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Mortal, you have served your purpose. Now, face your End.

— The End, Sonic Frontiers

The End, formatted as THE END,[1][2] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was an unknown and malevolent entity that once wandered Sonic's universe with the sole intent of annihilating all life within it.

In the past, The End laid waste to numerous civilizations and the worlds they inhabited, including that of the Ancients, whom it followed to the earth with the purpose of wiping them out.[3][4][5] Due to this, it was also indirectly responsible for the Chaos Emeralds' arrival on earth, and by extension, many events related to or involving them throughout the series.[4] However, it was captured and sealed in Cyber Space after a battle with the Ancients.[6]

In the present day, The End deceived Sonic into breaking the seal placed upon it by defeating the Titans during his journey to save his friends from Cyber Space. Once the seal was broken, The End manifested in a physical form and attempted to destroy earth again, but after a battle with Super Sonic and Sage, it then self-destructed in a last ditch attempt to kill Sonic and destroy earth, but failed after Sage's sacrifice, saving not only earth, but all life throughout the universe as well.


The End's true appearance is completely unknown, as it seems to be able to take any form and mainly consists of pure reddish energy. What The End looks like varies from person to person, altering their perception to appear as a visual representation of what they believe death itself to look like. During its battle with Sonic and Sage, it appears on-screen as a purple moon that glows faintly with a reddish aura; it is unclear if this is The End's "true form" or simply the form Sonic, Sage, or the player sees.[7] It spoke in a robotic voice and had the ability to change its voice as well, but mainly used a female voice.

When Sonic defeated Supreme in The Final Horizon, The End made use of a giant purple tendril/energy cable with a giant nozzle-like structure attached to it, which it used to assume other forms. When it hijacked Supreme, it significantly transformed the Titan by giving it multiple arms with clawed hands out of its thrusters, hinting at another one of The End's incarnations.




The End destroying the Ancients' home world, from Sonic Frontiers.

Little is known about The End's past, but tens of thousands of years ago, it terrorized Sonic's universe as it destroyed countless stars and planets which consequently led many civilizations to their doom.[3] Eventually, it came upon the Ancients' planet and destroyed it, causing the Ancients to flee to the earth.[4] Eventually, The End found its way towards earth to destroy it. However, this time it was met by a resistance from the Ancients who fought it with their Titans.[6]

SonicFrontiers Supreme Absorbs TheEnd

Supreme sealing The End, from Sonic Frontiers.

Despite their best efforts, The End was still able to overpower them, so in a desperate attempt to stop it from destroying the world, the Ancients bound The End with the Titan Supreme and sealed it in Cyber Space to imprison it.[6]

Sonic Frontiers[]

In Sonic Frontiers, The End remained captured in Cyber Space for tens of thousands of years, until Sonic the Hedgehog unexpectedly arrived at the Starfall Islands to investigate the disappearance of the Chaos Emeralds. Sensing an opportunity to exploit Sonic's confusion, The End sent cryptic messages to the hedgehog, directing him to destroy the Titans and "tear down the walls between dimensions". As Sonic continued, saving his friends from Cyber Cages one at a time, the cyber corruption energy he consumed began to corrupt him, but in exchange, The End granted him a new technique each time.[8][9]

Once Sonic broke the final seal, The End's deception was revealed. It escaped Cyber Space and took control of the Titan it was bound with, threatening to destroy earth. In response, Sonic soon transformed into Super Sonic, and battled the Titan. Once Supreme had suffered a sizable amount of damage, The End discarded it, retreating to space to regain into its "true" form.[7] However, The End was followed into space by Super Sonic and Sage (the latter of which had taken control of Supreme). After a frantic battle, however, The End suffered critical damage when Sage used Supreme to throw Super Sonic straight through its center. The End attempted to release a self-destructive attack in a last ditch attempt to kill Sonic, Sage and destroy the earth, but failed after Sage sacrificed herself, using Supreme as a shield to absorb the attack.

The Final Horizon[]

In the alternate story sequence depicted in The Final Horizon, once freed from Cyber Space, The End began slowly spreading cyber corruption across Ouranos Island, infecting everything and everyone it could. Using the newly-corrupted Koco, Impact Forms and Koco Devices, The End set up barriers surrounding the Chaos Engines on the island as a way of preventing Sonic and his friends from acquiring the Chaos Emeralds contained within. As a result of The End corrupting them, the Koco, Impact Forms, and Koco devices also gained the ability to spread Cyber corruption to anyone who interacted with them.[10]

Learning of the heroes' efforts to gather the Emeralds regardless, The End sent out a shockwave of "electrical noise", which was designed to stall individuals in digitized states. As such, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy suffered from the wave's effects.[11][12][13][14][15]

As in the original story, once Sonic had acquired the seven Chaos Emeralds, The End, still bound to Supreme, attacked the Hedgehog. Unlike in the original story, however, after Supreme's defeat, instead of moving to outer space for Sage to pilot Supreme, The End chose to manifest itself in the real world through its "true" physical form. It then proceeded to take control of Supreme via an energy cable, using it as an avatar, controlling the Titan like a puppet.

Super Sonic, Eggman, Sage, and Sonic's friends rallied to stop The End, with Super Sonic harnessing cyber corruption energy to become Super Sonic 2, gaining the power needed to repel the corrupted Supreme and weaken The End. Once Supreme and The End were rendered vulnerable, Super Sonic 2 and Eggman teamed up to deal the final blow by shooting a corrupted Super Sonic from Supreme's hijacked rifle, launching Super Sonic Cyber into Supreme, vaporizing the Titan instantly, using Wild Rush and subsequently blasting through The End. This causes it to try and self-destruct to destroy the world and Sonic (like the base game ending), only for it to be rendered moot and fail due to the damage caused to its physical form.


The End was an utterly malicious entity, with its only desire being to destroy and consume worlds, wiping out all traces of life in the process. But unlike other deities in the series, The End was sentient and capable of manipulating others to fulfill its desires. When it spoke, however, it was brief, direct and cryptic, but never personal, merely referring to Sonic as "mortal", which also hinted at a feeling of superiority.

It was very proud and self-assured, bragging how it destroyed "countless worlds" before Sonic and Sage stood against it. The End believed that the combined efforts of Super Sonic and the Titan Supreme wouldn't be able to defeat it, comparing them to the lengths that the Ancients went to when imprisoning it. Likewise, when it saw the foes Sonic fought in the past through his memories, it acknowledged they were mighty, but quickly diminished them by calling them "finite" while proclaiming itself to be "infinite".

In the Japanese localization, The End speaks with the pronoun "waga", an archaic term to refer to oneself. This characterizes it as both an ancient entity, but also a self-indulgent one. The End, likewise, is depicted less as an overtly malevolent entity, but more as a force of nature who sees its actions in delivering destruction to life as a facet of maintaining order, as it ponders about life and death in a philosophical manner. During the end of its monologue, it realizes that there is some meaning to life as Sonic and Sage struggle against The End - even if The End is still determined to destroy it.

Powers and abilities[]

While the full power of The End was unknown, it has been shown to be among the most powerful entities in Sonic's universe, as it was capable of destroying entire planets with relative ease. It could fire laser beams, be it one concentrated laser beam that could destroy planets or multiple smaller laser beams which were comparable with Dark Gaia's own destructive power.[16] The End could also shoot laser bullets in its moon incarnation.

The End was extremely durable as well, as it could withstand multiple shots aimed at it from the Ancients' weaponry which were on a similar firepower scale as the Eclipse Cannon. The pilots of the Titans ultimately resorted to sealing it away as The End was too strong for them to destroy. Sage also believed that even Super Sonic wouldn't be able to stop it after it retreated into space, causing her to take control of Supreme and join Sonic in fighting it.

The End was able to read the minds of others, evidenced by when it read Sonic's mind and saw the other villains he has fought in the past. It also had the ability to directly speak to its captors while doing this, while at the same time only being audible to them. Knuckles pointed out how he was not aware of the voice when Sonic tells him about it.[17]

According to The End, it considered itself as infinite in comparison to the rest of the gods and machines that Sonic faced. The End was also shown to be capable of self-destruction when defeated, the resulting explosion likely being strong enough to destroy planets, as Sage sacrificed herself to stop it after seeing it about to explode near earth.

In The Final Horizon, after Supreme was defeated by Super Sonic, The End was shown to be capable of interfacing with the Supreme Titan directly via an energy cable appendage. This also gave the Titan a major power boost, making the Titan durable enough to the point that Super Sonic was incapable of dealing any significant damage to it, and making its attacks too strong for Super Sonic to parry, forcing him to transform further to even the fight. This boost to power later allows Supreme to unleash an attack that temporarily knocks Sonic out of his cyber corruption-infused Super Sonic state.

The End has shown to possess a degree of regenerative ability, as it was capable of regaining its own form shortly after being forced out of Supreme’s body by Super Sonic, and is capable of rapidly healing the Titan while still in control of it.


Main Story[]

Work with the Titans to defeat THE END.

— Notification, Sonic Frontiers

The End is the "true" final boss of Sonic Frontiers and can only be battled on the game's Hard and Extreme Mode. It has a large amount of health, much larger than that of Supreme, the previous boss.

Boss guide[]

The End's boss fight plays in a similar style to the hacking mini games, with the player controlling Supreme. The End is large enough to fill the entire top half of the screen. Its main method of attacking consists of firing loads of small projectiles which can be countered with Light and Dark shots. Fending off the projectiles lets the player use a powerful Homing Laser attack which does more damage than normal firing, and remove projectiles on-screen, if hit. The End's second attack method consists of a gigantic laser beam that can only be predicted from the boss' glowing and a sound effect right before the beam is fired. If the player touches the beam, they are instantly killed and are forced to restart.

The End has short phases in which it creates laser beams. The first time it generates the beams, the beams close in on the player and force them to stay close to The End. The second time it does this, it creates beams which slowly close in on the player and force them into a narrow space.

When The End's HP is down to 10%, the ending phase is triggered and its HP cannot be drained further by any normal means. During this phase it uses laser beams, which rotate around the boss arena, twice, with the first rotating slowly counter clockwise, and the other rotating fast, clockwise then immediately counter clockwise. It will also fire rings mixed with white and black projectiles through which the player must find the gap and break through by countering. During these attacks The End also constantly fires waves of projectiles, so it is important for the player to have Homing Laser readily available.

After the player survives these attacks, a cutscene starts. This cutscene forces the player into a real-time interaction, much like some of the Titans' attacks, requires them to press a button in a certain time. If they fail to do this, they are forced to restart the fight. After doing this about twice, The End is defeated.


The fight with The End can prove frustrating for those not used to shoot 'em up gameplay. Luckily, the gameplay gradually decreases in difficulty the more times the player fails the boss fight. After two game overs, the player will receive more lives at the start of the fight, starting with four instead of three, and gaining one additional life each time the player gets a game over. This can reach a maximum of 10 lives, after which the fight should be very easy. If a player is feeling especially frustrated, they can simply die intentionally several times in order to reach the maximum number of extra lives to complete the game.


Title Artist(s) Music Length
"I'm With You" Tomoya Ohtani 6:00

The Final Horizon[]

The trials are complete. The final titan has appeared.

— Notification, Sonic Frontiers

At the start of the battle, the player takes control of Super Sonic. The player can attack Supreme to deal some minor damages, but Supreme will quickly heal itself by borrowing energy from the energy cable connecting it to The End. Supreme will also retaliate with energy spheres which it fires from its additional limbs. These spheres can decrease the player's Ring capacity[note 3] and cannot be parried with Super Sonic. After taking four hits from energy spheres, Super Sonic automatically further transforms into Super Sonic 2, granting the player the ability to use Perfect Parry, which can be used to block (and in some cases reflect) all of Supreme's attacks.

  • In Extreme difficulty, energy spheres do not instantly kill Sonic until he transforms to Super Sonic 2.

Whenever the energy cable is attached to Supreme, The End can endlessly heal Supreme. Therefore, before any attack, the player should first detach the cable. In order to do so, the player must first either try to target it manually or force targeting it by dodging sideways right after attacking Supreme's head (the latter being the easiest method). Once the cable is targeted, the player can detach it by either using a Quick Cyloop on it, or dealing enough damage to it with their attacks. After detaching the cable, the player can attack Supreme without its health recovering, although The End will re-attach the cable after an amount of time has passed, forcing the player to repeat the above process.

The player is able to perform Quick Cyloop on Supreme, summoning massive golden energy disk appears from above Supreme and begins crushing it. Supreme will then push the player far back, and after the player regain control, Supreme will immediately fire the laser, trying to knock the player further back. Use the Perfect Parry to block the laser attack and keep Supreme trapped under the disk. Performing a second Cyloop lifts Supreme into the air and crushes it even further with a second disk from below, increasing the damage it takes. While being trapped by the disks, Supreme can still fire those energy spheres, so stay focused and use Perfect Parry to block. After a period of time, Super Sonic will snap his fingers, crushing Supreme and inflicting massive damage, stunning the Titan.

  • If the player failed to block the laser with the Perfect Parry, they will be knocked further back and Supreme will break free from the energy disk, disspelling the Cyloop.

Like the original Supreme fight, Supreme can also swing his original arms to attack the player. If the player gets knocked back, Supreme may approach them and try to crush them with its hands. Should this happen, the player must complete the Real-Time Interaction to break free. If the RTI is failed, the player loses. If succeeded, Supreme will be stunned for a while.

After Supreme is stunned for the first time, the player needs to perform a Cyloop or Quick Cyloop on Supreme's rifle to draw it out. Then they have to perform another Cyloop or Quick Cyloop on the rifle to send it into the sky, where Eggman will catch it with another energy cable. This marks the end of the first phase.

  • It is not necessary to deplete the Health Gauge before drawing out the rifle.

In the second phase, Sage, with the help from Amy Rose, Knuckles the Echidna, and Miles "Tails" Prower, forms up a barrier to protect Eggman from Supreme's attack. For approximately every 30 seconds when Supreme is not down, it will approach the barrier and attack it with its limbs. The durability of the barrier is indicated as the Health bar for the five. If the Health Gauge for these five hits zero, the player loses. This attack, while periodic, can still be parried if the player is in close proximity to Supreme. If parried successfully, Supreme will be open for a Grand Slam attack.

Taking a hit from the energy spheres during the second phase initiates a cutscene, after which the Ring count is drastically drained all the way down to 100. Now with fewer Rings, the player must drain all of Supreme's Health Gauge before Ring count hits zero.

  • Unlike the original Supreme fight, it is possible to deplete Supreme's Health Gauge without triggering the cutscene.[note 4]
  • If the cutscene is triggered with Ring count less than 100, the player loses.
  • In Extreme difficulty, this cutscene is not triggered as taking a hit instantly kills Sonic anyway.

After depleting all of Supreme's Health Gauge, one final hit will start a cutscene where Super Sonic 2 will send Supreme sky high. Two RTIs will appear on-screen, and failing either one of them will make Supreme falls down and try to crush Super Sonic 2 with his hands again. Completing these two RTIs marks the end of this boss battle.


Title Artist(s) Music Length
"I'm Here - Orchestral Ver." Tomoya Ohtani, Takahito Eguchi 3:18
"I'm Here - Revisited" Tomoya Ohtani, Kellin Quinn 4:07


Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Throughout the Starfall Islands incident, The End relied on Sonic the Hedgehog for its escape from Cyber Space, trusting that he would go save his friends from the Cyber Cages that Sage had set up on three of the five Starfall Islands. Despite this, it had an impersonal relationship with Sonic, merely seeing him as a pawn in its overall plan to get released from Cyber Space and destroy the universe. When Sonic was inevitably corrupted from absorbing the cyber-energy from the Cyber Cages, it showed indifference to this, instead boasting about its plans.

During the final boss battle of the game, The End boasted to Sonic about how it was superior compared to every other enemy that he had fought prior, and how the hedgehog was unlikely to defeat it, seemingly viewing Sonic as nothing more than a minor inconvenience to its plan. When Sonic does eventually cause lasting damage onto it, The End chose to blow itself up in a last-ditch effort to defeat his foe.



"Mortal. You have done the impossible. You have escaped Cyber Space through your own power. You are the key. Find the Chaos Emeralds. Destroy the Titans. Tear down the wall between dimensions."
—The End's cryptic orders to Sonic.
"You are the key. Be empowered by this technique."
—The End upon unlocking the Grand Slam, Cyclone Kick and Cross Slash.
"You stray from the path. Turn back. Complete your mission."
—The End upon reaching an out of bounds area.
"Since time immemorial, I have languished here. The locks are broken. Now I shall tear down the walls between dimensions and consume all."
—The End's speech upon being freed from Cyber Space.
"Mortal, you have served your purpose. Now face your End. I am the all-consuming void. What can one mote of golden light illuminate within the abyss? Countless stars. Countless worlds. Countless lives. All fell to me, all brought to nothing. All the teeming chaos of creation? Brought to order. To neutrality. To nothing. I saw your mind as you ran through my prison. You have fought machines and gods. They were mighty? They were finite. I am infinite. I am nothing. You struggle as so many have done before. You will be consumed like all those before you. I saw your mind. Your courage never wavered. Why? Arrogance? Ignorance? Stupidity? I was contained once. Once. Is that why? My captors bent time and space. My captors built a whole reality to contain me. My captors burn their souls away to fuel their engines. And you? You glitter. You fly about me like a gnat. I am inevitable. I cannot be denied. You strike this incarnation with all your might. It changes nothing. You are not brave. you are not victorious. No matter what form I take... The End comes for you all!"
—The End's monologue during the final boss in hard mode
"This shell was once my prison. Now it shall be the avatar of my return. All shall perish. All shall return to order. To oblivion."
—The End after assuming the body of Supreme in The Final Horizon


  • According to Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto, The End never actually showed its true appearance in the game. This is because The End's appearance varies from person to person, serving as a visual representation of what they perceive death itself to look like.[18]
  • There was supposed to be a boss battle like all the other Titans in the Main Story, however it was changed into a shoot 'em up battle due to the approaching deadline.[19]
  • It is unknown if The End, during its boast against previous villains Sonic has fought, was aware of Solaris. Despite the events of the Solaris incident being erased from the timeline, Sonic does remember them, according to the Japanese script of Team Sonic Racing.[20]
  • During the cutscene before the final battle in The Final Horizon, in the English script, there is a new line for The End, while in the Japanese script, the monologue by The End in the final battle in Main Story is recycled.
  • In many languages, the voice actor(s) of The End play another character in Sonic Frontiers:
    • In the the French and Italian dubs, the female voice actresses of The End also portray Sage.
    • In the English, French, and Italian dubs, the male voice actors of The End also portray Dr. Eggman.
    • In the English and Spanish dubs, the female voice actresses for The End also portray Amy Rose.
    • In the Spanish dub, the male voice actor of The End also portrays Big the Cat.
The End - Sonic Superstars

A purple moon in Egg Fortress Zone, from Sonic Superstars.


Development images[]





  1. Although Sonic briefly refers to The End as male before the final battle, the quote in question appears to be a leftover from earlier in development, as it is directed towards the Ancients, none of whom are present for the battle. During the final battle, The End's voice swaps between male-sounding and female-sounding, implying that it is genderless.
  2. This boss is initially introduced as "Supreme". However, the title graphic quickly shifts through a glitch effect to display "The End".
  3. Number of capacity decreased differs, depending on the difficulty.
  4. In the original Supreme fight, once Supreme's HP is down to 15%, it cannot be drained further until the rifle-shot-dodging RTI is triggered and completed for at least once.


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