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Sonic Boom
The Meteor (Transcript)

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This is a transcript on the Sonic Boom episode "The Meteor".

[Scene: Seaside Island coast, night.]

[Team Sonic is watching a meteor shower over it near a campfire.]
Amy: Tails, what are you doing?
Tails: [Laying down on a rock looking at the sky.] Just enjoying this beautiful meteor shower.
[Colorful meteors rain down from the sky.]
Knuckles: That one's flying beautifully toward us!
[A meteor flies over Team Sonic and it crashes nearby.]
Tails: This could be a major find! We need to approach it cautiously and with great care so that-
Sonic: Race ya! [Speeds off and Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks follow behind.]
Tails: [Sighs] Wait for me!

[Scene Change: Crater site, night.]

[Sonic reaches the edge of the crater and looks into it. A glowing purple meteor is shown to have landed within the center.]
Sonic: [As his friends catch up] Hah! First!
Eggman: Think again, Sonic!
Sonic: Eggman?!
[Team Sonic notice Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot in the Eggmobile, which had been hovering over the crater.]
Eggman: That's right! And as the intrepid explorer that first discovered this regal rock, I hearby call "dibs"!
Sonic: What? You can't call "dibs".
Eggman: Oh, so now you don't respect "dibs"? What's next? Are you gonna allow "cutsies"? Flout the five second rule? Step on a crack without any regard for your mother's spinal column?
Knuckles: Not cool, Sonic!
Sonic: Of course I respect "dibs", but you can only call "dibs" if you are touching the thing you desire to "dib".
Eggman: Ohhh! Well, in that case...
[Eggman and Sonic both race to the meteor and touch it at the exact same time.]
Sonic and Eggman: Dibs!
[A light suddenly covers the entire area.]

[Scene Change: Dr. Eggman's lair.]

Sonic: [Wakes up.] Ugh... [Looks around.] What am I doing in Eggman's lair? [Looks at a mirror and sees Eggman.] Gah! Eggman! [Jumps at the mirror and is knocked backwards.] What the...?
Sonic (in Eggman's body): [In Eggman's voice.] What am I doing in Eggman's body?!
[Cubot and Orbot enter the room and approach Sonic.]
Orbot: Dr. Eggman, you're awake!
Cubot: We had to drag you back home; it was Spring Break all over again!
[A series of illustrated photos are shown: Eggman playing beach volleyball with his robots; Eggman singing to an audience that consists of his robots; Eggman posing with a sand castle; Cubot, snickering while placing suntan lotion on the forehead of a napping Eggman; Orbot and Cubot dragging a still-unconscious Eggman back to the lair, his body sunburned, save for a Sonic-shaped mark on the forehead.]
Sonic: I'm not Eggman, I'm Sonic!
Orbot: [To Cubot] He's pretending to be Sonic again...
Cubot: Well, I'm not gonna be Amy this time!

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Inside, Amy is tending to "Sonic", who is lying on a hammock.]
Amy: Sonic, you rest here.
Eggman (in Sonic's body): [In Sonic's voice] Yes, Amy dear. I won't move, for I am Sonic - heh - and this is my humble shack. [Amy walks to the exit, glances at Eggman, then leaves the shack. Eggman stands up afterwards.] Alright, don't freak out, play it cool. You're Sonic now. [Laughs maniacally.]
Amy: [Reappears] Did you say something?
Eggman: Uh, no! I was just thinking of something funny that red imbecile we both know said! [Nervous chuckle]
Amy: You mean Knuckles?
Eggman: ...Yes, "Nuffles", that's the guy!
[Amy gives a puzzled look, but leaves again regardless.]
Eggman: This. Is. Delicious. With my genius mind and Sonic's speed, I'll finally be able to destroy those pesky rodents once and for all! ...Time for a test drive. [Eggman starts running in place and then speeds away, but ends up crashing into a wall.] Ow... Uh, this might take some getting used to.

[Scene Change: Crater site, day.]

[Tails is inside, using a device to inspect the meteor that was left alone after Sonic and Eggman touched it.]
Tails: [Reading the device] These numbers are off the chart! [Tosses the chart away.] Fortunately, I have a bigger chart. [Takes out a large chart, writes in it, then looks back at the meteor.] Now, let's find out your purple-y secrets!

[Scene Change: Eggman's lair.]

Sonic: I'm telling you, I'm Sonic! Eggman switched brains with me... I mean, I switched bodies with Eggman!
Cubot: Uh, hang on. Did you switch brains, or did you switch bodies?
Sonic: Both!
Orbot: Well then; nothing's changed.
Sonic: Listen, Gear-brain-
Cubot: [To Orbot] Definitely Eggman. [Orbot nods in agreement.]
Sonic: Look. I'm not Eggman. I'll prove it! [Sonic attempts to use his speed, but cannot access it in Eggman's body. He quickly exhausts himself.] Hoh, boy... can't... breathe... What is this awful feeling... in my lungs?
Orbot: [Sarcastically applauses] Good show, sir.
Cubot: [Sarcastically] Real impressive stuff, boss.
Sonic: [Still out of breath] Need to... find Tails... He'll know what to do!

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Eggman now shows mastery over Sonic's body and abilities.]
Eggman: Now that I've finally gotten the hang of this athletically superior - but far less handsome - body, I can destroy those do-gooders for good! [Diabolically laughs.]
Amy: [From outside] Sonic, come on out! I made milkshakes for everyone!
Eggman: Ooh, milkshakes! Okay, milkshakes first, then destroy arch-enemies.
[He heads out of the shack]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island forest, day.]

[Sonic is riding to his shack using Eggman's Egg Mobile because he can't use his speed while in Eggman's body.]
Sonic: I really appreciate you guys lending me the Eggmobile. I have no idea how Eggman gets around in this floatation device he calls a body.
[Orbot realizes what Sonic just said.]
Orbot: Did he just say he appreciates us?
Cubot: I'm thinking this might not be Eggman after all. Could someone else be in his body? And if so, who?

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, day]

[Eggman and Knuckles are playing a video game. As we have noticed earlier, while Eggman is in Sonic's body while having Sonic's voice, Sonic, while having Eggman's voice, is in Eggman's body, which seems to answer Cubot's question. Eggman wins the game due to concentration.]
Eggman: Oh yeah! Score one for Dr. Egg... [Realizes that he nearly blew his cover.] I mean Sonic.
Knuckles: Hey, no need to rub it in, dude.
Eggman: Of course. Sonic's a good sport. I don't know what came over me, Nuggets.
[He walks off and gets out Sonic's notebook and Sonic's pencil and begins to go through Sonic's schedule.]
Eggman: Let's see. Badminton with Sticks at 4:30. Then a hike with the gang. Can't miss that. Another video game session with Nibbles at 7:00. Then I'll destroy everyone at 7:15. Wait, no. Amy and I are going to see that chick flick at 9:00. Guess I'll have to destroy them tomorrow.
[A crash is heard outside.]
Eggman: What was that?

[Scene Change: Outside Sonic's shack, day.]

[Sonic has crashed the Eggmobile by accident.]
Sonic: Sorry about the rough landing. Heh.
[Eggman and Knuckles rush outside and Eggman is shocked to see what has happened.]
Eggman: My baby!
[Sonic brushes off some dust he got on him. Sticks and the others get ready to fight him thinking that he is Eggman.]
Sonic: Guys, it's me! Sonic!
Knuckles: Ha! Nice try, Eggman! Wait, no. That was a terrible try.
Sonic: But I'm not Eggman! I'm Sonic!
Eggman: Don't listen to him! I'm Sonic! Look at how blue I am! Must be one of his ingenious plans we all admire him for. Ha ha, friends?
[Amy and Sticks look at each other, then burst into laughter.]
Amy: "Ingenious plans"! Good one, Sonic!
Eggman: [taken aback, then plays along] Yeeeah... we're making fun of Eggman because we're secretly jealous of him, right? I mean, the brains, the panache, the mustache... He's the total package, eh?
[Everyone except Eggman and Sonic bursts into laughter.]
Sticks: Hilarious!
Sonic: Listen! Eggman and I switched bodies somehow. He's me, and I'm him.
[Knuckles starts laughing again thinking that it's a joke. Eggman takes out a cream pie and hits himself with it.]
Eggman: Ow! Eggman threw a pie at me!
Sonic: Huh? No, I didn't!
Eggman: Let's send this miscreant packing!
[Sticks, Amy, and Knuckles charge at Sonic. Sticks throws her boomerang at Sonic, who manages to avoid it, but gets tripped by it as it comes back. As he stands up, he gets whacked by Amy's hammer. Sonic backs away, but bumps into Knuckles, who punches a fist into his open palm.]
Orbot: Perhaps it's time we bid our foes "adieu."
Cubot: No time! We've gotta get outta here!
[Cubot fires up the Eggmobile as Orbot jumps in. They fly after Sonic, who's being chased by Knuckles.]
Sonic: No, I'm Sonic! You have to believe me!
[The Eggmobile attraction ray picks Sonic up, and carries him away, causing Knuckles' attempted diving tackle to miss. The Egg Mobile flies away.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

Sonic: With my body at his disposal, Eggman's just too powerful. How can I possibly take on the fastest hedgehog in the world like this?
Cubot: Ahem.
[Cubot reveals all the robots Sonic has at his disposal now.]
Sonic: Oh yeah.

[Scene Change: Outside Sonic's Shack, day.]

Eggman: Did you see the look on his face when he ran off?
Knuckles: He looked ridiculous! Especially with that stupid mustache!
Eggman: All right, Noodles. That's enough.
[Thumping is then heard which shakes the ground.]
Sticks: Whoa. Did you guys feel that?
[The thumping continues and is soon revealed to be coming from the Mega knocking down trees and then arriving at the shack with Sonic, Orbot, Cubot and the other robots.]
[Eggman and the others get into position, ready to fight.]
Sonic: Remember, warning shots only. I don't want anyone hurt. Got it?
[The robots don't listen. Sonic notices this.]
Sonic: Well, what are you waiting for?
Orbot: We are programmed only to obey orders after being threatened.
[Sonic realizes this and sighs.]
Sonic: All right, then. Nobody gets hurt or somebody's gonna get hurt!
Orbot and Cubot: Yes sir!
[The robots begin to move forward and attack.]
[Amy and the others begin to destroy the robots.]
Eggman: Aw, come on! Do you have any idea how much those cost? I mean, between the parts and labor...
[Amy destroys a robot with her hammer.]
Eggman: Aw geez!
[Knuckles and Sticks destroy a few robots.]
[Sonic tries to dodge the Mega but it knocks him to the ground causing him to land on Eggman.]
Cubot: He's gonna be feeling that tomorrow.
[Two Bee Bots circle around Sonic and Eggman.]
Amy: Hey! Eggman crushed Sonic!
Knuckles: Get him!

[Scene change: Crater site, day.]

[Tails is still trying to find out what happened when Sonic and Eggman touched the meteor. A fly comes near him and he swats it away with his hand. Then a lizard appears on the meteor and moves around on it, waiting for the fly to come. Then the fly, while avoiding a grab from the lizard, lands on the meteor which causes the two to switch their brains. Then the lizard begins to try flying while the fly just walks about. Tails sees this.]
Tails: Wow! Did they just switch brains?

[Scene Change: Outside Sonic's shack, day.]

[Tails arrives in his Tailsmobile, the horn honking "La Cucaracha," bringing the meteor with him. Sonic and Eggman see him coming.]
Tails: Sonic is Eggman, Eggman is Sonic!
[The camera goes to a view of the meteor. Eggman sees the meteor and snatches it, hereby blowing his cover.]
Knuckles: Wait. What did Tails say?
Eggman: Oh, nothing. You know Tails. Always the jokester.
[He chuckles but stops when he see that the others are glaring at him.]
Tails: When Eggman and Sonic touched this meteor, they switched brains!
[Amy gasps upon realizing this.]
Cubot: How come nobody told me?
[He gets upset but Orbot comforts him.]
Tails: In order to swap back, they both need to touch the meteor again!
[Eggman drops the meteor onto the ground.]
Sonic: Come on, Eggman. Just touch this and give me my body back.
Eggman: You can't make me! I'm the fastest evil genius on the planet!
[He speeds about while saying the following.]
Eggman: Whee! Now I'm here! Now I'm there!!
[He laughs evilly.]
Eggman: Nothing can make me touch your STUPID purple rock!
Sonic: Nothing? Not even a close shave?
[Sonic gets out a pair of scissors.]
Eggman: You wouldn't dare!
Sonic: Oh, I would dare.
[Sonic holds the scissors up to "his" mustache. Eggman gets worried.]
Sonic: So, Eggman, what's it gonna be? The speed or the 'stache?
[Sonic keeps the scissors near the mustache, ready to clip it off with Eggman getting more angry and scared. He moves the meteor near Eggman with his foot.]
[Eggman cannot take it anymore and rushes over to the meteor, touching it with his hand. This causes a bright light to occur and knock both of them back. Later on, Sonic, now back in his own body, is playing volleyball with his friends.]

[Scene change: Eggman's lair, day.]

[Eggman, now back in his own body, is watching Sonic and his friends on a monitor.]
Eggman: So close! I was so close to finally defeating Sonic!
[Orbot and Cubot laugh behind Eggman's back.]
Eggman: What are you two laughing at?
Cubot: Nothing, boss.
[Eggman growls and turns around, showing the same Sonic-shaped mark from earlier. Orbot and Cubot look at each other and laugh at him again.]