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Sonic the Hedgehog
The Doomsday Project

"The Doomsday Project" is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It first aired on 3 December 1994.








The episode begins at the Doomsday Machine, which Dr. Robotnik and Snively have finally completed. Now, the Doomsday Project is ready to commence. From the Doomsday Machine's control center, Robotnik proclaims to Snively that within twenty-four hours, he will be controlling every inch of Mobius. Robotnik then proceeds to press a button on a remote control, thereby activating the Doomsday Machine, which begins inserting pipes into the ground. Meanwhile, Robotnik basks in the sound of his impending victory.

At the same time in Rotor's workshop, Rotor is preparing a serving of Metal-eating Balloons for Sonic. After Rotor gives Sonic one of his finished Metal-eating Balloons, Rotor instructs him to toss it into a pile of scrap metal nearby. Sonic does as instructed and the scrap metal is dissolved down to nothingness by the Metal-eating Balloon. Both Sonic and Rotor are impressed by the results. When Sonic then asks Rotor about how many Metal-eating Balloons he can produce, Rotor replies that he can make about twenty-five of them. Sonic then promises Rotor that these balloons will do some major damage to Robotnik's Doomsday Machine before running off to check the watchtower. Upon arriving at the watchtower and rushing up the tree trunk holding the outlook plaform however, Sonic finds Antoine sleeping on the job. Dissatisfied with Antoine's sloppy dedication, Sonic wakes Antoine up, only for Antoine to get scared by the sudden awakening and fall out of the tree. Fortunately, Sonic saves Antoine from his nasty fall. As Antoine recomposes himself from the experience, Antoine mistakes Sonic for an angel who has come to take him away. Disgruntled, Sonic puts Antoine down, making Antoine realize that he is still alive. Suddenly, however, the ground starts splitting apart. After saving Antoine from falling into the crack, Sonic takes Antoine with him and hides with him in the bushes. Soon after, a pipe emerges from the gab in the ground and a Doomsday Pod comes out of it. The flying pod then begins destroying anything alive in its path. Realizing that Robotnik has suckered them, Sonic runs back to Knothole Village with Antoine, where he tells Antoine to sound the alarm. After Antoine does as instructed, Sonic runs over to Rotor and warns him about the Doomsday Pod. Surprised, Rotor remarks that according to the reports, the Doomsday Project was scheduled to be launched next week. Needing the Metal-eating Balloons, Sonic and Rotor run into Rotor's workshop to collect them. As the Doomsday Pod gets closer to Rotor's workshop however, its starts destroying one of the nearby trees, causing its trunk to fall over in the direction of Rotor's workshop. Noticing the impending danger, Sonic takes Rotor out of his workshop, just as the tree trunk falls on the workshop, crushing it. Grabbing then one of the Metal-eating Balloons that Rotor managed to get out of the workshop, Sonic quickly throws it at the Doomsday Pod, destroying the machine.

Sonic subsequently meets up with Sally, who is sending mechanical pigeons with messages onboard them to the other Freedom Fighter groups. Knowing that the other Freedom Fighter groups have been on high alert for weeks, Sally is certain that it will not take them long to get to Knothole. Sonic, however, is afraid that the Doomsday Pods will work just as fast and destroy everything. As Sonic asks about how many Doomsday Pods the Doomsday Machine can spit out, Sally uses Nicole to give a holographic image of the Doomsday Machine's schematics. According to the data she had previously downloaded, Sally has managed to calculate that the Doomsday machine can release hundreds of Doomsday Pods every hour through tunnels that reach all over Mobius. Sonic thus decides it is time to act quickly. Soon after, Ari, Lupe, Polo and Dirk have assembled in Knothole to discuss a plan of attack on the Doomsday Machine. During the meeting, Sally introduces Sonic to Polo and Dirk, the leaders of the Southern and Eastern Freedom Fighters. Afterward, Dulcy arrives with aerial photos of the Doomsday Machine for Sally. Upon seeing the photos, Ari comes to the conclusion that that they will not be able to attack the Doomsday Machine directly due to security. Agreeing with Ari, Sally decides to switch to plan B.

Soon after, Ari and Lupe can be seen flying towards the Doomsday Machine on Dulcy's back. Coming up right behind them are Polo and Dirk in a Hover Unit. Meanwhile, down on the ground, Sonic, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine have snuck into the middle of the Doomsday Machine's base by hiding onboard one of the Fuel Tankers. After getting off the Fuel Tankers, Sally starts counting down for the execution of their plan of action. Up in the air, Lupe is counting down too. A few moment later, Ari, Lupe, Polo and Dirk begin dropping dummies in parachutes into midair in order to distract the guards. Meanwhile, inside the control center, Robotnik has noticed the dummy diversion. Seeing that the Freedom Fighters are trying to distract him, Robotnik nonetheless wants the heroes to make it inside. In order to make it not seem too easy for the Freedom Fighters however, Robotnik orders Snively to alert the ground forces. Meanwhile, Sally has given Sonic a place to throw another one of the Metal-eating Balloons. Throwing the balloon into a wall, Sonic burns a hole in the wall that the heroes use to enter the Doomsday Machine.

While monitoring Sonic and his group emergence into the Doomsday Machine, Snively asks Robotnik if he should alert security. Robotnik, however, wants the heroes to examine his machine so that they will discover his "surprise". Snively then begins grumbling to himself that Robotnik's stupidity will cost them. However, when Robotnik overhears his grumbling, Snively insists that he was saying that the Doomsday Machine is going to need more oil. Meanwhile, Ari and Lupe land on the Doomsday Machine, only to be spotted by flying Swat-Bots, who arrest them. At the same time, inside the Doomsday Machine, Sonic is running past two working Tech-Bots, who do not notice him. Joining up with his group, Sonic informs the heroes that the Tech-Bots will not be a problem for them unless Antoine trips over anything. Feeling insulted, Antoine starts to voice his opinion, but Bunnie hushes him. Proceeding onward, the group eventually reaches a tunnel. There, Sonic tells his friends to wait while he goes inside to check it out. Not noticing anything at first inside the tunnel, Sonic calls for his friends to join him. Suddenly, however, two mechanical heads with sharp teeth and red-glowing electrical auras surrounding them appear. Although stunned briefly by their appearance, Sonic jumps in-between the heads, only to get his tail burned. With the mechanical heads coming after him, Sonic begins to run away. However, Sally warms him from afar that the mechanical heads are detecting his movements. After the mechanical heads burn Sonic on the rear a second time, Sonic decides to finish this. Running to the end of the tunnel, Sonic runs up the wall and jumps off it, leaving the mechanical heads to crash into the tunnel outlet and get destroyed. Sally then runs up to Sonic to see if he is alright. Although tired and covered in electricity, Sonic is otherwise fine.

Meanwhile, on the outside of the Doomsday Machine, Polo and Dirk are landing on top of the Doomsday Machine's tower, only to be detected by Hover Units and Swat-Bots. Back inside the Doomsday Machine, Sonic and his friends have reached the Doomsday Pod assembly line, which is a mechanical hand dipping the framework of the Doomsday Pods into a yellowish liquid, for then to pull out a fully assembled Doomsday Pod. Upon seeing this, Sonic says that it must be stopped. Switching Nicole to com-mode, Sally tries to contact their squads, but they receive no answer since they have been arrested by Swat-Bots. As Antoine accurately guesses that their allies have been captured, Sally shares his opinion and admits that they are on their own. Sonic, however, believes that only he should stay in the Doomsday Machine while his friends ride out of the machine on a Doomsday Pod since their plan has failed. Sally begins to argue with Sonic, but Sonic stands by his decision. Hearing this over surveillance, Snively asks Robotnik if he should close the exit tunnel. Robotnik, however, insists on letting Sonic's friends go, as he wants Sonic to be left alone for him to finish. Snively does not understand this however, prompting Robotnik to pick up Snively and tell him how much it matters to him to bring an end to Sonic. Releasing Snively, Robotnik activates his jet boots and has Snively open the skylight for him to exit through. After Robotnik has left though, Snively says that he has a bad feeling about this.

Inside the Doomsday Machine, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine jump onto the latest Doomsday Pod to leave the Doomsday Machine. Sally tells Sonic that she wants to help him, but Sonic claims that they will just slow him down at this point. With Bunnie agreeing with Sonic, Sally hands Nicole over to Sonic, saying that he is going to need her. Soon after, the heroes are separated when a metal door closest in-between them. Now alone, Sonic has Nicole display a holographic image of the Doomsday Machine's schematics. Asking for details, Nicole shows Sonic where he is. On Sonic's request, Nicole then shows him where the main control room is. Arriving later in the control room, Sonic finds the generator for the Doomsday machine and begins planting explosives from his backpack on it before running into a side corridor. He then puts on a pair of goggles and tells Nicole to detonate the explosives. After the explosives have detonated, Sonic believes the Doomsday Machine is toast. When Sonic returns to the generator, however, he sees that the generator is intact. In that moment, Robotnik flies out of a hole in the floor and presents Sonic to his diamond glass-covered generator. Robotnik then opens a suction tube behind Sonic with a remote control, causing Sonic to get sucked into a capsule on the lower floor. Looking around, Sonic sees that he is trapped in a Roboticizer. Robotnik then flies down to him and expresses his disappointment with how this is going to be the end of their eternal struggle, although he admits that Sonic was a worthy adversary.

Robotnik proceeds to activate the roboticization procedure, but Sonic pulls out a Power Ring and projects energy from it which keeps the Roboticizer's energy at bay. However, Robotnik laughs at Sonic's attempt to save himself, as he has designed this Roboticizer especially for him. Robotnik proceeds to increase the Roboticizer's power, causing its energy to gain an advantage over Sonic's Power Ring. In response, Sonic pulls out two additional Power Rings and use them against the Robotnicizer as well. This surprises Robotnik, as he has not prepared for such a situation. Meanwhile, Sonic begins ramming around inside his capsule until it trips over and is launched from the Roboticizer, thus allowing Sonic to escape the Doomsday Machine. The furious Robotnik proceeds to escape his Roboticizer chamber. Having watched these events on the monitor as well, Snively mocks Robotnik for his failure.

In the Great Unknown. Sally, Dulcy, Antoine, Uncle Chuck and Tails are awaiting Sonic's return, with Sally and Dulcy surveying the area through binoculars. When Sonic finally arrives, Tails and Antoine begin asking Sonic if he succeeded in bringing down the Doomsday Machine. Sonic, however, tells them that he has failed because the Doomsday Machine's generator is protected by diamond glass. Antoine faints upon hearing this, but Sally praises Sonic for doing his best. Insisting that they cannot give up, Chuck eventually comes up with the idea of using the Deep Power Stones. Sonic, however, says that this idea is a "no go" because they only have one of them while Robotnik has the other. That is why Chuck suggests that Sonic should just take the Deep Power Stone from him. Soon after, Sonic finds himself creeping through Robotropolis, which Sonic discovers is empty due to the Doomsday Project. Making it inside Robotnik's headquarters, Sonic uses Nicole to break into Robotnik's safe. However, he finds nothing inside the safe. Just as Sonic heads off to look elsewhere, however, Nicole tells him to return to the war room. There, Sonic sees finds the Deep Power Stone placed on a pedestal. Taking the Deep Power Stone, Sonic runs back to his friends. Later, out in the Great Unknown, Sally and Chuck are trying to track down the tunnel that the Doomsday Pods are flying out of. Immediately after, Sonic arrives with the Deep Power Stone, which he passes onto Sally, who proclaims that they now have a plan.

Soon after, Sonic arrives with Sally at the site of the Doomsday Machine. There, Nicole tells them stop just above one of the Doomsday Pod's tunnels. Sonic and Sally then begin reviewing their equipment that consists of the last Metal-eating Balloon and the two Deep Power Stones. Sally then begins explaining that once they are inside, they should connect the Deep Power Stones so that they become a force of destruction. Sonic interrupts her, however, as he wants to in there alone. Sally, however, closes his mouth and says that they are in this together until the end, no matter what the outcome. Agreeing with Sally, Sonic kisses her hand. Sally then jumps into the arms of Sonic, who begins spinning around like a drill, thus allowing hin to burrow through the ground. Soon after, Sonic and Sally emerge into a tunnel. Sally then pulls out a flashlight, only to notice that a Doomsday Pod is approaching them. Sonic, however, destroys it with the last Meta-eating Balloon. After the smoke has subsided, Sally informs Sonic that they only have one minute before the next Doomsday Pod is deployed. Sonic replies that that is plenty of time, and runs off with Sally in his arms. Upon arriving in the control room of the Doomsday Machine however, Sally begins to worry about what could happen once the Deep Power Stones are connected, as the explosion they can generate could perhaps not only destroy the Doomsday Machine, but the entire planet. Sonic thus suggest that they put them together in reverse so that incredible power will be generated instead of incredible destruction. Unbeknownst to the heroes, however, they are being watched by a Surveillance Orb. Watching the Surveillance Orb's video recording, Snively informs Robotnik that Sonic has returned. Surprised that Sonic is back, Robotnik's surprised is made even greater when he notices that Sonic and Sally are in possession of the Deep Power Stones. As such, he orders all Swat-Bots to go to the brain room and secure the Deep Power Stones. Meanwhile, Sally has asked Nicole for an analysis of the Deep Power Stones. Nicole explains that the Deep Power Stones' energy is identical to that of Power Rings, but many times increased. When Sally asks by how much, Nicole says "ten thousand times". When Sally begins to wonder if such power is dangerous, Nicole admits that there is a chance of danger occurring. Sonic, however, remarks that this whole place is dangerous, and Sally decides to trust Sonic's judgment before hugging him.

Immediately after, several flying Swat-Bots arrive in the control room. Sonic and Sally, however, join the Deep Power Stones together, creating an energy barrier around them. While holding hands, Sonic and Sally then begin running all over the Doomsday Machine together, destroying and wrecking havoc in various locations. As the Doomsday Machine falls apart, various Worker Bots and robots start to run away. Meanwhile, Robotnik is spinning around in his chair until he finally manages to free himself and run towards his hovercraft. Snively wants to follow Robotnik, but the doctor tells him that there is only room for one of them in the hovercraft. After Robotnik flees in his hovercraft, Snively retorts that Robotnik does not give him enough credit and escapes via a hidden elevator pod that takes him underground. Meanwhile, while Sonic and Sally continue running around the Doomsday Machine, various Freedom Fighters are shown escaping the facility, including Ari, Lupe, Polo and Dirk, who manage to escape in a Hover Unit. As the Doomsday Machine is then absorbed in a massive burst of light, Robotnik can be heard shouting about how much he hates Sonic before disappearing in a burst of light. Soon after, the Doomsday Machine disappears as well, the machine and its site being wiped from existence as Sonic and Sally run around. After finishing their assault, Sonic and Sally land on a nearby hill and proclaim that Robotnik is gone. The two of them then exchange high-fives, causing a surge of energy. This makes Sally wonder what would happen if they kiss under the influence of the Deep Power Stones. Sonic, however, who does not want to find out, escapes from Sally, who proceeds to fly after him.

Back in Knothole, Sonic and Sally are hailed as heroes by Tails, Bunnie, Antoine, Chuck, and many other Freedom Fighters. Sonic then admits that it is "too bad" that Robotnik is gone because that leaves him, as the hero, without a villain to fight. Sally, however, tells Sonic that he will always be her hero. Sonic and Sally then share a passionate kiss, which produces waves of pulsating energy and fireworks overhead as everyone else chants "Freedom! Freedom!"

Meanwhile, from the ruins of the Doomsday Machine, an elevator emerges from which Snively comes out wearing a cape and a new attire. Saying that the Freedom Fighters should not be celebrating just yet, Snively proclaims that it is his turn now that Robotnik has let himself get defeated by Sonic. And to make matters worse, he is not alone...



Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Проект "Судный день" The "Doomsday" project


  • At the end of the episode, a pair of red eyes is seen by the viewer. They looked so similar to Sonic's eyes that most fans concluded that Metal Sonic or Knuckles the Echidna were due to appear. However this was confirmed by the episode's writer to be Naugus, who was supposed to be the lead antagonist in the next season. Naugus was later ported to the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-off comics published by Archie Comics.
  • A third season at one point was planned and confirmed, but was canceled due to low ratings.
  • The full storyboards for this episode, along with some deleted scenes, were included as a bonus feature on Shout! Factory's Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Series DVD set.
  • This is the only season two episode to not use the shot of Sonic winking from the episode "Sonic Conversion" as the last background shot for the end credits, instead the shot of Sonic and Sally kissing was used.