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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
The Magic Hassle

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"The Magic Hassle" is the thirty-seventh episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the thirty-seventh episode, it aired as the thirty-sixth episode during the show's original run.






At the Mobius Mint, the director announces the new face of the 12 Mobium bill is Sonic the Hedgehog for his bravery and heroism and Sonic and Tails decide to spend it. Meanwhile Robotnik who's watching the event from his TV is upset about this. Not wanting to see Sonic's face on the currency, Robotnik plans to raid the Mobius mint so it'll print Mobium bills with his face on it. He orders Scratch and Grounder to distract Sonic giving him enough time to raid but orders Coconuts to go back to sanitation patrol. Frustrated at this, Coconuts remarks that Scratch and Grounder never captured Sonic and they should do sanitation patrol for a change.

Just as he was about to head out to do his job, the door opens and slams him into the wall revealing Wes Weasley. Remembering what happened the last time Wes came, Robotnik attempts to throw him out before he could sell anything. Wes announces he's representing a new company called Fail-Safe Wizardry which sells all kinds of magic spells and sorcery that Coconuts overhears and gets an idea. Despite this, Robotnik throws him out of the fortress and into a trash pile taking Coconuts and the supplies as well. As Wes begins to leave to look for other customers, Coconuts rushes up and says he wants to buy stuff but quickly realizes he has no money. The salesman then devises a scheme to get money from Robotnik. Coconuts then gives a bill for toilet paper for Robotnik to sign but in reality it's contract that says Robotnik pays for anything Coconuts wants and starts off with a wand which allows him perform a disappearing spell.

In the city, Sonic and Tails are ready to spend their 12 Mobium bill on some chili dogs while near a construction site, Scratch and Grounder prepare another trap. Their plan involves a chili dog stand and a patch of wet cement. When Sonic stands to grab the chili dogs, the cement will dry making him stuck. However, when Sonic and Tails are near the stand, Coconuts stands in front of them trying to do the disappearing spell, but then forgets the rest of the spell. While Coconuts is trying to remember and Scratch and Grounder attempting to make him move, Sonic uses the opportunity to grab a crane with a wrecking ball and put near the badniks. When Sonic tells Coconuts to make him disappear and Scratch and Grounder attempt to move him by force, Coconuts remembers the rest of the spell but Scratch and Grounder intervene and miss Sonic as he runs through the cement and getting the badniks covered with it. The spell then hits the crane and the wrecking ball falls on top of the three while Sonic and Tails decide to get some soda.

Emerging from the ball, Coconuts is frustrated that Scratch and Grounder intervened, when Wes proposes a ghost-conjuring kit that'll scare Sonic away and he decides to do it. Doing the kit in a nearby alley, Coconuts is following the instructions when he sees Sonic and Tails walking by. Quickly finishing it, a ghost emerges from the cauldron he was using and orders it to scare Sonic. However the ghost is revealed to be a fan of Sonic and asks for his autograph. He says he can be even more scary than he is and Sonic says he can be that scary to Scratch and Grounder who are approaching them. The ghost scares Scratch and Grounder so much that they run the other way and bump into Coconuts never to be seen again. In the mess Sonic finds two unused Ginger Ales that were originally for the kit and thanks Coconuts much to the badnik's dismay.

While recovering, Wes tells him that this will be easier since the ghost scared Scratch and Grounder away and there will be no interference. Wes then introduces the "Turn to Stone" spell and a mastodon bone to cast it. Though reluctant at first, he decides to use it after Wes does another offer of a toilet cleaner spell. While running down the road, Sonic and Tails see Coconuts on a bridge attempting to do the stone spell but keeps forgetting what to do. Thinking he's doing a show, Sonic makes him a makeshift theater to do the act. Eventually as Coconuts keeps forgetting, Sonic gives him the hook and yanks him off the cliff. Right when he's about to hit the bottom, Coconuts remembers the last part of the spell and successfully turns Sonic and Tails into stone. Coming back up, Coconuts tells Robotnik that he turned Sonic and Tails into stone and he can begin the assault.

As Coconuts is bragging about his win, Robotnik has already broke into the mint with his Egg-O-Matic Tank Transport. He then asks if there's a way to turn Sonic back to normal and Coconuts replies that by hanging up a phone, the spell will wear off. Even though he says he won't hang up, he does but quickly realizes his mistake. With Sonic and Tails back to normal, Coconuts attempts to do the spell again but Sonic intervenes and places the bone on a highway which is swiftly run over by an oncoming truck. With that Sonic and Tails head for the mint to stop Robotnik while Coconuts sighs in defeat again.

Inside the mint, Robotnik has a herd of automatic forklifts to carry all the 6 Mobium bills and then gets to work on the 12 Mobium bills. Meanwhile at the area near the bridge, Wes shows Coconuts the Bad Luck Emitter, a weapon powered by black cat hairs and broken mirrors that gives bad luck to anyone who's hit by it. After demonstrating it on a bird, Coconuts takes it and heads to the mint. At the same time, Robotnik has finished editing the printing plate to use his face on the 12 and is awed by it. Before he can go out to edit more plates, Sonic enters through the roof along with Tails. Although shocked, Robotnik uses the printing press machine to stop Sonic but he proves too fast. Just then Coconuts arrives with the bad luck emitter and fires but shoots at Tails rather than Sonic and is instantly swept in bad luck. Seeing this Robotnik, activates the printing press Tails fell on allowing the two to escape. Sonic eventually saves Tails though dazed and decides to give Robotnik some bad luck.

At the tank transport, Robotnik and Coconuts are gloating about their new wealth when one more forklift arrives. However it turns out that Sonic is driving the forklift and the chaos following results in Robotnik and Coconuts entering into the printing press and thrown out of the mint through a window. At the front of the mint, the two land in a bush where Wes gives Robotnik his first payment of magic and sorcery Coconuts bought which led up to a 359 million Mobium fee. Shocked and enraged by the contract, Robotnik chases Wes and Coconuts with the bad luck emitter while Wes in vain tries to get Robotnik to calm down. As Sonic and Tails are watching while eating popcorn, Coconuts remarks that he loves sanitation patrol and Wes offers a magic toilet cleaning potion for half price much to Robotnik's anger. Sonic remarks that this is a magic moment as he and Tails laugh.

Sonic Says

Sonic tells Coconuts to save money for something he really wants and spend it wisely.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Magic Sonic Magic Sonic
German Der Held auf dem Geld The hero on the money
Italian Abraca-Sonic Abraca-Sonic
Spanish (Spain) Los artículos mágicos Magic items
Spanish (Latin America) Palabras mágicas Magic words


  • This is one of the few episodes where Sonic does not wear any disguises.
  • When Robotnik starts operating on his monitor, sound effects from the Super Mario games can be heard. DiC Entertainment was also involved in making three Super Mario Bros. TV shows, in which sound effects from the games were also heard.
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