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The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca

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"The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca" is the twenty-second episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. As the name suggests, it consists of two shorter stories, each approximately ten minutes long. It first aired on 5 November 1994.

"The Odd Couple"





During the winter in the Great Forest, Dulcy is shown flying through the sky during a snow storm. Meanwhile, Sonic and Antoine are waiting for Dulcy down on the ground near Knothole Village in order to help her land. Sonic in particular is ready to help navigate Dulcy's descend while Antoine is watching out for her through a pair of binoculars. However, the sno storm is making it hard for the two of them to see Dulcy. Antoine in particular sees nothing but snow, no matter where he looks. Irritated, Sonic walks up to Antoine and bushes the snow off his binoculars, allowing him to observe the surroundings properly. Antoine, however, can only laugh at his goof-up. Using the binoculars himself, Sonic sees Dulcy in the sky and runs for his light batons in order to show Dulcy the direction she has to land in. He also hands the binoculars over to Antoine and tells him to keep him posted on Dulcy's location. However, Antoine keeps telling Sonic to guide Dulcy from the left to the right and vise versa, causing Dulcy and Sonic to get confused. Eventually, Dulcy tries to land. However, she stumbles over a snowdrift and begins sliding along the ground uncontrollably. Sonic and Antoine get out of the way, but they see that Dulcy is heading straight for the huts. Sonic thus runs straight to the local bell and sounds off the alarm. Hearing the alarm, Sally, Bunnie and Tails go outside to check it out, only to see Dulcy approach them, prompting them to get out of her way. Soon after, Dulcy collides with several huts, completely destroying them. Concerned, Sonic runs up to Dulcy to see if she is okay. Although she is not injured, a dazed Dulcy explains that her head does hurt. With her huts destroyed however, Sonic, Sally, Bunnie and Tails begin to wonder where they are going to sleep.

Some time later, Antoine is showing polishing his shoes in his own hut while singing. Once he is done, he puts his clean shoe into his wardrobe and wishes them a good night. Antoine proceeds to enjoy the cleanliness of his home, but gets horrified when he notices a small scrap of paper on the floor. After picking up the paper and throwing it into the crash can, he sets back down in his chair and pulls out a magazine that he begins to read. However, his peace and quiet is interrupted by Sonic knocking on his door and calling out to him. Disturbed by Sonic's presence, Antoine nonetheless tries to open his door. However, Sonic opens the door first, smashing it into Antoine and squishing him against the wall. Sonic proceeds to walk inside, leaving dirty tracks of snow on the floor. He then begins to look around for Antoine, until Antoine comes out and asks Sonic what he wants. Additionally, having hurt his nose when he got hit by the door, Antoine massages his nose while asking Sonic, but Sonic just makes fun of him. Antoine then gets terrified when he looks down on the floor, but Sonic does not understand why he is freaking out. Being a neat freak, Antoine points out to Sonic that he has stained his floor. Antoine then quickly runs to his wardrobe for a piece of cloth and begins wiping away the dirt tracks left by Sonic. Sonic proceeds to explain to Antoine that he will be living with him until he can rebuilt his hut, as no one else has room for him. This piece of information makes Antoine discouraged and terrified, especially when Sonic mentions that he will not be able to start the reconstruction efforts of his hut until after the snow storm has passed. Sonic proceeds to ask Antoine where he can put his socks, making Antoine feel disgusted. Sonic and Antoine then walk over to the window. Commenting on the severity of the snow storm, Sonic adds that he is going to be living with Antoine for weeks, making Antoine faint from the shock. Not understanding what he just did, Sonic asks a whimpering Antoine if it was anything he said.

In the evening, a miffed Antoine is dusting and wiping his dirty floor, while Sonic, who is lying on the sofa, recommends him to relax. Antoine however, notices that Sonic's sneakers have snow on their soles. Antoine thus takes Sonic's sneakers off by force and throws them out of the door. Sonic, however, runs out and gets them back. Meanwhile, Antoine tries to close his door, but the wind from the snow storm is making it difficult for him. It is only when Sonic gets back inside and helps him that Antoine manages to close the door. Sonic then firmly tells Antoine to never mess with his sneakers again. A nervous Antoine agrees, but then sees that a big pile of snow lying on the floor inside his hut. Losing his nerves, Antoine faints and falls into the snow pile.

Some time afterward, Antoine is shown sleeping on his couch with an icepack on his forehead. Antoine is awakened however, by noises coming from the kitchen. Taking a look, Antoine sees that Sonic is trying to make them chili dogs for dinner. After asking where the onions are, Sonic opens a can with chili, but is unable to squeeze the sauce out of the can and into the frying pan. When Sonic finally manages to knock the chili sauce out of the can however, the contents are shot out of the can and begin bouncing off the walls, eventually hitting Antoine. Despairing once more, Antoine faints.

During the night, Antoine is shown lying in his bed with an even bigger icepack on his forehead. Eventually, he is awakened by the sound of Sonic eating chili dogs at the table. Antoine then takes a look around his hut and sees that it is full of dirty plates and is covered in chili stains. Sonic presents Antoine with a chili dog, but Antoine begins to stutter. Taking his hesitation as a no, Sonic eats the chili dog himself. The sight of this manages to make Antoine go a little crazy, prompting Antoine to run around his hut while shouting and dancing. At the end of his performance, Antoine runs into his own wardrobe where he begins making sudden movements. Sonic, however, thinks that Antoine is just freaking out because he did not get a chili dog.

Later on, Antoine is sleeping in his bed with his pyjamas and sleeping mask on. Meanwhile, Sonic is sleeping on the couch. Suddenly, however, Sonic begins "sleep running" while dreaming that he is fighting Dr. Robotnik. Sonic thus starts running around the hut and destroying the furniture, causing Antoine to wake up, who is now at the point of a nervous breakdown. He finally snaps, deciding "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Antoine thus starts jumping up to the ceiling before beginning to run around and do things such as pulling out his lamp and throwing away pillows. Eventually though, Sonic wakes up. Seeing Antoine's behavior, Sonic gets worried and runs up to him. As Sonic asks Antoine what is up, Antoine begins throwing his stuff up in the air while laughing manically. Outside, the other Knothole Freedom Fighters have been awoken and started gathering outside Antoine's hut in their night gowns. Immediately after, Sonic emerges from Antoine's house, fully dressed and with his suitcase in hand. When he looks back, Antoine throws a pillow at him. Sonic dodges it however, and the pillow hit a snowman outside the hut instead. When Sonic's friends ask him what is happening to Antoine, Sonic replies that he has no idea. Sonic also proclaims that he has decided to rebuild his hut, regardless of the snow storm. In addition, he starts complaining about Antoine's wacked-out behavior and about how he is living like a pig. Suddenly though, a tree falls on Antoine's hut. However, that does not stop Antoine's hysterical laughter coming from the inside.



  • The portrait above Antoine's bed changes. In one frame, the General is smiling with open eyes, in another the general is frowning with his eyes shut.







On a stormy night inside Rotor's workshop, Rotor is shown working on a robot named Ro-Becca. While working, Rotor starts searching for his screwdriver in his pocket, but cannot find it. After a moment, however, he remembers that he left it at Sonic's. Rotor thus grabs his umbrella and heads out of his workshop. Just after Rotor leaves, Antoine arrives with a cardboard box full of spare parts and begins complaining that this is not suitable work for him. Antoine, however, soon notices that Rotor is gone, and when he begins looking for him, he trips over a mechanical leg and drops the cardbord box on top of Ro-Becca's face. No make matters worse, several screws and bolts fall inside the opening in Ro-Becca's chest. Taking the cardboard box off of Ro-Becca's face, Antoine begins fishing out the screws and bolts that fell into Ro-Becca, fearing that Rotor will get mad at him. Just as some lightning bolts light up the room however, Antoine gets frightened when he looks at Ro-Becca. Immediately after, Rotor returns to his workshop and tries to close the door, but is met with some resistance due to the strong winds outside. After finally closing the door, Rotor returns to working on Ro-Becca while calling out for Antoine to help him. Antoine soon shows up, but with a cast wrapped around his left leg, and he says that he has to go home to tend to his "wounds". Rotor asks him to say, however, before instructing him to bring the chest plate from the cardbord box that he just brought it. Antoine, however, replies that there is no chest place in the box, and Rotor remembers that he left it in the closet. Heading for the closet, Rotor asks Antoine to stay since he would need his help again.

Antoine begins blaming Ro-Becca for his predicament. However, he is frightened by another thunderbolt. As he steps back, Antoine accidentally rams into Rotor's machine and activates a laser-like contraction. Antoine subsequently runs up on Ro-Becca in fear of what he has done. Seconds later, Ro-Becca is hit by an electrical blue beam emitting from the laser-like contraption. After a moment, Ro-Becca opens her eyes, prompting Antoine to jump away in fear. Upon seeing Antoine, Ro-Becca tears off the belts keeping her constrained and begins to approach Antoine, who tries to defend himself. As it turns out though, Ro-Becca is in love with Antoine and wants to kiss him. Antoine, however, begins to run away. Escaping Rotor's workshop, Antoine closes the door behind him. Ro-Becca, however, simply breaks the door down and follows Antoine. Later, Rotor returns to his workshop, only to see that his door has been broken down and that Ro-Becca has disappeared, making him get very angry at Antoine.

Elsewhere in Knothole Village, Antoine has taken refuge inside his own hut. However, Ro-Becca soon arrives and starts ringing on Antoine's doorbell. When she does not get an answer, she breaks the door down, unknowingly trapping Antoine underneath it. Ro-Becca proceeds to look through Antoine's hut with the flashlight in her finger. However, she does not notice that Antoine is right underneath her feet. Finding no trace of Antoine in the hut, a disappointed Ro-Becca takes her leave. Antoine then tries to get back up and out from under his door, but is quickly crushed underneath his door again by Sonic and Rotor when they enter Antoine's hut. Having arrived to find Antoine, the duo find no sign of him in the hut, not realizing that he is right underneath their feet. Sonic and Rotor proceed to leave, leaving a dizzy Antoine to wander outside in a daze. However, he snaps back to his senses when he hears Ro-Becca calling out to him. In an attempt to escape Ro-Becca, Antoine runs towards the Great Forest and hides under the bridge across the local river. Eventually though, Ro-Becca arrives on the same bridge and starts looking around for Antoine. Meanwhile, Antoine is on the verge of sneezing, but he is able to stop himself temporarily. Eventually though, he makes such a sneeze that he loses his grip on the bridge and falls into the river. Ro-Becca hears Antoine, but is unable to find him. Swimming ashore, Antoine proceeds to climb a cliff and makes it up on dry land. However, he falls down from the cliff and back into the river again when Sonic runs past him with Rotor. Antoine thus swims ashore again, only to sneeze when he gets out. Now all dirty and cold, Antoine begins to despair and proclaims that this the worst moment in his entire life. As he asks what else can go wrong though, Antoine gets struck by lightning, causing him to jump up into the air and land at Ro-Becca's feet. Upon seeing Antoine, Ro-Becca picks him up and begins to cuddle him while promising to look after him.

Later, in Antoine's hut, Antoine has been put into bed. While Antoine continues to shake, Ro-Becca feeds him soup. However, Antoine does not like the taste of the soup, and when he asks what she is feeding him, Ro-Becca shows him that her soup consists almost entirely of bolts and screws. Disgusted, Antoine refuses to eat any more. Then, as Antoine sneezes, Ro-Becca rubs his nose with a handkerchief. However, Antoine tells her not to touch his aching nose. Replying that she now knows what Antoine needs, Ro-Becca grabs Antoine and begins massaging him roughly, much to Antoine's discomfort. While Antoine struggles to break free, Rotor arrives and turs off Ro-Becca by flicking the switch on the back of her neck. Rotor then informs a still hysterical Antoine that he can calm down, much to Antoine's relief.

The next day, Rotor continues tinkering with Ro-Becca. As a finishing touch, Rotor reverses her polarity, hoping that this would make her normal. Turning Ro-Becca back on afterward, Rotor tells Ro-Becca to tell him that she is his assistant. However, Ro-Becca repeats Rotor's words too accurately, even after Rotor tries to correct her. Getting frustrated, Rotor turns Ro-Becca off and begins to wonder what went wrong. Rotor then comes up with an idea and leaves his workshop. While Rotor is gone however, Ro-Becca reactivates, breaks free again, and goes to Antoine's hut. She starts rining on the doorbell and knocking on the door, but a terrified Antoine has bolted his door closed from the inside. Eventually though, Ro-Becca breaks down the door and goes inside the hut.

Later, Antoine and Ro-Becca come to Rotor. When Rotor apologizes, Antoine begins to explain that no woman can resist him and that it is not Rotor's fault. Rotor, on the other hand, has had enough and decides to dismantle Ro-Becca. After Rotor leaves to get his tools, Antoine begins expressing regret at Ro-Becca's fate in despite of all the misery she has put him through. Antoine then walks up to a mirror with Ro-Becca, and begins to look at it. As Antoine admires himself, he goes over his various qualities (dismissing changing his hair and wardrobe when the thoughts occur to him). Eventually though, Antoine comes up with an idea and begins speaking in a thick Austrian accent. Upon hearing this, Ro-Becca lets go of Antoine and gets disgusted by his new accent. Now wanting to get away from Antoine, Ro-Becca runs straight through the wall in Rotor's workshop, much to Rotor's anger. As Rotor and Antoine then give chase to Ro-Becca, they run into Sonic. After hearing Ro-Becca express disgust at Antoine, Sonic mockingly asks Antoine if he is having relationship trouble while mimicking his French accent. Getting charmed by Sonic's accent, Ro-Becca immediately falls in love with him and starts trying to kiss him, much to his disgust. Meanwhile, Rotor and Antoine cannot help but laugh at Sonic’s situation. Sonic then runs away from her, creating a strong gust of wind that causes her to fall on top of Antoine. Having been rejected by Sonic, Ro-Becca falls in love with Antoine once more, much to the latter's dismay.


  • Antoine's cast disappears in a few shots such as when he first enters Rotor's lab and inspects the inactive Ro-becca.


  • The plot of this episode is very much an homage to the story of Frankenstein in several ways:
    • Rotor creates an artificial creation on a dark and stormy night, putting him in the position of Dr. Frankenstein.
    • Antoine acts as Rotor's assistant, putting him in the position of Igor.
    • Ro-Becca is an artificial creation brought to life through lightning, putting her in the position of Frankenstein's monster, although she sports the same hairstyle as most cultural depictions of the Bride of Frankenstein.
    • After Ro-Becca is activated, Antoine exclaims "It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!"
  • When Antoine talks in a "foreign accent" in the episode in an attempt to rid himself of Ro-Becca, he sounds very much like Arnold Schwarzenegger, even saying a variation of Schwarzenegger's famous "hasta la vista, baby" line from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  • Towards the beginning of the episode, when Antoine makes his first appearance, a variation of the symphonic poem The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Paul Dukas can be heard. This is one of the few episodes where Sally does not appear in .

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Drôle de couple/Robecca Funny Couple/Robecca
German Wo die Liebe hinfällt Where love is tumbling down
Korean 최악의 룸메 / 로베카 Worst Roomme/Robeka
Latin American La pareja singular/Ro-Becca The Singular Couple/Ro-Becca
Russian Странная парочка - Ро-бекка The odd couple - Ro-becca


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