The Highlands, found in the north and south east of the kingdom

The Highlands is an area that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is one of the four known domains of King Arthur's kingdom in the world of Camelot.


Visible on the game's map screen, the Highlands cover the north-west corner of the world. The Highlands are filled with wide open fields and ruins. Giant green trolls can be found pulling massive mobile prisons towards the main prison found in Great Megalith.

From the Highlands, the Grand Kingdom lies to the north-west of the Highlands, The Outlands to the far south-west and Avalon is found to the more immediate west.


  • Titanic Plain: A vast hinterland of long grasses and druidic monuments with near clear sky.
  • Crystal Cave: A mountain labyrinth of overlarge cavern systems eroded out of the grassy rocks of Titanic Plain by underground rivers.
  • Great Megalith: A vast grassland and mountain region with several massive wooden fortress-towers and prison complexes.
  • Dragon's Lair: A massive cavern system with crumbling, underground ruins and habitat of the Earth Dragon.



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