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Sonic the Hedgehog
The Doomsday Project

"The Doomsday Project" is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was first written by Ben Hurst and was first aired on 3 December 1994.




Despite the setbacks as a result of Sir Charles sabotaging his plans by providing intelligence to the Freedom Fighters previously, Robotnik's Project Doomsday is complete and ready to become operational, with him and Snively overseeing the activation. Robotnik is convinced that once Project Doomsday is activated, all of Mobius will be his within twenty-four hours. With that, he activates Project Doomsday, and basks in the sound of his impending victory.

Back in Knothole, Sonic is with Rotor in his lab as he's just finished work on the first of several specially-designed water balloons loaded with a chemical capable of dissolving metal as Sonic tests it on a pile of scrap metal with one of them. After Rotor reveals that he has enough for 25 of them, Sonic leaves him to his work while he goes to check on the lookouts. He finds Antoine sleeping on the job and quickly wakes him up before saving him from a nasty fall. However, their peace is short-lived as the ground begins to split open, forcing Sonic to grab Antoine and take him to safety as one of the tubes that Project Doomsday deployed into the ground emerges and releases a Doomsday Pod from it. Sonic realizes Robotnik has tricked them and started his Doomsday Project a week early! As the Doomsday Pod begins laying waste to Knothole, Sonic has Antoine raise the alarm before going to see Rotor for one of his metal-eating balloons. However, the Doomsday Pod soon begins attacking the trees by Rotor's workshop, forcing Sonic to grab him and pull him to safety with only three of the balloons out of the 25 he made as the rest are destroyed along with Rotor's workshop when a tree trunk lands on top of it, crushing it to pieces, much to Rotor's devastation. Sonic quickly gets some payback as he uses one of the remaining balloons to destroy the Doomsday Pod.

With all of Mobius in danger, the Freedom Fighters prepare for their final battle. Sally sends messages out to summon the other Freedom Fighter leaders before she and Sonic look over the schematics for the Doomsday Project via Nicole, figuring that with hundreds of Doomsday Pods already swarming Mobius, time is critical to stop Project Doomsday before the whole planet falls under Robotnik's iron fist. Once the other Freedom Fighter leaders show up, including Ari, Lupe, Pollo and Dirk, the Freedom Fighter groups decide to infiltrate the Doomsday Machine. After Ari points out a straight assault would never get past the Swat-bot security, Sally ops for Plan B: Using hundreds of decoys to confuse the Swat-bots so they can slip in undetected. However, while Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine make it inside using one of the remaining two metal-eating balloons, Ari, Lupe, Pollo and Dirk are captured by the Swat-bots after Robotnik takes notice and has the Swat-bots put on high alert. With the other Freedom Fighters captured, Sonic ops to go it alone while Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine retreat on one of the Doomsday Pods. Robotnik permits them to leave, only interested in Sonic, despite Snively's protests.

With Nicole's help, Sonic finds the power core and sets the charges, but when Nicole detonates them, Sonic finds the core undamaged, before Robotnik reveals that he protected the core with a special diamond-reinforced casing, and drops Sonic into a Roboticizer that Robotnik designed just for him. It looks like Robotnik has won, but Sonic manages to use three Power Rings to escape his Roboticization and flee back to Knothole, while Snively complains to himself at how Robotnik should have heeded his warnings.

Back with the Freedom Fighters, now including Tails and Uncle Chuck, it looks like Mobius is doomed, until Uncle Chuck brings up the Deep Power Stones. Sonic is concerned that is impossible since Robotnik has one of them, but Uncle Chuck convinces him to take it from him. With that advice, Sonic sneaks back into Robotropolis, and finds that the city is devoid of Swat-bots as they are all at Project Doomsday. Finding Robotnik's office, Sonic has Nicole crack the combination lock on Robotnik's safe, but unable to find the Deep Power Stone there, Sonic nearly passes it up before Nicole has him back up to find it sitting on a bookcase. With the stone secure, Sonic returns to the other Freedom Fighters, and Sally realizes they still have a chance to stop Robotnik.

Returning to Project Doomsday, Sonic tries to talk Sally out of what is about to happen, but Sally convinces him that they are in this together, no matter what happens. With that, Sonic drills his way back inside, and after using their last metal-eating balloon on a Doomsday Pod, they reach the power core and pull out the Deep Power Stones. They plan on using them like before, which would mean sacrificing themselves in the process since they have no idea how big the explosion could be, it could very well wipe out all of Mobius, until Sonic suggests putting them together the other way. As they ask Nicole about it, they are spotted by Snively, who warns Robotnik. Horrified to see that they have the Deep Power Stones, Robotnik orders all Swat-bots to the core to stop Sonic and Sally and get the Deep Power Stones. After having Nicole look over the Deep Power Stones, she reveals that if Sally and Sonic put them together the other way, the power granted to them would be equal to 10,000 Power Rings. With the fate of Mobius hanging in the balance, Sonic and Sally agree to take the risk, only to soon be surrounded by Swat-bots, demanding they turn over the Deep Power Stones. Instead of doing as they command, Sonic and Sally unite the stones together, and the power soon begins to course through their bodies. Supercharged by the Deep Power Stones, Sonic and Sally begin tearing Project Doomsday apart as the Swat-bots scatter and soon flee for their lives with Tech-bots, Robians, and Mobians joining them. Ari, Lupe, Pollo and Dirk are able to escape to a Hover Unit and flee themselves, while with his plans falling apart around him, Robotnik flees to his personal Hover Unit to escape, refusing to let Snively on by saying there's only room for one. After Robotnik flees and Snively retorts that Robotnik doesn't give him enough credit, Snively escapes himself via a hidden elevator pod that takes him underground. As Sonic and Sally continue their destruction of Project Doomsday, Robotnik voices his hatred for Sonic by saying calmly, "I really hate that hedgehog", before he snaps and rants, "I hate him! I hate him! HATE HIM!!! HATE! HATE! HATE! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTEEEEEEE!!!!!"

He can only groan, gasp, and shout afterwards as Project Doomsday is wiped from the face of Mobius forever, and Sonic and Sally regroup on a distant hilltop to celebrate their victory before returning to Knothole, still imbued with the energy given to them by the Deep Power Stones.

Back at Knothole, everyone celebrates after Sonic and Sally announce the defeat of Robotnik, followed by a passionate kiss between the two Freedom Fighters, setting off fireworks overhead as everyone else chants "Freedom! Freedom!"

However, Snively has survived, and he's planning to follow in Robotnik's footsteps. And to make matters worse, he's not alone...

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Проект "Судный день" The "Doomsday" project


  • At the end of the episode, a pair of red eyes is seen by the viewer. They looked so similar to Sonic's eyes that most fans concluded that Metal Sonic or Knuckles the Echidna were due to appear. However this was confirmed by the episode's writer to be Naugus, who was supposed to be the lead antagonist in the next season. Naugus was later ported to the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-off comics published by Archie Comics.
  • A third season at one point was planned and confirmed, but was canceled due to low ratings.
  • The full storyboards for this episode, along with some deleted scenes, were included as a bonus feature on Shout! Factory's Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Series DVD set.
  • This is the only Season 2 episode to not use the shot of Sonic winking from the episode "Sonic Conversion" as the last background shot for the end credits, instead the shot of Sonic and Sally kissing was used.