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The Evil Dr. Orbot

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"The Evil Dr. Orbot" is the sixty-third episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 21 January 2017 in the United States and on 8 April 2017 in France.


The good people of the Unnamed Village feel that things have gotten pretty lawless. They figure there's not a lot they can do to stop evil, so they license, regulate, and tax it. Eggman fails the evil test and must wait 90 days to do evil, so Eggman decides to use Orbot as his front. Orbot will get an evil license and Eggman will be the puppet master. But Orbot's ego gets out of control and Eggman must get Sonic's help to defeat The Evil Dr. Orbot.



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In the Village Center, Soar the Eagle is on live delivering a news story on the recent uprising in crime in the Unnamed Village. As Soar elaborates on the villainous acts that are currently being committed, various clips of Seaside Island's villains are shown. This includes shots of T.W. Barker scamming Mike the Ox with a shell game, Charlie disregarding a traffic sign in his mech suit, and a Weasel Bandit stealing candy from Chumley in Lady Walrus' arms. On a lesser note, Soar also mentions nonchalantly that Sonic is having another decisive battle with Dr. Eggman. True enough, Team Sonic is currently battling Eggman's Bee Bots and Scorpion Bots at the Fuzzy Puppy Warehouse, where Eggman is ordering his Badniks to destroy every Fuzzy Puppy figurine. Amy is confused about Eggman's motivations, knowing all too well that he loves Fuzzy Puppies. Eggman explains that ever since the Fuzzy Puppy bubble burst, his figurine collection has plummeted in value; he thus seeks to destroy the surplus in unsold Fuzzy Puppy figurines to artificially increase his collection's value. Unimpressed, Sonic knocks Eggman down with a spin attack.

Having watched Soar's news story, Mayor Fink explains to Admiral Beaverton and Professor Cluckins in his office that the villains' activities are driving the Village to bankruptcy, meaning that they must do something quick. Soon after, Mayor Fink proclaims to a gathering of the island's villains that all evildoers are now obligated by law to obtain a permit if they wish to continue performing their schemes. Despite a negative reception, Mayor Fink calms the villains by explaining that all they have to do is pay a fee and take an evil competency test. An exam is soon held in City Hall where several villains (Eggman included) are given sixty minutes to complete their tests under the supervision of Fastidious Beaver. Eggman, however, finds himself in a pinch from the start when he realizes he was supposed to bring a pencil for the test sheet. However, Barker, who is also taking the test, scams Eggman into buying a few pencils from him. As Eggman gets to the first question, he overthinks it and spends most of the exam making calculations and factoring in every variable. Left with only ten seconds after finishing the question, Eggman answers his text sheet in a rush.

When Fastidious publishes the results, most of the villains discover they have passed and come with Willy to a vending machine to celebrate. Eggman, however, sees to his shock that he has failed and demands to retake the test (so he can burn City Hall to the ground). However, Fastidious reveals that according to the new ordinances, he must wait ninety days before he can retake the test, infuriating Eggman. Back at Eggman's lair, Cubot and Orbot try to cheer up Eggman, with the latter offering to be his study buddy for the next ninety days. Eggman, however, has another idea: Orbot is going to pass the exam, thus becoming the lair's official villain, and Eggman will in turn have Orbot act out his evil schemes by directing him from behind the scenes. Deeming himself insufficient in the field of evil, Orbot prepares himself for the exam by downloading an evil textbook into his memory. As the download completes, Orbot's demeanor turns gradually menacing.

Back at City Hall the next day, Orbot gets a perfect score on the test. Eggman, however, shoots down Orbot's triumph and takes him out to hatch some evil schemes. Following the latest buzz on an evil message board, Eggman takes Orbot and Cubot to Tails' Workshop so they can steal Tails' latest invention: a weather controlling device. For his plan, Eggman tells Orbot to blow a hole in the workshop and send in some Badniks. Instead, Orbot fires a missile next to the workshop with the Eggmobile which prompts Tails to leave his workshop to investigate. Orbot then sneaks in and steals Tails' invention. While Eggman is a little unsatisfied with Orbot's approach, Cubot is impressed by Orbot's efficiency. When handing Tails' invention to Eggman, though, a malicious Orbot creates a miniature thundercloud that strikes Eggman with a lightning bolt. The evil trio soon after finds Sonic and Amy out on a picnic. Eggman wants to attack them with Ant Bots, but instead, Orbot chooses to create a rainstorm with Tails' invention which forces Sonic and Amy to run for shelter. In the aftermath, Cubot praises Orbot's plan while an annoyed Eggman is hit by a stray lightning bolt.

Returning to the lair, Eggman tries to talk to Orbot about his negligence to obey his orders. In response, Orbot points out Eggman's recent Fuzzy Puppy Warehouse failure, to which Eggman replies that he is not ready for such an advanced maneuver. Orbot rebukes Eggman's argument by revealing he has already done it. Rather than destroying the warehouse though, he orchestrated a convoluted plan. First, he bought the warehouse's figurines at a discount prize. He then created an artificial demand by having Cubot pose as a mystery buyer wiling to buy the figurines for one thousand bucks a piece while publishing an ad saying that Orbot was selling his figurines for five hundred bucks a piece. This prompted the villagers to buy Orbot's figurines in droves so they could sell some of them to the mystery buyer (Cubot). The end result was a surplus in profit on Orbot's behalf and Eggman's figurine collection being boosted in value. Disappointed about no destruction being involved in that plan, Eggman has had enough of Orbot's disobedience. Feeling as well that Eggman's plans are carried out incorrectly, Orbot renounces all ties to Eggman and proclaims himself the newest villain around. Renaming himself the "Evil Dr. Orbot", Orbot strikes out on his own. Adding to Eggman's disappointment, Cubot decides to come with Orbot so he can be on the "winning team" for once.

Tanking the Egg Tank and some Badniks to the Village, Orbot monologues about his rise to prominence. However, Cubot's inability to understand Orbot's rhetorical questions makes Orbot yell at him in frustration, making Cubot doubt his choice. As Orbot targets City Hall, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy show up to stop the Egg Tank, believing Eggman is behind this attack until Orbot announces himself over the speakers. Amy is hesitant to go all out on Orbot, but Sonic reminds his team that Orbot's test scores makes him a certified villain (and an evil one at that). As Team Sonic engages the Badniks, Orbot tries attacking the heroes with heat-seeking missiles. Amidst the fight, a heat-seeking missile flies into City Hall and blows one of the rooms to cinders. As Mayor Fink is blown out of City Hall, upon where he is saved by Knuckles, the mayor reveals that all the villain permits have been destroyed. Without the proper paper work, this means that the evil permit law is now null and void. Eggman then shows up in the Eggmobile, laughing, to tell Orbot and everyone else that his plan all along was to have Orbot go mad with power so he would destroy the records, allowing Eggman to return to villainy. Admitting defeat, Orbot promises that the Evil Dr. Orbot will return. Preferring Orbot's old personality over his new one, though, Cubot resets Orbot, restoring him to his old self. Immediately after, the two happily leave to play charades.

With everything said and done, Sonic praises Eggman for his convoluted plot, only for Eggman to reveal that he had no plan all along: he just took credit for all the random events leading up to this point. As he is about to take off though, Eggman accidentally activates Tails' weather machine, creating another lightning bolt that strikes him. Having had enough of Tails' invention, Eggman returns it to its creator and takes his leave, prompting Team Sonic to laugh.



  • When Sonic drops down after destroying his first Bee Bot at City Hall, his body stretches out.
  • In one scene, there are two Weasel Bandits with red neckerchiefs instead of one with a red neckerchief and one with a blue neckerchief.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Arabic المخترع أوربوت الشرير The Evil Inventor Orbot
French Le maléfique Docteur Orbot The evil doctor Orbot
Italian Il malvagio dottor Orbot The evil doctor Orbot
Polish Dr Orbot Zły Dr. Orbot Bad
Portuguese (Brazil) O maligno Dr. Orbot The Evil Dr. Orbot
Portuguese (Portugal) O Malvado Dr. Orbot
Spanish (Latin America) El malvado doctor Orbot The evil doctor Orbot
Ukrainian Лиходій доктор Орбот The villain Dr. Orbot


  • Nine days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[2]
  • This is the first episode in the Sonic Boom television series where Sonic has made physical contact with Dr. Eggman when attacking him.
  • This is the first episode in the second season of Sonic Boom where Lady Walrus has uttered her catchphrase, "My baby!"
  • A tune similar to Kill Bill's "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" theme song is heard when Team Sonic is fighting Eggman's robots.
  • When Cubot resets Orbot, Orbot's startup music sounds like the Windows XP startup sound.
  • Eggman's plot to have Ant Bots attack Sonic and Amy's picnic is a reference to the real-life (and popularized) phenomenon where ants bother people at picnics.


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