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For episodes with the same name, see "The Last Resort".

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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
The Last Resort

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"The Last Resort" is the thirty-fifth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the thirty-fifth episode, it aired as the thirtieth episode during the show's original run.





A group of Badniks attack the city of Popodopolis and Sonic and Tails show up to stop them. But before any action happens, the robots receive orders to retreat. Dr. Robotnik appears on the city's big screen to announce his retirement. Sonic and Tails don't believe him so they go to Robotnik's fortress to check it out. Robotnik invites them right in for tea. Sonic still doesn't trust him. Robotnik spills his tea and takes his shirt off to wipe it up. Disgusted by the site, Sonic grabs Tails and leaves.

Sonic and Tails sit bored playing checkers at the beach (There is a house in the background either where Sonic and Tails live or a sea cottage). Mayor Fumfer shows up to reward them the key to the city and a free vacation at the island resort of Sanpelagroso. After they leave, Fumfer reveals that he is a robot working for Dr. Robotnik.

As soon as their vacation starts, Scratch and Grounder begin springing traps for Sonic, but they make it to the island just fine. They soon meet Guido who claims to not have anything to do with Robotnik, and sets them off on a canoe trip down a river with a large water fall at the end. Sonic goes over, but paddles backward fast enough to climb back up the waterfall. Sonic is suspicious, but before he can do anything, Guido sets them off on their next activity, climbing a volcano from the inside. Sonic and Tails get out easily.

Scratch and Grounder report back to Robotnik, telling him that Sonic is having fun on his vacation. Robotnik decides to come out of retirement to dispose of Sonic himself.

Guido sets Sonic and Tails up to go sky diving. Their pilot is Dr. Robotnik. After Sonic and Tails jump out of the plane, Robotnik jumps out after them so he can see their demise. Sure enough, Sonic's parachute was sabotaged and so was Tails'. Sonic gives Tails his bungy cord which he hooks onto the plane. Sonic slingshots up to Robotnik and cuts his parachute. Robotnik falls on Guido and says "I hate that Hedgehog". Sonic and Tails get in the plane and fly off to find more adventure.

Sonic Sez

Tails goes exploring while Sonic is sleeping. Sonic wakes up and looks frantically for Tails. Tails comes back and Sonic informs him that it is not safe to wander off alone without telling anyone and it is not fair to make others worry about you.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Dernier Recours Last resort
German Die Ferieninsel The Vacation Island
Italian L'ultimo resort The ultimate resort
Portuguese (Portugal) As Férias Radicais do Sonic Sonic's Radical Vacation
Spanish (Spain) El último centro de vacaciones The ultimate resort
Spanish (Latin America) La última reserva The last reservation


  • The alternate name of this episode is "Robotnik on Vacation".
  • Momma Robotnik has her original voice back, as opposed to the reworked voice used by Kathleen Barr in "Momma Robotnik Returns".
  • Sonic does not wear any disguises in this episode.
  • The submarine piloted by Scratch and Grounder bears a striking resemblance to Jaws, another aquatic Badnik that appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • The Badnik Davy Sprocket appears in a color scheme of yellow and orange instead of purple.
  • Dr. Robotnik breaks the fourth wall when ending his phone call with Mayor Fumfer by going over the barrier that indicates that there is a phone call, shoving Mayor Fumfer off-screen, and then pushing the border off-screen.
  • The episode is similar the episode "Never Koop a Koopa" from Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3. In both episodes, the villains (Robotnik and Koopa) appear to give up or retire from villainy and the heroes are rewarded special prizes in return (Sonic and Tails- Vacation at Sanpelagroso, Mario and Princess Toadstool- Kastle Koopa) which are secretly traps set by the villains.