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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops".

[The episode begins in the hills, as Sonic is running, with Tails flying right behind him. They are being chased by a trio of Buzz Bombers]

Tails: Sonic, they're gaining on us!
Sonic: Gaining's not catchin'! Folllow me!

[Sonic runs away from the Buzz Bombers, with Tails flying behind him. He screeches to a halt when he comes to a cliff. He spins into the cliff, leaving a giant hole in it. Tails stares at the Buzz Bombers, until Sonic reaches from inside the cliff with his right arm and grabs Tails' left leg, pulling him in.]

Tails: [screams]

[Two of the Buzz Bombers crash into the walls near the cliff and fall. Meanwhile, in the town of McGuffin, the Rabbit Gardener from "Lovesick Sonic" is holding a newspaper in both his hands and reading it. Standing next to him is a dog. They are both standing near a news stand, as the News Hound from "Sonic Breakout" is carrying a stack of newspapers. Suddenly, the sound of Sonic burrowing through the ground can be heard as the News Hound sets the stack of newspapers on top of another. He stares in shock as Sonic approaches.]

News Hound: [screams]

[Sonic breaks through the sidewalk and he and Tails land near the News Hound. The last Buzz Bomber flies out of the hole, and Sonic jumps onto the pile of newspapers.]

Sonic: Hey, Bug Bot!

[Sonic picks up a newspaper with his right hand and holds it up to the Buzz Bomber.]

Sonic: Look! You're in the headlines!

[Sonic spins atop the pile of newspapers, creating a tornado, which catches several of the newspapers, as well as the Buzz Bomber. As this happens, Tails flinches and the News Hound ducks behind his newspaper stand. The last Buzz Bomber crashes into a tree and falls down, then Sonic stops spinning. A newspaper flies down, and Sonic catches it with both his hands. Tails walks up to him.]

Sonic: Hey, what's this?

[The newspaper has a headline that says, BUZZ BOMBER BITES THE DUST, and two photos of Sonic are seen below it.]

Sonic: The town of McGuffin has declared tomorrow "Sonic Appreciation Day",

[Sonic pulls the newspaper down, with a headline in between the two photos, that says, TOWN OF MCGUFFIN HAS DECLARED TOMORROW "SONIC APPRECIATION DAY. As Sonic reads the newspaper, the News Hound is now standing and peering from behind his newspaper stand.]

Sonic: As a way to say "thanks" to Mobius' fastest hero!
Tails: Can we go, Sonic? Can we?
Sonic: You kidding, kiddo? I wouldn't miss it!

[Sonic puts the newspaper down on the news stand and he and Tails walk away.]

Sonic: Let's burn, Verne!

[The News Hound is now holding a telephone receiver in his right hand, and he talks into it.]

News Hound: Sonic's on his way, and he's wearing his special friction-proof sneakers, the ones he can't run without!
A Mysterious Voice [heard over the phone]: Good work. I'm gonna heist those hi-tops if it's the last thing I do!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where the town of MacGuffin is decorated with posters with his face, and banners that say, HOORAY SONIC and SONIC DAY. Sonic and Tails run up to a fountain. They look at the posters and banners in awe. Just then, Harry the Hucker, a big green bird in a black top hat and matching black suit, is seen holding a suitcase in his right hand.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Huh?
Harry the Hucker: Hi, I'm Harry the Hucker, your friendly souvenir salesman!

[Harry walks up to Sonic and Tails.]

Harry: Welcome to Sonic Appreciation Day! Nice mask, kid.

[Harry grabs Sonic's nose with his right hand, and tries to pull it off.]

Sonic: [screams]

[Harry lets go of Sonic's nose. Sonic then covers his nose with both his hands.]

Sonic: Ow! Watch it!

[Harry opens his suitcase, which turns into a souvenir stand, stacked with various Sonic-themed merchandise. He then pulls out a pair of Sonic brand steak knives, which he holds in his right hand.]

Harry: Can I interest you in a set of geniuine Sonic brand steak knives?

[As Harry talks to Sonic, Sonic taps his left foot.]

Harry [heard offscreen]: These babies slice, they dice, they peel and squeal!
Sonic: No, thanks.

[Harry tosses the knives aside.]

Harry: Something a little more collectable, maybe?

[Harry reaches into his souvenir stand and pulls out a pink box with Sonic's picture on it.]

Harry: Bubblegum chewed by Sonic himself.
Sonic: I don't chew gum!
Harry: Boy, kid, you're a tough sell!
Tails: He should be; he's Sonic!
Harry: You mean, that's not a mask?

[Sonic runs away, then comes back, dressed as a news anchor, sitting at a desk that says, P.U.T.V.. He is holding a piece of paper in his right hand, which he holds up to read.]

Sonic: "This just in! Harry the Hucker has finally gotten a clue! Stay tuned for new developments."

[Sonic runs away, then comes back without his disguise.]

Sonic: Get the picture, slow-mo?

[Harry chuckles. He then reaches offscreen with his left hand and pulls out a stack of blue bookmarks. He takes one from the stack with his right hand and hands it to Sonic, who now holds it in his left hand.]

Harry: Complimentary bookmark to show there's no hard feelings?

[Harry then presses a button on his souvenir stand with his right hand, and the souvenir stand folds back into his suitcase. He then holds the suitcase in his right hand, and takes a bow, holding his top hat in his left hand, then he runs away.]

Sonic: Well, I guess it's time for me to meet all my fans, talk to em', shake their hands,

[A huge shadow casts over Sonic, who turns around to see where it's coming from. The shadow came from Dr. Robotnik's Giant Robo-Rooter Robot, which has a claw for a right hand, and a regular hand for a left hand. Grounder is in the leftmost control panel, and Scratch is in the rightmost one.]

Sonic: And save their butts from this giant robot!
Scratch: There he is! The monster robot's Sonic tracking device is foolproof!

[The Robo-Rooter slams its left foot down near Sonic.]

Grounder: Hoo hoo! So now that we found him, can we smash him?
Scratch: Yes! Just make sure the robot's left foot goes first! Bwhaha!
Grounder: Okay!

[Grounder waves his right drill over two levers.]

Grounder: Uh, which one of us controls the left?
Scratch: You do, tractor-head! You're left!
Grounder [heard offscreen]: Oh.

[The Robo-Rooter puts its left foot over Sonic and Tails. Tails gasps.]

Sonic: [screams]

[Sonic and Tails run away just before the Robo-Rooter can put its left foot down. Sonic and Tails then stop at a distance, and just as the Robo-Rooter kneels down at Sonic, Sonic notices a loose banner that says, SONIC DAY. He runs up to the banner, then picks it up with both his hands. He then runs around the Robo-Rooter's legs, wrapping them up in the banner.]

Sonic: Time for the main event!

[The Robo-Rooter begins to lose its balance.]

Sonic: The three-legged race! The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat!
Grounder: Hey, don't look at me! I'm never right! Anyways, I'm left, you said so!
Scratch: Oh, no! We're going down!

[The Robo-Rooter falls over.]

Scratch: Yeow-how-how-how! Whoa-ho-ho!
Grounder: Yipes! Whoa!
Sonic: That oughta send them clatterin' back to Robuttnik!
Sonnette [heard offscreen]: Help!

[Sonic gasps and turns around. Sonnette, a brown squirrel in a pink shirt and pants, is standing atop the Plazoid Hotel. She has lost her balance and is about to fall.]

Sonnette: Help! [screams]

[Sonnette falls off the Plazoid hotel. Sonic and Tails gasp, and without hesitation, Sonic runs up to Sonnette, catching her in his arms.]

Sonnette: [yells] Oh, it's you!

[Sonnette kisses Sonic on his left cheek.]

Sonnette: Hi! My name's Sonnette! I changed it on account of I'm your biggest fan! I've got your t-shirt,

[Sonnette pulls up her shirt with both her hands, then shows Sonic a gold watch with Sonic's face on it on her left wrist.]

Sonnette: Your watch,

[Sonic stares in confusion.]

Sonic: Huh?

[Sonnette holds up a box with Sonic's face on it that says, SONIC HAIR in her right hand.]

Sonnette: Your hair coloring kit,

[Tails walks up to Sonic and Sonnette.]

Sonnette: And I bet you this looks familiar! Doesn't it?

[Sonnette grabs the gum in her mouth with her left hand and stretches it out. Tails sticks out his tongue in disgust.]

Tails: Ewww!

[Sonic sticks out his tongue in disgust.]

Sonic: Ewww!
Tails: How'd you fall off the roof?
Sonnette: Oh, that? I jumped.
Sonic: You what?
Sonnette: I wanted you to save me! Well, how else was I gonna meet you, silly? Now how about another kiss, you hunky hedgehog?

[Before Sonnette can kiss Sonic again, Sonic tosses her onto the ground in front of him.]

Sonic: Sorry, gotta go!

[Sonic and Tails run away.]

Sonnette: Nobody treats me that way! Oh, I'll get even with you, Mr. Hedgehog! Just you wait!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic and Tails are now inside the Plazoid Hotel. They are standing near the front desk, where a grey mole-like creature is working.]

Sonic: Room for two, please.
Tails: And does room service have chili dogs?
Hodgepodge [heard offscreen]: Sonic,

[Sonic and Tails turn their attention to Hodgepodge.]

Sonic: Huh?
Tails: [screams]
Hodgepodge [heard offscreen]: My li'l ol' prickled-back, chili-scarfin' road-burner!
Sonic [dejected]: Hodgepodge.

[Hodgepodge's left foot kicks Sonic in the face.]

Sonic: Oof!

[Tails gasps in shock. Hodgepodge is revealed to be a big brown rabbit, He is wearing a bellhop's uniform, as he is working at the Plazoid Hotel.]

Tails [heard offscreen]: Sonic, who is this guy?

[Hodgepodge picks Sonic up by his shoulders with both his hands.]

Sonic: [screams]
Hodgepodge: The handle's Hodgepodge.

[Hodgepodge sets Sonic down.]

Hodgepodge: Me and Sonic here go way back.

[Hodgepodge slaps Sonic on his back with his right hand.]

Sonic: Ow! Knock it off!
Tails: So, why'd he kick you?
Sonic: That's his way of saying "Howdy"! Wanna race?
Hodgepodge: You kidding? Just like old times!
Sonic: Let's do it!

[Sonic and Hodgepodge run away.]

Tails: Hey, wait for me!

[Tails flies into the air and follows Sonic and Hodgepodge. The screen then transitions to the next scene, where Sonic and Hodgepodge are standing outside the entrance to the Plazoid Hotel.]

Sonic: Come on! We'll use the ramps they set up for my speed demonstration tomorrow!

[The ramps, which are next to a sign that says, SONIC and has Sonic's face on it, are designed like a roller coaster track.]

Hodgepodge: Ready, set, go!

[Sonic and Hodgepodge run towards the ramps. Tails runs out the door, but the force of Sonic and Hodgepodge's running pushes the doors back, closing them on him.]

Tails: Oof!

[Sonic and Hodgepodge race across the ramps. Sonic manages to get ahead of Hodgepodge and waves at him with his left hand. He then continues running across the ramps, then past Tails, who is holding a red and yellow checkered flag in his right hand.]

Tails: Sonic wins!

[Sonic screeches to a halt, then Hodgepodge stops near Tails.]

Hodgepodge: Just like old times!
Tails: Hey, you're pretty fast, though.

[Hodgepodge points to his feet with his right index finger.]

Hodgepodge: Look at these. Years back, they used to be the fastest feet around, then Hurricane Sonic blew into town.

[Sonic runs up to Hodgepodge.]

Hodgepodge: Ha! Hurricane! Blue! Ha ha ha! Good one, huh? Beat me in every race we ever had.

[As Hodgepodge talks, he picks Sonic up with his right arm and inadvertently squeezes him in the same arm.]

Sonic: Ugh!
Hodgepodge: Aw, I used to be jealous of this crazy galoot being faster than me.

[As Sonic talks, his face turns red.]

Sonic [in a strained voice]: You're.... not still... mad, are you?

[Hodgepodge is now holding Sonic in both his hands. Sonic's face turns back to its normal blue hue.]

Hodgepodge: Heck no! You helped me realize that I don't have to be the fastest feller around to matter!

[Hodgepodge sets Sonic down in front of him.]

Sonic: Ugh!
Hodgepodge: Boy, I sure do love this Sonic Appreciation Day!

[Hodgepodge tosses Sonic into the air.]

Sonic: [screams]
Hodgepodge: Yee-haw!

[Hodgepodge lies on his back.]

Sonic: Boy, do I feel appreciated.

[Sonic falls, and lands on Hodgepodge's feet.]

Sonic: Ugh!

[Hodgepodge spins Sonic on his feet, and tosses him.]

Hodgepodge: Wahoo!

[Sonic flies past Tails.]

Sonic: [screams]

[Tails flinches as Sonic lands with a crash.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Oof!

[Sonic lands near a music box, and Coconuts, who is disguised in a brown hat, a brown coat, and a human mask.]

Sonic: Sorry about that, pal.
Coconuts [in a faux italian accent]: S'all-a-right, Señor a-Sonic! Seein' how its-a-you!
Hodgepodge [heard offscreen]: Sonic?
Sonic: [yells]

[As Hodgepodge talks to Sonic, Sonic gets up. He is now holding a coin in his left hand, which he tosses to Coconuts, who catches it in his right hand.]

Hodgepodge [heard offscreen]: Where'd you fly off to, ol' buddy?

[Tails and Hodgepodge run after Sonic.]

Hodgepodge: Come back! I gotta carry your bags or I'll lose my job!
Coconuts: Checking into the Plazoid, huh? Well, tonight, Sonic, you'll be checking out permanently! Ha ha ha! Yeah! Forever!

[Coconuts pulls on his mask with his right hand, revealing his face. The screen then transitions to a view outside Robotnik's fortress. Inside Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik and a Robot with a TV for a head are sitting at a table, playing a card game. Robotnik looks at his cards, then the Robot, who is holding the cards in his left hand, scratches his head with his right hand. A question mark appears on his screen. Robotnik grows impatient as the robot picks up a card from his stack with his right hand, and a light bulb appears on his screen, indicating he has an idea. That light bulb then changes to a crossed-out circle, indicating he has decided not to play that card after all. The robot puts that card down, then picks up another. Another light bulb appears on his screen, then it quickly changes to another crossed-out circle. The robot puts the card back, then another question mark appears on the screen as he scratches his head with his right hand.]

Dr. Robotnik: Will you hurry up and play a card?

[When the robot stops scratching his head, a lightbulb appears on his screen, indicating he has an idea. A big grin then appears on the robot's screen as he reveals his four cards are all Aces. A pair of trumpets that emit a musical note appear on the robot's screen and play a fanfare. Robotnik growls, and his face turns red. Two flags appear on the robot's screen, the first one being purple and saying, YA- in red letters, and the second one being green and saying HOO in yellow letters. The sound of cheering can be heard as the robot holds up his right hand, and steam emits from Robotnik's ears. The steam from his right ear melts a nearby potted plant. Robotnik now stands atop the table, holding a laser in his left hand, which he fires at the robot repeatedly.]

Robotnik: I don't remember programming you to beat me!

[Robotnik growls, then the robot explodes. The robot then wipes his screen with a hankerchief he is holding in his right hand. Black smoke emits from the robot, and a tombstone that says, RIP appears on his screen.]

Robotnik: I just hate losing cards!

[Robotnik kicks the robot with his left foot, and the robot flies into the air, and lands near a pile of other robots, who presumably won against Robotnik in other card games, and suffered the same consequences from it.]

Scratch [heard offscreen]: Dr. Robotnik, we found the hedgehog!

[Scratch and Grounder are now seen standing near the doorway.]

Grounder: Oh, yeah, but, uh, then we lost the hedgehog!
Robotnik: You lost him?! What happened to my giant Robo-Rooter Robot?
Grounder; Um, uh, it kind of turned out to have two left feet!
Scratch: Bwahaha! Bwahahahaha!

[Robotnik jumps off the table, and angrily walks up to Scratch and Grounder.]

Grounder: You see, this town was having a "Sonic Appreciation Day", and...
Robotnik: "Sonic Appreciation"? Somewhere on Mobius, there's a whole town of people, praising that hedgehog?
Grounder: Uh-huh. Praise, parades, celebrations.

[Robotnik walks up to a giant sheet.]

Robotnik: I want that town of disgusting Sonic lovers flattened!
Scratch: Flattened?

[Robotnik pulls the sheet off with both his hands, revealing a giant steamroller, known as the Robo-Roller, underneath it.]

Robotnik: With this, my new Robo-Roller, you will squash Sonic and his fan club, into a squishy paste!

[Robotnik points to the pile of robots with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: But first, do either of you know how to play, uh, Gin Rummy?

[That night, at the Plazoid hotel, Sonic and Tails are asleep in their bed, snoring. A hole has been cut in the door, and a hose slithers in. It sprays green gas across the room. Later that night, Sonic awakens, putting his right hand on his head.]

Sonic: Oh, my head! What was in those chili dogs?

[Sonic pulls the covers away with his right hand, revealing he is barefoot, as he has removed his shoes before he went to sleep. He then opens his eyes when he realizes his shoes aren't where he left them on the floor in front of him anymore, and he stares in shock.]

Sonic: My kicks! Somebody ripped off my slick kicks! Somebody stopped me from running! [screams]

[The screen fades to black. The next scene continues where the last one left off. Sonic is now wearing his socks (which resemble Tails' shoes), as he is standing on the side of the bed to alert Tails, who is still asleep.]

Sonic: Tails, get up! Emergency!

[Tails pulls the covers over his head, then down below his head as he wearily opens his eyes.]

Sonic: Somebody stole my hi-tops!
Tails: That's awful!
Sonic: Maybe it's not so bad. Let me try something!

[Sonic runs around the room really fast, but without his shoes to absorb the friction, his feet soon burn up. He grabs his left foot with both his hands and hops on his right foot.]

Sonic: Ow, ooh ooh, ow, ooh ooh ooh, ow ow ow ow ooh ooh!

[Sonic jumps into a bucket filled with ice (which is even labelled ICE) to put out the fires in his feet.]

Sonic: Oh, it's no use! I can't beat feet without my slick kicks to protect em'!

[Tails pulls off the covers and jumps out of bed.]

Tails: We'll find em', Sonic! It's a mystery! We'll be detectives!
Sonic: You know that's not how I work! I'd rather use my feet than my head!

[Sonic begins to lose his balance.]

Sonic: Whoa! Whoa!

[The ice bucket and Sonic fall over.]

Sonic: But I guess there's a first time for everything, huh?

[Tails runs up to Sonic, who is now struggling to push the ice bucket off his right foot with both his hands.]

Sonic: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

[Sonic manages to get the ice bucket off his left foot.]

Sonic: Let's look for clues.

[Tails jumps into the air excitedly.]

Tails: Yeah!

[Tails runs up to the bed and lifts up the covers with his right hand. He looks underneath, but finds nothing. Sonic looks behind the lamp on the nightstand, but finds nothing. Tails then walks up to the closet and opens the door with his left hand. This time, he actually manages to find something.]

Tails: Sonic, I think I found a clue!
Sonic [heard offscreen]: What? What? What?

[Sonic walks up to the closet. Tails points inside with his right index finger. Inside the closet is Coconuts, who is sleeping, and sucking on his left thumb.]

Tails: Here's our hi-topper-napper; Coconuts!

[Sonic and Tails walk up to Coconuts, who suddenly awakens.]

Coconuts: Huh?

[Sonic and Tails tie Coconuts up with both their hands. The screen then transitions to the next scene, where Coconuts is now tied to the chandelier by his tail, and tied up by the bed sheets.]

Coconuts: Hey!

[Coconuts grumbles.]

Coconuts: It's embarrassing. I can't tell you, I can't, I can't, I can't!

[Sonic is now holding his hands behind his back.]

Sonic: Okay, let's take him apart, Tails!

[Sonic pulls his hands out, revealing he is holding a screwdriver in his left, and a pair of pliers in his right. He spins them around.]

Tails: Dibs on his headlight!
Coconuts: Okay, okay, okay, okay! I was in the closet because... I was gonna... get you in your sleep!
Sonic: So why the nap attack?
Coconuts: Well, let me explain.

[Coconuts' flashback begins. In his flashback, Coconuts is in the closet, holding the doorknob with his right hand. He closes the door.]

Coconuts [narrating]: I snuck into your room, hid in the closet, and waited for hours, hours and hours!

[Coconuts sits down in the closet. He looks at the watch on his right hand. It has a picture of Robotnik's face, and the two pieces of his mustache take the place of clock hands. The "1" on the "12" also appears to be missing, as one hand is pointed towards the "9", and the other is slowly ticking from the "2" to the "3".]

Coconuts [narrating]: You two fell asleep after eating all those chili dogs. Aaaah, messy, messy, messy! I was gonna get you, but then I noticed something else in the room with you! No way I was gonna let somebody else catch you! Uh-uh!

[Coconuts looks around from inside the closet. The hose appears in the bedroom, and looks around.]

Coconuts [narrating]: So, I came out ready to kick some Mobian Behind!

[Coconuts opens the closet door with his right hand, and stands there, staring angrily as his light bulb flashes.]

Coconuts [narrating]: Oh, it was a tough battle, but I got so tired from beating on the guy, I just, uh, fell asleep.

[In the flashback, what Coconuts said is proven not to be entirely true, as Coconuts gets sprayed by the green gas before he can even get to the hose. Coconuts' flashback ends.]

Coconuts: And that's all I remember. I-I don't know who took your stupid hi-tops! I don't! Uh, I don't!

[Sonic cups his right hand to Tails' right ear.]

Sonic [whispering]: I think he's telling the truth. He wouldn't want to swipe my shoes, he'd want to swipe me!
Tails: Let's go find some more clues! I'll get my stuff!

[Tails runs away.]

Coconuts: Without your super speed, you'll never find those sneakers. Never, never! [cackles]

[Tails runs up to Sonic.]

Tails: You know what? Your new bookmark is missing, too!
Sonic: Who cares about that? I need my hi-tops! Let's get going!
Coconuts: Aw, come on, cut me loose! My tail's starting to hurt! Uh, come on, come on!
Sonic: Look here, Tails. Somebody cut a hole in this door.

[Sonic points to the hole in the door with his left index finger. He then knocks on the door with his right hand, which makes a metal clanking sound.]

Sonic: A metal door! Lock's been picked, too!

[A lightbulb suddenly appears above Tails' head.]

Tails: I know who done it!
Sonic: Who?
Tails: That bully, Hodgepodge! He's our Hi-topper napper!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place outside the Plazoid Hotel that morning. Tails is sitting atop Hodgepodge, who is now on his back, and shaking him violently.]

Tails: Okay, you floppy-eared crook! Cough up the hi-tops!
Hodgepodge: Uh, I don't know what you're talking about, little partner! What would I want with those confounded hi-tops?
Tails: Revenge! You said you used to hate Sonic for being faster than you! Fess up!
Hodgepodge: I told you, I u-oosed to be jealous!
Sonic: Tails! Uh, let him up before he gets mad.

[Tails is now standing next to Hodgepodge and panting as Hodgepodge shakes nervously. When he tops shaking, Hodgepodge smacks his head with his right hand.]

Sonic: Shaking Hodgepodge isn't gonna get my hi-tops back. Look at his feet!

[Hodgepodge is shown to have feet larger than Sonic's. As a result, he wouldn't be able to wear them even if he wanted to.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: With feet that big, what would he do with my hi-tops?
Tails: Uh, use them as toe warmers?

[Sonic looks at the ramps that he and Hodgepodge raced across the day before.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: They might as well take down those ramps. No speed show now.
Hodgepodge: I think this town's got bigger things to worry about! We heard on the radio that Robotnik's sending in his badniks to destroy the town!
Tails: We've gotta find your hi-tops quick!
Sonic [in a depressed voice]: Yeah, this town needs a hero, not a barefoot slow-mo!
Hodgepodge: Aw, quit being so hard on yourself, you bug-eyed road rat!

[Hodgepodge runs up to Sonic, grabs him by his right leg with his right hand, and lifts him up.]

Sonic: [yelps]
Hodgepodge: It ain't your shoes that make you a hero, amigo! It's something in the way you are.
Sonic: I won't be anything, you won't be anything, this town won't be anything if we don't find those hi-tops!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic runs slowly through the town of McGuffin, and Tails flies up to a fountain from the opposite direction. Sonic meets up with Tails at the fountain.]

Tails: Any luck?

[Tails drops out of the sky. A depressed Sonic climbs onto the fountain to sit on it, and Tails lands next to him.]

Sonic: No sign of my slick kicks anywhere.

[Sonic suddenly sees something.]

Sonic: Wait a minute!

[Sonic sees Sonnette walking across the town of McGuffin. A balloon that says, FLASHBACK with Sonnette's face in it, appears above Sonic.]

Sonnette: I'll get even with you, Mr. Hedgehog, just you wait!

[The balloon pops when Sonic suddenly comes to a realization that Sonnette may have taken his sneakers out of revenge. Sonnette continues walking across the town.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Hold on there!

[Sonnette stops when she hears Sonic. She then turns to face him.]

Sonnette: Sonic!

[Sonic and Tails run up to Sonnette.]

Sonic: You snuck into my room last night, didn't you?

[Sonnette starts crying.]

Sonnette: I knew you'd find me! I'm sorry, Sonic, I'll give em' back!

[Tails points at Sonnette with his right index finger.]

Tails: She's the hi-topper-napper!

[Sonnette is now holding a hankerchief with Sonic's face on it, which she blows her nose into. She then puts it into a bag with Sonic's face on it, which is standing next to her. She picks up the bag with both her hands, and gives it to Sonic, who now holds in in his right hand]

Sonnette: Here, take back everything I took from you!

[Sonic reaches into the bag with his left hand. He pulls out a wrapper that says, CHILI DOG on it in yellow letters, and a bookmark that resembles the one Harry the Hucker gave him, but in a red livery instead of a blue one.]

Tails: She isn't the hi-topper napper?
Sonic: You didn't swipe my hi-tops?
Sonnette: No!

[Sonette's flashback begins. In her flashback, Sonnette opens the door and tiptoes inside.]

Sonnette [narrating]: I snuck into your room, I mean, the door was open!

[Sonnette tiptoes up to Sonic, who is sleeping in his bed, barefoot. On the floor next to the bed are the chili dog wrapper and the red bookmark. Sonnette stares at Sonic in a lovestruck state, as her eyes turn into hearts, and heart-shaped clouds emit from her face.]

Sonnette [narrating]: I was looking for a sovenir of your visit, so I took the wrapper, and the red bookmark, and immediately left.

[Sonnette picks up the wrapper and the red bookmark with her right hand and nuzzles them lovingly. However, what Sonnette said about her flashback isn't entirely true, as before she left, she looked around and ran up to Sonic (who is wearing his socks now thanks to an animation error) and pretended to kiss him. Sonnette's flashback ends.]

Sonnette: And that's all that happened!

[Sonic drops the bag in his right hand and looks at the wrapper and red bookmark in his hand in shock.]

Sonic: Huh? Let me get this straight, you stole these from my hotel room?
Sonnette: Yes, and I'm so ashamed of myself for doing it!
Sonic: Don't be!

[Sonic touches Sonnette's left shoulder with his right hand. Sonnette faints in a lovestruck state.]

Sonnette: [screams]

[Sonette's eyes turn into hearts, and red hearts emit from her face.]

Sonnette: Oh, he touched me!
Sonic: Tails, I know who our hi-topper-napper is!

[Sonic holds up his left index finger, but before he can say who he thinks the hi-topper-napper is, a huge rumbling sound can be heard in the distance.]

Sonic: [screams]
Tails: No time! Look!

[Tails points with his right index finger. In the distance, Scratch and Grounder are driving the Robo-Roller, which knocks down and flattens a pair of trees.]

Tails: What are you gonna do, Sonic?
Sonic: I'm gonna stop them the same way I figured out who stole my hi-tops! I'm gonna use the ol' grey matter!

[Sonic taps his head with his right index finger. Scratch and Grounder get closer to the Town of McGuffin.]

Scratch: Sonic Appreciation Day has just become "Real Estate Depreciation Day"!

[Sonic and Tails are now standing next to the ramps.]

Sonic: I'm gonna lure them over here. At the last second, I jump away. They'll go straight up the ramp, and flip the roller!

[Sonic points up with his right index finger. Tails jumps excitedly in approval.]

Tails: Great plan!
Sonic: Now, go hide!

[Sonic waves at Tails with his left hand, and Tails runs away.]

Sonic: Hey, why don't you two egg-kissers come and flatten me first? If you can, that is!

[Scratch and Grounder drive the Robo-Roller towards Sonic.]

Scratch: Let's get him!

[Sonic now has his arms crossed, and he taps his left foot.]

Sonic: I'm waiting!
Coconuts [heard offscreen]: And I'm back!
[Coconuts is now holding up a bedsheet in his left hand, with a bed tied to the other end. The bed knocks Sonic away.]
Sonic: Oof!
Coconuts: Home run! I don't know why Dr. Robotnik keeps you idiots around! Spine-head was trying to trick you!

[Grounder now points with his left drill.]

Coconuts: He was? Oh, that little sneak!
Scratch: Good thing Coconuts warned us! No way Sonic is gonna fool us twice!

[Sonic, who is now disguised as a widow, is standing in front of the ramps. Scratch and Grounder stop the Robo-Roller in front of him.]

Sonic [in a widow voice]: Oh, my gracious! You two are the ramp safety testers, aren't you?

[Scratch and Grounder look at each other in confusion.]

Scratch and Grounder: Huh?

[Sonic walks across the end of the ramp.]

Sonic [in a widow voice]: Oh, we need these ramps for Mr. Sonic's charity speed benifit. If you test them with that contraption, you'll flatten them! Oh, without them, the widows and orphans of McGuffin will have nothing to eat this winter!

[Tears emit from Sonic's eyes, which he wipes with his right hand.]

Scratch: Widows?
Grounder: Orphans?
Scratch: Sorry, lady, duty calls!

[Scratch and Grounder drive the Robo-Roller towards the ramp. Coconuts looks down at them angrily]

Coconuts: Aw, I can't believe they're falling for this! Scratch! Grounder!

[Unknown to Coconuts, Sonnette is standing behind him. She blows a bubblegum bubble, then picks up the bubble with her right hand.]

Coconuts: It's another tri-!

[Sonnette splats the bubble onto Coconuts, covering him in bubblegum.]

Sonnette: You talk too much!

[Coconuts grumbles unintelligibly, as he is muffled by the gum. Back at the Robo-Roller, Scratch laughs evilly.]

Grounder: Scratch, shouldn't we be chasing the hedgehog?
Scratch: Oh, we will! But when Dr. Robotnik hears that we were cruel to widows and orphans, too, he'll be twice as proud! Bwahaha!

[Scratch and Grounder try to drive the Robo-Roller across the ramp, but it falls down when it gets upside down.]

Scratch: Oh-ho-ho!
Grounder No!

[The Robo-Roller lands with a crash. The drum breaks off it and rolls away. It rolls across the ramp, then rolls back as Scratch and Grounder get out of the Robo-Roller. The drum rolls over the Robo-Roller and Scratch and Grounder, flattening it and them.]

Scratch: Ow-how-how-how!
Grounder': Ow!

[Sonic walks across the town with his eyes closed. He pulls out an envelope, which he is holding in his right hand, and opens with his left. The flattened Scratch and Grounder fly out of the flattened robo-roller and Sonic catches them in the envelope. He then walks the envelope, which is now closed, to a mailbox, and puts it inside.]

Sonic: Junk mail!

[Harry the Hucker has now set up his souvenir stand again. Sonic and Tails turn the street corner near it.]

Tails: So, where are your hi-tops?
Sonic: Well, let's check out the evidence. We know that somebody snuck into the room and took em' while we were catching Z's, right?

[A flashback begins. In the flashback, Sonic and Tails sleeping in their bed from the night before.]

Tails [narrating]: Coconuts was in the room, I think he did it!

[Coconuts is now shown sleeping in the closet.]

Sonic [narrating]: Yeah, he was in the room, but when we found him sleeping in the closet, he didn't have the sneakers.

[Hodgepodge's right hand is now seen putting a key in the keyhole of the knob of the door to Sonic's room.]

Tails [narrating]: So, then it was Hodgepodge!

[Hodgepodge opens the door with his right hand and toptoes inside.]

Sonic [narrating]: Why would the bellboy with the key to every room need to pick the lock?

[As Sonic and Tails continue sleeping, Hodgepodge looks around. He tiptoes up to Sonic's sneakers and picks the left one up with his right hand. He tries to put it on his right foot with both his hands, but it is too small for it.]

Sonic [narrating]: Besides, the hi-tops wouldn't fit his big feet, remember?

[Sonnette is now seen next to Sonic's shoes. She picks them up with both her hands.]

Tails [narrating]: Well, then Sonnette's the only suspect left!
Sonic [narrating]: Nah, she already confessed to another crime; stealing the bookmark!

[Sonnette looks around. She puts down the sneakers, then picks up the red bookmark with her left hand. Due to an animation error, the red bookmark turns blue.]

Sonic [narrating]: Of course, she didn't steal my bookmark!

[Another flashback begins, this time of when Harry hands Sonic the blue bookmark. Due to another animation error, Sonic is wearing his socks instead of his shoes this flashback.]

Tails [narrating]: Huh?
Sonic: The bookmark Harry the Hucker gave me was blue.

[The flashback suddenly changes to a crying Sonnette handing the red bookmark.]

Sonic [narrating]: The bookmark Sonnette stole and returned to me was red!

[The flashback ends.]

Tails: Hey! You're right! How'd it change color?
Sonic: It didn't; there were two different bookmarks!

[Sonic jumps into the air. He puts both his index fingers in his mouth and whistles, then runs away. Fido, a bulldog cop who is holding a club in his right hand and a pair of handcuffs in his left, runs up to Harry's stand. He screeches to a halt, then cuffs the handcuffs over Harry's left wrist.]

Harry: Say, what's the big idea?

[Sonic is now behind Harry's stand, having found his sneakers, and is holding one of each in his hands. He laughs.]

Tails: Sonic, you figured it out!
Harry: All right, you got me! Happy?
Tails: So what did happen, Sonic?

[A flashback begins. In the flashback, Harry is holding a knife in his right hand, which he uses to cut a hole in the door with. Behind him is a machine that sprays sleeping gas.]

Sonic [narrating]: Hawk face cut a hole in the door with one of his Sonic brand steak knives.

[The flashback transitions to when Harry is showing Sonic the knives. Once again, due to an animation error, Sonic is wearing his socks instead of his shoes in the flashback.]

Harry: These babies slice, they dice, they peel and squeal!

[The flashback then transitions to what happened the night before. Harry tiptoes over to Sonic's shoes, but accidentally steps on a wrapper with his right foot and trips over it. The red bookmark falls out of his pocket.]

Sonic [narrating]: Somehow, the klutz dropped a red bookmark! When he tried to pick it back up, he took my blue one by mistake. The red one he really dropped was still on the floor.

[Harry looks around, as he can't remember whether he gave Sonic a blue bookmark or a red one. The flashback then transitions to Sonnette picking up the red bookmark, this time with her left hand.]

Tails [narrating]: And that was the bookmark that Sonnette stole.

[The flashback ends, and Sonic is now pointing at Harry with his right index finger.]

Sonic: You must have arranged this whole thing! Which leaves me to one question; why did you take my hi-tops?
Harry: I wanted to cut them up and sell pieces as souvenirs! I broke sixteen sets of steak knives trying!
Sonic: Book him, Fido!

[Fido takes Harry away. Sonic looks at the souvenir stand behind him, then holds up his left index finger.]

Sonic: I've got a way cool idea!

[The screen transitions to a view outside Robotnik's fortress. Inside the fortress, Robotnik has gotten a package.]

Robotnik: What's this?

[Robotnik reaches into the box with both his hands and pulls out a T-shirt with Sonic on it. The picture of Sonic can talk, and even move.]

Sonic T-Shirt: Congratulations! You have just been elected an official member of the Sonic fan club! Here's your souvenir talking T-shirt, eggbelly size!

[Robotnik growls and tosses the T-shirt onto the floor with his right hand. His face turns red, and he jumps onto the T-shirt angrily.]

Robotnik: Arrrgh! I hate that hedgehog!

[A view outside Robotnik's fortress is shown. The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[A silhouette of what appears to be Sonic is washing himself in the shower. Outside the shower, Sonnette looks down and sees Sonic's shoes. She picks them up with both her hands and runs away. She nuzzles them lovingly, then her Shoulder Angel appears.]

Sonnette's Shoulder Angel: Wait, Sonnette! You know stealing is wrong!

[Sonnette's Shoulder Devil appears, holding a pitchfork in her left hand.]

Sonnette's Shoulder Devil: Aw, forget her! Nice shoes! Go on, take em!

[Sonnette's Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil disappear.]

Sonnette: No, I can't!

[Sonic, who is now barefoot, is standing behind Sonnette, having heard everything. Sonnette puts Sonic's shoes back in front of the shower.]

Sonic: Thanks for being honest, Sonnette. I knew you'd do the right thing!

[Sonic runs up to the shower door and opens it with his left hand, revealing the silhouette to belong to a wooden statue resembling him.]

Sonnette: Sonic, I learned my lesson. I'm just not cut out for stealing, cause it's just not right!