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The Curse of Buddy Buddy Temple

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"The Curse of Buddy Buddy Temple" is the twenty-second episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 11 March 2015 in France and on 18 April 2015 in the United States.


Sonic and Eggman get trapped in an ancient temple where teamwork and friendship is required in order to escape.







Deep in the jungle, Team Sonic and Dr. Eggman are engaged in battle; Sonic is going head-to-head with Eggman in his Eggmobile while Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks deal with Eggman's robots. As Sonic chases after Eggman, an entrance in a mountainside mysteriously opens for Eggman, who flees into it while Sonic follows him. Just as the two enter, the door shuts everyone out, including Orbot and Cubot who just arrived. Sonic and Eggman continue battling through the ruin, all while doors continuously shut behind them. They soon stop to argue over which direction to continue the fight in, when they both fall into a room below as the floor collapses. Sonic twists his ankle, and Eggman decides to finish him off, but the Eggmobile is damaged. Sonic then attempts a counterattack but fails because of his injury.

Back outside, Tails sees no other entrance and declares Sonic and Eggman are trapped. Orbot and Cubot rejoice at their newfound freedom, and desert their creator for their own endeavors, while Sonic's friends stay to figure out on how to free him. Discord soon occurs when Amy suggests someone must act as temporary leader, causing her and Knuckles to argue over the position. Inside the ruins, after Sonic and Eggman's futile attempts to escape on their own, Eggman finds a large lid that can be lifted. He states that his Eggmobile can pull it open with a towline, and since the vehicle lacks the power, Sonic reluctantly offers to help move the vehicle. Forced into a harness, Sonic pulls the Eggmobile around, which allows it to lift the lid. However, the lid falls through the opening into another room and drags Sonic and Eggman with it. Meanwhile, Amy and Knuckles continue to bicker over leadership despite Tails acting as the meditator, when Orbot and Cubot come back, admitting their independence was too overwhelming.

In the ruins, Sonic inspects the room he and Eggman are in, and notices some ancient writing. Using Eggman's translator device, they discover that this place is Buddy Buddy Temple which deepens bonds between two people. Eggman is uninterested, but inadvertently triggers a switch that slowly fills the room with lava, consuming the Eggmobile in the process. Cornered, Sonic notices a picture that explains on how to escape: he and Eggman must pull levers that expose platforms for the other's use in order to reach the exit. The two quickly cooperate and reach the sealed exit, which they open by pulling the levers on each side in unison. Meanwhile, everyone outside the temple still cannot agree on who should lead.

In the next room, Eggman questions the holes on the walls. Sonic realizes they contain darts and saves himself and Eggman just as they fire at them. Eggman is anything but thankful, and complains about his ankle being sprained. Sonic then accidentally triggers another trap, which has the walls close in on them. Once again, he saves Eggman and walks him to the exit while Eggman apologizes for attacking him earlier. They reach the exit, and open it by pressing a button on each side at the same time. However, Eggman, having feigned his injury, shoves Sonic back into the room and locks him up to be crushed. The doctor quickly realizes his mistake though when he sees that the Buddy Buddy Temple trials are not over. When he fails to clear a trial, Eggman releases Sonic, and the two are forced to make haste as the room starts caving in.

The ongoing argument outside the temple doors eventually ends when everyone falls through a crack caused by the room below falling apart, which reunites the group with Sonic and Eggman just as they find an escape hole that leads to a mineshaft. Everyone quickly boards a large handcart there, and by working together one last time, Sonic and Eggman outrun the collapsing cave with everyone and finally escape Buddy Buddy Temple. Everyone celebrates the return of their leaders, and Amy apologizes to Knuckles for arguing with him, though Knuckles only sparks another fight between them. Eggman then tells Sonic that they worked well together, but Sonic rejects the thought of them developing a friendship. With the surrounding area still unstable from Buddy Buddy Temple's collapse, the two sides part ways and return to being nemeses.


  • In the scene where Sonic watches the walls close in on him, just after Dr. Eggman leaves him, the moving wall on the left overlaps a piece of the wall it moves over.
  • When Eggman frees Sonic from the enclosing walls, the frame for the dart holes goes through the opposing wall when they collide.
  • In the scene with Sonic and Eggman where Buddy Buddy Temple first starts caving in, the frame for the previous room's dart holes, which is seen in the door opening, has disappeared.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 好友好友寺的诅咒 Buddy Buddy Temple
Finnish Kamu kamu-temppelin kirous The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple
French La malédiction du temple des Po-Potes The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple
German Der Fluch des Buddy Buddy Tempels The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple
Hungarian A barátság temploma The temple of friendship
Italian Il tempio dell'amicizia The temple of friendship
Japanese 神殿から大脱出 The Great Escape from the Temple
Korean 단짝 사원의 저주 The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple
Persian تونل اسرار آمیز The Mysterious Tunnel
Polish Klątwa Bracho Bracho Świątyni Curse of Buddy Buddy Temple
Romanian Blestemul Templului prieteniei The curse of the Friendship Temple
Russian Храм дружбы The temple of friendship
Spanish (Latin America) La Maldición del Templo Compa Compa The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple
Spanish (Spain) La Maldición del Templo Buddy Buddy The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple
Turkish Gizli Labirent Secret Labyrinth
Ukrainian Прокляття дружнього храму Curse of a friendly temple


  • This episode was originally meant to air on 29 November 2014.[3]
  • This episode was originally listed as "The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple."[3]
  • The translation-device used by Dr. Eggman uses the same model as the Reverse Polarizer, except it has a different color scheme and a red scanner.
  • Buddy Buddy Temple was first seen in "Buster" during one of Sticks' imaginary flashbacks.
  • Sonic calling Eggman an "Eggs-Benedict Arnold" is a nod to Benedict Arnold, a general during the American Revolutionary War who betrayed the Americans to the British.
  • This is the first episode in the Sonic Boom television series since "How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying" to receive preview images of it on the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter before its airdate in the United States.
  • This episode aired in Finland as the seventh episode in the series.


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