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Sonic Underground
The Price of Freedom (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "The Price of Freedom".

[Sonic, Manic and Sonia dash around a corner as Sleet and Dingo chase after them in their vehicle.]
Queen Aleena: [Narrating] Freedom is a precious thing. I should know. I'm Queen Aleena and I'm always on the run. But with all the running, sometimes you lose sight of your goal; forget the game that freedom really is.
[A tree collapses onto Sonia's path.]
Sonia: Think some old log's gonna ruin my spines? [laughs]
[Sonia rides up the log with her bike like a ramp. She then splashes mud onto her face and clothes.]
Sonia: [Gasps] My brand-new Guccini! Now you're really gonna see road rage.
[Dingo comes back at Sonia, shooting missiles at her. Sonia's bike goes flying, and she gets stuck on a tree.]
Sonia: Oh, man! Now I'm really steamed!
Dingo: [Laughs] And we're really scared.
[Dingo and Sleet target Sonia.]
Sonia: Call 911 lice-heads... It's your only hope.
[Sonia summons her piano out of her Medallion. She blasts Sleet and Dingo away using her instrument.]
Sleet: Road went left, right?
Dingo: Right.
Sleet: Right? You sure?
Dingo: Left, right!
Sleet: Oh! Left then right.
Dingo: No! Left! Left!
[Both scream as their vehicle crashes into a rocky hill and they fall, landing near a river.]
[Sonic and Manic appear on the rocky hill as they watch Sleet and Dingo fall.]
Manic: Alright! Sonic aced them good!
Sonic: Sure did! So where is she anyway? Sonia?
Sonia: Back here!
[Sonic and Manic turn to Sonia, who is still hanging off the branch of a tree by the cloth of her clothes.]
Sonia: Would you hurry, please?
Sonic: Hurry? That's for slow-bo's.
Sonia: [Groans] It's just one tear. Maybe I can get it.
[The cloth rips, causing Sonia to fall. Sonic runs for his sister. Sonia screams, but Sonic is fast enough to catch her. Sonia stands there with raggy clothes.]
Sonia: My Guccini! This is tragic.
[Manic rides in on his hoverboard.]
Manic: Ha ha, totally smooth remove of the mange mutts, sis.
Sonic: Yeah! Couldn't have done better myself! So, where's your bike?
Manic: Whoa! Major road-ware. Maybe even worse than you!
Sonia: Can it, Manic. Just get it rolling, okay?
[Cuts to Manic fixing Sonia's bike.]
Manic: Actually, it's not too funky. Just a couple of tweaks and...
[Manic shakes the bike, and suddenly, its black fuel splashes onto Sonia's face.]
Sonia: That's it! That's it! I've had it. I need a facial. I need a pedicure. And most of all, I need massage.
[Sonic helps Sonia back onto her bike.]
Manic: Uh like, didn't you just have a brake fluid facial?
[Sonic and Manic laugh together.]
Sonia: I've had it with the mud, the grit and the oil. But most of all... I've had it with you two!
Manic: Uh, chill Sonia. Don't be such an S.A.P!
Sonia: Mean.
[Sonic and Manic laugh.]
Sonic: Spiny, annoying princess!
Sonia: But I am a princess. And it's about time I got treated like one! I'm going to east Mobius for a break and you don't have anything to say to me! Go!
Sonic: East Mobius? That sounds familiar... Wait a nanosec! I got this weird message about mom being in east Mobius! Sonia...
Manic: Ma? Awesome! So what's the roadblock from keeping us from going to find her?
Sonic: Absolutely nothing Manic man! While Sonia's off doing her princess thing, we'll find mom. See ya' there!
[Sonic dashes away. (music plays)]
[Cuts to another scene. Sonia arrives at a palace.]
Mindy: Sonia?
Sonia: Mindy!
Both: Girl friend!
[They both hug and give each other a kiss on the cheek.]
Mindy: Did anyone see you?
Sonia: No. Why?
Mr. LaTour: You're a fugitive Sonia. As glad as we are to see you, you must understand, we have to be careful
Sonia: [sniggers] Do you mean Robotnik? That eggcup...
[Mindy looks at Sonia.]
Sonia: Relax girl friend. I'll just drop by for some M and M, then I'll be on my way!
Mr. LaTour: M and M?
Sonia and Mindy: Massage my manicure!
Mindy: Oh daddy. Please, please, please can she stay?
Mr. LaTour: Just stay out of trouble, OK?
[Sonia and Mindy giggle together.]
Sonia and Mindy: YES!!!
[Cuts to next scene.]
Mindy: But Sonia... Scarves were sold ten minutes ago.
Sonia: It reminds me of my mother.
Mindy: I'm sorry. I know you must miss her.
Sonia: [crying] I'll find her... someday. [Sheds a tear] It still needs something.
[Mindy shows her watch, which Sonia glances at.]
Sonia: Why'd you get this? This is so... it!
Mindy: Really? I designed it myself. Daddy's factory makes them.
Sonia: But no faking. Your dad never does anything. He doesn't need to.
Mindy: Now, he does. Robotnik takes so much in taxes from our estate. Daddy said he had to open the factory just to keep me in polka-dots, but hey, they're the hottest seller in Mobius! [Takes off her watch and offers it to Sonia] Here, it's yours.
[Sonia takes it and puts it on her wrist.]
Sonia: It's the coolest. Thanks.
[Rock music plays as she looks through the mirror and has a dream.]

[Scene Change: Sonia's Dream]

[The Underground finish their song. At the same time, Swatbots charge towards them. Sonia screams in horror as the hedgehogs make a run for it. Sonia screams again as she falls off the stage and into Robotnik's hands, the latter laughing evilly. The screen fades to the next scene. Sonia, now in Robotnik's arms, breaks free, but the evil scientist extends his arms to grab her again halfway across the corridor. A large worm-like figure appears at the other end and wraps Robotnik around. It send him for a spin and then it disappears, releasing him. Meanwhile, Sonia sees a silhouette of "Aleena" at the end of a strange looking corridor.]
Sonia: Mother?
[The silhouette walks away.]
Sonia: Mother. Wait!
[She runs along the corridor. "Aleena" morphs into Robotnik, who laughs maniacally.]

[Scene Change: Sonia's Bedroom]

[Sonia is seen scared from her dream. She yelps as wakes up. She sees an opening in the doorway and jumps out of bed. She peeps through the doorway and gasps at what she sees ahead - a insect-like robot scanning through all the pages in a suitcase and taking photographs of each page. Sonia picks the insect up.]
Sonia: Back off, buddy! Even my brothers don't get to look at my little black book.
[The insect turns back into Sonia's watch and wraps it around her wrist.]
Sonia: Well, well, well. Very creative design, Mindy.

[Scene Change]

[The device which reads "PROPERTY OF R.I.A." is disassembled. Sonia dials on her phone.]
Sonia: It's some kind of surveillance device. It was sending info to Robotnik's intelligence agency.

[Scene Change: Outside LaTour Estate, night]

[Sonic is on the other end of the phone.]
Sonic: So, sis. Doing a little moonlighting between mall trolls?
Sonia: Calm the comedy, Sonic. This is serious.
Sonic: Sure it's still not transmitting?
[Sonia breaks the device.]
Sonia: I have no idea how much information it got back to those R.I.A. bozos! One thing for sure, they know I'm here. You better get here fast!
Sonic: Oh we just happened to be in the neighborhood. Meet us outside the watch factory right behind LaTour Estate
Sonia: You're already here? Why?
Sonic: No time, sis. I'll explain when you get here.
Sonia: [Miserably] Sonic, what I said about being fed up with you guys. I--
Sonic: Yeah, yeah, you were way wrong, I know. So get you pampered butt over here.
[Sonia hangs up.]

[Scene Change: LaTour Estate, night]

[Haunted music plays. Sonic looks through the window. Manic arrives holding something, angering Sonic.]
Sonic: Manic, what did I say about stealing?
Manic: [Laughs] Hey. It was calling my name.
[Sonic snatches a polo mallet away from Manic's backpack.]
Sonic: A polo mallet?
[A swarm of insect-like robots approach the duo. Manic snatches the mallet back.]
Manic: For insect control! But you get your own.
[Manic hammers the robots with his mallet. Sonic panics as the insects get closer to him. He spin attacks each one as fast as possible, while Manic continues hammering. Soon, Sonic resorts to stomping and kicking every approaching insect. They hear thudding noises. Swatbots arrive, with Agent N as leader.]
Agent N: [Monotone] Incarcerate them!
[A Swatbot fires a laser at the duo. Sonic tries to run but gets caught by the laser with his brother. It turns into a net and they are tied to a tree.]
Agent N: Aha! Just as my departed Surveillance Unit reported. Two hedgehogs down and one to go. The female is in the house. Find her.
[He points to the house. The Swatbots run inside the building.]
Agent N: Find the female. She mustn't slip away.
Sonic: Who are you?
Agent N: Robotnik Intelligence Agency, and you are arrested fro crimes against the state-- and because Doctor Robotnik [Slowly] hates hedgehogs!
[--Sonia appears from behind a bush. She blinks and climbs up the tree where her two brothers are trapped. She unties the rope and the electrified net falls on Agent N. Sonia jumps down from the tree and releases the net.]
Sonic: Thanks, sis. Gee, they just don't make profs like they used to. Poor Agent N's probably gonna take a slide down the alphabet. So how about we check out this factory?
[Sonic runs towards the factory but Sonia holds him back.]
Sonia: First, tell me why you guys were in the neighborhood?
Manic: It's been scoped. Mom was here.
Sonia: Oh, really? Did you find her?
Sonia: [Runs to the factory] No. Just a lot of Swatbots, and they all seem to be hanging around here.
[Sonic pokes two wires into a security lock. Manic takes one of the wires.]
Manic: Allow me.
[Manic pokes the wire into the lock. The door opens. Dramatic music plays as the hedgehogs see Sonia's watch in the middle of the floor. Sonia presses a button on the watch which turns into an insect. It crawls around the room.]
Sonic: So Robotnik sell these watches dirt cheap. Everyone buys one.
Sonia: And everyone gets spied on. Watches that watch! Clever, huh?
Sonic: [Picks up the insect] I think they need a Sonic Underground makeover.
[The hedgehogs gasp as Mindy and Mr. LaTour return.]
Mindy: Sonia, the alarm went off at the house. We thought someone was breaking into the factory.
Mr. LaTour: Someone is! I told you she'd be trouble and these two must be the criminal brothers.
[The hedgehogs have mean looks on their faces.]
Sonic: After what we see, Mr. LaTour, we could be calling you the same thing.
Mindy: [While Mr. LaTour scratches his head] Daddy, what is going on?
Sonia: [Shows her watch to Mindy] Mindy, your father's watches do a whole lot more than tell time.
[Sonia activates the watch on her hand which turns into an insect, making Mindy gasp.]
Mr. LaTour: [Drags her arm away] Don't listen to her, honey. Come on, let's go!
[Mindy stops him.]
Mindy: No, Daddy. Wait! wha... What is that?
Sonia: [Confidently] They're spies! For Robotnik's Intelligence Agency.
Mindy: [Gasps and is about to cry] Daddy? Is it true? [Mr. LaTour becomes guilty] You knew, didn't you? Look, Daddy. How could you?
[He clenches his eyelids tightly.]
Mr. LaTour: Believe it or not, Mindy. I did it for you.
Mindy: [Annoyed] Yeah right!
Sonia: Hear him out.
Mr. LaTour: When you have children of your own, and maybe you'll understand, I wanted to keep you safe and happy. If I said no to Robotnik, he'll take everything away, and I couldn't let him do that to my little girl.
Mindy: [Shows him the insect] But Daddy, these things are spying on people. What about Mobius?

[The song, "Money Can't Buy" plays]

Mr. LaTour: Believe me, Mindy. I've love to knock that pompous bullying blowfish Rotudnik on his big round butt.
Mindy: Oh, daddy. I don't need shopping and facials and manicures.
Sonia, Manic and Sonic: You don't?
Mindy: No! Well, I could cut back. I know I could definitely cut back.
[She hugs her father. After a few seconds they let go.]
Mindy: I want to be a Freedom Fighter like Sonia. I want to live life on the run. Enemies around every corner! So let's say I wear my pink camouflage Cara the safari suit.
Sonic: First, we've got to get you away from here.
Mr. LaTour: We sure do. Sleet and Dingo are going to come by looking for the watches.
Sonic: No problemo. You go pack. Sonia, Manic and I'll get the shipment ready for the Fur ball twins.
Mr. LaTour: Come on, Mindy. We haven't got much time.
[He and his daughter set off.]
Mr. LaTour: Back only the bare essentials.
Mindy: Right. You think my Robotizer mini gem will fit in our luggage?
Manic: [Scoffs] Luck yes. Another snooty diva joins the Resistance.
Sonia: Hey. Maybe she'll give a fashion disaster like you some style.
Sonic: Don't worry. I've got enough style for both of us. Now, let's jam!

[Scene Change]

[Dingo is banging on the front door of the factory.]
Sleet: Open up that door you blue-blooded boar! We want our watches!
[Mindy is inside choosing two items of clothing.]
Mr. LaTour: [Desperately] Mindy, we have to go, now!
[He storms into the room.]
Mindy: Which do you think I look better in the forest? [Shows them to her father] Blue or red?
[Her father closes her suitcase.]
Mr. LaTour: Neither look good in Robotnik's dungeon. Let's go!
[He grabs the suitcase and takes Mindy away. Meanwhile, Sleet and Dingo are still outside the door.]
Sleet: I've had to grow this. No bless no baloney. Knock it down!
[Dingo charges at the door. His head breaks a part into the glass pane of the door. Unable to move, Sleet manages to kick the doors open, swinging Dingo's face into the wall.]
Dingo: Argh!
Sleet: Where are you? Find them, Dingo!
[Sleet runs into the building on his own. He runs up the stairway. Meanwhile, the hedgehogs are busy disassembling every single one of Robotnik's watches.]
Manic: Yo! Shouldn't Mindy be back in the house by now?
Sonia: LaTour is doing a farewell facial.
Sonic: Better tell her we're waiting!
[Sleet runs back down the stairway and looks around the building at ground floor. He sees two figures running outside carrying huge loads of suitcases.]
Sleet: Come on, LaTours! You're at risk of pretty clown scissors! Where are you? Dingo, have you seen LaTour?
Dingo: No, but how do you suppose these suitcases can move all by themselves?
[They watch the "moving suitcases".]
Sleet: Join, you monumental morons! [Angrily to Dingo as he points across.] That's them!
[Sleet kicks the doors open.]
Sleet: Freeze LaTours!
[The LaTours grind to a halt. All the suitcases crash down in a heap on top of them. They raise their heads out of the heap.]
Sleet: [To Dingo] I'll stop them!
[Sleet uses his Shapeshift Remote to transform Dingo into a rolled rug. He kicks the rug towards the LaTours. Mindy tries to open a suitcase, but her father hold it in.]
Mr. LaTour: Mindy, leave them!
Mindy: [Groans] Oh all right.
Sleet: No! Don't go. I rolled out a carpet for you.
[They run away from the rolling carpet, which unravels and hovers over the top of them.]
Mindy: Daddy!
[The carpet completely covers and traps them.]
Mr. LaTour: Let us go!
[Sleet runs towards the trapped LaTours and watches them. He bring out and presses his Shapeshift Remote once more.]
Sleet: Come on, Dingo.
[Dingo is turned back to normal and grabs both of the LaTour's arms with his hands.]
Dingo: Got you.
[Mr. LaTour throws Mindy away from Dingo.]
Mr. LaTour: Run for it, Mindy!
[Mindy is caught by Sleet.]
Sleet: She's not going anywhere.
[He snickers as Mindy struggles to break free of his grip.]
[Mr. LaTour tries to break free of Dingo's grip.]
Sleet: Give up, Dingo. Cuff them.
[The Sonic Underground arrive at the scene. Sonic picks up a round suitcase.]
Sonic: Sorry, sis, but I can never pass up a chance to go bowling for boneheads!
[He bowls the round suitcase, scoring a direct hit on Dingo, causing him and Mr. LaTour to break apart and sending Dingo flying and colliding into Sleet. Some clothes fly into the air and land on Dingo.]
Dingo: Hey! What the... Wait!
[Mindy and Manic throw their suitcases and Dingo and Sleet. Just as the villains are about to recover they get hit on their heads with the cases, sending them flying farther back and uplifting more clothes. Dingo's foot is revealed to be cuffed together with Sleet's hand. Dingo tries to release the cuff by kicking Sleet's backside, albeit unsuccessfully. Mindy and the hedgehogs celebrate.]
Mr. LaTour To Freedom!
[They gasp as an enemy airship approach.]
Agent N: Traitors. Blue Polka-dot and otherwise. You are all under arrest for crimes against the state.
Sonia: Agent N again? Oh, that poor guy just doesn't quit.
Sonic: Confidentially, I think he has trouble keeping his head again.
[The ship fires a laser. It traps the LaTours, Manic and Sonia into a net but Sonic manages to escape. A hook carries the net up towards the top of the airship. Sonic looks at the surroundings and starts thinking. He then zooms away from the ship. Meanwhile, Sleet and Dingo appear. The latter points up at the ship.]
Dingo: [Angrily] Hey! Those are our prisoners! Who's that flying thingy here?!
Sleet: [Annoyed] Oh. Those R.I.A. metalheads are always trying to hog the glory!
[The net descends through the hole inside the ship and onto the Roboticizer pod.]
Sonia: Not this again!
[The net disappears and four Swatbots surround them.]
Agent N: Yes this again! I made some modifications. This time, my plan is absolutely hedgehog proof. As you see, this vehicle is not just a full assault tank, but a portable Roboticizer as well.
[The four bots hold each of the trapped people.]
Mindy: Hey! What's going on?!
Agent N: Miss LaTour. You are about to become famous as roboticized.
Mindy: [Scared] No!
Agent N: Activating roboticization now.
[A Swatbot puts Sonia into the Roboticizer. The chamber closes. At the same time, Sonic zooms his way inside the ship and kicks a door off its hinges.]
Sonic: [Slowly] I'm back!
[He cannons off the roboticizer chamber and the walls surrounding the ship and confronts Agent N with a smirk.]
Sonic: Not bad, Agent N.
Agent N: It is better than not bad, hedgehog.
Sonia: [Yelling from inside the chamber] Sonic! I'm waiting!
Sonic: Not to worry. There's always Plan B!
Agent N: Plan B? What is that?
[Sonic brings out a remote control and presses a button. A swarm of insect robots crawl into the room from a tunnel.]
Sonic: Oh, just some of your R.I.A. toy Manic and I re-program in our spare time. Just disassemble anything I program into!
[The swarm crawl up Agent N's legs up onto his face.]
Agent N: No. This can not be happening! Not again! I won't get my--
[The insects jump off and Agent N's head falls off, shutting it down. The insects release the Swatbot's grip on all characters. Some of them also disassemble the controls of the ship. The roboticizer chamber opens, revealing a delighted Sonia.]
Sonic: All right!
Sonia: We did it!
Mindy: Strike one for Mobius!
Mr. LaTour: Good work!
Manic: Yippee!

[Scene Change]

[The ship is landed safely on the ground. Everybody walks down the ramp onto the grass. Sleet and Dingo watch on.]
Sleet: Now's our chance to seize the hedgehogs while they're off their guard.
Dingo: But, what about those creepy crawly things?
[Sonic arrives at the scene and throws it to Dingo's nose, making him scream and run away]
Sleet: Dingo, get back here! You can't possibly be scared one tiny harmless mechanical spider.
[He gasps as the camera cuts to a swarm of insects and Sonic's remote control.]
Sonic: On the other hand, what would you say to a hundred and seventy five?!
[Sleet screams and runs away.]

[Scene Change]

[The five heroes look at the building.]
Mr. LaTour: Take a long look, honey. It may be the last time you see it.
[Mindy wipes a tear off her eye. Sonia comforts her.]
Sonia: It's hard to leave home.
[Sonia nods as more tears come down.]
Manic: Hey, but you still get to hang with your dad.
Mindy: That's right. That's all that matters.
[She hugs her father. Sonia puts her arms around her two brothers.]
Sonia: It sure is. Home is where your family is, even if they are just a pair of fashion-challenged spine heads.
[She winks. The screen circles out on her winked eye and goes black. The credits appear.]