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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
The Last Resort (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "The Last Resort".

[The episode begins with a view of a field. The camera moves to the right side of the screen, where the city of Popodopolis is. A cloud of smoke emits from behind a building.]

Mayor Fumfer: Ahem! Citizens of Popodopolis,

[A view inside the city of Popodopolis is now shown as the citizens stare at an image of Mayor Fumfer on a television screen. As Fumfer talks, a laser beam fires past him]

Fumfer: This is Mayor Fumfer Speaking. We are under a major robot attack!

[Three robots, one of whom is a yellow version of Davy Sprocket, march through the streets of Popodopolis. A Poodle Lady screams as she stares in shock.]

Poodle Lady: Robot attack!

[Fumfer points his right thumb at himself.]

Fumfer: As long as I am mayor, the robots will never take over this city!

[The three robots stop, and Fumfer points his right index finger at them.]

Fumfer: Uh, without a permit! All attacking robots have to fill out these forms first, in quadruplicate!

[Fumfer pulls out a stack of forms with both his hands. A beam fires at the screen, which somehow destroys the stack of forms. Fumfer chuckles nervously.]

Fumfer: Never mind!
Poodle Lady: We're doomed! Oh, if only Sonic the Hedgehog were here!

[The citizens of Popodopolis back up as Sonic runs between them and the robots.]

Sonic: You called? I heard you have a few...

[Sonic turns to face the robots, then stares in shock at them and trembles.]

Sonic: Huge robots you need taken care of!

[The Orange Robot points his left index finger at Sonic.]

Orange Robot: You got a problem, pipsqueak?

[Tails flies up to Sonic.]

Tails: Whoa! Look at the size of 'em!
Sonic: This is gonna be trickier than I thought!

[The Orange Robot beeps, then opens his head. A satellite dish emerges from it and picks up a beam. It then lowers into the Orange Robot's body, and a white flag emerges from it.]

Orange Robot: Halt! New orders! We give up! Attack cancelled!

[The Orange Robot's head closes, and he and the two other robots run away.]

Tails: They're retreating!

[Sonic scratches his head with his right index finger in confusion.]

Sonic: That's just plain weird! The only guy who could call off a robot attack like that is...
Dr. Robotnik: Attention, beloved citizens of Mobius!

[Sonic and Tails look up.]

Sonic and Tails: Dr. Robotnik!

[Sonic, Tails, and the citizens of Popodopolis turn to face Robotnik, who is now on the screen. He is wearing a green sweater and holding a pipe in his right hand.]

Robotnik: I appear today to make a historic announcement. I have decided to announce my retirement, effective immediately!
Sonic: What?
Tails: No way!

[Robotnik is in his fortress, sitting in a chair near the fireplace, and holding the pipe in his left hand as Momma Robotnik is pouring tea from a teapot she is holding in her right hand into some cups.]

Robotnik: Yes way! I hereby forsake all nefarious activities to live a life of devotion to my mother!

[The camera zooms out on Robotnik and Momma Robotnik.]

Robotnik: Poor dear, she's so old and feeble now, she can barely speak! In honor of my retirement, I'd like to present myself with this gold watch!

[Robotnik holds up a gold watch in his left hand.]

Sonic: Huh?
Robotnik: I had a little something engraved;

[Tears emit from Robotnik's eyes.]

Robotnik: To Dr. Robotnik, from Dr. Robotnik, with love.

[Robotnik wipes his eyes with his right index finger.]

Robotnik: How thoughtful of me!

[Robotnik tosses the watch aside, and it breaks.]

Robotnik: Well, goodbye, Mobius, I'll miss all the little people I trampled on the way out! That hedgehog! Hedgehog, you, Sonic!

[Sonic taps his left foot impatiently.]

Sonic: Yeah? I'm waiting!

[Robotnik covers his face with his right hand.]

Robotnik: I think I'll miss you most of all! Farewell, Mobius! And, uh...

[Robotnik ducks, then emerges, dressed like a hippie. He holds up his left index and middle fingers.]

Robotnik: Peace!

[Static appears onscreen, then a black screen with the words, STAY TUNED FOR COMING ATTRACTIONS in red letters.]

Sonic: What was that all about?
Tails: I don't know! Do you think he means it?
Sonic: Retirin' to spend time with Momma? I don't think so! Come on! Let's go find out what our old pal, Robotnik is really up to!

[Sonic runs away, and Tails flies behind him. An image of Sonic spinning is used as a transition to the next scene, where Sonic and Tails are standing outside Robotnik's fortress as the camera zooms in on them.]

Tails: You mean we just ring the doorbell? What if it's a trap?
Sonic: Then we escape!

[Sonic presses the doorbell with his right index finger, and it rings. He then walks back to Tails.]

Sonic: But this way, we'll know for sure if he's really retired!
Momma Robotnik: Boopsie, answer that infernal bell, it's giving me a headache!

[Sonic and Tails turn their attention to Momma Robotnik.]

Robotnik: Yes, Momma!
Momma Robotnik: And bring me some tea, and cookies, and-and fish cakes! And don't forget the hot water bottle!

[Sonic and Tails turn to face the front doors.]

Robotnik: Yes, Momma!

[Robotnik opens the front doors with both his hands.]

Robotnik: Sonic the Hedgehog?

[Robotnik claps his hands.]

Robotnik: Oh, joy! Sonic the Hedgehog, my old nemesis!

[Robotnik chuckles, then turns to face Tails.]

Robotnik: And your little friend, Tails, too! What a pleasant surprise! Come in, come in!

[Sonic and Tails turn to face each other, and their jaws drop to the floor. Robotnik puts his left hand on Sonic's right shoulder, and his right hand on Tails' left shoulder.]

Robotnik: Can I offer you something to eat?

[Robotnik picks Sonic and Tails up. In the next scene, Sonic, Tails, Robotnik, and Momma Robotnik are all sitting at the table near the fireplace as the camera zooms in on them. Robotnik is now holding the teapot in his right hand.]

Robotnik: Tea?
Tails: Sure!

[Robotnik pours tea into Tails' teacup. He then holds the teapot over Sonic's teacup.]

Robotnik: Tea?

[Sonic holds out his left hand like a stop sign.]

Sonic: No thanks!

[Robotnik chuckles.]

Robotnik: It's not poison, you know! The old Robotnik probably would have poisoned it, but now,

[A close-up of Robotnik's mouth is shown as he talks.]

Robotnik: I just love sharing a cozy hot cup of lapsang souchong tea!

[Robotnik overfills his teacup with tea, causing it to overflow.]

Momma Robotnik: Boopsie, you nincompoop, you're spilling the tea!
Robotnik: Oh, I'm sorry, Momma! Here, I'll wipe it up for you!

[Robotnik sets the teapot down on the table, and removes his sweater with both his hands, revealing a tattoo of a heart that says, MOM with a plunger going through it on his chest. Robotnik is now holding his sweater in his right hand and uses it to clean the table. Sonic nods his head, "No", then gasps when he sees Robotnik. He then stands up and holds out his right hand like a stop sign.]

Sonic: Okay, I've seen enough! Thanks for all the good times, Robotnik! It's been real!

[Sonic turns to face Tails.]

'Sonic: Come on, Tails, we're out of here!

[Sonic points his right thumb behind himself. Tails is now holding a fish cake in his right hand, and his teacup in his left!]

Tails: Just a sec, Sonic, these fish cakes are pretty good!

[Sonic grabs Tails by his left tail with his right hand and pulls him away, causing him to spill his tea, which is used as a transition to the next scene, where a view of a lake is shown. The camera moves to the right side of the screen, where Sonic and Tails are playing checkers near a fallen tree and a log cabin. Tails is about to make a move.]

Sonic: You gonna make a move or what?
Tails: Okay! Oops, no!
Sonic: I'm waiting!
Tails: All right, already! There!
Sonic: Boy, this retirement stuff is for slow-mos!
Fumfer: Hello!

[Sonic and Tails turn to face Fumfer.]

Fumfer: There you are, I've been looking all over for you boys!

[Fumfer, who is holding the key to the city of Popodopolis in both his hands, walks up to Sonic and Tails.]

Sonic: Mayor Fumfer?
Fumfer: Greetings and felicitations, bored heroes! In thanks for saving our town, we gratefully present you with the key to the City!

[Fumfer tosses the key at Sonic, which flattens him. Sonic grunts as he is hit.]

Sonic (wearily): Gee, thanks!

[Fumfer reaches into his right pocket with his right hand and pulls out a piece of paper.]

Fumfer: And also this! That is, if you're interested.
Sonic (wearily): What is it?
Fumfer: Courtesy of the Last Resort travel agency, a Super Sonic action adventures thrill-seekers holiday tour package, uh, for two!
Tails: Cool-a-mundo! We'll take it!
Sonic: Sounds radical! What's the catch?

[Fumfer nods his head, "No".]

Fumfer: Uh, no catch, just a token of our gratitude for your years of fighting that terrible Dr. Robotnik!
Sonic: Nah, I don't think it's such a good idea! Robotnik could still be trouble!
Fumfer: But he's retired, hasn't he?
Sonic: Well, yeah, so he says, but I...

[Before Sonic can finish, Tails pulls on his right arm with both his hands.]

Tails: Aw, come on, Sonic! Robotnik's history! And you're goin' nutso just hangin' out all the time! You need a vacation!

[Sonic nods his head, "No".]

Sonic: I don't know...
Tails: Please?
Sonic: Okay, okay!

[Tails runs in place excitedly.]

Tails: Yahoo!

[Tails jumps into the air.]

Sonic: When do we leave?
Fumfer: Uh, your holiday begins... right now!

[As Fumfer continues talking to Sonic and Tails, a jet ski floats up to them.]

Fumfer: You'll water-ski aboard this auto-piloted, 220 bazillion horsepowered, fully equipped hydrofoil to the beautiful island resort of Sanpelagroso! Once there, your personal tour director will lead you on a two-day rendezvous with adventure!
Sonic: Cool!
Tails: All right!
Fumfer: Uh, climb on board, boys!

[Sonic and Tails jump into the jet ski and drive it away.]

Tails: Thanks, Mayor Fumfer!

[Fumfer waves his left hand at Sonic and Tails.]

Fumfer: Bon voyage! Farewell! Goodbye, and good riddance!

[Fumfer is now revealed to be a robot, and he opens his chest compartment with his left hand. He reaches in with his right hand and pulls out his Robocom phone.]

Fumfer: Robot secret agent Fumfer here.

[Robotnik suddenly appears on the right side of the screen, holding his phone in his left hand.]

Fumfer: The hedgehog bought it, your malignancy! He's on his way to the island now!
Robotnik: Ah, excellent work, Fumfer! You're fired!
Fumfer: Fired? Why? I did my job perfectly!
Robotnik: Exactly! That's why...

[Robotnik turns to face Fumfer and points his right index finger at him.]

Robotnik: I don't need you anymore!

[Robotnik somehow manages to push Fumfer away with his right hand. He then hangs up his phone and pushes the left side of the screen away with both his hands. He then turns to face his control panel and slams his left fist on it.]

Robotnik: The most fabulously fiendish of my fiendish plots is hatched, and Sonic's little trip to the Last Resort will be the vacation to end all vacations!

[Robotnik presses a button on his control panel with his right index finger. The screen turns on, revealing the coordinates of the Last Resort, which is an island with a skull and crossbones on it. Robotnik laughs evilly. The screen then transitions to the next scene, where Tails is now driving the jet ski, pulling Sonic, who is holding onto the rope handle with both his hands, and standing atop a surfboard.]

Sonic: Yahoo!
Tails: Great vacation, huh, Sonic?

[Sonic spins.]

Sonic: Yahoo!

[Sonic's top quill is now holding onto the handle. Sonic then grabs the handle with both his hands and leaps into the air. He stands on the surfboard with his left foot, then lands atop the water.]

Sonic: I don't know why we didn't do this a long time ago, little bro!

[Sonic laughs as the camera cuts to a view under the water, then down to a Jaws as it swims through the water. Scratch and Grounder are revealed to be in its control center, which is located in its eyes.]

Scratch: The hedgehog's overhead! Activate the tidal wave machine! Bwahahaha!

[Scratch pulls the lever back with his left hand, and the top of the Jaws opens. The tidal wave machine rises from it.]

Grounder: Cowabunga, dude!

[Grounder laughs as the tidal wave machine spins, creating a tidal wave that chases after Sonic and Tails.]

Sonic: Yes, Sir, this vacation gig is way past cool!

[Tails turns to face Sonic and gasps when he sees the tidal wave chasing him.]

Tails: Tidal wave!
Sonic: What?
Tails: Tidal wave!
Sonic: Try a wave?

[Sonic waves his right hand at Tails.]

Sonic: Sounds like a plan to me, little bud!
Tails: No, tidal wave!

[The tidal wave washes over Sonic and Tails, who manage to escape from it.]

Sonic: Whee! Tubular!

[Inside the Jaws, Scratch looks down at his radar, which beeps.]

Scratch: D'oh, that miserable hedgehog! Come on, we'll get him this time! Activate the hydrofoil biceptor blade!

[Grounder pulls the lever back with his right hand. The top of the Jaws opens, and the hydrofoil biceptor blade rises from it.]

Grounder: Slices, dices, and sinks hedgehogs!

[Grounder laughs as the hydrofoil biceptor blade rises up. It slices through the middle of the jet ski, slicing it in half.]

Tails: Uh-oh!

[Sonic surfs up to Tails, then sinks next to him.]

Scratch: Ho ho! It worked! Release the Choppers! Bwahahaha!

[Grounder pulls the lever back with his left hand. The top of the Jaws opens.]

Grounder: Aye-aye, Captain! Choppers away!

[Grounder laughs as a trio of Choppers swim up to Sonic and Tails.]

Sonic: Hey, Tails, remember those fish cakes we ate at Robotnik's?
Tails: Yeah?

[The three Choppers swim towards Sonic and Tails.]

Sonic: Well, it looks like it's our turn to be fish food!

[The camera zooms out on Sonic and Tails, and the screen fades to black. In the next scene, the Choppers continue swimming towards Sonic and Tails.]

Tails: What'll we do, Sonic?
Sonic: We came here to water-ski, right? So I'm gonna water-ski!

[Sonic holds the rope to the jet ski in both his hands, spins it like a lasso, and tosses it at the Choppers, catching them in it.]

Tails: Bulls-eye!
Sonic: Whoops! Look out!

[Sonic gasps, then holds his breath as he ducks into the water. Tails flies into the air just in time as the Choppers swim past him and Sonic. The Choppers pull Sonic out of the water.]

Sonic: Get along, little doggies! Yippie-ki-yo-ki-yay!

[The Choppers swim counter-clockwise, with Sonic in tow.]

Tails: Yee-ha! Ride 'em, Sonic!

[Tails flies away. A view of the Jaws is now shown as it swims under the water.]

Grounder: Aw, Sonic's okay! We blew it!

[The Jaws swims away. The screen transitons to the next scene, where the Choppers continue to pull Sonic across the water as Tails flies behind them. Tails points his left index finger at the Island of Sanpelagroso in the distance.]

Tails: Land ho!

[The Choppers swim onto the Island of Sanpelagroso. Sonic grunts as he tumbles past the Choppers and lands near Guido.]

Guido: Nice speedrun, amigo, but you lost some style points on the dismount! Greetings, adventurers, and welcome to Sanpelagroso and the Last Resort!

[Sonic stands up and dusts off both his arms as Tails flies up to him.]

Sonic: Who are you?

[Guido points his right thumb at himself.]

Guido: I'm Guido, your personal tour guide, thrill monitor, and all around happenin' dude!

[Guido pulls out a mirror with his right hand and lifts his sunglasses with his left as he looks into the mirror.]

Guido: Enjoy the ride in?

[Two Wolf Hula Dancers walk in, holding leis in both their hands, which they put over Sonic and Tails' hands. One of them kisses Tails' right cheek.]

Tails: Yuck!

[Sonic points his right thumb at the Choppers.]

Sonic: What's the story with those Choppers? They're Robotnik's toys!

[The Choppers chomp on the rope.]

Guido: Robotnik? Didn't you hear, he's retired, man! We picked up those bots cheap at a garage sale!

[Sonic holds up his left index finger.]

Sonic: But...
Guido: No time to chat, prince!

[Guido points his right index finger at Sonic, then adjusts his sunglasses with his left hand.]

Guido: You're late for your first adventure!

[A spark is used as a transition to the next scene, where a view of a river is shown. The camera moves to the right side of the screen, where Sonic, Tails, and Guido are standing next to a pair of kayaks. Sonic is holding an oar in his left hand, and Tails is holding an oar in his right.]

Guido: White water kayaking!
Tails: Totally cool!
Sonic: Now you're talkin'!

[Tails grunts as he and Sonic jump into their kayaks. Suddenly, locks lock over them.]

Sonic: Hey, what gives?
Guido: That's what makes it so exciting!

[Guido pushes Sonic and Tails' kayaks into the river with both his hands. As Sonic and Tails struggle to row across the river, Guido opens his chest compartment with his right hand, revealing him to be a robot, and pulls out his microphone with his left hand.]

Guido: Robo-agent Guido here. Sonic and Tails are coming your way, Scratch! Later!

[Guido puts his microphone back into his chest compartment. He closes it with his left hand and laughs evilly. Sonic and Tails row across the river.]

Sonic: Ah, this is the good life! Livin' on the edge, never knowin' what's around the next bend!

[As Sonic and Tails row across the river, the camera moves to the right side of the screen, where a waterfall is. The camera then moves down to the bottom of the waterfall, where Scratch and Grounder are waiting behind a boulder.]

Scratch: Ah, this is the good life!

[Grounder is revealed to be holding a remote control in his left hand.]

Scratch: Knowing exactly what's around the next bend! Activate the riverbed of nails! Bwahahaha!
Grounder: Activating!

[Grounder presses the button on the remote with his right thumb, and spikes rise from below the waterfall. A light shines off one of the spikes.]

Grounder: Now, let's see how the hedgehog likes that set of spines! Ha ha ha ha!

[Sonic continues rowing across the river, and looks back at Tails.]

Sonic: Come on, Tails! Quit bein' a slow-mo!

[Sonic looks ahead and stares in shock.]

Sonic: Huh?

[A view of the edge of the waterfall is shown as the camera zooms in on it.]

Sonic: Look out, Tails! It's a waterfall!

[Sonic goes over the waterfall. Tails hits a rock with his oar, which stops his kayak. He jumps out, and the kayak floats away, then goes over the waterfall.]

Sonic: Now this is my idea of a good time!

[Sonic rows faster, and Tails' kayak floats past him.]

Sonic: Huh?

[Tails' kayak falls through one of the spikes. Sonic rows his way back up the waterfall as Tails holds onto the oar for his life with both his hands.]

Tails: Sonic!

[The oar breaks, and Tails falls into the water.]

Tails: Help!

[Sonic rows onto land and spins through his kayak, splitting it in half. The water carries Tails towards the waterfall.]

Tails: Help!

[Sonic cuts a trench near some rocks.]

Sonic: With a little help, those rocks'll roll!

[The rocks roll into the water, blocking the river. Tails screeches to a halt just before he can fall over the waterfall. Sonic runs up to him, grabs him by his right hand with his right hand, and runs away, with him in tow. Scratch and Grounder are now standing in the now-empty spot under the waterfall.]

Grounder: Hey, all the water's gone!

[The force of the water pushes the rocks aside, causing water to flow through the river again. Scratch hits Grounder with his left hand, and Grounder rubs his head with his left drill.]

Scratch: D'oh, the water's not gone, ratchet-head! It was just stopped up for a while!

[Scratch looks up at the water, then holds up his right index finger and stares in shock.]

Scratch: See? Here it comes now!

[The water falls back down the waterfall.]

Grounder: Oh, good. I was getting worried!

[The water from the waterfall washes Scratch and Grounder away. Sonic and Tails are now standing near the river. As Tails dries himself off with a yellow towel he is holding in both his hands, Sonic is drying himself off with a light blue towel he is holding in both his hands.]

Tails: Wow! That was exciting, wasn't it, Sonic?
Sonic: Yeah, maybe too exciting. I'm beginning to wonder about this place!

[Guido runs up to Sonic and Tails.]

Guido: No time to wonder, chums! Gotta keep those spills and chills comin' at you, or you won't have any fun!

[A spark is used as a transition to the next scene, which takes place outside the El Capital volcano. The camera zooms in on Sonic, Tails, and Guido.]

Guido: You two wild men are gonna climb El Capital!

[Guido is holding a rope in his left hand, and he hands it to Sonic.]

Guido: Here's your rope!

[Sonic grabs the rope with his left hand.]

Sonic: I don't need a rope! I go up mountains...

[Sonic runs up to the middle of El Capital, and Tails lands near him.]

Sonic: The easy way!
Guido: But this is different, Amigos! First of all, El Capital is an active volcano!

[Lava flows from the top of El Capital. Guido is revealed to be standing next to a pedal.]

Guido: And second, heh, you're gonna be climbin' it from the inside!

[Guido presses the lever with his left foot, and Sonic and Tails are revealed to be standing atop a trap door. The trap door opens, and they fall through it.]

Sonic and Tails: Whoa!

[The trap door belches. Guido then pulls his microphone out of his chest compartment with his left hand.]

Guido: They're in, guys! Blast when ready!

[Sonic and Tails continue falling through El Capital.]

Sonic and Tails: Whoa!
Sonic: Help!

[Sonic and Tails grunt as they land on a rock. Sonic looks to his left side, and screams as the rock begins to sink. Tails flies into the air, and points his left index finger at Sonic.]

Tails: You're sinking!

[Sonic stands up and jumps across the other rocks, with Tails flying behind him as they sink.]

Tails: This place is treacherous!
Sonic: Yeah, I like it!

[Sonic and Tails look up, and see the exit to El Capital.]

Sonic: Only one way out! Straight up!

[Sonic holds the rope in both his hands and spins it like a lasso in his left hand. He tosses it at the ledge, and pulls on it.]

Sonic: Alley oop!

[The rope pulls Sonic into the air, and Tails flies behind him. A trap door opens, and Scratch and Grounder, the former of whom is holding a remote control in both his hands, emerge from it. The camera zooms in on Scratch and Grounder as the former turns to face the latter.]

Scratch: Grounder, I love this plan!
Grounder: Me, too! That ledge they're about to reach is packed full of dynamite!
Scratch: Yeah, and as soon as they reach the ledge...

[Grounder's head rises from his body.]

Grounder: Blam! Hedgehog hash!

[Scratch turns to face Grounder.]

Scratch: Dr. Robotnik will be so proud of us! Bwahahaha!

[Grounder laughs as Scratch presses the button on the remote control with his left index finger. A fireball shoots out from a hole as Sonic and Tails reach the top of the ledge. Tails screams as he stares in shock.]

Tails: Look out! A fireball!

[Tails points his right index finger at the fireball, which heads towards him and Sonic.]

Sonic: If you can't stand the heat, beat feet!

[Tails flies away, and Sonic runs after him just in time as the fireball hits the ledge, creating a cloud of grey smoke. Scratch and Grounder look up.]

Grounder: Did we get him?
Scratch: I don't know! I can't see through all the falling rocks!
Grounder: Huh?

[An avalanche of rocks fall on Scratch and Grounder.]

Grounder: Yeah.

[Grounder sighs.]

Grounder: I see what you mean!

[Sonic looks down at the avalanche below as Tails flies up to him.]

Sonic: Not bad for one day, huh, little bro?
Tails: Yeah! I can't wait till' tomorrow! Bungee jumping and sky-diving!

[Sonic gears up to run.]

Sonic: Come on! Last one down the slope's a slow-mo!

[Sonic runs down the slope, and Tails flies behind him. An outline of Sonic spinning is used as a transition to the next scene, where a view outside Robotnik's fortress is shown as the camera zooms in on it.]

Robotnik: You still haven't gotten Sonic?
Grounder: Um, no, your supreme cruelness, Sir!

[Inside Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik is standing near Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: What about all my evilly genius traps?
Scratch: Uh,

[Scratch chuckles.]

Scratch: The hedgehog seems to be enjoying them!
Robotnik: I arrange an all-expenses-paid adventure holiday for the hedgehog, and he has the unmitigated gall to have fun?! I hate that hedgehog!

[Robotnik turns to face Momma Robotnik as she walks up to him.]

Momma Robotnik: Well, bubbala, is that pesky Sonic taken care of?

[Robotnik ducks his head into his shirt.]

Robotnik: Uh, not yet, Momma!
Momma Robotnik: Well, hurry up! My corns are killing me, and you've got a planet to conquer!
Robotnik: Yes, Momma!

[Robotnik turns to face Grounder and picks him up with both his hands.]

Robotnik: What adventures are left on Sonic's schedule?
Grounder: Uh, skydiving!
Robotnik: Ha ha ha ha!

[Robotnik drops Grounder, who grunts as he hits the ground with a crash.]

Robotnik: Skydiving! Perfectly perilous! I'm coming out of retirement to personally see to it that Sonic bites the big cupcake!
Scratch: Hey-hey! What about us?
Grounder: We're not... fired, are we?
Robotnik: D'oh, of course not! You two are too incompetent to be fired! You have to stay here and take care of Momma!

[Robotnik points his left index finger at Scratch and Grounder as he walks away.]

Scratch: Not that! Anything but that!

[Momma Robotnik reaches into her dress with her left hand and pulls out her girdle.]

Momma Robotnik: Now, who wants to iron my girdle?

[Scratch and Grounder look at each other, then gear up to run away.]

Scratch and Grounder: Wai-hai-hait! We want to be fired!

[Scratch and Grounder run away, and Momma Robotnik's girdle is used as a transition to the next scene, where a view of a plane is shown as the camera zooms in on it.]

Tails: I thought we were supposed to be bungee-jumping next!

[Inside the plane, Sonic and Tails are wearing parachutes and sitting on a bench as Guido stands in front of them.]

Guido: Change of plans! We're goin' straight for the big cheese, jumping out of a plane at twelve thousand feet!

[Guido walks away.]

Sonic: Too bad. I was all ready for bungee jumping!

[Guido looks into the plane and points his right thumb at the pilot.]

Guido: Have fun, thrill-seekers! Your pilot'll take good care of you!

[Sonic and Tails turn to face the pilot, whose shadow is revealed to be Robotnik's. Robotnik signals Sonic and Tails with his right hand, then walks away. He is now in the pilot's seat, and grabs the lever with his right hand.]

Robotnik: Oh, I'll take care of them, all right!

[Robotnik laughs evilly as he pushes the lever forward, starting up the plane.]

Robotnik: Just like I took care of Sonic's parachute!

[The plane flies into the air. Robotnik puts a teal hankerchief with a red R on it that he is holding in his left hand over his mouth to disguise his voice.]

Robotnik: Okay, thrill-seekers! Twelve thousand feet! Time to jump!
Tails: That voice sounds familiar!
Sonic: It's Robotnik!
Tails: Robotnik?
Sonic: Yeah, but don't sweat it! Let's have some fun, son!

[Sonic and Tails walk up to the doorway.]

Tails: You sure, Sonic?
Sonic: One, two, three, jump!

[Sonic and Tails jump out of the plane.]

Sonic and Tails: Yahoo!
Robotnik: This is one time the hedgehog won't get away! I'll put the plane on Auto Pilot!

[Robotnik presses the Auto Pilot button with his right index finger. He then walks up to the doorway, wearing a parachute and goggles, the latter of which he adjusts with his right hand.]

Robotnik: And follow them so I can watch their unhappy landings!

[Robotnik jumps out of the plane.]

Sonic: Six thousand feet! Pull the ripcord!

[Sonic pulls the ripcord to his parachute with his left hand, but instead of his parachute emerging, various foods, plates, and utensils fly out of it.]

Sonic: Oh no! My parachute's been sabotaged!

[Tails pulls his ripcord with his left hand, and various clothes fly out of it.]

Tails: Mine, too!

[Robotnik falls down to Sonic and Tails.]

Robotnik: Your chutes are shot, you miserable pests! Now I am free to conquer Mobius!

[Robotnik pulls his ripcord with his left hand, and his parachute emerges.]

Sonic: Do me a favor, Tails! Unzip my pack!

[Tails uses his Tails to fly, then reaches into Sonic's backpack with his left hand.]

Sonic: Now take that hook, and attach it to the plane!
Tails: Okay!

[Tails grabs the hook and bungee cord with both his hands. He flies up to the plane and grunts as he attaches the hook to the doorway. Sonic continues to fall towards El Capital, but his fall is slowed to a halt by the bungee cord, which pulls him back up.]

Sonic: I had a feeling those bungee cords would come in handy!

[Sonic is pulled up towards Robotnik, and spins through the drawstrings of his parachute, cutting them.]

Robotnik: Momma!

[Robotnik falls.]

Robotnik: No!

[On the Island of Sanpelagroso below, Guido taps his right foot impatiently.]

Guido: Where's Robotnik? He should be here by now with my pay-o!
Robotnik: No!

[Guido looks up as Robotnik's shadow looms over him.]

Guido: Oh, yeah, here he comes! Oh, no!

[Robotnik lands on Guido, and they grunt as Robotnik creates a crater, which the camera zooms in on. Robotnik climbs to the edge with both his hands. He has a lump on his head, and grey smoke emits from it.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[Robotnik falls into the crater. Sonic is pulled back into the plane, and lands near Tails.]

Sonic: All right, that was fun! But come on, Tails, we're burnin' daylight!

[Sonic and Tails run to the cockpit. Sonic jumps into the driver's seat, and Tails jumps into the passenger's seat. They put on their seatbelts with both their hands, then Sonic presses a button with his left index finger and grabs the control stick with both his hands.]

Tails: Where are we goin', Sonic?
Sonic: Anyplace there's adventure!
Tails: Yippee! Here we go again!

[Sonic flies the plane towards the sun as the screen irises out, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic and Tails are in sleeping bags. Sonic is still asleep, while Tails wakes up and gets out of his sleeping bag.]

Tails: I think I'll go exploring, before Sonic wakes up!

[As Tails walks away, Sonic wakes up. He stands up and looks around, but can't find Tails.]

Sonic: Tails? Where are you, little bro?

[Sonic looks behind some boulders, when Tails comes back.]

Tails: Hi, Sonic! What you lookin' for?
Sonic: Well, you didn't tell me where you were going! I was worried about you!

[Tails frowns, then Sonic turns to face the viewers.]

Sonic (to the viewers): Always tell your parent or a guardian where you're going and when you'll be back! It's not safe to wander off alone, and it's not fair to make someone worry about you!