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Sonic Underground
The Deepest Fear (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "The Deepest Fear".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]

[Scene: Sonic's Dream]

[At night time, thunder strikes and waves crash.]
Aleena (narrating): The deepest fears are those which we will not admit, even to ourselves. But admitting to them is the first step in overcoming them.
Sonic: Show thy monstrous self, old Moby Deep! Come and face the wrath of Captain Sonic if thou hast the courage!
[A large monster roars and rises up from the ocean. It jumps out of the water and back in. Sonic gets his anchor ready. The monster rises up again and unleashes its tentacles towards Sonic's ship.]
Sonic: Well, I hast forth. Take that!
[Sonic throws his anchor, but the monster intercepts it with its tentacle. It flies back towards Sonic. He ducks to dodge it, but it pulls his jacket, sending him flying and colliding with the mast.]
Sonic: Nice throw.
[Sonic falls through the jacket onto the wobbling ship. the monster emerges again and unleashes a tentacle which tries to wrap Sonic. He dodges the attacks.]
Sonic: Thou can't catch Captain Sonic, but I can catch thee!
[The monster's tentacle wraps up Sonic's ship. Sonic watches his ground as another tentacle wraps the hip. As the monster tries to eat it, Sonic zooms and ties the tentacles together, making the monster cry.]
Sonic: Give me a call sometime when you're not... "tied up"!
[He grins. The monster screams again as it descends underwater with Sonic's ship, causing Sonic to gasp and fall into the water with a big splash.]

[Scene Change: Camper Van, Day.]

[Sonic talks and moves on his bed. Manic appears and rubs his body.]
Manic: Hey, bro. Wake up!
[Sonic wakes up and puts his hand on his head.]
Sonic: Whoa. That was one nasty nightmare.
Sonia: But that's what you get for eating three Chili Dogs before you take a nap.
Sonic: You said it, sis. Takes at least four to make me sleep good.
[The Van travels along the road.]
Sonic: Dream? I was finghting hand to tentacle with a sea monster. The one they call Moby Deep.
Manic: Can't believe you're afraid of Moby Deep! That's just an old wet story.
Sonic: [Chuckles] Did I say I was afraid? Let me tell you something, bro. Nothing scares... [Looks ahead] What's that?
Sonia: That's the Mobian sea.
[Sonic chuckles nervously]
Sonia: We'll be in Port Mobius soon. I hope the message about meeting Mother there turns out to be true.
Manic: I hope so too, sis. But if it doesn't we can still hit the beach for a swim.
Sonic: [Becomes nervous] Swim? Uh... why do we wanna do that?
[Sonic jumps out of the Camper Van and dashes.]
Sonic: If this van's a stopping then Sonic's a bot!
[He zooms off.]
Manic: Is he acting freaky or what?
Sonia: He does seem kind of zippy about something.

[Scene Change: Port Mobius, Day]

[Sonic zooms through the gates and explores the place.]
Sonic: A Queen Aleena Monument. Alright. My kind of town after all. Good to see you, Mom.
[He pulls the cape. Scary music plays as the cape reveals Dingo's face.]
Sonic: Dingo?! What are you doing here?
Dingo: Just hanging around.
[He jumps off a statue behind Sonic. Sleet and several Swatbots surround him too.]
Sleet: We heard you were headed in this direction. You must not know Robotnik's the local hero around here. Blast him!
[The Swatbots fire lasers at a Sonic figure. An explosion sounds and a hollow is created.]
Dingo: You got him Sleet!
Sonic: [Whistle calls and laughs] Are you guys slow or are you guys slow?
[He zooms about the place again, dodging another round of Swatbot lasers.]
Sonic: [Laughs] Yup. You're slow!
Sleet: I said blast him!
[Sonic lures into the Swatbots and makes them fire lasers at each other, destroying themselves. He stops in front of some Mobians who are blocking his way.]
Sonic: Is anybody here with the resistance?
[They bring their guns out and aim at him.]
Sonic: Guess not.
[They open fire. Sonic zooms off towards the gates, but two mobians close it completely before he makes it. He grinds to a halt.]
Sonic: Nice try, guys! But no problemo.
[He jumps up in the air, spins across the gate and breaks through it. He is then greeted by Swatbots.]
Sonic: Problemo.
[The Swatbots shoot at him. He dodges and zooms, but tries to stop as Robotnik's vehicle almost drives over him.]
Sonic: Whoa! Huh?
[He walks and stops between the vehicle's line of fire and the Robotnik statue.]
Sleet: Won't miss this time.
[Sonic bows and presents a target.]
Sonic: [Confidently] Uh oh.
[Sonic raises and then releases the target and zooms off. The vehicle fires a shot directly at the statue building, destroying the base and causing the rock hard statue to fall onto and break the vehicle. Sonic stops by an entrance.]
Sonic: Hey. Just what I need.
[Sonic grabs the door handle but it's a fake. The door is transformed into Dingo and traps Sonic's hand.]
Dingo: I got you!
[The Dingo door is run over by the Camper Van. Sonic's hand is released as it arrives.]
Sonic: What took you so long?
Manic: She wouldn't drive any faster.
Sonia: [Fed up] The wind messes up my hair!
[Sonic jumps inside the van and it drives away. Door-shaped Dingo exclaims in pain.]

[Scene Change: Port Mobius Docks, Sunset]

Sonia: The message said we can find Queen Aleena at the Port Mobius Docks.
Manic: Sounds like a line to me.
Sonic: Look out, sis!
[A Swatbot fires lasers but the Camper Van evades them. Sonic presses his medallion which generates his guitar and leaves the van.]
Sonic: Make tracks while I play this ax.
[Sonic opens the roof while a Swatbot chases the van. Sonic fires his weapon on the Swatbot. He scores a direct hit and destroys it.]
Sonia: Did you get him?
Manic: [Pointing ahead] Look out!
[They scream as the Camper Van runs off the edge of the platform and over the water. It eventually lands inside a ship known as the Queen Aleena, breaking the doors off and all the seats. It brakes to a halt just before it hits the wall. The door opens and Sonic jumps out.]
Sonic: You could've at least put us on the front row.
Captain Squeegee: [Pirate's voice] Hah! Welcome to the Queen Aleena. I'm Captain Squeegee. Couldn't help hearing all the lasers blasting up in town! He wouldn't be making trouble and dragging me into it would he?
Sonic: Sonic's the name and resistance is our game.
Captain: Well then. Glad to meet you! I'm the head of the local resistance.
[He offers a handshake. Sonic shakes it and soon tries to let go.]
Captain: Grab this! I am the local resistance.
[They let go of their hands. Sonic looks at his watery hand in horror.]
Sonia: So this is the Queen Aleena we're supposed to meet; a show boat?
Manic: Looks like the show's over.
Captain: You haven't had a show in ages! Not since everybody in Port Mobius went over to Robotnik's side.
Sonic: Why would anybody want to be on Butt-nik's side?
Captain: Harh! They think Robotnik can protect them from Moby Deep.
[The hedgehogs look at each other confused.]
Sonia: But Moby Deep is just an old legend.
Captain: Harh! He's real all right. Maybe you're just the three hedgehogs that can help me catch him. That will show everybody they don't need Robotnik's protection.

[Scene Change: Port Mobius Docks, Sunrise]

[Sleet and Dingo are standing opposite a group of local Mobians.]
Sleet: Those hedgehogs are hiding somewhere on the waterfront. I want you to search the docks until you find him.
Dingo: [Shouting, causing Sleet to cover his ears.] You heard him! Start searching!
[All the Mobians leave the area. After a moment, Sleet unblocks his ears and points closely at Dingo's mouth.]
Sleet: Do that again and next time I morph you into a spittoon!
[Sleet walks back to his vehicle but looks around the area.]
Sleet: Sonic is somewhere nearby. I have a sixth sense for these things.
[He walks into the vehicle and the door closes behind him.]

[Scene Change: Queen Aleena Ship, Day]

Captain: Hah! When Moby Deep started sinking ships, the whole town begged Robotnik for help. The only way to win them back is for the resistance to catch Moby Deep.
Sonic: We're here to fight Butt-nik, not sea monsters.
Sonia: Wait a Mobius mint. There's something fishy about this. What if Robotnik's sinking ships so the port mobians will be afraid and come to him for protection?
Sonic: Good thinking, sis. Now that that's solved, I'm outta here.
[Sonic prepares a Super Peel Out, but Manic holds him.]
Manic: Hey! I got an idea how we can prove it.
Sonic: Yeah, well, will it take long?

[Scene Change: Queen Aleena Ship, night]

[The Captain and the hedgehogs are on stage with Manic on his drumset. Sonic is looking at a tank of water.]
Manic: You can check the size of something underwater by bouncing soundwaves off of it. Check it out! I'll lower the mic, send out some vibes, and listen to the echo!
[He bangs the drumset. A loud ringing is heard inside his headphones. He squeezes his eye tight and falls off his seat, landing on his back. His headphones come off too. He sits up and rubs his sore head.]
Manic: Like that.
[The microphone raises.]
Sonic: How can we test it when there's nothing in the tank?
Manic: Dig it. Just jump in the tank and act lika a sea monster.
Sonic: Go jump in a lake!
Manic: How about you, Sonia?
Sonia: And get my hair wet? Get real!
Captain: Ar! What a bunch of whiners, I'll play Moby Deep for you.
Sonia: Huh?
[The Captain jumps in the tank and splashes all the water out, landing on his back.]
Captain: I hate when that happens!
[He strains and struggles as he tries to get up on his legs.]
Manic: I'll help you, Captain.
[Manic jumps into the empty tank onto the Captain's belly. The water splashes upwards and fills the tank. The water splashes the two hedgehogs outside the tank. Sonic runs off.]
Sonia: Ow!
Sonic: Towel?
[Sonic gives Sonia a towel. Manic and the Captain appears out of the tank.]
Manic: Now, we just take the boat out to sea, and see what's really out there. Moby Deep, or one of Butt-nik's subs.
Sonic: [Nervous; Sonia becomes worried] As much as I'd like to go on this gourmet cruise, count me out. Somebody's got to keep an eye on Sleet and Dingo. Somebody fast.
[Sonic zooms off.]
Manic: We knew Sonic didn't like water. He's acting like he's afraid of it.
Captain: I've seen this kind of thing before. Even sailors get afraid of water every now and then. Sonic can overcome his fear, if he has to.
[Sonic zooms across the road, until he stumbles onto a narrow bridge, with water on both sides. He looks down nervously, then walks across cautiously.]
Manic: You don't know my bro, Sonic.
[He makes it across them zooms around the rest of the place.]

[Scene Change: Inside the Queen Aleena Ship, night]

[The Captain controls the wheel.]
Manic: What if that Moby Deep really is out there?
Sonia: Forget legend. We're after something a lot worse than Moby Deep, Buttnik.
[A bird drops Dingo - shaped as a buoy - into the sea. It pulls the top with its claws but Dingo flicks his arms out, scaring the bird.]
Dingo: 'Ey! Why do I always get the dirty jobs? And why would that old show boat go out to sea? I better tell Sleet!
[Buoy-shaped Dingo tries to swim across the sea.]

[Scene Change: Port Mobius Docks, Night]

[Sonic zooms and explores the area until he sees two Swatbots guarding an entrance.]
Sonic: Swatbots standing guard? But what are they guarding? Hey, butt-nik!
[Sonic zooms inside the entrance to the harbor. He stops when he notices a submarine.]
Sonic: A submarine!
[Sleet and a Swatbot walk along the harbor's platform.]
Sleet: Did you say something?
Dingo: Sleet!
[Dingo arrives from the water - still in his buoy shape and exhausted]
Dingo: That old show boat, Queen Aleena, just let the harbor.
[Sleet uses his Shapeshift Remote to morph Dingo back to normal.]
Dingo: [Babbling under water] But Sleet! I can't swim!
[Sonic hides behind a barrel and overhears the conversation.]
Sleet: I've always suspected Captain Squeegee was in the resistance. If he has sonic and his sibling aboard, that will prove it.
[Dingo jumps out of the water next to Sleet.]
Sleet: Launch the submarine! It's time our Moby Deep... claimed another victim.
[The two villains and the Swatbot make their way into the submarine.]
Sonic: [Worried] He's gonna sink the Queen Aleena. I've gotta get on board that sub and stop him!
[He runs towards the submarine just as Dingo closes the door. The vehicle beeps - forcing Sonic to stop running - and submerges.]
Sonic: Ooff... Do it.
[He zooms back behind the barrel and sits down. He gasps.]
Sonic: What I gotta do is warn Manic and Sonia. Good idea!
[He zooms and breaks through the door guarded by Swatbots to the outside. The Swatbots chase him. He sees a rowing boat and jumps on it. He peels out on the boat making it go fast, speeding away from and then towards the shore. He jumps off the boat onto the ledge.]
Sonic: Pepsi's full of water! I'd better signal Manic and Sonia. Yeah, good idea!
[He zooms across two Swatbots, causing them to chase him.]

[Scene Change: Lighthouse, night]

[Sonic zooms inside the lighthouse to the top where the light room is.]
Sonic: Wait a Sonic second, I need something to signal with. Maybe an umbrella.
[He zooms all the way down the stairway, picks up the umbrella, and then zooms back to the top.]
Sonic: Yeah, this should do the trick.
[He opens the umbrella to check, then he jumps to the platform with the rotating light and repeatedly opens and closes the umbrella. Meanwhile, Sonia - with Manic next to her - is holding a fishing rod, with a microphone attached to the lure.]
Sonia: Now, to lower the microphone.
Manic: That lighthouse must have a short circuit.
[Sonic puts away his umbrella and brings out his binoculars.]
Sonic: Hey, you're not turning back. Better try something else.
[He zooms all the way down the stairway, picks up a loudspeaker, and then zooms back to the top.]
Sonic: [On Loudspeaker; Echoed voice] Maaa-niiic! Sooo-niaaa! Maaa-niiic!
Captain: Must be a frog rolling in.
Sonic: [On Loudspeaker; Echoed voice] Sooo-niaaa!
[Swatbots walk towards the lighthouse.]
Sonic: [Whispering] They're still going! Nothing's working.
[He releases the loudspeaker and zooms down the stairway - knocking the swatbots over - and out of the lighthouse all the way into the Patrol Boat.]
Sonic: Wow. This Patrol Boat should get me off to Manic-- and Sonia in a hurry.
[--He pulls a lever.]
Sonic: [Nervous] This water sure looks deep. Moby Deep.
[A periscope with a camera rises out of the sea and scans the area.]
Sleet: Aha. There it is. A sitting duck.
Dingo: Why are we gonna sink a duck?
Sleet: [Slaps his head in frustration] Not a duck you fool! The Queen Aleena! Prepare to attack, running speed!
[Dingo pushes the lever forward. The submarine submerges underwater at high speed.]

[Scene Change: Patrol Boat's Harbor, night]

[Sonic is sitting on the cockpit of the boat.]
Sonic: [To himself] Chill, Hedgehog. You're not afraid of a little water.
[He pulls a lever backward, but then loses confidence.]
Sonic: [Afraid] Did I say that? The mobians see a lot of water.
[The Swatbots join Sonic and fire lasers.]
Swatbot: Surrender. Surrender.
Sonic: Are you serious?!
[He zooms back into the cockpit and pushes the lever forward. The submarine moves and forces the robots off the boat's platform. One of the robots manages to hold on to the boat's edge. A rope is attached from the boat to the bung. The boat speeds off but is caught by the rpe attached to the bung. Sonic watches in horror as a Swatbot flies over him and dives back in the sea.]
Sonic: A perfect Swat-job!
[The rope snaps off the bung and lets the ship zoom at high speed, forcing Sonic off. He falls down but manages to hang on to the rope, skimming with his feet above the sea.]
Sonic: Hey, this sea isn't so bad.
[Two more Patrol boats surround Sonic at both sides.]
Sonic: Not so bad?! What was I thinking?! This hedgehog's gotta get back to good old dry land. But not like this!
[Swatbots fire lasers at him. Sonic dodges them while skimming, jumping over the next laser attack. Sonic's Patrol Boat collides into a rock and breaks.]
Sonic: Whoa!
[The other two patrol boats hits the rocks and are destroyed in blasts. Sonic is flown through the destruction.]
Sonic: Whoa!
[He falls in the water. Afterwards he raises his head above the sea and thrashes about in the water.]
Sonic: Safe! [Struggling] If I could swim...
[He holds his breath as he drowns inside the water. He thrashes himself above water again.]
Sonic: I got to swim faster!
[Suddenly, he screams as a whirlpool swallows him in. Soon, a large whale rises out of the water and rescues him.]
Sonic: Who are you?
Moby Deep: [Deep voice] I'm Moby Deep.
Sonic: Moby Deep? You're supposed to be a sea monster!
Moby Deep: Sometimes to hard to be what you're supposed to be.
[The whale spouts Sonic up in the air, causing him to fall back in the sea. He thrashes himself above water again and swims towards Moby Deep.]
Sonic: Watch it Mobe-ster! [Jumps on his back] I can't swim!
Moby Deep: Sorry.
Sonic: Hey, no hard feelings. [Slides a little bit down the whale's back.] If you do me a litle favor, how would you like to trash a submarine full of trash?
Moby Deep: I couldn't do that. I'm afraid of boats, especially submarines.
Sonic: How can you be afraid of a little thing like a sub.
Moby Deep: It could hurt me! How can you be afraid of the water?
Sonic: It's wet, it's deep, and well, I can't swim.
Moby Deep: Can't swim? Let me give you a lift to shore.
[The whale swims Sonic back to shore.]
Sonic: How about a detour? I've got some friends I want you to meet.
[Moby Deep comes across the Queen Aleena ship. Meanwhile, the submarine submerges under the ship. Manic and Sonia are still aboard the ship.]
Manic: Now to see if this really works.
[He continuously bangs the cymbals. Sleet and Dingo gasp.]
Manic: There's something big down there.
[He continuously bangs the cymbals again and hears a louder noise.]
Manic: It's getting closer and closer.
[He continuously bangs the cymbals again]
Sonia: Is it a submarine, or a sea monster?!
Manic: It sounds like--
Sonic: [Interrupting] --Hey guys!
Manic and Sonia: Huh?
[Sonic appears with Moby Deep. He jumps off the whale's body and lands on the ship.]
Sonic: Thanks, Sir Deep.
Moby Deep: No biggy.
[The whale dives underwater.]
Sonia: Is that Moby Deep? He's real?!
Sonic: In the flesh, sis, and a whole lotta!
Sonia: So it really was Moby Deep sinking ships?
Sonic: Hey, no way. The Mo' man don't play that game.
[The submarine attacks the ship, shaking the trio on board, and Squeegee, who collides into a wall. The submarine reverses.]
Sonic: It's a sub made to look like a sea monster. That's what I came out here to tell you.
Sonia: Thanks for the warning.
[Squeegee runs out of his room to the open.]
Captain: We're taking on water down below! Man the buckets!
[He runs down the stairway into the water. He swallows it all up.]
Captain: And the bilge pumps!
[Sonic zooms down next to him.]
Sonic: Pumps are for chumps.
[Sonic zooms towards the broken part of the ship with water flowing through it. He quickly builds a row planks to block the flow, with a sigh saying "WET PAINT". The camera cuts to Sleet and dingo. Sleet looks through the periscope.]
Sleet: There's something wrong. They're not sinking. Ram them again.
Sonia: [Generates her keyboard] We can blast that sub... if it wasn't underwater.
Manic: Maybe... we could get a rise out of sleep, with music!
Sonic: Good idea, bro. Sleet and Dingo hate music.
Manic: We could use the old speakers in the theater to make a boss sound system, but to wire all that up would take--
[--Sonic zooms down towards the stage room and grabs the speakers. He zooms back to where his brothers are.]
Sonic: About a sonic second?
Manic: Yeah, about that.
Sonic: Let's jam before they ram!
[The underground generate their instruments.]

[The song, "Face Your Fear" plays]

Sonic: We jammed them, now blam!
[Everyone shoots their weapons at the submarine. It explodes with a big puff of smoke. Dingo and Sleet scream and fall into the sea. Dingo spits out the excess water in his mouth.]
Dingo: What do we do now, Sleet?
Sleet: Huh?
[Sleet transforms Dingo into a large fish.]
Sleet: Mix like a fish, you fool, and swim!
[Sleet sits on top of the fish's back. Dingo swims - with the large whale behind them.]
Moby Deep: Hmm... Thanks. Dinner Time!
[Sleet looks back and screams in horror as the whale speeds towards them. Sleet flails his arm in desperation.]
Sleet: [Pants noisily] Faster!
Captain: I guess everybody's afraid-- of something.
Sonic: [--Laughs] Being afraid, no biggie, as long as you don't let it slow you down.
Captain: At least nobody will be afraid of Moby Deep any more.
Sonia: And they won't need Robotnik for protection.
Manic: Yeah, and maybe Sonic won't be so freaky about water.
Captain: It's a good thing he came to Port Mobius when he did.
[The Captain leaves. The trio look at each other confused.]
Manic: Why's he there for us, like "didn't"?
Sonic: If he didn't then, who did?
[They gasp when they see the sign "QUEEN ALEENA". The screen circles out on the sign and goes black. The credits appear.]