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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
The Mobius 5000

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"The Mobius 5000" is the fifty-fifth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the fifty-fifth episode, it aired as the fifty-third episode during the show's original run.






Sonic costumes

  • Racer
  • French artist


Scratch (in a small three-wheeled vehicle with chicken feathers on the back) and Grounder race around Dr. Robotnik's fortress to prove who is the fastest, while Robotnik is eating spaghetti in front of his surveillance screen. They crash into him and fall on top of him. Robotnik says he has more important plans than winning the prize. He says the race will be the perfect opportunity to get rid of Sonic for good. He plans to shut down the Porcupine orphanage unless they pay ten thousand Mobiums and wants to use professionals (the Race Bots) instead of Scratch and Grounder to win the race.

Tails is in the billiards house with Bruno to win a bet of a dozen chili dogs. Bruno tries to cheat with a magnet ball but fails. Tails describes which balls he will get in which holes. Bruno, unconvinced that Tails will get all the balls in the holes in one shot, doubles the bet. Tails takes his shot and gets all the billiard balls in the holes in a single shot except the shot ball. Bruno asks Tails if this is the first time he's played this game and Tails says yes and tells him to pay up. Bruno snaps his fingers and Roxy brings the two dozen chili-dogs over on a silver platter. Sonic bursts out of the table and Bruno calls it cheating. Sonic says no, and that he knocked those balls in fair and square. He says that 'THIS is cheating'. He breaks the Magnetic ball over Bruno's head and puts it on the table. It cracks and the magnet falls out. everyone laughs at Bruno and Sonic and Tails take their chili dogs out of the billiards house.

The Porcupine lady in charge of the orphanage appears and asks Sonic for help. Sonic says 'only after lunch' and finishes his current chili dog. He then agrees to help. The porcupine Lady tells him that Robotnik is threatening to close the orphanage if she doesn't pay him ten thousand Mobiums by tomorrow. Sonic and Tails look inside the window and see a commercial on the TV for the Mobius 5000 race. They decide to race in the Mobius 5000 to win enough money to save the orphanage. The heroes go to their old friend, Professor Caninestein, who gives them his blueprints of a super all-terrain vehicle. He says it will take them a few months, but Sonic quickly puts it together in a few seconds right in front of his eyes. The vehicle resembles a race car with small front wheels, large back wheels and a big exhaust pipe.

On the day of the race, Robotnik reveals his four Race Bots who are there to destroy Sonic, Tails and Professor Caninestein. As the race starts, their car is stuck by stretchy cement. They drive off, but get twanged back which removes the cement. They get out and Professor Caninestein uses Scratch and Grounder as a car-jack (who were squashed by the car) while Sonic and Tails replace the back wheels. Caninestein then removes Scratch and Grounder from the car. Sonic and co get into the car and drive off.

The Race Bots waste no time in attempting to stop Sonic. Scorpion carries out Plan A which is to scatter thumb-tacks and try to burst the tires, but Sonic uses a magnet on an arm that comes out the top of the car to remove them from the track and fire them at Scorpion. Scorpion then uses his stinger to sting the car, but after the sting Sonic races ahead of Scorpion who holds his stinger in the air but touches electricity cables connected to Robotnik's Fortress with it and gets electrocuted and falls apart, shorting out the power in the fortress in the process. He tries to turn on the emergency generator but realises the exterminator forgot to remove the rat traps and gets hurt by the rat traps. Sonic and co notice ice coming up so Sonic activates the automatic chains to prevent the car from losing traction. Scraper proceeds with Plan B and whacks the ice with his bulldozer blade which cracks the ice and causes an avalanche. He succeeds and actually traps Sonic and his team under the avalanche. Robotnik celebrates with a victory party. The Race Bots return to the fortress in hopes of getting the reward Robotnik promised. Scratch and Grounder are shivering in their thin woolen coats behind a large chunk of ice. They are jealous of the Race Bots and rescue Sonic and co because they want to defeat Sonic themselves.

Sonic and co race off and Sonic puts Tails behind the wheel so he can zoom ahead and sculpt a tidal wave-shaped iceblock into a sign that says "SHORT CUT TO FINISH LINE" Scraper falls for it and goes towards the 'shortcut' but ends up falling off an icy cliff and crashing into the ice below, which is part of the race track, from which he is unable to escape. Sonic thumbs a lift from his car and gets back in and gets behind the wheel again. The team race ahead and overtake Speedo, another Race Bot. When Sonic and co get to the Deadly Chemical Plant Zone, Scratch and Grounder zoom quite a way behind them in a conjoined Eggomatic Hovercraft. They then zoom ahead to the gas station and disguise themselves as attendants in an attempt to sabotage Sonic's car. Meaning to replace the engine with a time-bomb, Scratch accidentally replaces it with Grounder instead. and gives Sonic the thirty chili dogs he ordered, notably with no buns and nearly accidentally calls him a dirty dog. The car actually runs better with Grounder under the hood than it did with its original engine. Scratch mistakes the time-bomb for Grounder and the time-bomb blows up along with the gas station. Scratch then realizes his mistake and the 86 sphere from on the top of the gas station falls on his head. He then says "86 on the chicken!" and falls backwards.

Robotnik watches from the fortress and sighs. He then calls on Speedo to drag-race with Sonic the rest of the way. Speedo shoots spikes from one of his wheels and bursts one of Sonic's tires, which causes them to go off-track and land in a large puddle of toxic chemicals which fill up the bonnet and then the rest start to eat away the metal of the car. Sonic spins the car out of the chemicals and then cartwheels the car back on track and towards Speedo at high speed, cutting him in half and causing the two halves to fall into the chemicals.

Robotnik tells Ex-Moto to forget about Sonic and just win the race. The racers leave the Chemical Plant and head for the Casino Zone. There they find a traffic jam which stops them. Ex-Moto makes suckers stick out of his wheels and drives over the cars and up a building. Caninestein tells Sonic they basically lost, but Sonic denies this and takes a short cut, using a Star Post, to go through a Zone which leads them right to the finish line after they grab enough Rings. Sonic and company come out of the Special Zone and Ex-Moto tries to shoot them with a laser but they duck. Sonic gets out, leaving Tails behind the wheel again. Sonic jumps onto Ex-Moto, saying he's doing some "mundo motorcross riding." He steers Ex-Moto off the track,and jumps off just before Ex-Moto ends up doing backflips and crashing to the ground in a heap.

Sonic then runs back to the car getting back behind the wheel, saying that he ran into a cute-looking possum at a chili dog stand and just had to have breakfast with her. As a last resort, Robotnik puts up an instant impenetrable neutron wall in front of the finish line and runs to the track and stands in front of the wall, saying that he won't be saving the orphanage after all. Sonic tells Robotnik not to be so sure, and the porcupine orphans run behind the wall and push it down on Robotnik. Sonic wins the race and Grounder pops out of the bonnet, all shaken up and falls back in. Squashed underneath the wall, Robotnik grumbles "I hate that hedgehog!"

Sonic Says

Sonic and Tails have an automobile race with Scratch and Grounder. Sonic and Tails wear seat belts. Grounder distracts Scratch while he's driving. Sonic tells the audience to always wear seat belts and never distract the driver.


  • When Scratch and Grounder are talking about the Mobius 5000's grand prize, the windshield on Scratch's car vanishes briefly.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Le Grand Prix de Mobius The Mobius Grand Prix
German Die Mobius 5000 Rallye The Mobius 5000 rally
Italian La Mobius 5000 The Mobius 5000
Spanish (Spain) La Mobius 5000 The Mobius 5000
Spanish (Latin America) La Mobius 5000 The Mobius 5000


  • The alternate name of this episode is "Formula 5000".
  • This episode ties in a number of Zones and aspects from the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • This episode was released on the same day Sonic the Hedgehog CD was released in North America.
  • At one part Sonic says he met a cute little possum at a chili dogs stand. This is the third time Sonic has been attracted to a possum. The first two being in the episodes "Magnificent Sonic" and "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" (all three episodes were written by Jeffrey Scott).
  • The rabbit who waves the flag in this episode has appeared in past episodes; he was reading a newspaper in the episode "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops", was the gardener in "Lovesick Sonic" and was the sheriff in "Magnificent Sonic".
  • This is one of the few episodes in the entire series to reference the Special Stages. Others include "Trail of the Missing Tails", "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" and "Fast and Easy".
  • The episode's title is a reference to the Indianapolis 500, a long running annual automobile race.
  • This is the first time Sonic says "Sonic's the name, speed's my game!", with it being one of his victory quotes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, fifteen years later.
  • At one point in the episode, Scratch says he and Grounder will "introduce Sonic to Mr. Bad Wrench!" Mr. Bad Wrench was actually one of the names considered for the evil doctor, before the final name, "Robotnik," was chosen.