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Sonic Advance
The Moon Zone

The Moon Zone (ザ・ムーンゾーン Za Mūnzōn?) is the extra Zone in Sonic Advance. It can be accessed if the player has collected all of the Chaos Emeralds and finished the game with all the characters. It takes place at the end of Sonic's story after completing the X-Zone.


As its name suggests, The Moon Zone takes place along the surface of the moon, where the earth can be seen in the middle of the pitch-black outer space.


Following the X-Zone, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and fights Dr. Eggman in his Super Egg Robot on the surface of the moon.

After defeating the mech, Sonic disappears for a few days. Then, while Tails is flying the Tornado, he spots a streaking yellow light, which turns out to be Super Sonic. He gives a smile and the credits roll afterwards.


Unlike any other level in Sonic Advance, the player assumes control of Super Sonic who is continuously moving along a grounded sloped surface of the moon itself. The player is able to jump with Controlpadds.png by pressing GameboyA.png and can perform the Super Sonic Boost by pressing GameboyB.png (even while in midair), which is the player's only attack. The level itself only consists of the boss fight against the Super Egg Robot. The player initially starts with 50 Rings although their Ring count will continually tick down over the course of the level. Should the player's Ring count hit zero, Super Sonic will de-transform, fall off the level and die, causing the player to lose a life and has to restart the level from the beginning. The player must collect Rings in the level that are only available from one of the Super Egg Robot's attacks.


Main article: Super Egg Robot

The main and only boss of The Moon Zone is the Super Egg Robot. This boss is somewhat effortless as it simply requires the player to jump and charge when his head is exposed. Sometimes, Eggman will fire a pod: if it catches Sonic, he will be trapped inside until he manages to break free. If the pod is attacked, it will be destroyed while also releasing Rings for the player to collect to avoid losing a life. Eggman will also fire a laser which causes the ground to burst out energy columns that will knock Super Sonic back a little but it can be avoided while jumping. At times, the arms will vibrate, which will cause some moon rock fragments to fly into the air.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
The Moon Zone Tatsuyuki Maeda, Yutaka Minobe, Hironobu Inagaki, Atsuyoshi Isemura 2:48

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