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Sonic 3D Blast
The Final Fight

The Final Fight, also known as The Final Boss in the Sega Saturn/PC version, is the eight and last Zone of Sonic 3D Blast if all of the Chaos Emeralds in the game have been collected. It is a fight against a Dr. Robotnik in the Final Weapon.



After being defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog in Panic Puppet Zone, Dr. Robotnik decides to escape, only be caught up by Sonic with the Chaos Emeralds. Aboard his Final Weapon, Robotnik has a definite showdown against the hedgehog, but is defeated.




The boss of The Final Fight is the Final Weapon, a giant mech built by Dr. Robotnik in his image. It is divided into five phases.



Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"The Final Fight" (Genesis) Masaru Setsumaru 1:50
"The Final Fight" (Saturn) Richard Jacques 1:43

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