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Sonic Underground
The Last Resort (Sonic Underground)/Transcript

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This is the Transcript for the Sonic Underground episode 'The Last Resort'.

[Theme song plays.]

[Scene: Factory, night]

Queen Aleena: (Narrating) A thing of beauty should be cherished and protected but if we fear to lose it, it can lead to betrayal and ugliness.
[The hedgehogs are walking along a dark corridor with spider webs. Sonia gets caught in sticky cobwebs and tries to rub it off.]
Sonia: Oh, gross! I'm getting cobwebs in my hair. And why would Robotnik hide the Royal Seal of Mobius in a yucky place like this?!
Manic: Cause nobody would look for it here - except us!
Sonic: I hate to say it bro but you're right. Nobody but us would look for something here. That makes it perfect-a-mundo for a trap.
[Sonia clears the dust on her legs before carrying on. Everyone looks around while they're walking.]
Sonic: Stay sharp... Wouldn't wanna bump into a Buttnik in the dark. Hey! The lighted thing in the tunnel!
[They see a shiny orange vault up ahead and investigate.]
Sonia: Now that we've found it, how do we open it?
Manic: No prob! I was practicing stuff like this when I was just a little Hedgehog!
[He turns the switch. The vault shakes. It turns out that it is really Dingo.]
Dingo: [Laughs] That-- tickles!
[--Manic gets frightened.]
Sonia: [Gasps] It is a trap!
Sonic: Can I call 'em or what?
[Sleet arrives.]
Sleet: No escape for you this time Sonic! The Royal Hedgehogs are about to be deposed, permanently. Get them!
[Swatbots attack.]
Sonic: Stand back! I wouldn't want anyone hurt.
[Sonic dashes around Dingo's eyes making him dizzy, and causing him to go flying into the Swatbots.]
Sleet: Look out you brainless Mongrel! Gee mom. Can't I sleep for just ten more minutes?
Dingo: Oh.
[A Swatbot has its gun armed.]
Sonia: Hi-ya!
[Sonia vaults on its head. Manic lures two Swatbots behind a stack of pipes.]
Manic: Hey, let's not get off on the wrong foot!
[He kicks a stopper out of the way and the pipes roll towards them. They try balancing on them but instead they hit each other and explode. A larger number of bots surround Sonic.]
Sonic: It's juice and jam time!
[Sonic destroys the remaining Swatbots in one spin attack. He returns to his siblings.]
Sonic: I hate to defeat and run, but let's get out of here!
[They escape the room. Sleet and Dingo, still hurt, manage to stand up.]
Sleet: Don't let him get away!
Dingo: I can't believe this!

[Scene Change]

[Sonic, Manic and Sonia run into their van with the Swatbots following behind them. The van starts up and jumps out of the factory before it drives away.]
Manic: Oh we beat them man, they're totally done!
Sonic: [Annoyed] They keep coming back for more!
[Swatbots are in their path ahead.]
[The Swatbots shoot at their van. The van swerves to dodge the attacks. It then attempts to ram into the bots at high speed.]
Sonic: Hang on to your seats!
[As some of the bots stand back, the van hits one of the swatbots. As it pulls away, three bots are seen airborne. They fall together and explode.]

[Scene Change: Canyon, Day]

[The van is now driven along a narrow road in the canyon.]
Sonia: Are you sure you know where you're going? I think we're lost.
Manic: Sis is right. All this desert just looks like... well... a desert.
Sonic: Take a chill pill, I know exactly where I'm going!
Sonia: And that would be where, exactly?
Sonic: Anywhere away from Sleet and Dingo.
[His siblings frown at him with their arms crossed.]
Sonia: [Angrily] I knew it! You are lost! Why won't guys ever admit when they're lost?!
Manic: Hey, don't include me in this. I'm on your side.
Sonia: [Angrily] Well you ARE a guy!
Sonic and Manic: Hey, I resent that.
Manic: We should just turn around, head back to Robotropolis.
Sonic: Are you serious? Why don't we just radio ahead and ask Sleet and Dingo to go out dancing.
[Sonic stops the van at the end of a cliff. They look down at Lake Valley Resort, a small Plaza beside the sea.]
Sonic: Wow! Would you look at that!
Sonia: It's like all of Mobius before Robotnik took over!
[They park inside the resort and hop out of the van. Sonic looks around the place.]
Sonic: Am I dreaming or what?
Stripes: Welcome to Lake Valley Resort! I'm Stripes, and you are?
Sonia: I'm Sonia. And these are my brothers, they're Sonic and Manic.
Stripes: [Grabs Sonia's hand] Very pleased to meet you... And your brothers. Not many travelers come through the wasteland. What brings you to our valley?
Manic: [Quickly] Well you know, we were just kicking some SWAT.
[Sonic gives Manic a shove.]
Manic: Ow!
Sonic: Yeah... We're kicking back, seeing the sights as tourists, know what I mean?
Manic: (Whispering) What's with the elbow bro?
Sonic: (Whispering) Don't blab about the resistance till we find out which side they're on!
Sonia: It's all so wonderful! Like how Mobius used to be! How did you manage to save it from Robotnik?
Stripes: We mind our own business and Robotnik leaves us alone. Why should he care about one little valley in all of Mobius?
Sonic: If he doesn't control it, Buttnik cares about it.
Stripes: You... and your brothers are welcome to stay as long as you like.
Sonia: [Excited] Let's do it! [Affectionately] It's so beautiful here.
Sonic: I'm willing and chilling! After all we've been through, we could use a little R&R!

[Scene Change: Lake Valley, evening]

Stripes: I hope you'll be comfortable. It's the best we could do on short notice.
Sonia: It's beautiful!
Stripes: If there's anything you want, just ask.
[He walks away.]
Sonia: This reminds me of vacations with my foster family when I was a child!
Manic: It reminds me of what I never had when I was a kid! But y'know... I could get used to this place!
[They walk outside to the waterfront. A waterfall can be seen ahead.]
Sonic: Don't get too used to it. We still don't know which side Stripes is on.

[Scene Change: Lake Valley, night]

[Stripes presses a button which opens the panel to his computer. On the screen, Robotnik appears.]
Dr. Robotnik: Ah Stripes! I hope you're calling with good news for your sake. Are there strangers in the valley?
Stripes: Yes uh, two, two strangers.
Dr. Robotnik: It's three I'm interested in! Oh well, can't have everything... yet. Are they with the resistance?
Stripes: I, I don't know. But I'll find out.
Dr. Robotnik: Well you better be fast! Remember our deal, I leave your Valley alone if you turn over all members of the resistance to me.
Stripes: Yes sir, I know.
Dr. Robotnik: If they are members of the resistance, you must roboticize them now!
[The screen cuts off]

[Scene Change: Lake Valley, sunrise]

[Manic walks along with Sonic, the latter whom is holding a tennis racket.]
Manic: I can't believe you're gonna play tennis man! That's not usually your racket!
Sonic: No biggie bro. I'm just acting like a tourist while I scope out the village. Something about this place doesn't smell right.
Manic: No offense man, but you worry too much. Have a good game, I think I'll just hang out in the village.
[Sonic zooms in front of him.]
Sonic: Don't forget bro, keep your fingers out of trouble!
Manic: (Scoffs) That's business. I'm on vacation.
Sonic: Try to remember that, know what I'm saying?

[Scene Change]

Sonia: (Yawns) Oo, yum! Ahh... You know, I feel I could get used to this.
[Door bell rings. Sonia opens the door.]
Stripes: I saw this and thought of you.
[Stripes gives Sonia a flower.]
Sonia: It's perfect. Everything's been perfect. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to live like this.
Stripes: We try to keep things in the Valley the way they were. In happier times. Maybe I could show you the sights!
Sonia: Oo, I'd like that!

[Scene Change]

Sonic: Oh Bummer Majores! I missed! Alright, here we go! Right over the net!
[Sonic plays tennis with himself.]
Sonic: Whoa! Good return!
[He carries on shifting sides. He then sits on the umpire's seat.]
Sonic: Out! The ball was over the line! What do ya' man out?! That ball was in by a Mobius mile! That's it, game over! I hate it when I'm a sore loser...

[Scene Change]

Manic: Man, I've never seen so much stuff all in one place!
[A Grocer puts a load of fruit into a large bag for his customer.]
Grocer: There you go, sir.
[Manic whistles, then he steals some fruit and places it in his handbag.]
Grocer: [Taps Manic] Just one minute friend...
Manic: Oops. Busted. Listen, I can explain everything!
Grocer: No need to explain, you must have been hungry pal. Have some more, nothing's too good for one of our guests.
[He passes the bag to Manic]
Manic: Man! I haven't been this loaded down since we raided a Buttnik supply depot!
Grocer: [Angrily] You're with the resistance?! [Slaps the bag off Manic's hands] You're the ones who turned the rest of Mobius into a wasteland!
Manic: Ahh! Oops. Why did I open my big mouth? Listen. You've got things-- seriously badly okay?! The resistance is trying to save Mobius!
[--The Villagers gather and protest at Manic.]
Grocer: If you gave up fighting Robotnik, we'd have peace and things could go back to the way they were!
Manic: With Buttnik in charge?! [Scoffs] Dream on!
All: Get out of here!
[The Villagers protest and shout at Manic. Sonic arrives at the scene.]
Sonic: There's only one guy I know who could heat up a crowd like this.
[Sonic dashes in the crowd and takes Manic away.]
Manic: Thanks bro, but I could've handled things by myself.
[Sonic taps his foot in anger.]
Sonic: I can't leave you alone for a Mobius minute without you swiping things and getting into trouble!
Manic: Hey. It wasn't my sticky fingers that caused the uproar this time. It was the resistance. [He brings out an apple and eats it.] They hate us!
Sonic: [Annoyed] You mention the resistance. I told you not to... Oh, never mind. Don't these guys know Butt-nik's the enemy.
Manic: That's what I was trying to tell them!
Sonic: Something's major weird here.
[Manic chucks his leftover apple in the barrel.]
Sonic: You better find Sonia.

[Scene Change]

Sonia: Everything is so wonderful. I could stay here forever.
Stripes: Why don't you? I've always thought the valley was beautiful, but it's even more beautiful now that you're here.
Sonia: Thanks, but I can't. The work I do with my brothers is too important. I can't turn my back on the rest of Mobius.
Stripes: It's useless to fight Robotnik. The only way to save what's left of Mobius is to make a deal with him.
Sonia: [Angrily] You can't make a deal with someone who wants to destroy everything. Anyone who do that is just too afraid to fight for their freedom!
Stripes: I'm not afraid! [Walks away] I'm only trying to save my home!

[The song, "Listen To Your Heart", plays]

[Sonia folds her arms and becomes miserable.]
Sonic: [Off-screen] Yo! Sis!
[She gasps and turns to her brothers.]
Sonic: We got a prob, and we're talking biggie.
Manic: You know the resistance isn't exactly numero uno around here.
Sonia: Stripes feels the same way. There must be some way to make Stripes... to make them change their minds about the resistance.
Manic: Well, well, if they're not from the resistance, how have they kept butt-nik from messing with the valley?
[He pounds on the rock with his drumsticks.]
Sonia: Stripes said that the only way to save what's left of Mobius is to make a deal with Robotnik. You don't think...
Sonic: There's one way to find out.

[Scene Change: Lake Valley, night]

[Stripes is walking away from the town center. Sonic hides behind a hut and looks around. He then zooms behind a tree and looks again. Stripes is seen entering a building. Sonic looks inside the window while Stripes presses a button on his computer. Robotnik appears on his monitor.]
Robotnik: What do you have to report, Stripes?
Stripes: Sonic and Manic are here.
Robotnik: What about Sonia? If her brothers are there, she should be close by.
Stripes: There's no sign of Sonia. I'll... I'll keep looking for her.
Robotnik: See that you do, but don't let Sonic and Manic get away! Sleet and Dingo will take care of those troublesome hedgehogs... this time.
Sonic: Bummer Majores! We've been sold out!
[He zooms off. Robotnik turns off his monitor and snickers.]
Robotnik: It'll be a pleasure roboticizing Sonic and Manic, and then I'll deal with your sister later. Take plenty of Swatbots with you and destroy that valley! Once those annoying hedgehogs are gone, I won't need Stripes' help anymore.

[Scene Change: Outside, day]

Manic: Hoho! Stripes has a lot of worries trying to protect this valley. You probably didn't mean it about dealing with butt-nik. Of course, we're talking hypothetical, know what I mean, sis?
[Manic throws some pebbles into the lake. Sonia is sitting on a rock in misery.]
Manic: Yo, sis? Here I am trying to cheer you up, and you're not even listening?
Sonia: I'm sorry, Manic. Did you say something?
[Sonic arrives in a panicky state.]
Sonic: Stripes has rammed us out the public.
Sonia: [Angrily points at Sonic] He'd never do that! I don't believe you! You never liked Stripes, you've always been afraid I'd want to stay here!
Sonia: Believe what you want to believe, sis, but I know what I heard. We gotta make tracks and not look back.

[Scene Change: Lake Valley, night]

[Stripes blocks Sonia from exiting the place.]
Stripes: I can't let you leave.
Sonia: I can't believe you told Robotnik about us.
Stripes: Not you, Sonia. Just about Sonic and Manic. I'm sorry but there's no other way to keep the valley safe.
Sonia: [Angrily points at Stripes] I never desert my brothers, or the resistance!
Stripes: The resistance will never be able to defeat Robotnik! I'm only doing what I have to do for everyone here in the valley!
Sonia: What about the rest of Mobius?!
Stripes: I can't do anything about the rest of Mobius.
Sonic: It's been fun but we gotta run.
[Sonic zooms to the Camper Van, knocking over two bodyguards along the way.]
Sonic: Let's haul some serious hunch.
[He dodges a Swatbot laser.]
Sleet: Done well, Stripes, holding this resistance scum for us. And you even have the lovely Sonia? Excellent. [Orderly] Roboticize everyone in the valley, and get rid of all this green stuff!
[Wheeled robots with large pincers grip the trees. The attached laser cuts through the branch and the robots throw them flat on the ground.]
Stripes: [Nervous] I had a deal with Robotnik!
Sleet: Deal's off. Robotnik doesn't need you any more, not that we have the royal siblings.
[Sonic cuts in angrily.]
Sonic: Don't count your siblings before they're catched!
[Sonic grabs Manic and Sonia's hand. He spin dashes across a group of Swatbots towards the Camper Van. They head in quickly and close the door behind a charging Swatbot, which hits the van and falls. Sonic, on the steering wheel, drives it away from the valley.]
Sonia: We can't just run away! We've got to help Stripes, no matter what he's done.
Sonic: No prob, sis. I'm not running, I'm just picking up a little speed. Time for juicing and reducing!
[Stripes is introduced to the vehicle with the Roboticizer machine in the room.]
Sleet: This will hurt you more than it will me I'm glad to say, but look on the bright side. At least you won't have to tell Robotnik how Sonic and the others got away.
[Dingo walks Stripes into the room and pushes him into the chamber pod. The chamber doors close, but at the same time, an alarm sounds. Back outside, the Camper Van knocks over two more Swatbots. Sleet stands outside on the doorway.]
Sleet: This time, don't let the hedgehogs escape!
[The van parks and all the doors open. Sonic spins out from the rear, Sonia leaps from the roof and Manic jumps from the side door.]
Manic: Let's party hardy! The Manic man is here!
[He runs forward. Sonia somersaults onto a platform and touches her medallion which generates her keyboard. She runs along the platform inside the Roboticizer room and shoots her weapon at the chamber. It explodes instantly in a puff of smoke, soon revealing Stripes.]
Sonia: I oughta let them roboticize you, but I'm not that kind of girl.
Stripes: I'm sorry, Sonia. I was wrong.
Sonia: Then welcome... to the resistance.
[She points her weapon to the control panel, where Dingo is standing in her way. He panics and dives away while she blasts her weapon at the panel.]
Stripes: Villagers, come on! They're trying to save our valley! They need our help!
[The villagers run towards the troublesome area and join in the fight, with shouting heard in the background. They pick up fruit and throw them towards the Swatbots' eyes. Blinded, the Swatbots shoot each other and destroy themselves, with Manic retreating from the explosions. One villager pushes a wheelbarrow of fruit towards a Pincer Bot. A nearby villager panics and run away as it hits and breaks the robot, with fruit flying everywhere. The wheelbarrow and the robot collide into the sea. The robot becomes afloat and explodes itself.]
Sonic: Let's tease them and squeeze them!
[Sonic sees two Pincer Bots and zooms into the line of one's claw attack and jumps on the other bot. He sticks his tongue out at the first pincer. The first bot tries to pound Sonic with its pincer, but he evades it, instead hitting the other pincer bot, and causing them both to explode. Manic jumps onto the head of a Swatbot. It tries to shake Manic off, but he hangs on.]
Manic: Man, can you dig the cymbalism?
[He taps his drum sticks on it, leaving a yellow glow on the robot. He jumps off of it, and it explodes.]
Manic: [Juggles his stick] Just to help make them like they used to.
Sleet: We've got to stop those hedgehogs. Be ready to grab Sonic!
[Sleet transforms Dingo into a barrel. He jumps on top of it.]
Sleet: Afraid to face me one-on-one, Sonic?
Sonic: In your face, any place!
[Sonic zooms around the barrel and pulls off a surprise attack on Sleet, knocking him over and falling into the sea.]
Sonic: Never could resist the challenge. Know what I mean?
[The barrel shakes. Sonic tries to keep his balance.]
Sonic: What's this? Ow!
[Dingo's hands clasp Sonic, but he loses his balance and falls on his side, and then is flown up in the air. As he falls, Sonic catches him with his feet and juggles him on its side, making Dingo exclaim in dizziness. Eventually Sonic kicks the spinning barrel high in the air and into the sea. Sleet finds the barrel afloat and transforms it back to normal.]
Dingo: [Babbling and coughing with water]
Sleet: You've got a lot of explaining to Robotnik to do!
Dingo: Me?! You're the one in charge!
Sleet: Does that make it my fault?!
Dingo: Sounds good to me.
Sleet: You're the one who had your hands on Sonic, and let him get away! Robotnik is not going to like it.

[Scene Change: Lake Valley, day]

[The hedgehogs and Stripes are gathered around the Camper Van with villagers in the background.]
Stripes: I know now I can't make deals. I found a new way to protect the valley. Fighting against Robotnik! You could still stay and fight by my side.
[Stripes and Sonia join hands.]
Sonia: I wish I could, but my place is with my brothers. I'll always be glad to have you as a part of the resistance, and as a friend. Maybe the next time we need a little rest and relaxation, we'll be back.
[Strips nods. Sonia walks away from him and joins Manic inside the van.]
Sonic: Yeah, there's nothing more relaxing than kicking some Swat-butt!
[The Camper Van closes the side door and leaves the area. The Villagers wave goodbye along with Stripes.]
Stripes: Goodbye, Sonic!
[The camera cuts to the van. The screen circles out on it and goes black. The credits appear.]