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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
The Mobius 5000

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "The Mobius 5000".

Note: Scenes that were cut from certain reruns are highlighted in red.

[The episode begins with a view of Andy Pandatelly, who is holding a microphone in his left hand, on the screen of Robotnik's control panel.]

Andy Pandatelly: Hi there, race fans, this is Andy Pandatelly, coming to you live from the Mobius 5000, the grueling round-the world road race, with a 10,000 Mobiums prize to the winner!

[Robotnik is revealed to be watching from a table with a black and white checkered tablecloth on it, as well as a bowl of spaghetti and a glass of orange juice. The camera moves over to Scratch and Grounder, both of whom are wearing racing helmets. Scratch is in a chicken-shaped race car, and Grounder is holding a steering wheel in both his drills.]

Scratch: Wow! 10,000 Mobiums! I could really feather my robo-nest with that kind of cash! Bwahaha! This bird's gonna come in first!
Grounder: Oh, wanna bet? I'm faster than you!
Scratch: You're on! Ready, set, go!

[Scratch drives away, with Grounder racing alongside him. they turn clockwise around Robotnik's table and control panel. Robotnik is holding a fork in his right hand, which eats the spaghetti off off. He then knocks the bowl of spaghetti over when he sees Scratch and Grounder racing towards him.]

Dr. Robotnik: Huh?

[Scratch and Grounder race towards Robotnik, who grabs the checkered tablecloth with both his hands.]

Robotnik: Stop!

[Robotnik holds up the checkered tablecloth like a flag. Scratch squawks in fear as he and Grounder screech to a halt. They scream as they crash into Robotnik. As Robotnik gets up, Grounder gets up and chuckles nervously.]

Grounder: Hi, your mercifulness! Uh, we were just getting ready to win you the big race today!

[Robotnik reaches into his mouth with his left hand and spits out one of the pieces of Scratch's race car.]

Robotnik: You piston-brains! I've got more important plans than winning that paltry prize! This race will give me the perfect opportunity to get rid of Sonic for good.

[Scratch and Grounder walk behind Robotnik and dust him off with both their hands and drills.]

Scratch: Great! Uh, how are we gonna do it?
Robotnik: You? Ha! I'm using professionals this time!

[Robotnik pulls out a note with his left hand and hands it to Grounder as the camera zooms in on him.]

Robotnik: I want you two to deliver this to the Porcupine Orphanage. And don't screw up.

[Grounder turns around.]

Grounder: Who, us? Ha ha! Screw up? Aw, don't be silly.

[As Scratch tries to walk away, Grounder trips over the piece of Scratch's race car that Robotnik spit out earlier. He and Scratch scream as they fall, then they land on the engine of Scratch's race car, starting it up. They scream again as the engine drives them away. Robotnik watches as they crash through the door, then sighs in disdain.]

Robotnik: Sometimes I think I would have been better off if I had a vacuum cleaner and a toaster for assistance.

[Robotnik's mustache spins clockwise, and is used as a transition to the next scene, where a view outside Bruno's Billiard's and Chili Dogs Bar and Pool. Inside, Bruno and Tails are both about to play a game of pool, and are both holding pool sticks in their left hands.]

Bruno: All right, squirt. First one to clear the table wins a dozen chili dogs.
Tails: Whatever you say, [Tails and Bruno high-five each other with their right hands.] Hippo man.

[Bruno pulls out a billiard ball with his right hand.]

Bruno: Ha ha. This magnetic ball will fix him.

[Bruno sets the ball on the pool table, and is now holding his pool stick in his right hand.]

Bruno: Uh, eight ball, corner pocket.

[Bruno hits the pool balls, but only the eight ball and the blue ball get stuck to it.]

Bruno: Hey, what gives?!
Tails: Tough luck. My turn.

[Tails flies into the air, and as he talks, he points at the pool balls with his right index finger.]

Tails: Hmmm. How bout' the three and the four ball in the corner, nine and eleven in the side, with the seven, two and thirteen in the back corners off a combination shot, knocking the one, three, five, and ten in the far pocket, and whatever's left on the other corner?

[Tails, who is now holding his pool stick in his right hand, lands as Bruno walks up to him.]

Bruno: That's impossible!
Tails: You wanna double the bet?

[Tails shakes his left hand with Bruno's right.]

Bruno: Done!

[Tails hits the blue ball with his pool stick. It knocks the three, four, nine, and eleven balls into separate pockets, then it knocks the two and seven balls into separate pockets, much to Bruno's shock. The blue ball then knocks another eight ball into a hole, and rolls back to Tails, who is now standing atop the pool table. Bruno stares in shock.]

Bruno: Are you sure this is the first time you played this game?
Tails: Yep, pay up.

[Tails holds out his left hand. Bruno then snaps his right index finger and thumb. Roxy walks in, carrying a tray of chili dogs in both her hands. Tails picks up one with both his hands.]

Tails: Mmmm. I'm gonna enjoy these.

[The blue ball unfolds, revealing it to be Sonic.]

Sonic: Don't forget my cut, Tails.

[Bruno points his right index finger at Sonic, who turns to face him.]

Bruno: Hey, that's cheating!
Sonic: Oh, no! I knocked those balls in fair and square!

[Sonic points his right index finger at Bruno, then picks up the magnetic ball with both his hands and breaks it over Bruno's head. He opens it, and a magnet falls out.]

Sonic: This is cheating!

[The citizens of Mobius, one of whom is Wallace A. Ditso from "Sonic Gets Thrashed", laugh at Bruno. Tails and Sonic walk out of Bruno's, carrying chili dogs in their arms. Porcupine Woman and the Porcupine children walk up to them.]

Porcupine Woman: Sonic, you've got to help me!
Sonic: It'll have to wait till' after lunch.

[Sonic shoves the chili dog he is holding in his mouth. He then reaches offscreen and grabs a chili dog with each hand. He shoves them in his mouth and wipes his mouth with his right hand, then burps.]

Sonic: Okay, I can help you now.
Porcupine Woman: Dr. Robotnik is threatening to close down our orphanage if I don't pay him 10,000 Mobiums by tomorrow!
Sonic: Gee, I'd like to help you, but where am I gonna get 10,000 Mobiums?

[A TV is revealed to be in the window of Bruno's, and Andy Pandatelly is revealed to be on it.]

Andy: It's just two hours till' the beginning of the Mobius 5000! Stay tuned to see who'll win the 10,000 Mobium grand prize!
Sonic: I think we just found our 10,000 Mobiums.

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where a view outside Professor Caninestein's laboratory is shown as Sonic and Tails walk up to the entrance.]

Sonic: I know just the guy to build us the fastest car in the world.

[As Sonic and Tails walk in, Professor Caninestein is revealed to be at the sink and have his head covered in shaving cream.]

Sonic: Need some help?
Professor Caninestein: Yes! Do you see a nuclear-powered self-propelled multi-purpose hairstyling scissors and razor anywhere?

[Sonic looks around, then picks up the nuclear-powered self-propelled multi-purpose hairstyling scissors and razor with his right hand.]

Sonic: I think so.
Caninestein: Just press the little red button.

[Sonic presses the red button with his left index finger, activating the nuclear-powered self-propelled multi-purpose hairstyling scissors and razor.]

Caninestein: Then duck!

[Sonic ducks, and the nuclear-powered self-propelled multi-purpose hairstyling scissors and razor cuts off the top of his top quill. It then flies towards Caninestein and buzzes around him. The shaving cream clears, revealing bandages underneath Caninestein's facial fur. Caninestein then swats at the nuclear-powered self-propelled multi-purpose hairstyling scissors and razor with a tennis racket he is holding in his right hand. The nuclear-powered self-propelled multi-purpose hairstyling scissors and razor dies down, and Caninestein chuckles nervously as he looks at his reflection in a mirror he is holding in his left hand.]

Caninestein: Still got a few bugs in it.
Sonic: Bugs?

[The nuclear-powered self-propelled multi-purpose hairstyling scissors and razor jumps an lands near Sonic.]

Sonic: Pirahnas is more like it.

[Caninestein stomps on the nuclear-powered self-propelled multi-purpose hairstyling scissors and razor with his left foot.]

Caninestein: Down, boy! Down!

[Caninestein stomps on the nuclear-powered self-propelled multi-purpose hairstyling scissors and razor with both his feet.]

Sonic: I need your help, Professor Caninestein!
Caninestein: What can I do for you, Sonic?

[Sonic points his right index finger at Caninestein.]

Sonic: I need to win the Mobius 5000.
Caninestein: Ah, is that all?

[Caninestein turns and walks towards a drawer. He opens it with his left hand and pulls out a space warp straightener with the same hand.]

Caninestein: I thought you were going to want something complicated, like a space warp straightener.

[Caninestein presses the blue lever with his right index finger. The space warp straightener fires green rings at his face, twisting it.]

Caninestein: Ah, these little babies are hard to come by, you know!

[The space warp straightener stops. Caninestein walks up to a shelf of blueprints and grabs one of then with his left hand.]

Caninestein: Just happen to be working to be working on a super all-terrain vehicle in my spare time! Shouldn't take more than a few months to biuld it!

[Caninestein walks up to Sonic, who looks over the blueprints.]

Sonic: Looks like you've got all the necessary parts. Don't go away!

[Sonic runs, and builds the wheels and axle for Caninestein's all-terrain vehicle.]

Sonic: Now, to make a few asthetic modifications!

[Sonic runs again, building the rest of the all-terrain vehicle in the process. He then sighs.]

Sonic: Took a little longer than I figured, but I think it was worth the wait, don't you?

[The screen transitions to a view of the staring line of the Mobius 5000, which all the race cars are behind as the audience cheers.]

Andy: Welcome, race fans, to the Mobius 5000!

[Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein are all inside the ATV, and are wearing racing helmets. Sonic is behind the wheel, which he is holding in his left hand, and pulls the lever with his right hand. The all-terrain vehicle sprouts a right arm, which it uses to pick up a barrel of gas and pour it in its mouth. It then tosses the barrel aside.]

Sonic: Boy, she really is a gas guzzler!
Caninestein: Yeah, but she's fast! Nothing on Mobius can beat her!

[Unknown to Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein, Robotnik has been watching them from behind a pile of tires.]

Robotnik: That's what he thinks.

[Robotnik is now holding a microphone in his left hand, and speaks into it.]

Robotnik: Race bots, is everything ready?
Scraper: Scraper ready!

[Scraper rolls up to Wallace's car and flattens it.]

Scorpion: Scorpion ready!

[Scorpion stings the car on his right with his tail, melting it, then rolls away. The camera moves over to Speedo.]

Speedo: Speedo ready!

[Speedo gears up, leaving a trail of dust behind him. The camera moves over to the car behind Speedo, which is now blinded by the dust.]

X-Moto: X-Moto ready!

[X-Moto pops a wheelie as he gears up, then as he moves forward, he smashes the car in front of him.]

Robotnik: Excellent! Have you got your programming straight?
Scraper, Scorpion, Speedo, and X-Moto: Destroy Sonic!
Robotnik: Right!
Andy: The cars are in position!

[The Porcupine Woman and the Porcupine Children all wave at and cheer for Sonic. Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein all wave their right arms back at them. X-Moto rolls up to Sonic's all-terrain vehicle and sprays a can of rubber salt lick at them with his left hand.]

X-Moto: This rubber salt lick'll fix him!

[X-Moto laughs evilly as he backs away. The Rabbit Gardener from "Lovesick Sonic" is at the starting line, holding the racing flag in his right hand, which he waves.]

Andy: And the race is on!

[Scraper, Scorpion, Speedo, and X-Moto all drive away together. The Rabbit stares in shock and screams as they run over him. Sonic tries to drive his ATV past the starting line, but the rubber salt lick holds it back. Scratch and Grounder walk up to it.]

Scratch: Bwaha-haha! It's not working! I knew those dumb Race Bots couldn't mess up Sonic as good as we could!

[The rubber salt lick launches Sonic's all-terrain vehicle back.]

Grounder: Unfortunately, they can do as good a job messing up us!

[Scratch and Grounder stare in shock and scream as Sonic's ATV flattens them. It then crashes through a wooden barrier and breaks free of the rubber salt lick.]

Tails: Do you get the feeling someone doesn't want us to win this race?
Sonic: Yeah, and I get a stronger feeling that someone is Robotnik!

[Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein all climb out of the ATV.]

Caninestein: I'll jack up the car. You fellas grab the spare tires.

[Caninestein runs up to the back of the ATV and opens the trunk with his right hand.]

Caninestein: I'm sure I put that self-propelled tire jack in here somewhere.

[Scratch and Grounder crawl out from under the car. Scratch looks up at Caninestein, then turns to face Grounder.]

Scratch: Shhh!

[As Scratch and Grounder crawl out from under the ATV, Caninestein turns to face them.]

Caninestein: Aha! There you are. Must have fallen out of the trunk.

[Caninestein walks up to Scratch and Grounder and scoops the former in his left arm, and a the latter in his right. He sets them down near the hole in the ATV a red arrow is pointing to.]

'Caninestein: A bit battered, but you'll do.

[Caninestein is now holding Scratch in both his arms as he pushes Grounder's nose into the hole with his left foot. He puts Scratch's beak into the back of Grounder's head and jiggles him to get Grounder to lift the ATV. Tails pushes a tire towards Sonic with both his hands.]

Tails: Your move, Sonic!

[Tails grunts as he tosses the tire at Sonic, who catches it with both his hands. Sonic tosses the tire at the left side of the ATV, and walks up to it. He picks up a wrench with his left hand and four nuts in his right. He places the nuts on the bolts, and screws them in with the wrench. Tails then pushes another tire with both his hands and grunts as he tosses it. It lands on the right side of the ATV, and Sonic, who is now holding four nuts in his left hand and the wrench in his right, runs up to the tire. He puts the nuts on the bolts and screws them in with the wrench. He then sets the wrench down.]

Sonic: All set! Get rid of the jack, Professor, and let's get juicin'!
Caninestein: Will do, Sonic!

[Caninestein kicks Grounder with his right foot, and walks away. Grounder lowers the ATV, and Sonic drives it away. Scratch and Grounder scream as they fall and land with a thud. Grounder opens his chest compartment with his right drill and pulls out a cell phone with his left. He dials the numbers with his right drill.]

Grounder: Hello? Robo Clamp? Send out a truck, quick!

[Grounder puts the cell phone back in his chest compartment and closes the door with his right drill. A crane backs up to Scratch and Grounder, scoops them up with its hook, then drives away with them in tow. Andy is now in a helicopter, holding the steering stick in his right hand and the microphine in his left.]

Andy: The drivers are heading out of the city towards some pretty rough terrain! Rocket Robin in car number 17 is in the lead!

[Scraper drives behind Rocket Robin, who screams as he pushes him off the road and into a lake. Scraper stops to look over at Rocket Robin.]

Scraper: Not anymore!

[Scraper drives away.]

Caninestein: Looks like Robotnik's race-bots aren't exactly courteous drivers.

[As Sonic talks to Caninestein, he pulls the lever back with his right hand.]

Sonic: Remember, its not whether you win or lose, but how you juice the competition!

[Sonic drives his ATV alongside Scorpion.]

Tails: But we have to win, or Robotnik will close the orphanage!
Sonic: No prob! We'll juice the competition and win!

[Robotnik is revealed to be watching the race from the control panel in his fortress, and is wearing a race helmet while holding a steering wheel in both his hands.]

Scorpion: Scorpion to Dr. Robotnik! Scorpion to Dr. Robotnik!
Robotnik: What is it?
Scorpion: Sonic is right behind me! What are your orders?
Robotnik: Plan A!
Scorpion: Right!

[Scorpion opens his trunk, and lays out a trail of thumbtacks. Tails points at them with his right index finger.]

Tails: Sonic! Look out for those thumbtacks!
Sonic: No prob, little bud!

[Sonic pulls the lever with his right hand, and a magnet rises from the ATV. The magnet attracts the thumbtacks, pulling them off the road.]

Sonic: Now to reverse polarity...

[Sonic pushes the lever and the magnet launches the thumbtacks at Scorpion, who groans in pain. Scorpion then turns to face Sonic.]

Scorpion: All right, hedgehog! If it's stingin' you want, it's stingin' you'll get!

[Scorpion zaps Sonic's ATV with his tail.]

Tails: I don't think we can take too many more of those stingers!
Sonic: We won't have to! Hang on!

[Sonic drives past Scorpion and off the race track, onto some rocky terrain. Scorpion chases after him, and tries to zap his ATV with his tail, but misses. Sonic then drives under some power lines, and Scorpion gets his tail caught in them. The power lines electrocute him and he screams in pain. Robotnik stares in shock, then the lights go out in his fortress.]

Robotnik: Teriffic! He shorted out the power! Better turn on the emergency generator.

[Robotnik wanders around his darkened fortress.]

Robotnik: I just hope the exterminator got rid of those rat traps.

[Robotnik steps on a rat trap and screams in pain. Andy is now flying his helicopter over the Frozen Faller Region as Sonic and Scraper drive underneath him.]

Andy: The drivers are comin' out of the mountains and heading towards Mobius Frozen Faller Region!

[Tails points ahead with his left index finger.]

Tails: A thousand miles of ice ahead!
Caninestein: Better pull out the automatic chains!

[Caninstein presses a red button with his left index finger, and snow chains appear over the ATV's tires. Scraper follows behind the ATV.]

Scraper: Scraper awaiting instructions! Over!
Robotnik: Proceed with Plan B!

[Scraper stops.]

Scraper: Roger!

[Scraper hits the ice with his blades, and cracks form in it.]

Caninestein: What's that?

[Tails turns around.]

Tails: Oh no! The ice is splitting open!

[Cracks form in the ice.]

Sonic: Better switch this baby into overjuice!

[Sonic pulls the lever back with his right hand, and the cracks that form in the ice miss the ATV.]

Tails: We just missed them!
Sonic: Maybe, but I don't think we're gonna miss it! Look!

[The ice splits apart, and the ice mountain breaks into pieces. The ATV screeches to a halt, and Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein scream as the ice blocks fall on them, covering them up.]

Scraper: Ha! Got him!

[Andy flies his helicopter up to the pile of ice blocks.]

Andy: Uh-oh! Sonic and his team are bured under a ton of ice! Will they be able to get free in time? Will they win the race? Will they be able to save the orphanage?

[Robotnik, who is wearing a red and blue striped party hat on his head, is watching from the control panel in his fortress, which now has power again.]

Robotnik: Will you shut up? You're spoiling my victory party. Yippie, I got Sonic!

[Robotnik grabs a party horn with his right hand and blows into it. Balloons fall from the ceiling, and the screen fades to black. In the next scene, Sonic's ATV is still trapped under the icy rocks as Scraper, Speedo, and X-Moto all roll up to it.]

Speedo: Nice work, Scraper, you got him!
Scraper: Come on, let's win this race and get back to Robotnik's fortress!
Speedo: Yeah, he promised us a big reward!

[Scraper, Speedo, and X-Moto all drive away. The camera moves over to Scratch and Grounder, both of whom are hiding behind an iceberg, and wearing winter coats.]

Scratch: D-d-d-d-did you hear that? D-D-D-Dr. Robotnik's gonna reward them!
Grounder: He'll probably m-m-make them his own new Super Special S-S-Sonic Search and S-Smash Squad!
Scratch: And throw us in the r-r-r-recycling b-b-b-b-bins and be turned into soup cans!
Grounder: Well, you know what? There's only one to d-d-d-d-do! We've got to save S-Sonic in order to make those Race Bots look b-b-b-b-bad!
Scratch: R-right! Then we can s-stop Sonic and get the c-credit! Great idea, Grounder! Oh, I could k-k-kiss you for that!

[Grounder stares in shock. Scratch then grabs Grounder's drills with both his hands and kisses Grounder's nose, but his beak gets stuck on it.]

Grounder: Sheesh! I never knew you c-c-cared, Scratch.

[Scratch grunts as he tries to pull his beak off Grounder's nose.]

Scratch: I don't! My lips are frozen to your nose cone!

[Scratch and Grounder grunt as they try to pull the former's beak from the latter's nose. Scratch falls over and lands on the ice. He then gets up and sees that his beak is still frozen to Grounder's nose.]

Grounder: Don't worry, I'll get him loose.

[Grounder turns his right drill into a flame, and holds it up to his nose. Scratch's beak falls off it. Grounder's nose in now on fire.]

Grounder: There.

[Grounder screams when he sees the flame on his nose.]

Grounder: My nose! Put it out! Put it out!

[Grounder rolls in counter-clockwise circles, until Scratch, who is carrying a large pile of snow in his arms, walks up to him. He puts the snow on Grounder, and it puts out the fire on Grounder's nose. Grounder pokes his nose out of the snow and sighs in relief.]

Grounder: Thanks.

[Scratch, who is now holding his beak in his right hand, holds his beak up to Grounder's nose.]

Scratch: It's all right.

[The camera cuts to a view of the pile of icy rocks Sonic's ATV is buried under and zooms in on it.]

Sonic: I've got to cut us out of here!

[The screen transitions to a view of Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein shivering from inside the pile of ice.]

Caninestein: B-b-b-but if you do, you'll wreck the car and lose the race!
Tails: And Mrs. Pine and the kids will get kicked out of the orphanage!
Sonic: And-and if I don't, I'll be a blueberry pops-sicle!
Caninestein; Oh, I guess you're right.

[Caninestein, Sonic, and Tails suddenly stare in shock as the icy rocks get cleared away. Scratch and Grounder are revealed to have cleared them. Grounder holds up a pizza frozen in ice with his right drill.]

Grounder: You order a frozen pizza?

[Tails turns to face Sonic and points at Scratch and Grounder with his left index finger.]

Tails: It's Scratch and Grounder!

[Scratch is now holding the pizza frozen in ice in his left hand.]

Scratch: Uh, sorry. Must have the wrong avalanche.

[Scratch and Grounder run away, leaving the pizza frozen in ice behind as the rest of the icy rocks fall. The camera zooms out, and Tails points his right thumb behind himself.]

Tails: Sonic, those guys are up to something!
Sonic: Never mind. This is our chance to get back in the race!

[Sonic starts up his ATV and drives away, covering Scratch and Grounder in the icy rocks. Grounder pokes his head out from underneath.]

Grounder: I hope we didn't make a mistake letting them go.

[Scratch pokes his head out from under the icy rocks.]

Scratch: Don't worry, I got an idea how to fix them good!

[The screen transitions to a view of the Mobius Frozen Faller Region's race track as X-Moto and Speedo drive through it, with Scraper following behind them. Sonic's ATV follows behind Scraper.]

Caninestein: Ha ha! We're catching up with those rotten Race Bots!
Sonic: Take the wheel, Tails, I'm feeling artistic!

[Sonic jumps out of the ATV as Tails moves up to the driver's seat. Sonic then runs past Scraper, who stares in shock at him.]

Scraper: What was that?

[Sonic runs up to a half-arch iceberg. He then removes his race helmet with his left hand and puts a beret he is holding in his right on his head.]

Sonic: One ice sculpture comin' up!

[Sonic spins up to the iceberg, shaping it into a highway sign that says, ShoRT CuT TO FiNish LiNe in red letters.]

Sonic: Mwah! C'est magnifique! And it's not half bad, either.

[Sonic points his right thumb at the sign. he then looks over at Scraper, then runs away. Scraper screeches to a halt as he sees the sight.]

Scraper: Hey, a short cut to the finish line! I'll beat the others and take the credit for stopping Sonic!

[Scraper drives down the road, but stares in shock when he sees it ends at a cliff. He tries to screech to a halt, but the icy road makes him skid, and he yells as he falls off the cliff. He lands on the ground below with a crash. Sonic, who is now wearing his race helmet again, peers out from behind an iceberg.]

Sonic: Cool move, huh?

[Sonic jumps out from behind the iceberg and holds out his right thumb to signal Tails. Tails drives the ATV up to him, and Sonic gets back the driver's seat, holding the steering wheel in his right hand as he puts his seat belt back on with his left.]

Sonic: Two down, two to go!

[Sonic drives the ATV past Speedo and X-Moto.]

Speedo: Hey!

[Speedo and X-Moto chase after Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein. The screen transitions to a view of a corn field as Sonic races past it, with Speedo and X-Moto follow behind him.]

Andy: The Racers are past the halfway point, and are about to enter the deadly Chemical Plant Zone, [Andy is revealed to be flying his helicopter above the Chemical Plant zone, where Sonic, Speedo, and X-Moto are racing atop a pipe.] where Sonic the Hedgehog is now in the lead!

[Grounder is now driving an Egg-o-Matic hovercraft, with Scratch sitting in a mini pod on the left side, following behind Sonic, Speedo, and X-Moto. Both robots are also wearing race helmets. Scratch pulls out a pair of binoculars with his right hand and looks through them.]

Scratch: According to my calculations, Sonic is ready for a pit stop!

[A view through the binoculars is now shown.]

Scratch: Bwaha-haha!

[A view of the Union 86 Gas Station shows up in the view of the binoculars.]

Scratch: And that gas station is the last one for 100 miles!

[Grounder turns to face Scratch.]

Grounder: In that case, I guess we'd better get some gas! Ha ha ha ha!

[Scratch hits Grounder on the head with the binoculars he is holding in his right hand.]

Scratch: D'oh, not us, dince bot! We're gonna hijack the station, and introduce Sonic to Mr. Bad Wrench! Bwaha-haha!

[Grounder flies the Egg-O-Matic away as Sonic continues racing along the pipe, past a sign that says, CHEMICALS RUS in red letters. Caninestein is now holding a calculator in his left hand as he presses the button on it with his right index finger.]

Caninestein: We are due for a pit stop, Sonic! Better stop at that station up ahead!

[Caninestein points his right index finger at the Union 86 Gas Station, and Sonic stops the ATV up to the entrance. Scratch and Grounder, both of whom are dressed as gas station attendants, walk up to Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein. Grounder has a gas pump where his right drill would be, and a wrench where his left drill would be.]

Scratch: Ahem. 86 Robo-service. How can we help you?

[Sonic holds up his left index finger.]

Sonic: Fill her up! Check the tires! Change the oil! Clean the windows! Oh! And most important of all, bring us 30 chili dogs!

[Scratch salutes with his right hand, and Grounder salutes with the gas pump where his right drill would be.]

Scratch: Yes, sir!

[Scratch and Grounder walk up to the hood of the ATV. Scratch turns to face Grounder as he opens the hood with his right hand.]

Scratch: All right, now's our chance! I'll take out the engine, you get the time bomb!
Grounder: Heh heh! Right!

[Grounder turns and rolls away, then comes back, pushing a cart with a time bomb on it with both his hands as Scratch prepares to take out the ATV's engine. The left front wheel runs over Scratch's left foot, and Scratch screams in pain, then turns to face Grounder as he holds his left foot in both his hands.]

Scratch: Careful, you dim-droid!
Grounder: Oh, sorry!
Scratch: Help me lift this engine up!

[Grounder pushes the cart aside, then pushes in a winch with both his hands. Scratch grabs the hook with his right hand and attaches it to the engine. he and Grounder then use both their hands to turn the crank of the winch and lift the engine out of the ATV. Scratch then turns the winch so that the engine is now suspended over Grounder, and as he looks over at the ATV, he lets go of the crank, and the weight of the engine causes it to fall over Grounder.]

Grounder: Ow!

[Scratch turns the knob of the time bomb to 60 with his left hand.]

Scratch: I'll just set this bomb timer for 60 seconds!

[Scratch then turns to face Grounder and holds up his left index finger.]

Scratch: Okay, Grounder! Attach the chain to the bomb, and I'll lift it into the car!

[Grounder pulls the engine off his head with both his drills, then grabs the hook with both his drills.]

Grounder: Huh?

[Scratch turns the crank with both his hands, causing it to lift Grounder. He then turns it towards Sonic's ATV, then lets go of the crank, causing the winch to lower Grounder into the hood of Sonic's ATV. The hood closes, and Scratch, who is now holding a plate of chili dogs in both his hands, walks up to Sonic.]

Scratch: Here's your chili, you dirty dog.

[Scratch stammers as he hands Sonic the plate of chili dogs.]

Scratch: I mean, your 30 chili dogs, sir.

[Scratch pulls out a clipboard with his left hand, and hands it to Sonic as Sonic hands the plate of chili dogs to Tails.]

Scratch: That'll be 50 Mobiums.

[Sonic is now holding a pencil in his right hand as he signs the paper with it.]

Sonic: Thanks! Gotta blow, Joe!

[Sonic drives the ATV away, and Scratch waves his left hand at him, then points his left index finger at him.]

Scratch: You're gonna blow, all right! Bwaha-haha!

[Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein are all holding a chili dog in their left hand as they eat it.]

Sonic: Say, this engine of yours is running smoother than ever, Professor.

[The camera moves over to the hood of the ATV, and the screen transitions to a view inside, revealing Grounder to be screaming in pain as the fan belt turns over his nose. Back at the Union 86 Gas Station, Scratch is standing next to the time bomb.]

Scratch: Bwaha-haha!

[As the camera zooms out on Scratch, he puts his left hand on the time bomb.]

Scratch: We did it, Grounder!

[Scratch looks over the watch on his left wrist.]

Scratch: That poor guy's gonna be smoked hedgehog in five seconds! Four, three, two, one!

[The time bomb ticks down to the 1 and explodes, creating a cloud of smoke. Scratch screams in pain, and as the smoke clears, the Union 86 Gas Station is revealed to have caught fire. Scratch grunts as he lands, and the 86 sign lands on him.]

Scratch: 86 on the Chicken!

[Scratch falls over. Robotnik is revealed to have been watching the whole incident from the screen on his control panel.]

Robotnik: Those brainless bimbos botched it again!

[Robotnik picks up the microphone with his right hand.]

Robotnik: Speedo!

[The screen on Robotnik's control panel switches to a view of Speedo racing alongside X-Moto.]

Speedo: Yes, Dr. Robotnik?
Robotnik: I want you to drag race with Sonic and cut him down to size!

[Robotnik laughs evilly.]

Speedo: I'm on my way!

[Speedo drives away. Sonic drives his ATV around a loop, with Speedo following behind him. Speedo pulls up next to him.]

Speedo: Wanna drag?
Sonic: Hey, Sonic's the name, speed's my game!

[Sonic drives away, with Speedo following behind him. Speedo catches up to him, and tries to pass him, but Sonic continues driving ahead. Under ATV's hood, Grounder screams as the fan belt turns over his nose. Speedo chuckles.]

Speedo: Time to go for a little spin, hedgehog!

[Speedo fires spikes from his right rear tire. The spikes hit Sonic's ATV's left front tire, flattening it and sending Sonic's ATV swerving out of control onto a pipe leading to a pool of toxic chemicals.]

Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein: Whoa!
Sonic: We're heading for the toxic chemicals!

[Sonic's ATV lands in the pool of toxic chemicals. Under the ATV's hood, Grounder whimpers as the toxic chemicals start to fill up, and he holds his breath as the chemicals rise to his head's level. In the passenger seat, Tails points at the corrosion of the ATV with his left index finger.]

Tails: That junk's eating right through the cracks!

[Caninestein is holding a calculator in his right hand as he presses the buttons on it with his left. He then holds it up to the viewers, and it is revealed to say, 11.]

Caninestein: Hmmm. We've only got eleven seconds before the entire car dissolves!

[Sonic turns to face Caninestein.]

Sonic: In that case, we'll just have to put it into maximum overdrive and juice out of this juice!

[Sonic pulls the lever back with both his hands and spins like a tornado, causing the ATV to spin like a tornado as well.]

Sonic: Up, over, and gone!

[The ATV spins back onto the pipe, then it spins like Sonic back up the pipe and catches up to Speedo. Speedo turns his head back and stares in shock.]

Speedo: What?

[Speedo tries to drive away, but The ATV spins through him, slicing him in half down the middle. Speedo's two halves fall into the pool of toxic chemicals. The camera zooms out, revealing Robotnik to have watched the whole incident from the monitor on his control panel. Robotnik shakes his right fist as he holds the microphone in his left hand.]

Robotnik: Curse you, hedgehog! I'll get you yet! X-moto,

[The monitor switches to a view of X-Moto driving along the pipe.]

Robotnik: Forget about Sonic! Just win the race!
X-Moto: No problem, Sir! I'll win!

[X-Moto pops a wheelie and drives away. As Sonic drives his ATV across the pipe, with X-Moto following behind him, the camera zooms out, revealing the Casino Night Zone in the distance. Andy flies his helicopter over the pipe.]

Andy: The racers, what's left of them, have just left the Chemical Plant Zone, and are headed for the Casino Zone.

[Sonic stops his ATV behind a long line of cars honking at each other. The camera moves to the right side of the screen, past the cars, and buildings with signs that say, VEGAS VOGOE TVC, CASINOVILLE, BAR, DOUBLEDIP, CASINO, CASINO TOWER, and HIGH ROLLER.]

Tails: We'll never get through this traffic jam!

[X-Moto drives up to Sonic, Tails, and Caninestein, and chuckles evilly.]

X-Moto: So long, Sonic!

[Suction cups appear on X-Moto's wheels. X-Moto then pops a wheelie and drives over the cars with his suction cups. Sonic and Tails both stare in shock and gasp. X-Moto then drives up a building.]

Caninestein: Well, we gave it our best shot, Sonic, but I guess we lost.
Sonic: Not yet, Professor! I think I know a shortcut!

[Sonic pulls the lever back with his right hand. The ATV backs up, and Sonic turns a corner. He drives past a Star Post, then back up behind it. The Star Post teleports Sonic into a Special Zone resembling that from Sonic 2, which Sonic drives through.]

Tails: Cool move, Sonic! This Special Zone will take us right to the finish line!
Sonic: If we can grab enough rings!

[Sonic holds out his left hand, and Tails and Caninestein hold out their right hands.]

Caninestein: Go for it!

[As Sonic drives his ATV through the Special Zone, he, Tails, and Caninestein grab as many silver rings as they can. The screen then transitions to a view of X-Moto approaching the finish line. Andy flies his helicopter over the road.]

Andy: It's been nearly 24 hours, and the Mobius 500 is about to end with Dr. Robotnik's Race-Bot, X-Moto heading for the finish line!

[X-Moto drives past a Star Post, which teleports Sonic's ATV next to it.]

Andy: Wait a minute!

[Sonic drives his ATV, following behind X-Moto. Andy flies his helicopter above the road.]

Andy: Sonic's just emerged from a special zone. This race isn't over yet!

[Sonic drives his ATV past X-Moto, who stares in shock, and a laser cannon sprouts from between his eyes. He fires a green laser beam at Sonic's ATV, and Sonic and Tails look back at it and duck, missing the beam. They then poke their heads out.]

Sonic: Oh, you want to play dirty, huh? Excuse me.

[Sonic jumps out of the ATV, and Tails gets in the driver's seat. Sonic runs back behind X-Moto and jumps behind his head, grabbing it with both his hands, and turns it to his right side, then his left.]

X-Moto: Hey! What do you think you're doing?

[Sonic turns X-Moto's head back.]

Sonic: I'm doing some mondo motocross riding!

[Sonic makes X-Moto to a wheelie, then speeds him up. He then turns X-Moto's head to his left side, and drives X-Moto off the race track and up a hill. As Sonic drives X-Moto up another hill, X-Moto lands with a thump.]

Sonic: You're gonna love this move!

[X-Moto looks back at Sonic, who lifts his head. Sonic drives X-Moto over another hill, this one launching him into the air.]

Sonic: Up, over!

[X-Moto screams unintelligibly and lands with a crash. Sonic runs up to him, points his left index finger at him, then his left thumb behind him.]

Sonic: And you're gone!

[As Sonic walks away, the camera zooms out, revealing Robotnik to have been watching the whole incident from the monitor on his control panel. Robotnik angrily shakes his left fist.]

Robotnik: That little spiny rat won't defeat me! I've still got Plan Z!

[Robotnik walks away. Back at the racetrack, Sonic, who is now holding a chili dog in his left hand, runs back up to his ATV.]

Sonic: Sorry I'm late!

[As Sonic talks to Tails, Tails moves back into the passenger seat. Sonic jumps back into the driver's seat and puts his seat belt on with his right hand, which he then holds the steering wheel with.]

Sonic: I ran into this cute little possum at a chili dog stand and just had to stop and have breakfast with her!

[Sonic takes a bite out of his chili dog.]

Tails: Looks like we're gonna win, Sonic!

[The crowd cheers at the finish line, where Dr. Robotnik is sitting in a golf cart that has his face on the engine. A laser cannon emerges from the nose.]

Robotnik: One instant impenetrable neutron wall coming up.

[Robotnik's golf cart zaps a green laser beam at the road under the finish line, making a brick wall appear. Robotnik points his right index finger at the wall.]

Robotnik: Ha! Try to get through that, Hedgehog!
Tails: Sonic! Hit the brakes!

[Sonic's ATV screeches to a halt, and Robotnik is now standing in front of the brick wall. He points his right index finger at Sonic.]

Robotnik: Too bad, Sonic! Looks like you won't be saving the orphanage after all!
Sonic: I wouldn't be too sure about that, Robuttnik.

[The camera moves over to the other side of the brick wall as the porcupine children all run behind it. They all push the brick wall, causing it to rumble. Robotnik looks back, stares in shock, and screams, then tries to run away, but the wall falls over and flattens him.]

Robotnik: Ow!

[The porcupine children all cheer as Sonic drives his ATV over the wall and crosses the finish line.]

Porcupine Children: Yay, Sonic! You saved the orphanage!

[Grounder opens the hood of the ATV with his right drill, and vibrates.]

Grounder: I hope I'm still covered under warranty.

[Grounder falls over and the hood closes on him. The porcupine children continue cheering as they, along with the Porcupine Lady, all run up to Sonic. The camera moves up to Andy, who is flying his helicopter over the finish line.]

Andy: And Sonic the Hedgehog has won the Mobius 500!

[The camera cuts to a view of the fallen brick wall, with Robotnik still trapped under it, and zooms in on it.]

Robotnik [muffled]: I hate that hedgehog!

[The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic and Tails are in their ATV and Scratch and Grounder are in the car Scratch was driving at the beginning of the episode. Sonic and Scratch are the drivers of their respective cars, and Tails and Grounder are the passengers. They are at the starting line as Andy is holding a white flag in his right hand. Sonic puts his seat belt on with his left hand, and Tails puts his on with his right.]

Sonic: Seat belt on, little bro?
Tails: Check!

[Andy waves his flag, and Sonic and Scratch both drive their cars. In Scratch's car, Grounder hops up and down, distracting Scratch.]

Scratch: D'oh, quit distracting me, you'll make us crash!

[Scratch and Grounder scream as their car swerves out of control. They crash, and in the next scene, the audience cheers as Sonic holds the first place trophy in both his hands, while Grounder has a bandaged head.]

Sonic [to the viewers]: When you ride in a car, remember; always wear your seat belt, and never distract the driver. In a car, play it cool and don't be a fool, that's the number one rule.