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The Pendant/Transcript

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This is the transcript for the Sonic Underground episode "The Pendant".

[Theme song plays.]

Queen Aleena: (Narrating) With all the technology employed by Robotnik, it was easy for my children to forget about the powers of magic.
Sonia: What's taking those guys so long?
Cyrus: Maybe Sonic found a chili dog stand.
Sonia: No. Sonic knows better than that. Besides, Manic wouldn't let him stop while he's on a mission.

[Cuts to next scene. Sonic and Manic are at Hot Hot Jake's.]

Manic: Sonic, don't you think we should get moving?
Sonic: No biggie. I can cut the power in a sonic second... As soon as I've finished my other two dogs, I'm outta' here!
[Sonic scoffs his last two chili dogs and then dashes off.]
Manic: Yo Sonic, wait for me!
[Sonic runs back to Manic.]
Sonic: How do ya' like that? I am faster than light!
Manic: Give me a break! Then again...
Cyrus: That's our cue.
[Cyrus and Sonia duck behind the bushes.]
Sonia: About time.
[Sonia and Cyrus run towards a black building. Shortly after, two Swatbots arrive appear.]
Swatbot: Control three reports outage in sector one, one, seven, nine.
[Sonia climbs up on the large wire.]
Cyrus: Hurry, twenty seconds before backup power kicks in.
Sonia: I'm on it!
[Bomb begins to flash.]
Cyrus: Five seconds. Hurry, get out of there, you'll get fried!
[Sonia falls, but manages to swing off a handle and slide her way down. Soon, Sonic arrives. He dashes to support his sister as the Swatbots begin to plan their attack.]

[Cuts to next scene.]

Dr. Robotnik: Sleet, Dingo, get in here!
[Sleet and Dingo arrive. Dingo clumsily tumbles on top of Sleet.]
Sleet: Get off me, OFF!
Dingo: I didn't mean to...
Dr. Robotnik: (Clutches his throat) If I'm not interrupting... pay attention!
Sleet: Oh, yes sir.
Dr. Robotnik: The pollution from Robotropolis has spread and cut through the cloud banks around Mobius... Exposing a new land; the Emerald Peninsula. Patrols have revealed thousands of new candidates for the Roboticizer. Take my command ship and a transport and bring them back filled with recruits!
Sleet: But the Peninsula has thousands of places to hide. How do we find them?
Dr. Robotnik: You lure them out with one of these... a Bogen.
[An image of an anthropomorphic animal is projected on a screen.]
Sleet: What is it?
Dr. Robotnik: It's a mythical creature, but the people there believe in them. They think that if they catch one, it will bring them wealth.
Sleet: So while they are chasing the bogen, we scoop them up. That is brilliant sir!
Dingo: Yeah but, where do we get one of those, uh... things?
[Sleet uses the Shapeshift Remote to transform Dingo into a Bogen.]
Dingo: I had to ask.

[Cuts to next scene. Manic and Sonia are with their musical instruments.]

Sonia: C'mon Sonic. We're ready to rock! We got to practice for our Liberty Day performance.
[Sonic sprints in at Sonic speed. Manic begins to play his drums as Sonia starts to play the flute.]

["Lady Liberty" plays.]

Sonic: Hey! Just practicing for the Liberty Day crowd.
Cyrus: If you're back in time.
Manic: Uh oh, sounds like an assignment to me.

[Cuts to next scene.]

Cyrus: That bug we planted is paying off already. We intercepted part of a message. Robotnik is sending Sleet and Dingo to the Emerald Peninsula!
[Sonic chews on his chili dog.]
Sonic: I thought he didn't know about it.
Cyrus: He does now. If you guys don't spread the word, everybody there is gonna end up back here. Roboticized...
[Sonic scoffs the rest of his chili dog and sniggers.]
Sonic: Not gonna happen.
Sonia: Let's roll!

[Cuts to next scene. Sonic, Manic and Sonia are all inside the Camper Van.]

Sonia: So they had these things called "Bogens".
Manic: Bogen? What's that?
Sonia: It's a mythical creature that guards a treasure chest of money and jewels!
Sonic: You mean like a banker?
Sonia: Ha... According to legend, if you catch one, you get the treasure chest.
Sonic: No, definitely not a banker.
[The vehicle begins to play up, and electric sparks start to show.]
Sonic: I thought you checked the engine!
Manic: I did! It looked fine to me.
Sonic: HMM! It looked fine?
Manic: Yeah, the compression ratio was twelve to one. I advanced the timing, cleaned and recapped the plugs! And I torqued down the valve cover - exactly 16.8 pressure pounds. It looooked fine!!
Sonic: (Chuckles) Just asking!

[A neon red ball moves in the distance very swiftly.]

Sonia: What's that?
Sonic: I don't know but it's getting closer.
Manic: Look! There it is!
[The mysterious red sphere crashes into all three of them as they scream.]
Manic: What was that?
Sonic: I don't know but it sure was ugly.
[Somebody laughs in the distance.]
Sonic: Well somebody thinks it's funny.
Manic: Hey guys!
[Manic holds out a pouch leaking some red muck. Sonic whistles in the background.]
Sonia: What's that?
Manic: (Holding his nose) Found it in the intake manifold.
[Sonia reaches inside of the small bag and picks something out.]
Sonia: Chili dogs? (sigh)
[Sonic snatches it from Sonia.]
Sonic: Don't mind if I do!
[Sonic eats up the chili dog.]
Sonic: Hey it worked! It's still warm!
[Manic stands behind his sister aggravated.]
Sonia: [Angry] Sonic hedgehog!

[Cuts to next scene.]

Manic: Chili dogs in the intake manifold...
Sonic: I was just tryin' to keep em' warm!
Sonia: Hey look! There's a light!
[Sonia points to a small building with yellow lights.]
Sonia: Oh, it looks so warm.
[The mysterious red sphere appears again in a dash.]
Sonic: Here it comes again! And this time, I'm gonna catch it.
[Sonic then blasts into it and gets hurt.]
Sonia: Oh yeah. Nice catch.
Maeve: Are you alright? I heard the Bog Beasty and I knew someone must be about.
[Sonic, Manic and Sonia shiver.]
Maeve: Oh would you listen to me blundering along and you are cold and wet!

[Cuts to next scene.]

Maeve: And what is it that brings you to our part of the world if I may be asking.
Sonia: We're here to warn you.

[Cuts to next scene.]

Dingo: (disguised as a Bogen) Catch me if you can!
[A giant frog and insect chase after him. Then a light appears around the frog and insect as they get sucked into a spaceship.]
Sleet: Nice job. Now let's try another spot.
[Dingo looks towards the small building with the bright yellow lights.]
Dingo: Um... what's that?
[Cuts to next scene. Sonic is staring out of the window.]
Sonic: What you say that thing was?
Maeve: We call them Bog Beastys. They mean you no harm, they just like knocking into people.
Sonic: No...
Maeve: Now tell me child, why would this tyrant want to robity...
Sonia: Roboticize. Because it would make you his slave - forever!

[Cuts to next scene. Sleet and Dingo are displayed on a screen as they are communicating with Dr. Robotnik.]

Sleet: Sir. We've already rounded up twenty-three recruits and the night is only half done.
Dr. Robotnik: Excellent! Carry on.
[Dr. Robotnik disconnects.]

[Cuts to next scene.]

Sleet: Let's go get some more. Where's that thing coming from?
Dingo: Behind you.
[The red ball blasts in from behind Sleet. It knocks Sleet and Dingo over.]
Dingo: That thing gives me the creeps.
Sleet: What is that thing?

[Cuts to next scene.]

Maeve: I see you in battle but... there's something else...
Sonia: What is it?
Maeve: A good thing child. In your battle tomorrow, you will find an object of great value. It may give you great power against your enemy and it will help you in your quest to find your mother.
Sonia: My mother?! My... quest?

[Cuts to next scene. Sonia is about to test out the vehicle that Manic has just repaired.]

Manic: Give it a try!
[The engine starts successfully.]
Manic: Oh yeah! We're back in biz!
Sonic: Cool!

[Cuts to next scene. The three siblings are sat inside of the Camper Van.]

Sonia: (Yawns.)
Sonic: So, what kept you up all night?
Sonia: I told you, Maeve said I'd find something to help us fight Robotnik. Something that would give me great power over him.
Sonic: Oh I don't believe in all that fortune-telling mumbo-jumbo.
Manic: Do you believe in luck?
[Manic points to an astounding entrance.]

[Cuts to next scene. An airship is floating in the sky.]

Sonic: Well, well, well. Looks like we found Slick and Dingbat.
Sonia: Look.
[Sleet and Dingo are near Sonic and his siblings. More Mobians are being sucked into the airship.]
Sleet: Nice work Dingo.
Dingo: I'm tired. I've been running around all night.
Sleet: Alright. We can take a break now.
[Sleet and Dingo walk off. Cuts to Sonic, Manic and Sonia.]
Sonic: She's gotta come down! Think you can get me up there bro?
Swatbots: Priority one. Hedgehogs.
[They all gasp. Sonic grabs Sonia's and Manic's arms and dashes away, just dodging the lasers fired by the Swatbots. Sonic runs up a small hill with them.]
Sonia: I'll cover you from up here.
Sonic: I'll play decoy.
[The Swatbots approach.]
Sonic: Oh man, not now!
[The red sphere appears once again and destroys the Swatbots.]
Sonic: Then again, now's good.
[Sonic accidentally switches the bot back on. But then Manic comes to switch in off again.]
Manic: Nice work bro!
[Sleet and Dingo enter.]
Sleet: I wouldn't be so sure about that.
[Sonia holds her necklace and then suddenly, Dr. Robotnik is projected through it...]
Dr. Robotnik: Excellent. But where is the girl?
Sleet: Don't worry sir, we'll find her. But you must admit, two out of three isn't bad.
[Sonic and Manic are shown as captives.]
Sonia: Oh gosh!
[Sonia walks down from the rocky hill and sees Sonic and Manic with Sleet, Dingo and the Swatbots.]
Sonia: (Gasp!)
[Dingo transforms into a bogen.]
Sleet: Okay. Let's try the North this time.
Dingo: Oh, okay.
Sleet: Stand guard and stay alert.
Swatbot: Yes sir.
[Sonia is on a hover board. Then she brings out her piano from her necklace, and uses it as a weapon against the Swatbots. She destroys the Swatbots that stood in her way, then she flew up into the airship. A Swatbot tries to fly up and get in through a door, but Sonia is quick enough to pull the switch which closed the door.]
Sonia: Such a satisfying sound.
[Sonia presses a red button which sets Sonic and Manic free.]
Sonia: Hi guys. Did you miss me?
Sonic: What happened to you? You just disappeared. Who do you think you are? Me?
Manic: Uh... won't talk about this later.

[Cuts to next scene. Manic struggles to control the airship as Sonic and Sonia are sat in the passenger seats.]

Sonia: Battle binary!
Sonic: I disabled all the locator beacons and powered down those holding thingies.
Sonia: You need a suspended animation units.
Sonic: Yeah, those.
[The airship lands.]
Manic: How long before those people wake up?
Sonia: About an hour, but don't worry. Without the locator, Sleet and Dingo won't stand a chance of tracking them down.
Sonic: Wonder what butt-nik's thinking right now.
Sonia: Funny you should ask.
[Sonia presses the pendant.]
Dr. Robotnik: You lost the hedgehogs, you lost the captives, and you lost my transport ship?!
Sleet: We still have the command ships sir.

[Cuts back to Sonic, Manic and Sonia. Sonia purposely drops the pendant but then something rather mysterious happens. Sonia's right arm is hardly seeable.]

Sonic: Hey, it was just getting good!
Manic: Whoa, I can see right through your arm!
Sonic: What's going on?
Sonia: The pendant. It made me feel tingly and now I can feel my arm at all.
[Manic picks up the pendant from the ground.]
Manic: So this is what the fortune-teller was talking about?
[Sonic and Manic stare angrily towards Sonia. Sonia looks back, guilty.]
Sonic: Yeah, and she's gonna be doing a lot more talking. Sorry sis.
[Sonic grabs his siblings arms and dashes away with them. Then, a command ship enters.]
Sleet: There's just too much ground to cover. We could use a break here!
Dingo: Maybe we could follow the hedgehogs.
Sleet: Maybe our luck is changing.

[Cuts to next scene.]

Maeve: Oo, I see you've used the pendant!
Sonia: Why didn't you tell me?!!
Maeve: Come in! I'll tell you everything.
[The three of them walk in.]
Maeve: And the other half of the pendant is somewhere near where you found this!
Manic: Take it! Change Sonia back!
Maeve: No! I cannot hold the pendant until the two halves are once again hold. I'm sorry I used yours, but I needed your help to save my land and my people.
Sonic: How about saving MY sister?!!
Maeve: There's only one way to do that. Sonia must use the pendant one more time to find the location of the other half.
Sonia: (Gasp) What? What if I disappear?
Maeve: If you do not act, you will disappear anyway. Look, there's not much time!
[Sonia grabs the her necklace back.]
Sonic: Oh no Sonia! We're out of here!

[Cuts to next scene.]

Manic: Oh Sonia.
Sonic: C'mon Manic, let's do it to it!
[Sonic dashes away and Manic rides away on his hover board. Sonia is left behind shedding tears.]

[Cuts to next scene. Sonic and Manic run into Sleet.]

Sleet: Looking for something? Beautiful isn't it? Perhaps we could do a little trade. Where is my transport ship?
Sonic: It's seventy kilometers North. Now hand the pendant over!
Sleet: Well you see, there's a problem with that... because I rarely keep my word (Laughs.)
Sonic: Last chance Sleet!
Sleet: Take your best shot, hedgehog!
Sonic: You're messing with my sister and now you're gonna pay!
[Sonic dodges a missile, then he dashes around the swatbot and destroys it. Manic flies into a swatbot with his board. Sonic blasts into Dingo, knocking him down. Manic pushes Sleet into a wall, then flies away with the pendant.]
Sonic: Do I know how to throw a party or what?
Sleet: (Sighs)

[Cuts to next scene. Manic hands over the pendant to Sonia. Sonia squeezes the pendant one more time.]

Sonia: Ah...
[The pendant generates a huge bright light.]
Sonic: Alright!
[All of a sudden, Maeve appears, and then transforms into a fairy.]
Maeve: Thank you my friends. Now I am free to restore the clouds that protect our land and we reach this place from the minds of those who seek to harm us.
Sonic: Wow. You can do that?
[Maeve causes a gust of pink wind to trap Sleet and Dingo.]
Maeve: Done! The two villains are already back in Robotropolis. I'm sorry I put you in such danger, but I had no choice.
[Maeve passes the pendant to Sonia.]
Maeve: The pendant may be used one more time without danger, use it as you will.
Sonia: Thank you. We'll save it until we need it!
Maeve: It is I who must thank you. And now, I will send you on your way.
[Maeve waves her wand a little.]
Sonic: Wait! Since we're heroes and all I'd like to ask one small favor...

[Cuts to next scene.]

Dr. Robotnik: What is that? (Gasps)
[The Bog Beasty busts into Robotnik. Robotnik lands on his bottom.]
Dr. Robotnik: NO!!!!!!
[Credits roll.]