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Sonic Underground
The Jewel of the Crown (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "The Jewel of the Crown".

[Scene: Robotropolis, night]

[A thunderstorm lights up the area.]
Aleena: [As Narrator] We all make mistakes, but determination, the will to keep going in spite of those setbacks is one of the greatest lessons we must all learn in life.
Manic: Hey! Check this out, sis.
[A robot shaped like an insect is seen on Manic's glove.]
Sonia: Eww! Get that thing away from me! You know how I feel about bugs! Creepy, creepy!
Manic: Relax, sis. It's not real. It's a remote control snooper. Made it myself, and I'm gonna send it up the sewers into butt-nik's headquarters.
[A Microwave oven beeps. The door opens and reveals a chili dog. Sonic grabs it.]
Sonic: Ah! Nothing like a little snack before bedtime.
Sonia: How can you eat in that sewer? [Pinching her nose] It's disgusting.
Sonic: [Confidently] How can I eat in the sewer?...
[He throws the food in his mouth and stuffs his cheeks. He swallows loudly.] ...One bite at a time!
Sonia: [Annoyed] Ugh. I think I'm going to be sick.
[Manic, on a controller, sees something in the monitor.]
Manic: Just scope this, guys. I'm almost at Buttnik's back door.
[The rest of the trio come over and watch it.]
Sonia: Huh?

[Scene Change]

[Robotnik is holding a photograph.]
Robotnik: I received this photograph from a Jewel Merchant in the city of Emporium.
Dingo: Pretty.
Robotnik: Now compare this photo to the lost crown of Mobius.
[The snooper gets closer.]
Dingo: I like this one better.
Robotnik: [Annoyed] You pathetic excuse for a thinking species! They're the same jewel! [Normally] The crown was lost when the Queen went into hiding. Now the merchant has the jewel--, possibly worn by Queen Aleena to finance the resistance.
[--The underground listen to Robotnik through a speaker. Manic starts to struggle.]
Manic: [Grunts] Let me see if I can get closer.
Robotnik: According to legend,-- the jewel glows brighter the closer it gets to Queen Aleena.
[--The lattice heats up and breaks, allowing the Snooper to pass through.]
Sleet: Like a homing device. it will lead us straight to the Queen.
Robotnik: Hmm... My thought exactly.
[He Snickers. The snooper jumps on top of a building.]
Robotnik: The merchant has offered to sell me the jewel.
Sleet: But why buy it when you can steal it, right?
Robotnik: Bring me the jewel and I'll pay you... half what the merchant wanted.
[Dingo decides to sit down.]
Manic: [Panicking] Come on! Come on! Spill! Gimme news!
Robotnik: The merchant's name is--
[--Dingo sits down, breaking the snooper and making the screen go fuzzy. Dingo realizes what he was sitting on.]
Dingo: Dugh. I think I sat on a bug.
Sonic: Bummer Majores!
Sonia: We could've found mother with that jewel!
Manic: Well, it's in Emporium. Why won't you go get it?
Sonia: We can't afford it. We're broke.
Manic: [Weakly] We could... uh... liberate.
Sonia: [Firmly] Absolutely not! No stealing!
Manic: Well, I mean, temporarily... you know to keep it away from Butt-nik. Sort of like... uh--... protective company.
[--Sonic taps his foot in anger.]
Sonic: Hey. If it is the Crown Jewel, no way Mom would've sold it. That merchant must have stole it.
Manic: [Patronizing] Yeah. We'd be recovering stolen Robbery.
Sonia: I wonder what it would feel like to wear a jewel that expensive.
[Her brothers become annoyed.]
Sonic: Oh brother.

[Scene Change: Emporium, Day]

[The Camper Van drives towards Emporium.]
Manic: Whoa! Not exactly your basic sleepy little village.
Sonia: We'll never find the Crown Jewel!
Sonic: Sure we will. I mean, we're only looking for a jewel merchant whose name we don't know and the biggest noisiest most jam-packed city in all of Mobius. I mean, how many jewel merchants could there be?
[The van parks in the middle of Emporium. The heroes jump out.]
Manic: Hey, where is everybody?
Sonia: Just like everything else now Robotnik's in charge. Ruined!
[They walk around the place]
Manic: Nobody will shop if they're afraid to be out on the street.
[Sonic listens out with his ear.]
Sonic: Flute music? How bad can this place be?! Let's check it out.
[They run back inside the van. They drive until they see strange creatures. Sonic opens the pod at the top of the van.]
Sonic: Say. You wouldn't know where the street of Jewel Merchants is would you?
[The snake points with its antennae and tongue.]
Sonic: Thanks!

[Scene Change: Emporium.]

Merchant: The Crown Jewel of Mobius, the genuine article.
[Sleet picks it up.]
Sleet: It's the Crown Jewel all right. Price is too much.
Merchant: [Angrily snatches it back] Does Robotnik think he can bribe me with this cheap imitation Persian rug?! It is the price Robotnik agreed to pay!
Sleet: Yes, but, he is no longer in a buying mood. He just wants it.
[Sleet leaves the building. The Merchant sees Queen Aleena, who nods. As he walks back inside, the Camper Van arrives at the destination. The hedgehogs look around the new room.]
Sonic: Hello? Anybody here?
Manic: Ssh... [Whispers] You be quiet. It's serious, remember?
Sonic: Hey. Chill, Manic. I'm just being polite.
[Sonia sees a yellow jewel in the case.]
Sonia: [Softly] The Crown Jewel.
Sonic: This may be out best chance to find Mom.
[He tempts to take it.]
Manic: [Off-screen] Take it, will ya?
[Sonic loses confidence.]
Sonic: I... can't. I don't think Mom would want us to steal, no matter-- how good our motives are. It just isn't right.
[--The camera zooms out and reveals the Merchant overhearing the discussion. He walks off.]
Manic: Hey. We agreed it's not really stealing.
Sonic: [Arguing] But it is stealing! Sure we may find Mom, but that doesn't make it right.
Sonia: Maybe if we told the Merchants how important it is to keep the jewel away from Butt-nik.
[The rug activates below their feet and wraps them inside. Meanwhile, tense music plays as Sleet takes the jewel.]
Sleet: Ooh... I've got you, you beautiful faceted fortune.
[Sleet notices the rug shaking. Fighting noises are heard inside the rug. It then opens out and reveals the hedgehogs.]
Sonic: [Angrily] That jewel belongs to Mom!
Sleet: Haven't you heard? Finders keepers!
[Sleet uses his Shapeshift Remote on the rug. It turns into Dingo. His weight throws the hedgehogs off of him. The villains run away with the jewel.]
Sonic: [Upset] The jewel. It'll lead them right to Mom.

[Scene Change]

Sonia: We've got to get that jewel back from danger.
Sonic: No prob, sis. I'll be back in a Sonic Says.
[He dashes off. He encounters the Merchant.]
Sonic: 'scuse me. Coming through.
[Sleet appears at the top of Robotnik's vehicle.]
Sleet: Queen Aleena, here we come!
[Sleet and Dingo move inside. The vehicle takes off. Sonic - now outraged - peels past the Merchant, delivering him a puff of smoke, forcing him to cough. The blue aura zooms towards the front of the vehicle.]
Dingo: Sonic just passed us.
Sleet: Don't worry about him. He can't stop us now.
[Sonic zooms next to a roll of twine.]
[Sonic grabs the twine and whips up a lattice. The lattice resists the vehicle, forcing it to stop. Sleet turns on his Communicator. Dr. Robotnik appears.]
Robotnik: Do you have the jewel?
Sleet: Yes but the situation's gotten a little tangled.
Robotnik: You just hold on to that jewel. Swatbot reinforcements are on the way.
Sleet: We'll just sit tight and wait. There is no way that Sonic can get to us in here.
Sonic: Whoa! [Flicks fingers] We're talking a plan here!
[He zooms to another place and looks around. He puts his finger into a cauldron of oil and tastes it.]
Sonic: Olive oil. Cool! This'll do it.
[He picks up a bucket next to the cauldron and fills it with oil. Meanwhile, Dingo and Sleet check the monitor.]
Dingo: What's he doing?
[Sleet looks out the window, only for it to be splashed with Sonic's oil.]
Sleet: Hey, I can't see!
[Sleet opens his roof pod and looks around. He tries to hide as a bucket-load of oil pours on him and through the pod. Sonic speeds back and forth repeatedly pouring oil into the vehicle.]
Sleet and Dingo: [Glugging]
Dingo: [Glugging] What am I doing I gotta get out of here!
[The vehicle inflates on the back door and is released, blowing the villains out and leaving them covered with oil. They stand up and try to walk but they slip on the oil and fall over. The jewel is tossed back to Sonic's hand.]
Sonic: I think this belongs to Queen Aleena!
[He zooms back to the Camper Van, with Sonia and Manic sitting on top.]
Sonia: Sonic, did you get it?
Sonic: Be cool, I got the jewel!
[Swatbots arrive by the Camper Van's site.]
Sonic: Well we should be cruising instead of snoozing.
[He zooms inside the van. As the van takes off, the lase from a Swatbot hits a wheel. The Camper Van spins out of control. It hits a rail full of curtains. The curtains completely cover the van. The Swatbots don't see this and march onward. The trio escape through the door.]
Sonia: Phew. That was close.
[A scarf falls on Manic's face, covering him.]
Manic: Yo sis, hit me with the spotlight.
[Sonic takes the scarf off him.]
Manic: Thanks bro. I thought the stage become dark.
Sonia: OK. We've got the jewel, but how do we get Sleet and Dingo off our tree?
Sonic: No problemo, sis. Manic just gave me an idea.

[The song, "The Cosmic Dance", plays.]

[Scene Change: Emporium]

[Sleet looks inside the Camper Van. Nobody is here.]
Sleet: Empty. It's a decoy.
[Dingo plants a tracking device underneath the van.]:
Dingo: I thought it was a van.
Sleet: It is a van, but it's a decoy too. You see, when you use the van to... [Growls in anger.] Attach the tracking device! Now, find those hedgehogs!
Dingo: Er... what about them?
[The hedgehogs appear with their faces covered by scarves.]
Sleet: How dumb do you think those hedgehogs are? It's too obvious! Forget about them! They're only snake charmers.
[They walk away onto a road followed by Swatbots. The hedgehogs take off their disguises.]
Sonic: [Laughs] Snake charmers? Get serious.
[They look back and see snakes hissing at them. They gasp in horror.]
Sonia: Snakes! How charming.
[They walk backwards.]
Sonic: No time to get hysterical.
Manic: No, man. It's time to run!
[They run back into their Camper Van with the snakes chasing them. The van drives off.]

[Scene Change]

Sonia: [Holding the jewel] Wow. We must be getting close to mother.
Manic: We may not get any closer.
[Manic slams his foot on the brakes. Their road is blocked by a fallen tree.]
Sonic: Bummer Majores!
[He jumps off the van.]
Sonic: Stand back! [Prepares a Super Peel Out] Looks like it's time for me to stretch my legs.
[He spin dashes into the fallen tree and breaks it. Along the road he then breaks several trees packed close together. He whistle calls to the van. They re-join together again. Manic opens the roof pod.]
Sonic: How much farther?
Manic: Oh, any closer? I need sunglasses.
[The tracking device beeps underneath the van, which drives off again.]

[Scene Change]

Sleet: I love the brilliance of me! [Kisses his hand.] The tracking device on the hedgehog's van was pure genius! Jewel bah! We've got the hedgehogs to lead us to Queen Aleena. [Snickers]
[The trio drive over the bridge and arrive at a destination with a large tower.]
Sonia: Mother's in there?
Sonic: Well, there's no turning back now.
[Sonic zooms off inside the building. Manic tries to call him.]
Manic: Hey, bro. Wait up!
[They walk up the tower. Meanwhile, Sleet and Dingo watch from the other side of the bridge.]
Sleet: At last, Queen Aleena.

[Scene Change]

[Manic and Sonia walk inside a dark tunnel, with the former using the Jewel as a torch to guide him. They eventually see Sonic, whom is unhappy.]
Sonic: What took you so long, slow-moes?!
Sonia: I dreamed about me and mother for so long.
[At night. On the other side, Sleet, Dingo and a swarm of Swatbots run together.]
Dingo: I don't know, Sleet. This place gives me the creeps. Maybe we ought a call Robotnik?
Sleet: [Scared] Maybe we should.
[Sleet turns on his communicator]
Sleet: Robotnik, we have followed the hedgehogs to Queen Aleena. Will you be joining us for our moment of triumph?
Robotnik: [Angrily] Your moment of triumph?! You pathetic mongrel! I'll capture Queen Aleena myself! I'm on my way with every Swatbot I can muster. Don't make a move until I arrive. Understand?
Sleet: [Nervously] Of course. I wouldn't dream of disobeying you. [Turns off communicator] Come on, Dingo. Let's go meet the Queen.
Dingo: But Sleet, didn't Robotnik just say...
Sleet: Robotnik will give anything to get Queen Aleena. If we capture her first, we can name our price, and Robotnik will have to pay. [Laughs and runs off.]
Dingo: Ooh, I like that. [Chuckle and runs with him.]

[Scene Change]

[The hedgehogs poke their heads through a clump of vines.]
Sonia: This must be it.
Manic: Yeah. This jewel is glowing like a spotlight!
[They walk towards a dressing gown in the distance, becoming nervous.]
Sonia: Mother! She's not moving. You don't think after all this time...
Sonic and Manic: Huh?
Sonia: That she's--
Sonic: --There's only one way to find out. [To the gown] Mom! It's us! We've been searching you for so long.
[He pulls the gown off. It is a video camera.]
Sonic: [Furious] Wait a mobius minute!
Manic: That isn't Mom!
[He turns the switch attached to the video camera off. The jewel stops glowing. He realizes this and turns the switch back on. ]
Manic: [Suspiciously] It's all just a set up!
Sonia: But why? Why are we out here?
Sonic: Not us. Buttnik! We stumbled onto the jewel by mistake!
Manic: But why bring Robotnik here unless it's--
[--The ground rumbles. The cave closes in on the three hedgehogs.]
Sonic: [Shocked] A trap!
[He zooms over to the blockage and pushes with all his might, straining.]
Sonic: Come on!
[His siblings run as fast as they can towards Sonic. Spores release from mushrooms surrounding the cave, making them cough and splutter while they run. Sonia avoids a branch hanging across her by front flipping on top of it. They dive their way across the blockage ahead of Sonic. Sonic also makes it out as the cave closes. Everyone pants in exhaustion.]
Manic: Oh man. That was close.
[A huge droplet of honey falls from the ceiling onto the ground, flinching the trio. Another drop bounces off a branch towards Sonia. She tries to duck to avoid it but it touches her while it flies across. She tries to get it off.]
Sonia: Argh! Now this is a bad hair experience! [Her hand gets stuck] Oh...
[Sonic looks back and gets a fright as a piranha plant approaches him.]
Sonic: No time to jive, this place is alive!
[Sonic zooms to dodge a plant attack. The hedgehogs run away. Meanwhile the foot of a Swatbot lands in the cave. The hedgehogs run across the path of the Swatbots, Sleet and Dingo.]
Sleet: What are they running from?
[A Piranha plant growls behind Dingo, making him panic. As two plants appear, Dingo pats Sleet on his shoulder.]
Dingo: Sleet?
[Sleet turns around. They both panic and run away just as the plants were about to attack them.]
[Meanwhile the hedgehogs continue running. The Swatbot fires a laser. The hedgehogs try to dodge the honey and laser shots while being chased by the Swatbot. One honey droplet strikes the robot, rendering it unable to move. Another Swatbot shoots a laser. Its ground moves and a vine grows from below to pull the robot in. The hedgehogs continue running, with Manic holding the glowing jewel and talking to it.]
Manic: We won't need this anymore!
[He chucks it behind. Dingo - running alongside Sleet - catches it.]
Dingo: The jewel! I got it.
[The villains stop running.]
Sleet: At least we got something out of this.
[Honey splashes all over them making them stick together. They try to break themselves apart.]
Sleet: Just what I always wanted. To be stuck with this sap forever.
[Sleet steps on a vine which activates as a booby trap. It wraps up Sleet's foot and pulls both of them up to the ceiling, with Dingo still holding the glowing jewel.]
Dingo: I told you we should a waited for Robotnik.
Sleet: Oh will you shut up?!
[Honey covers his mouth. He muffles and mutters. Meanwhile, the hedgehogs escape the dangerous tower unharmed. However, two more Swatbots approach them from the other direction and start shooting. Sonic dodges the first laser and touches his Medallion, which turns into his guitar weapon. He fires shots at the Swatbots. One shot directly hits a Swatbot's chest, knocking it over. Sonia front-flips and kicks the second Swatbot on its head, knocking it over and destroying it. The trio return to their Camper Van. It drives away, however it is chased by growing vines. The vines catch up to the van and knot it up, grinding it to a halt and pulling it back. Manic struggles with the controls.]
Manic: [Strains] No go, man. You're stuck!
Sonic: No biggie, bro. Back in a Sonic Says.
[He dashes out of the van. The aura spin attacks all the surrounding vines, letting the van go again. He catches up to the van and moves inside.]
Sonic: Wherever Sleet and Dingo are, Butt-nik can't be too far behind.
[Robotnik and the Swatbots enter the tower. The two villainous side-kicks are still inside hung up together and covered with honey. Robotnik looks up in dismay.]
Robotnik: [Angrily] You failures! I told you to wait! Capturing the Queen was supposed to be my crowning glory!
Dingo: At least we got the jewel, boss. Whoa-oa! Oops...
[The glowing jewel falls out of Dingo's hands and smashes on the ground.]
Dingo: Does that mean we don't get that reward?
Robotnik: [Growls] You'll get your reward all right.

[Scene Change: Emporium, Morning]

Sonic: [Frustrated] I just don't get it. What's all that stuff about the jewel leading us to Queen Aleena?
Manic: [Finds the tracking device below the van.] At least we know how Sleet and Dingo found us. They stuck this homing device on the van!
Sonic: If we hadn't got out when we did, we'd have been trapped like Sleet and Dingo.
Sonia: But why would the Jewel Merchants want to trap anybody in the temple?
Sonic: [Suspiciously] You know? There's something fishy about that Jewel Merchant.
[They look inside the room of the Crown Jewel. The Merchant isn't here.]
Sonia: He's gone.
[The camera cuts to an easel with a portrait hidden behind a towel.]
Sonia: Huh? What's going on here?
Manic: [Annoyed] The jewel's a fake, and now that Jewel Merchant's scrammed!
Sonic: Well, somebody wanted Robotnik to stumble into that trap bad enough to set all this up!
[They gasp. Sonic pulls off the towel. It reveals a portrait of Queen Aleena.]
Sonic: Queen Aleena! Mom laid a brilliant trap for Butt-nik and we blew it.
Sonia: We didn't know. We were trying to find our mother.
Manic: So what do we do now, man?
[They look at the portrait.]
Sonic: We keep looking.
[Outside the building, we see Aleena in a turquoise gown and lavender-colored hood watching the hedgehogs enter their Camper Van.]
Aleena: Freedom is a long road, full of unexpected twists and turns, but we must keep going. Don't lose hope. Someday, we'll be reunited.
[The screen circles out on Aleena and goes black. The credits appear.]