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Sonic Underground
The Deepest Fear

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"The Deepest Fear" is the seventh episode of the Sonic Underground television series. It first aired on 27 January 1999 in France and on 7 September 1999 in the United States. It was included in Volume 1 and Sonic to the Rescue.







On a trip to Port Mobius, Sonic, Manic and Sonia are told that ships are sinking due to the Mobian sea-beast. The legendary story becomes fishy when the Hedgehogs meet Captain Squeegee who informs them of a scam in which townspeople must rely upon Robotnik for protection from the sea monster, when in reality it is Robotnik who is sinking ships, not a monster. Sonic must overcome his fear of water and the monster to find the truth and thereby ending the fears of the sea side town.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
German Die Angst vorm Wasser The Fear of Water
Polish Najgłębszy strach The Deepest Fear
Spanish El miedo más profundo. The Deepest Fear
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