The Queen Aleena Chronicles is the second DVD of Sonic Underground episodes to be released. Published by NCircle Entertainment on 18 December 2007, this DVD consists of four episodes of Sonic Underground. The total running time of the DVD is approximately 88 minutes.


  • Wedding Bell Blues - When Doctor Robotnik announces his plans to marry Queen Aleena, the shocked Sonic, Sonia, and Manic race to the rescue, unaware it's a trap...
  • To Catch a Queen - Argus, the former captain of the Queen's guard, arranges a secret meeting with her. But when he is soon intercepted by Robotnik's bounty hunters, Sleet and Dingo, who have every intention of feeding the soldier to the Roboticizer, the Sonic trio race to the rescue.
  • The Jewel of the Crown - Queen Aleena's Royal Jewel can trace the Queen like a homing device. Having apparently found the jewel, Sonic, Sonia and Manic think they may have found their mother at last. But little do they know it is actually a trap to capture them; a trap they've just fallen into...
  • Country Crisis - The Sonic Underground are on a mission to stop a group of hillbillies from feuding so they can stop Robotnik's dam-building project from flooding the countryside.



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