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Sonic X
The Dam Scam (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "The Dam Scam".

[Scene: Savannah]

[A lioness grooms her cub; a giraffe eats leaves from a tree; a hippopotamus is seen in the water, and the X-Tornado flies over it all.]
Tails: This place is amazing! All the wildlife here really is wild. Let's land to take a closer look.
[Sonic, who is standing on top of the X-Tornado, nods. Suddenly Chris points ahead.]
Chris: Tails! Check the radar! Mayday!
[They look and see that the Egg Fort is hot on their tail.]

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort]

Dr. Eggman: We caught them by surprise. Quick! Fire! Now!
Decoe and Bocoe: [Salutes] Roger.

[Scene Change: The X-Tornado]

[The Egg Fort fires several missiles at the X-Tornado, which it dodges. Sonic stretches his legs.]
Sonic: Time for some fun.
Chris: What are you gonna do, Sonic?
Sonic: Ha! You'll see!
[Sonic reveals that he has a Power Ring, then activates it and leaps toward the Egg Fort, executing a home attack.]

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort]

Dr. Eggman: Quick! Fire!
Bocoe: Too late!
[Sonic starts damaging the ship.]
Dr. Eggman: Oh nooo!
[Bocoe and Decoe hug each other for fear.]
Decoe and Bocoe: We are going to crash!

[Scene Change: The X-Tornado]

[The Egg Fort is going down.]
Chris: All right!
[The X-Tornado flies next to the Egg Fort. Suddenly, an explosion causes rocks the X-Tornado.]
Tails: Uh-oh!
[Shrapnel is sent into the X-Tornado, breaking off one of its wings.]
Tails: The wing!
Chris: Look out!
[The X-Tornado plummets to the ground.]
[The opening theme plays]

[Scene Change: Savannah]

[Tails is working on repairing the X-Tornado. Chris appears bored. He slides the dolly out from underneath the X-Tornado.]
Tails: I fixed it.
Chris: But Tails, the wing is still broken.
Tails: You're right. This machine can't fly...
[He climbs inside the X-Tornado.]
Tails: we'll walk.
[He starts up the X-Tornado and converts it to X-Cyclone mode.]
Chris: I forgot the X-Tornado can walk.
[Unfortunately one of the legs falls off, damaging the X-Tornado further.]
Chris: [Blushing] Still needs work.
[Later, Tails is once again repairing the X-Tornado.]
Chris: Can I do something to help?
Tails: No thanks. I can handle this myself.
Chris: Oh...
[Chris looks around.]
Chris: It sure is quiet around here.
[He opens his cell phone, but, to his dismay, there is no signal.]
Chris: I don't even have any phone service here.
[He heads over to a nearby tree and flops onto the grass. He tries to get some sleep, but the sun is too bright. He yawns anyway. Meanwhile, Tails is now doing welding work on the X-Tornado.]
Tails: You can take a nap if you want, Chris. It's gonna take some time to do these repairs.
[Chris sits up.]
Chris: Okay.
Tails: I'll wake you when I'm done.
Chris: Oh, thanks. You know, Tails, there's something about this place that's really different from home.
Tails: Really?
Chris: Yeah. Time seems to move slower here than in the city. Don't you feel it's different?
Tails: No. This place feels familiar in a certain way. It's like being back home.
Chris: You must really miss it there.
Tails: I missed it really bad at first, but now I also like Station Square. Someday I want to start an engineering company there and build lots of machines.
Chris: That's cool. When it comes to building machines, you're the best there is, Tails.
Tails: Thanks. So what do you think you wanna do when you're older?
Chris: Well, I... I really want to study zoology... I think. Grandpa and my dad want me to really like building machines, just like they do. But since I met you guys, I figured I'm more interested in animals than machines.
[He reconsiders what he just said.]
Chris: Uh... I-I don't mean you guys are just animals, you know!
Tails: Great, I'm done! And this time, I'm sure it really is fixed, Chris. Let's go and look for Sonic.
[Chris stands up and nods.]
Chris: Right.
[Soon the X-Cyclone sets off through the savannah.]

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort]

[Eggman opens the airlock to let some smoke out, and coughs.]
Dr. Eggman: Blast that hedgehog!
[He then realizes that he has landed in a lake, and several crocodiles are swimming towards him. Afterwards, A door at the top of the Egg Fort opens, and a new robot flies out: E-65 Gorru-Gaooh. Bocoe and Decoe are inside. Upon landing, it thumps its chest.]
Decoe: Ohh... E-65 is going ape!
Bocoe: Stop monkeying around! We have a mission to complete!
[Gorru-Gaooh stops thumping its chest.]
Decoe: Time to go.
Bocoe: Dr. Eggman, we will contact you when we find Sonic.
Dr. Eggman: Don't fail me!
Decoe: Yes, Doctor. Take off, E-65.
[Gorru-Gaooh sets off through the savannah.]

[Scene Change: The savannah]

[Meanwhile, Sonic is seen running through the savannah.]
Sonic: I love it here 'cause there's plenty of room to run around!
[He looks around]
Sonic: Tails and Chris must have landed the X-Tornado somewhere around here...
[He notices a cheetah running next to him.]
Sonic: Huh? Wow, you're pretty fast for a kitty cat! So, you wanna race, huh? ... Well... you are pretty speedy compared to all the other animals on this slow-pokey planet! But on the racetrack, I'm a real tiger! See?
[He picks up the cheetah and begins running at supersonic speed. Meanwhile, Jackhammers are breaking through the ground, and steam shovels are removing the rocks, as a massive project is underway. From the X-Cyclone outside the fenced area, Chris and Tails watch.]
Tails: I wonder what they're building here?
Chris: Isn't this a nature preserve?
[Two bosses are heading the project.]
Worker: Get this moving down there!
Boris: Hurry! We have deadline to meet with!
Sergei: Boris, we need to get this done quick and get out of here.
[Chris and Tails approach]
Chris: Uh, sir? Could you tell us what you're building?
Sergei: Eh? How did you get here? This a restricted area. It's dangerous. Can't you see we are building a dam?
Chris: A dam?!
Tails: [To Chris] What's a dam?
[A shot of an actual dam is shown.]
Chris: It's something you build when you want to hold back the water from a river or a lake.
Tails: But Chris, I...
[He looks around]
Tails: I don't see any water around here.
Chris: Yeah. [To the bosses] How come you're building a dam here, sir?
[Tails notices various animals watching them.]
Sergei: You are being like that elephant over there - too nosy. It is none of your business what we are doing.
Tails: But have you guys thought about what will happen to the wildlife around here once you're done building this thing?
Sergei: Who cares about wildlife? [To another man] Ivan, come here and introduce yourselves to these pests.
[The third man, who is muscular, laughs.]
Sergei: Now go get lost or I'll send Ivan here to find you. Let's go.
[Tails and Chris watch the three men leave. Later, Tails is speaking to the animals.]
Tails: Listen up, you losers! You're just a bunch of wimps! You deserve to lose your home!
[The animals hang their heads.]
Chris: You okay?
[Tails hangs his head as well.]
Tails: ...Sorry... It's just...

[Scene Change: Forest, flashback]

Tails: Back in the world I came from...
[Tails is being bullied. One bully is holding Tails back, while two others are looking at an invention Tails had made.]
Tails: No! No, please don't! Leave it alone, you guys!
[One of the bullies raises a large stick.]
Tails: Aah! No! Keep away!
[But the bully breaks the invention anyway. Tails is then seen sadly carrying the broken invention. He then catches sight of Sonic (whom he does not know yet) stop nearby, look around, then take off again.]
Tails: Whoa, that guy's cool! I wonder where he's going?
[And so Tails follows after Sonic.]

[Scene Change: Beach, flashback]

[The flashback continues to a beach, where Tails discovered the Tornado parked there. He climbs inside the cockpit.]
Tails: Wow, this plane looks pretty fast! But I bet I can make it even faster.
[Tails is soon tweaking the Tornado and even repainting it. Unknown to him, Sonic is standing behind him.]
Sonic: What do you think you're doing?
[Tails turns round.]
Tails: Sorry, but when I see a machine, I can't help myself. I hope you don't mind I changed the engine to make it faster.
Sonic: Hm. I like what you did with the color, too.
Tails: [Chuckles] Come and see what else I did.
Sonic: So... You've been following me around all morning just to check out my airplane? Or is there something else you want?
Tails: Well, you see, I like to build and repair stuff. So they all make fun of me. You looked cool, so I followed you, and when I found your plane, I figured I could fix it up and we could be friends! ...If you want to.
Sonic: Well, what's your name, pal?
Tails: Miles Prower, uhh, but my friends call me Tails.
Sonic: My name's Sonic. Nice job, Tails. I could use a mechanic and a friend.
Tails: You mean that?
Sonic: [winks and gives him a thumbs-up] You bet!
[The flashback ends]

[Scene Change: Savannah]

Tails: [To himself] Everybody picked on me. ... If somebody doesn't stop these bullies, they'll wreck this place, and I won't let that happen!
[He turns back to the construction site.]
Tails: You two take your bulldozers and get out!
Sergei: This little furball is really starting to get on my nerves.
[Boris growls in anger]
Tails: If you don't stop, those animals will lose their home! You'd better close this construction site or I'll close it myself!
[A construction truck approaches Tails. Tails is forced to hide behind Chris.]
Chris: Uh-oh.
Boris: Next time you bother with us, we dig hole and drop you in.
[He returns to work.]
Chris: You know, Tails, we're gonna need some help to stop this dam from getting built.
Tails: But who?
[Chris and Tails turn to see the animals approaching.]
Tails: Okay!

[Scene Change: Town centre]

[Chris and Tails are sitting on the back of an elephant, speaking the the people of the town.]
Chris: Listen up, everybody! We have to work together!
Tails: We have to fight to protect the nature preserve and stop that dam!
Citizens: (We must do something!) (Quickly!)

[Scene Change: Dam constuction]

[There are now hundreds of protesters outside the construction site.]
Sergei: But we built this dam to generate power for your homes to run blenders and other electric devices. Huh. Okay. Heheh...
[The bosses notice Chris, Tails, and the animals outside the boundsries of the construction site as well.]
Boris: So those two brought this mob here!
Sergei: This is restricted area. You must all leave here at once.
[But the protesters are having none of it.]
Chris: Okay!
[Chris and Tails celebrate with a victory hug.]

[Scene Change: Savannah]

[The two bosses are out in the middle of the savannah. Sergei removes a can of gasoline from their jeep.]
Sergei: Have no fear, Boris. The dam will be finished, and we will be rich.
Boris: But vithout vater here, how can dam make power?
Sergei: Is dry now. But pouring this gas on plants and setting it on fire will cause a natural disaster. When plants burn enough, rainwater will have nowhere to flow. Soon whole land will flood, and they will beg us to finish them, and we will make them to pay.
Boris: Sergei, I am-a loving this plan!
[Suddenly they hear a stomping noise coming from the jungle. Gorru-Gaooh emerges from the jungle.]
Boss 1: A monkey monster!
Boss 2: We have intruded its territory!
[He gets on his knees and cries waterfall tears.]
Boss 2: We're sorryyy!
[Gorru-Gaooh emerges from the jungle.]
Decoe: But that really is Sonic!
Bocoe: Move it, E-65. Go catch Sonic now!
[Gorru-Gaooh begins thumping his chest again.]
Decoe: Pound on Sonic, not us!
Bocoe: That's enoouugh!
[Gorru-Gaooh charges forward.]
Sonic: Want a challenge, big chimp?
[Suddenly, Gorru-Gaooh trips and falls forward. Sonic zips past him and the bosses and stops just inside the forest.]
Sonic: Hey, ya artificial ape! I'm right here!
[Gorru-Gaooh runs right past the bosses, snaps a branch off of a tree, and becomes invisible.]
Boris: Sergei, please, let's forget the dam!
Sergei: No way. Grab the gasoline cans.
Boris: Okay.
[They head into the jungle with the gasoline. Meanwhile, Sonic stops after running for a long time.]
Sonic: Ha. Lost it. That big ape moves more like a sloth.
[Suddenly a now-visible Gorru-Gaooh becomes visible and lands right behind Sonic before pumching him several feet away. He sits up.]
Sonic: That big slug just slugged me!
[Before he knows it, Garru-Gaooh sneaks behind him and kicks him a fair distance. Meanwhile, the bosses set down the cans of gasoline.]
Sergei: You will pour gas on trees. I light fire.
Boris: Yes, Sergei.
Dr. Eggman: I beg your pardon?
[The two bosses turn to see Eggman in his Eggmobile behind them.]
Dr. Eggman: Did either of you gents see a blue hedgehog run by here?
Sergei: [Sighs] Another crazy weirdo.
Dr. Eggman: So I'm a crazy weirdo, am I? Well, I have news for you, Mr. Big Shot! I'm going to cut you down to size!
[He fires a laser out of the front of the Eggmobile that snaps trees in half and sends the bosses panicking and fleeing.]
Sergei: Forget dam! We go home now!
[Eggman chuckles]
Dr. Eggman: That's right, keep running. You're just like that lilly-livered Sonic.
[He hears the sounds of Gorru-Gaooh in the distance, and flies in that direction.]
Dr. Eggman: Speak of the daredevil!
[Sonic is fleeing from Gorru-Gaooh.]
Sonic: Eggman built this robot with camouflage ability. How can I defeat something I can't even see?
[Suddenly the ape appears in front of him, knocks him to the ground, and disappears again. Eggman eventually shows up.]
Dr. Eggman: You've met your match!
Sonic: Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: E-65 strikes without warning!
[Gorru-Gaooh deals Sonic several more hits. Eggman laughs.]
Dr. Eggman: [Pointing] E-65 will make a monkey out of Sonic!
Sonic: Where's that robot?
[Sonic closes his eyes to focus on Gorru-Gaooh's location.]
Sonic: [To himself] I can't see that thing, so I'll have to hear it.
[In his mind's eye, he can now see the ape bounding towards him. Sonic homing-attacks Gorru-Gaooh, sending him flat on his back, before fleeing.]
Dr. Eggman: Get back here, Sonic, you coward!
Sonic: Nope! Come and get me, Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Don't just lie there! Follow that hedgehog!
[Gorru-Gaooh sits up.]

[Scene Change: Savannah]

[The bosses are driving away. Sonic runs by their car, followed shortly by Eggman and Gorru-Gaooh.]
Sergei: Let us alone!

[Scene Change: The "dam", day]

Tails: [To the animals] Now that everything's okay here, Chris and I are gonna go back home.
Chris: We're really glad that your preserve is safe again!
Tails: [To Chris] Let's go look for Sonic now.
[Chris nods. However, Sonic is already running their way.]
Chris: Sonic!
Tails: Hey!
[Sonic stops right in front of them.]
Sonic: What have you guys been up to today?
Chris: We stopped these guys from building a huge dam and saved a nature preserve!
[Eggman and Gorru-Gaooh are bearing down on them.]
Dr. Eggman: There's Sonic! Hurry!
Chris: Oh no! What do we do now?
Sonic: I can take care of this.
[Sonic runs into the construction zone, with the robot behind him.]
Dr. Eggman: Get him now!
[Sonic stops, and Gorru-Gaooh leaps over Sonic. Its crotch is now the only part visible, as it is directly in front of a bulldozer.]
Sonic: [Winks] I think I've just spotted its weak spot.
[He Homing-attacks the ape, sending it on its back.]
Dr. Eggman: Oh no! E-65 camouflages itself when you see it next to plants and rocks, but not when it's up against metal! I must get rid of anything metal!
[In his fury, he fires several missiles at the bulldozers, destroying them. He also fires the Eggmobile's laser at them.]
Dr. Eggman: Soon E-65 will be able to turn invisible again!
[The bosses arrive to Eggman wildly destroying their vehicles.]
Dr. Eggman: There won't be a scrap of metal left here!
Sergei: We got no dam, no equipment, no nothing!
[Sonic executes spin after spin on E-65's chest, which, of course, rocks Bocoe and Decoe around.]
Decoe: Sonic is whomping us big time!
Bocoe: We'd better get out of here quick!
[Gorru-Gaooh is finally forced to sit due to Sonic's persistence. Bocoe and Decoe disembark from the robot and flee.]
Bocoe: This gorilla is a goner!
[Tails throws a Power Ring to Sonic.]
Tails: Sonic!
[Sonic catches the ring and absorbs its power.]
Sonic: Let's end this now!
[He leaps into the air and flies towards Gorru-Gaooh.]
Sonic: Bye-bye!
[He homing attacks Gorru-Gaooh, spinning through it and causing it to short circuit and explode. Eggman cries out. Tails and Chris cheer.]
Tails & Chris: Go, Sonic!
[Sonic lands on the ground as Eggman steps out of the Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Okay, Sonic! [Pointing] Now it's just you and me.
Sonic: Ready when you are, Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Ready.
Sonic: Me too.
[Seconds later, the Eggmobile is smashed to bits, and Bocoe and Decoe are escorting Eggman away. Sonic, Tails, and Chris then look up to see a laughing Bokkun flying towards them. He lands in front of them.]
Bokkun: I have a message for you. Here.
[He pulls out his television.]
Bokkun: It's from Dr. Eggman, of course.
Dr. Eggman: You think you've defeated me, but I'm still in command here.
[Sonic looks unimpressed.]
Dr. Eggman: And to prove it, I'm going to, uh, have Bokkun here perform a little tap dance!
[Bokkun sweatdrops, slowly puts the television away, and tap dances for a while. He finally stops.]
Bokkun: How embarrassing!
[Crying, Bokkun flies away. Chris and Tails blink in surprise. Soon, it is sunset, and Sonic watches as the bosses are handcuffed and led to a police car. Sonic gives a wink and thumbs-up toward the viewer.]
Sonic: You stopped those creeps.
[Chris and Tails nod]
Chris: But Eggman helped. If he hadn't made us crash, we never would've been here to save the animals.
Tails: You're right.
[Tails and Chris share a laugh as the police car drives away. A cheetah crosses the road and looks at the viewer. Sonic, Tails, and Chris enjoy the sunset. The episode ends.]