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The Pendant

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"The Pendant" is the thirty-ninth episode of the Sonic Underground television series. It first aired on 19 May 1999 in France and on 21 October 1999 in the United States. It was included in Volume 2.


The newly discovered Emerald Peninsula is a perfect place for Robotnik to add slaves to his empire. Sonic, Sonia and Manic are alerted of Robotnik's plan to transplant the peninsula's inhabitants and turn to a fortune teller named Maeve for help. The mystic advises Sonia of a pendant that could reveal the answer to stopping Robotnik. One half of the pendant is discovered, but Sonia suddenly has a reaction from the pendant's side effects. Sonic and Manic must quickly find the other half to save their sister before she disappears.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
German Das Medaillon The Medallion


  • This was the last episode in the series to feature Sleet and Dingo.
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