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"'''The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops'''" is the nineteenth episode of the series ''[[Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog]]''. Despite being produced as the nineteenth episode, it originally aired as the forty-fourth episode during the show's original run.
"'''The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops'''" is the nineteenth episode of the series ''[[Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog]]''. Despite being produced as the nineteenth episode, it originally aired as the forty-fourth episode during the show's original run.
*[[Sonic the Hedgehog (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)|Sonic]]
*[[Sonic the Hedgehog (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)|Sonic]]
*[[Miles "Tails" Prower (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)|Tails]]
*[[Miles "Tails" Prower (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)|Tails]]

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"The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops" is the nineteenth episode of the series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite being produced as the nineteenth episode, it originally aired as the forty-fourth episode during the show's original run.



Sonic costumes

  • News reporter
  • Old Widow


For the transcript of this episode, see The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops/Transcript.

After destroying some angry Buzz Bombers, Sonic reads about a town called McGuffin has declared tomorrow to be "Sonic Appreciation Day" in the newspaper. Sonic and Tails head for the town. The dog who works the news stand makes a mysterious phone call telling someone that Sonic is on his way and he has his sneakers with him.

At McGuffin, Sonic and Tails meet Harry the Hucker who sells Sonic merchandise. As a courtesy he gives Sonic a free blue Sonic book mark. Scratch and Grounder attack driving the Monster Robot Sonic tracking Device. Sonic uses a "Sonic Day" banner to tie up its legs and send it smashing to the ground. Sonic then hears cries for help on top of a near by building. A Squirrel named Sonnette is on the edge of a building and she falls. Sonic catches her and she is very excited, introducing herself as his biggest fan and consumer of all Harry's cheesy Sonic Merchandise. She also confesses that she jumped off the roof just to meet Sonic. Thinking she's crazy, Sonic drops her on the ground and leaves. Sonnette gets angry and swears she'll get even with him.

While checking into a hotel, Sonic and Tails are approached by a bell boy named Hodgepodge, who is old friends with Sonic. Sonic challenges him to a race just like old times. They race on a track built for Sonic's speed demonstration on Sonic Day. Hodgepodge is very fast, but still can't keep up with Sonic. Hodgepodge tells Tails how he used to be the fastest until Sonic came along and he used to be jealous. He playfully kicks Sonic while Coconuts, in an Italian old man disguise, spies on him. Sonic runs away and Coconuts says Sonic will soon be checking out forever.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik loses at cards to a card playing Robot. In anger, Robotnik takes out a laser gun and shoots the robot multiple times until it is dead and he kicks it into a pile of other dead robots. Scratch and Grounder come and tell Robotnik they were defeated and about "Sonic Appreciation Day". Robotnik gives them his new Robo-Roller, a vehicle that can flatten an entire city. He gives the Badniks an order to squish Sonic and his fans into a squishy paste.

While Sonic and Tails are asleep in the hotel, a tube comes through the door and it sprays green gas all over the room. Sonic wakes up to find his Sneakers are gone. Sonic shows Tails that when he runs, his feet burn up when he runs without his hi-tops. Tails assures him that they'll solve the mystery of who took them and get his shoes back. While looking for clues, Tails finds Coconuts sleeping in the closet. They tie him up and threaten to take him apart. Coconuts tells them that he hid in the closet so he could get them in their sleep, but when the hose sprayed its gas in the room, he fell asleep.

Tails assumes Hodgepodge stole the hi-tops. They go outside and Tails jumps on Hodgepodge, shaking him and accusing him of stealing the shoes. Sonic gets Tails off him and says he believes he is innocent. Hodgepodge tells them that he heard Robotnik and his Badniks are going to attack the town.

Sonic sees Sonnete and accuses her of sneaking in his room last night. She confesses that she did sneak in and she stole a chili dog wrapper and a red Sonic bookmark. Sonic has the mystery figured out, but it is too late. Scratch and Grounder attack the town in the Robo-Roller. Sonic tricks them into driving on the speed demonstration ramps. The trick backfires at first when Coconuts tells Scratch and Grounder they're being tricked, but Sonette shuts him up by covering him with bubble gum. Sure enough, Sonic's plan works and the Robo-Roller falls off the ramps and is destroyed. Sonic then places the flattened badniks in a giant envelope and puts it in the mailbox, calling it "junk mail".

Sonic gets a dog policeman to arrest Harry the Hucker. Sonic finds his shoes in Harry's souvenir stand and proceeds in telling Tails how he knew it was him. Sonic says Harry must have dropped the red bookmark and when he went to pick it up, he grabbed Sonic's blue one instead. Harry explains that he wanted to cut up the sneakers and sell the pieces as souvenirs. Fido takes Harry away. Sonic mails a talking t-shirt of himself to Robotnik saying he is now a member of the Sonic fan club, annoying him. Robotnik yells "I hate that hedgehog!"

Sonic Sez

Sonic is showering and Sonnette grabs his shoes and runs, but an angel on her shoulder convinces her that stealing is wrong. The shower curtains go down and what looked like Sonic, is really just a wooden statue. The real Sonic thanks her for making the right choice and Sonnette states that stealing is just not right.


  • During flashbacks through the episodes Sonic has socks on, not his shoes.


  • A rabbit appears reading a newspaper in this episode. This same rabbit was the gardener in "Lovesick Sonic" and will later be the sheriff in "Magnificent Sonic".
  • Amongst Harry the Hucker's merchandise there is a tie with a blond woman in a short red outfit who bears strong resemblance to Madonna, Sonic's human girlfriend who was scrapped before the first game.

    "Madonna" on a tie.

  • This episode is one of the few episodes that actually reveals Sonic's feet.
  • This episode reveals that Sonic's feet burn if he runs without his shoes on.
  • The episode's premise is similar to the book Sonic's Shoes Blues.
  • Sonic's socks are red and white like his shoes, and the look like the shoes Tails wear.
  • Even though Sonic can't run without his shoes on, in Sonic Sez he runs in without his shoes and his feet don't get burned.
  • Coconuts was shown wearing a Dr. Robotnik watch as a spoof of Mickey Mouse watches.
  • Harry the Hucker later appeared in Robotnikland after his sentence in jail for stealing Sonic's red Hi-Tops.
  • The scene where Robotnik's face turns red is used twice. One time when he is furious for losing at a card game and another when he is given a Sonic talking t-shirt.



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