Sonic continually uses his silly costumes and manipulating tactics to humiliate and hurt Scratch, Grounder and Da Bears. Sonic realizes he has gone too far when Da Bears are stuck on the front of the train while it is headed for a cactus patch. Sonic uses the tree he left at the switch to bump Da Bears onto the top of the train and safe from the cacti. Sonic and Tails then convince Da Bears that they have been tricked by Scratch and Grounder. Da Bears ask how they can redeem themselves and Sonic asks them to help save the buffalo village.

Using their cars, Da Bears and Sonic make haste in fixing the bridge above the buffalo village. Realizing they won't get it done on time, they tilt a piece of the bridge upward making a ramp, allowing the train to jump the gap over the village. The Buffaloes all cheer and rejoice that their village is saved.

The Robotnik Express arrives at the bomb factory on time, but since the brakes are totaled, they crash into the factory, causing the facility and its contents to explode. Dr. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder all fly off holding onto a giant rocket, with Robotnik screaming "I hate that Hedgehog!". The rocket flies for a brief period of time before it explodes.

Da Bears wave good-bye to Sonic and Tails as they leave.

Sonic Says

Scratch and Grounder drive up to Tails wearing Groucho masks. They claim to be friends of Sonic's and that Sonic has been hurt and needs Tails' help. Worried about Sonic, Tails goes to get in the car with them. Sonic arrives and stops Tails, telling him not to go anywhere with strangers. He reveals the drivers to be Scratch and Grounder (which is ironic, since Tails already knows them), upon which Tails says he'll never go anywhere with strangers.

Grounder: "Hey kid! We're friends of Sonic. He's been hurt and needs your help!"

Tails: "Sonic's been hurt!?" (Tails starts to walk towards the car)

Sonic: "Hold it! You don't even know these guys! It's not safe to get into a car with strangers." (speeds off and removes the glasses from Scratch and Grounder)

Grounder: "Uh-oh!"

Tails: "Scratch and Grounder?" (they drive away) "I'm never getting into a car with strangers!"

Sonic: "You bet your life, little buddy!"

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  • The alternate name for this episode is "Robotnik Express". One of the show's VHS releases referred to it under that title.
  • The part where the train crashes into the emporium has been re-used in Hero of the Year to humiliate Robotnik, albeit changes in sound effects.
  • Sonic saying "You bet your life, little buddy." while wearing Scratch/Grounder's Groucho glasses is a reference to Groucho Marx's routine called "You Bet Your Life."
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