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Sonic X
The Planet of Misfortune (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "The Planet of Misfortune".

[Scene: Earth - Station Square - Thorndyke Science and Technology building]

[Danny, Frances, and Helen are poring over Chris' computer. Helen is typing.]
Helen: We have to find out how Chris' transporter works.
Danny: Try typing in a different password.
Frances: I know! Maybe the password Chris used was "Sonic"!
Helen: Let's see...
Danny: Please work!
[Helen stops typing.]
Helen: I think we better face facts. We'll never log into Chris' system.
Danny: Man, Chris made it impossible for anybody to follow him to Sonic's world!
Helen: He didn't want us to take the risk.
Frances: It'd be worth the risk to see Sonic and the others again.
Danny: I wish Chris had talked to us before we left so we could decide for ourselves.
[A photo of Chris, Sonic, Tails, and Amy rests on the desk. There is a new glass frame for it.]
Helen: I'm sure Chris is having a blast in Sonic's world right now.
Danny: I wonder why Chris hasn't tried to contact us yet?
Frances: I bet he's having so much fun that he just forgot.
Helen: Probably.
[Soon the three of them part ways.]
Helen: Thanks for the help, guys. Try not to worry.
Danny and Frances: Bye, Helen.
[Soon the three of them part ways. Helen rolls off on her own towards the city.]
Helen: [To herself] Chris, I hope you're all right... [Out loud] I miss you.

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Cream and Cosmo watch as Chris searches the galaxy for any signs of Chaos Emeralds.]
Cosmo: It doesn't look like there are any Chaos Emeralds around here.
Amy: Chris, are you sure the scanner is working okay?
Chris: Yeah, I am. But there's a lot of interference in this part of the galaxy.
Amy: Why is that?
Chris: It looks like this entire region of space has been warped by some kind of gravitational force.
[He continues his search.]
Cream: Do you think the Metarex are responsible for this?
Chris: Probably are. If the warping continues at this rate, it'll soon spread across the whole galaxy and beyond.
Amy: First the Metarex go around stealing Planet Eggs, and now they're bending all of outer space out of shape. Those creeps!
Cream: Look, the sensors spotted something!
Amy: Those Metarex have to be stopped once and for all! Uh... Huh?
[She looks at the radar to see an object approaching the ship.]
Amy: I think we found a Chaos Emerald. Hey, Tails!
Tails: I see it! Ready to intercept!
Chris: Hey, look! Something's coming towards us!
[They see what they think is a meteor up ahead.]
Chris: It's a small asteroid.
Amy: The Chaos Emerald is inside the asteroid.
Tails: I'll pull it in.

[Scene Change: Space]

[A pair of claws extend out of the runway of the Blue Typhoon and reach towards the meteor. It grabs the meteor, which begins to move.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Chris: Weird-looking asteroid.
Cream: Hey, it's trying to move away!
Tails: That's no asteroid, you guys! That's a spaceship!
Sonic: Whoa...

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Hangar]

[The crew of the Typhoon are speaking with three small aliens known as Marmolims, who were inside the spaceship. They come in orange, green, and blue.]
Lue: We were afraid that you were going to crush our ship.
Tails: I'm really sorry, but we thought your ship was an asteroid!
Momo: [Hands on hips] Our ship is a highly-advanced space vehicle with ion propulsion engines and a hyper-drive!
[The other two aliens nod.]
Chris: So, what brought you to this part of the galaxy?
Lue: Our world is sick. We must find somebody who can heal it. I'm Lue, the ship's captain.
Lylem: My name is Lylem.
Momo: And I am Momo.
Chris: It's nice to meet you. You didn't happen to find a Chaos Emerald during your trip, did you?
Lue: What's a Chaos Emerald?
[Tails holds up his hands to form the approximate size of a Chaos Emerald.]
Tails: It's a really beautiful gems about this size, and it glows sometimes.
[They look at each other in confusion before Lue holds up the cyan Chaos Emerald.]
Lue: Are you talking about this?
Cream: It's the Chaos Emerald!
Cosmo: They did find it!
Tails: Thanks a lot!
[He tries to take it, but Lue backs away.]
Tails: What's the matter?
Lue: We didn't say that you could have it.
[The Typhoon crew are surprised.]
Lylem: We spotted this gem during our trip, and we thought it looked beautiful.
Momo: So we picked it up and decided to keep it!
Knuckles: [Lunging forward angrily] That's our Emerald! Hand it over!
[He chases the Marmolims around the hangar.]
Lylem: No! You can't have it!
Momo: We found it! It belongs to us!
Knuckles: I want that Chaos Emerald now!
[He is restrained by Chris and Tails.]
Tails: Whoa, Knuckles!
Chris: You’re just making it worse.
Cream: Let's try to work it out!
Amy: Some of us are civilized around here!
Knuckles: Fine! Then you get the Emerald!
Sonic: [To the Marmolims] That Emerald's important. We really need it to save the galaxy.
Lue: I'm sorry, but we like this gem.
Lylem: We don't want to share it.
[Sonic smiles and extends his hand to them.]
Sonic: Please, give it to me.
Lue, Lylem, and Momo: Finders keepers!
[Sonic falls on his face in exasperation.]
Lylem: This gem is more beautiful than anything we've ever seen before.
[All three of them beam.]
Momo: We're going to take it home!
Lue: We can't wait to show it to our friends.
[Sonic taps his finger on the floor impatiently.]
Chris: What do we do now?

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Eventually, everyone is on the bridge, including the Marmolims.]
Amy: [Angrily while typing] I don't see why we're taking these pipsqueaks home when they won't give us the Chaos Emerald!
Chris: We want to find out why their planet's sick and see if there's something we can do to help.
[Momo holds up a few coins.]
Momo: Planet Marmolim is a magical place that once you visit you'll never want to leave! We have fortune tellers, magic charms, and even love spells!
[Amy smiles, blushes, and gets twinkly-eyed.]
Amy: You have love spells?
Momo: Yes, and they're extremely powerful.
[Amy quickly types in a few coordinates, then puts her foot on the control panel and excitedly points ahead.]
Amy: What are we waiting for? Let's go full speed ahead to Planet Marmolim!
[Tails gets sweaty, closes his eyes, and smiles nervously]
Tails: [Hesitantly] Sure, Amy.

[Scene Change: Marmolim]

[The Typhoon has landed on Marmolim. The Marmolim on the planet communicate with Lue, Lylem, and Momo.]
Marmolims: (Hey, everybody! They're back!) (We're so glad you're okay!) (We were afraid that we'd never see you again!)
Lylem: I'm sorry if we worried you.
[Lue holds up the Chaos Emerald.]
Lue: We're giving you this to thank you for the ride.
[Sonic places his hand on the Chaos Emerald.]
Knuckles: It's about time.
Chris: Thanks; we really appreciate it.
[Amy rushes up to Momo with a big smile.]
Amy: So, where can we find this love spell you told me about?
Momo: Right this way, please!
Amy: OK! Come on, Sonic!
[Amy grabs Sonic's arm and runs off, pulling him along. He accidentally tosses the Emerald in the air as Amy pulls him and Knuckles catches it.]
Cream: Amy! Wait!
Chris: Boy, is she hopeless.
[Meanwhile Amy rushes Sonic towards the matchmaking hut.]
Amy: Before we try out that love spell, let's go visit a fortune-teller!
[She storms inside, and is soon seated with a Marmolim with a crystal ball.]
Amy: Well? Do we have a future together?
[She blinks expectantly, and Sonic yawns.]

[Scene Change: Marmolim - A Market]

[Chris and Knuckles follow Lylem through the marketplace.]
Knuckles: They sell magic here?
Lylem: Visitors used to come here from all over the galaxy to find out their fortunes or buy magic charms 'til our planet started getting sick.
Chris: Hm... [Blushes] What do they sell at that stall?
[They stop at one of the stalls.]
Lylem: They have charms and potions that can cure anything! You can find headache amulets, hiccup remedies, and even spells that fight athlete's foot.
[Chris examines one of the charms.]
Knuckles: Chris, you have a problem with athlete's foot?
Chris: [Panics] No!
[Elsewhere, Cosmo, Tails, Cream, and Cheese follow Lue towards the palace.]
Tails: I'm not sure about this...
Cream: I've never had anybody tell me my fortune before!
[They stop.]
Lue: You can ask him any questions you want about your future.
Cream: How exciting! What do you think we should ask him about, Cheese?
Cheese: Chao!
Cosmo: Something's wrong here... Their planet is sick, but they don't seem to care.
[They advance nearer to the palace. The Marmolim leader, named Ghana, is standing outside. He is leaning on a cane.]
Ghana: Lue!
Lue: Greetings, Ghana!

[Scene Change: The palace]

[Everyone is seated at the table.]
Ghana: The coins are clear. They predict that you will part with a large sum of money.
Lue: Do they say how much?
Ghana: Yes. Ten fleebos, which is exactly what you owe me for this prediction.
Lue: That's the same prediction as last time I came here!
[The other Marmolims laugh. Cosmo stands up, concerned.]
Cosmo: This is no time for jokes!
[Ghana continues to shuffle his coins.]
Ghana: We have the power to look into the future, but we cannot change it. Our fate is already decided. What will be, will be...
Cosmo: But...
[He holds up a coin.]
Ghana: I see you are always rushing into action, but your haste is going to cause great sorrow to those who are closest to you. These magic coins predict it.
[He holds up another coin and flips it over, revealing a skull. Cosmo appears spooked. She starts to walk away.]
Tails: Wait, Cosmo!
[He gets up and runs after her.]
Cream: Will she be OK?
Ghana: Her future is too cloudy to predict with any certainty. But I do see romance in her future. Strange; plants and animals don't usually get along.
[Cream blinks in surprise.]

[Scene Change: The marketplace]

[Cosmo walks alone through the marketplace. Tails catches up to her.]
Tails: Hey, slow down, Cosmo! Don't let that fortune-teller upset ya. After all, nobody can really predict what'll really happen in the future.
[She stops.]
Cosmo: I've never felt so helpless in my entire life. I know I don't want to harm you or our friends, but that fortune-teller says I'm destined to.
Tails: Cosmo...
Cosmo: [Stressed] It can't be true!
Tails: It'll be OK.
[She runs off.]
Tails: Wait!

[Scene Change: A Cliff]

[Momo takes Amy and Sonic to a place with two rocks side by side atop the cliff.]
Momo: This is called Romance Rock.
Amy: [Excitedly] Oh, I love this place!
Momo: If you want the love spell to join you both forever, first you'll have to break this rock.
Amy: Joined forever?! [Hugs Sonic] Oh Sonic, I know we can break it! I know it!
[She raises her hammer.]
Amy: Sonic and I will never be apart again! Here goes!
[Amy smashes the rock and Sonic immediately runs away at super speed.]
Amy: Where's he going?

[Scene Change: A fortune-telling hut]

[The Marmolim fortune-teller in the hut looks into the crystal ball.]
Fortune-teller: Well... according to this crystal ball, you are about to do something very foolish.
[Knuckles covers his mouth.]
Knuckles: Something foolish? Is there anything I can do to stop myself?
Fortune-teller: There's only one thing.
[He holds up a towel.]
Fortune-teller: Put this magic cloth on your head and run through town clucking like a chicken.
Knuckles: I'll try it!
[He takes the towel and shakes the Marmolim's hand.]
Knuckles: Thanks. I hate making a fool of myself.
Chris: That sounds pretty foolish to me.
Lylem: Once again, Ghana's prediction will come true.

[Scene Change: A roadside cafe]

[The group is now seated at a roadside cafe. Sonic runs past them.]
Chris: That was Sonic.
Amy: [Off-screen] Come back, Sonic!
[They turn to see Amy running after Sonic. She is covered in charms.]
Amy: Where are you going? We broke Romance Rock, but we still have to go visit the Lake of Love and Matchmaker Mountain!
[She passes them.]
Chris: Amy would probably have better luck if she didn't push so hard.
Lylem: It’s a pity you don't have anybody to bring to Romance Rock.
Chris: Uh... I sort of do, but she's back on my planet.
Lylem: I can tell you really like her a lot. So, what's her name, huh?
Chris: Hey...
Tails: [Off-screen] Hey, Chris!
[Cream and Tails run up to him.]
Chris: Hey, what happened to Cosmo? I thought she went with you.
[Cream and Tails look at each other sadly.]
Cheese: Chao chao chao chao...
Chris: [Sighs] Is something wrong?

[Scene Change: A cliff]

[Cosmo stands alone atop a cliff - not the same one containing Lovers' Rock.]
Cosmo: [To herself] I want to save the galaxy from the Metarex, and help my new friends. But it seems like I am only going to make things worse for everybody.
[The sky changes color to a much darker hue.]
Cream: [Off-screen] There you are, Cosmo! I'm glad you're okay. We were all worried about you.
[She looks over to see Cream and Cheese. Cosmo embraces Cheese.]
Cosmo: Hi, Cheese.
[They watch the sky together while holding Cheese between them.]
Cosmo: Thanks for checking up on me, Cream. You and Cheese are good friends.
Cream: After you left, that fortune-teller said that most plant and animal species don't get along as well as we do. I wonder why they find it hard to make friends.
Cosmo: I guess because we're so different from each other.
[Shots of the jungle planet and Secco are shown.]
Cosmo: In all the galaxy, it's hard to find different kinds of beings getting along together. That's why Sonic and the rest of you are special, because you can make friends with almost anybody.
Cream: If a friendship like ours is rare, that makes it extra special!
Cheese: Chao!
Cosmo: I feel the same way as you both do!

[Scene Change: The marketplace]

[Amy continues searching for Sonic.]
Amy: Sonic! Sonic! Sonic!
Momo: Maybe this means Sonic doesn't like you so much.
Amy: That isn't true! Whenever I get into trouble, Sonic always come running to save me. I'll never forget when we both got back from Chris' world. Sonic picked a flower for me! He said, "This is for you, Amy." Oh, Sonic!
Cosmo: [Off-screen] Amy!
[Cosmo and Cream run up to her.]
Amy: Cosmo, aren't you curious if there's romance in your future?
Cosmo: I guess so.
Amy: What are you waiting for? Let's go! You'll love it, Cosmo!
[Amy takes their hands and runs off with them. Momo follows. Cosmo and Cream smile at each other. Later on, a Marmolim reads their fortunes.]
Marmolim: Soon your heart will belong to another.
[Cream is puzzled.]
Marmolim: You will be struck... lovestruck!
[They beam. Soon, they head out. Later, they stand at the top of some stairs.]
Amy: Cosmo, what's going on between you and Tails?
Cosmo: I don't know what you mean.
Amy: [Smirks] Well, it's obvious you and Tails really like each other.
Cosmo: Really, Amy... [Blushes] I don't know what you're talking about.
[Amy folds her arms and looks away.]
Amy: You're lying.
Cosmo: That isn't true, Amy! I'm sure Tails couldn't possibly be interested in me. I have a feeling he finds me annoying.
Cream: Tails doesn't like you, then why are you two always together?
Cheese: Chao chao!
Cosmo: Forget about Tails and me. How are things going with you and Sonic?
[Amy looks upset, looks away from Cosmo in embarrassment, breaks into a cold sweat, and falls on her hands and knees.]
Cream: What's the matter?
Cosmo: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up.
[Amy lets out a deranged laugh. She looks up with a malicious smile on her face..]
Amy: Everything will turn out okay, because Momo gave me a magical spell so that I can make Sonic mine forever.
[Momo smiles and gives a thumbs-up]
Amy: I'll catch Sonic in a trap and his heart will burn with love!
[A fiery aura surrounds her as she laughs evilly again.]

[Scene Change: Marmolim]

[Later, the Marmolims lay down sandbags and torches.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Engine room]

[Chris is seated in the seat Knuckles usually occupies. Sonic is sitting on the floor behind him with several charms.]
Chris: What's all that stuff, Sonic?
Sonic: [Stands up] The Marmolims gave me these charms to protect me when I try to save their world.
Chris: I guess it can't hurt.
[He turns back to the holo-screen.]
Chris: There's some kind of disease growing underground where the Planet Egg was. You have to destroy it. The only problem is there's a lot of water in that area.
Sonic: Water? Are you kidding?
[He searches for a certain charm.]
Sonic: Let's see...
[He locates a certain ring.]
Sonic: The Marmolim who gave me this charm told me it works against water.
[Sonic puts the charm on his left arm. Chris chuckles.]

[Scene Change: Marmolim]

[The Sonic Power Cannon rises out of the Typhoon.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Tails: Route all energy to the Sonic Power Cannon!

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Engine room]

[Knuckles stretches forth his hands to the Master Emerald.]
Tails: Load the cannon and get ready to fire at my command!
Knuckles: Here we go!

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Tails: Proceed with take-off!

[Scene Change: Marmolim]

[The Typhoon lifts off the ground.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Tails: Adjust cannon angle.

[Scene Change: Marmolim]

[The Cannon lowers a little bit to align with the line of torches that have been set up. Sonic waits on the spin platform.]
Tails: Sonic, get set for launch!
[He starts his spin. Everyone watches from inside the barricade of sandbags.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Tails: Sonic Power Cannon, fire!

[Scene Change: Marmolim]

[The Cannon fires Sonic into the earth ahead. His speed immediately blows out all the torches. He quickly descends into the ground.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Engine room]

[Chris sees that Sonic has destroyed the virus in the planet.]
Chris: Sonic did it!

[Scene Change: Marmolim]

[Water gushes out of the ground in giant jets and covers the parched ground.]
Cosmo: I think it worked!
Amy: Sonic saved the planet!
Marmolims: Thank you, Sonic!
[Sonic is being carried by the water.]
Sonic: I thought this charm was gonna keep me dry, but if you ask me, it's all wet!
[He is launched from the earth by a water jet.]
Sonic: Whoa! Somebody shut off the faucet!
[Later, everyone but Tails and Cosmo are celebrating. Cosmo watches from a cliff.]
Tails: What's wrong, Cosmo? Why are you here by yourself?
[Cosmo turns to see Tails there.]
Cosmo: Hi, Tails. The Marmolims are really happy their planet was saved. You must be pleased too.
Tails: I feel lucky to be working with such terrific teammates -- especially with you.
Cosmo: [Blushes] I-I didn't do anything.
Tails: You're wrong, Cosmo. You found us to help you stop the Metarex. Don't ever forget that. You're not sorry you found us, are ya?
Cosmo: Huh? [Shakes head] Of course I'm sorry! How could you think that? [Blushes; Waves hand] That came out wrong. I mean I'm not sorry I met you!
[Tails laughs before motioning her to follow him.]
Tails: Don't worry; I know what you meant. See you later!
[He takes off.]
Cosmo: Hold on, Tails!
[However, she trips over a rope. Tails catches her, but they are sprung into the air by a hidden spring. As they are thrown over a lake, they realize just how much they love each other. They land in the shallow lake.]
Tails: Are you OK?
Cosmo: I'm fine. I wonder what that was.
[They see the moon in the sky. It appears much bigger to them than the moon on either Earth or Mobius. As they watch the moon together, their eyes shimmer. Meanwhile, the others know about this.]
Chris: [Voice-over] You gave Amy a matchmaking spell?
Momo: It's the strongest one we have. The couple dives into the Lake of Love, and afterwards looks at the full moon, and then they'll be joined together forever!
Cream: It sounds like Amy is finally going to see her dream come true!
Momo: She can't fail! Amy even set up a trap so that she and Sonic would fall into the lake at the exact moment the moon rose!
[Cream and Momo celebrate.]
Chris: So they must be together right now... Huh?
[Sonic is seen buying for something from a Marmolim and eating it.]
Sonic: Thanks, pal. This should hit the spot.
Chris: Sonic?
[Sonic turns round.]
Sonic: Somethin' wrong?

[Scene Change: Lovers' Lake]

[Amy sees Tails and Cosmo sitting together in Lovers' Lake. She is furious.]
Amy: Every time I come up with a way to capture Sonic's heart, he makes a last-minute getaway! This is totally unfair! [Shrieking] That trap was set for Sonic! I wanted to get my romance grown, and now I have to watch you two go gaga over each other! This is outrageous! Go find your own planet to fall in love on!
[The episode ends and the credits roll.]