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Sonic X
The Cosmo Conspiracy (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "The Cosmo Conspiracy".

[Scene: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Chris and Tails are alone on the bridge. Chris stretches.]
Chris: Hey Tails, don't you think it's time we took a break?
Tails: Well... there seems to be a problem with the security system and I wanna find out why. But you can go.
Chris: Don't you want help?
Tails: Nah, I can handle it myself. Hopefully we'll all have plenty of time to rest up. Since there aren't any Metarex around, things should stay pretty quiet.
Chris: I sure hope you're right, Tails.
Tails: Me too.

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon]

[Chris yawns, stretches, and heads to his room, unaware of a dark figure zipping by behind him. When Chris is out of sight, the figure eyes one of the doors - specifically, the door to Cosmo's room. The Seedrian is sleeping. He opens the door. The shadow unmistakably belongs to Shadow the Hedgehog.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Tails: Okay, that should work. Now I'll restart the system.
[He presses a button. Suddenly an alarm goes off, bathing the ship in a red glow and startling Chris at his desk, and rousing Amy and Cream, and getting the attention of Sonic and Knuckles.]
Tails: [over intercom] Red alert! Red alert! We have an intruder on board the ship!

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Cosmo's room]

[Cosmo awakens to see Shadow standing over her. The red glow stops.]

[The opening theme plays]

Shadow: You traitor!
[Cosmo stares in shock and terror. Chris appears in the doorway and turns the light on.]
Chris: Cosmo!
[He is shocked to see Shadow there. Shadow throws a Chaos Spear at Chris, but Sonic immediately arrives and tackles him out of the way. Shadow continues to proceed towards Cosmo, but the battered Sonic stops him.]
Sonic: Hold it, Shadow! ... You mind tellin' me what this is all about?
[Shadow bears down on Sonic. They clash in the hall. Neither are able to get the upper hand in the grudge match. Tails runs in.]
Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Hurry! Grab Cosmo and run!
[Sonic leaps back, then runs towards Shadow, but the Ultimate Lifeform rebounds across the ceiling and into Sonic from behind, sending him rocketing down the hall. Cosmo approaches the doorway, fear in her eyes.]
Tails: Cosmo, what happened?
Cosmo: I woke up... Shadow was there... He said something strange to me...
[Shadow emerges from the smoke. Tails types in a lockdown code and runs down the hall with Cosmo. A door shuts between him and Shadow. Unfortunately, it is no obstacle for him, and he easily breaks it down and walks after the fleeing pair. Chris and Sonic are left injured on the floor.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon]

[Knuckles is running down the hall.]
Knuckles: [On communicator] Sonic, can you hear me! What's going on?
Cream: [Over communicator] Sonic and Chris got hurt in a fight with Shadow!

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Infirmary]

[Cream, Cheese, and Amy are in the infirmary. Amy is watching over Sonic, Cheese over Chris, and Cream is speaking to Knuckles.]
Cream: They'll be okay, but it'll take some time for them to recover.
Knuckles: [over video] Why were they fighting?
Cream: It's really confusing.

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon]

Cream: [Over communicator] For some reason, Shadow was trying to attack Cosmo!
Knuckles: [On communicator] So he is our enemy!
[Amy cuts in front of Cream.]
Amy: [Over communicator] Don't even think about going after Shadow right now! Find Tails and Cosmo and makle sure they're safe! That's an order!
Knuckles: [On communicator] I know what I'm doing! Nobody'll be safe on this ship 'til we stop Shadow!

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Corridors]

[Shadow breaks down another door. He scans the halls before pulling out his cellular device.]
Device: Accessing ship's internal sensors. Two heat signals detected. Stand by for visual.
[He sees the heat signature of Tails as he works on a computer in another hall. Cosmo is with him.]
Cosmo: What are you doing, Tails?
Tails: If Shadow has access to our computer, he could use the internal sensors to track us. I have to block him from accessing the data.
[With one button, Tails shuts down the heat source search.]
Tails: That should do it.
[Shadow's screen goes black.]
Tails: I think it worked.
[Shadow tries another option on his device.]
Device: Bypass code Six-Delta-Three.
[The surveillance camera turn on Tails and Cosmo.]
Tails: No way! He got through!
[Shadow skates down the hall as Tails and Cosmo break into a run. The security doors close behind them.]
Tails: Hurry, Cosmo!
[His grip on Cosmo's hand tightens.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - With Shadow]

[Shadow is surprised to see that the surveillance screens are empty. No one is to be seen. Suddenly Knuckles punches through the wall.]
Knuckles: Shadow, pick on somebody your own size!
[Shadow smirks.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Air ducts]

[Tails and Cosmo are crawling through the air ducts.]
Cosmo: Why is Shadow against me?
Tails: Maybe Eggman sent him to get you. It's even possible that Shadow's working for the Metarex.
[She stops in surprise.]
Cosmo: The Metarex?!
Tails: Anyway, it doesn't matter who gave him the orders. Either way, Shadow isn't gonna give up until he finishes what he started. But I don't want you to worry, Cosmo. I promise everything will be okay. Because if Shadow tries to hurt you...
[He pauses before turning around.]
Tails: ...he'll have to get past me first!
Cosmo: Thank you...

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Corridor]

[Shadow rains Chaos Spears at Knuckles as the echidna runs towards him. Knuckles tries to land a punch on Shadow, but he teleports behind him and Chaos Spears a pipe, creating a mist that blinds Knuckles. This is Shadow's opportunity to escape.]
Knuckles: Come back here!
[There is another figure behind him. Knuckles is shocked to see that is Rouge.]
Rouge: Are all redheads as temperamental as you?

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Hangar]

[Tails and Cosmo creep towards the X-Tornado. They climb the ladder.]
Tails: You'll be safe once we get away on the X-Tornado.
[Tails types his identity into the touchscreen.]
Tails: Prepare for takeoff! Hold on, Cosmo!
[The catapult system is engaged.]
Tails: Everything will be okay.
[Suddenly an explosion ensues in front of them. Shadow emerges from the smoke.]
Shadow: Hand that girl over now. I don't want to fight you, Tails, but I will if I have to.
Tails: Cosmo never did anything to harm you! Why are you after her anyway?
Shadow: I'm not going to tell you. [darkly] Now move aside or you'll be sorry.
Tails: Forget it, Shadow! I won't let you hurt Cosmo!
Shadow: ...I'm warning you.
[Cosmo cowers behind Tails' seat.]
Shadow: This is your last chance, Tails. Give up now or face the consequences.

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Corridor]

[Knuckles and Rouge stare each other down.]
Knuckles: Well? What are you here for?
Rouge: Strain your brain and guess.
Knuckles: Are you working with Shadow to help him attack Cosmo?
Rouge: Bingo. You're not as dimwitted as you look.
Knuckles: Why are you doing this?
Rouge: I'm surprised you and your spaced-out crewmates haven't figured that out for yourselves. That girl Cosmo's a real plant... in more ways than one.
Knuckles: I'm not kidding around, Rouge! You and Shadow can communicate, can't you?
Rouge: [Nods] Does that make you feal jealous?
Knuckles: Call him now, or I'll knock that smirk off your face!
Rouge: [Frustrated] No need to be pushy.
[She pulls out her device and contacts Shadow.]
Rouge: [On radio] Shadow, come in. It's Rouge.

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Hangar]

[Shadow bears down on the X-Tornado. His radio is lying on the ground.]
Rouge: [Over radio] Shadow, do you read me? ... Come in, Shadow. Is something wrong?

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Corridor]

Rouge: [On radio] Shadow, why aren't you answering? ... Shadow! ... Shadow! [Off radio] It's no use. He's not responding.
Knuckles: I hope Tails and Cosmo are all right...

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Hangar]

Tails: Back off, Shadow, or I'll have to stop you myself!
[Shadow stops.]
Shadow: [Smirks] Don't be a fool! I'm too powerful!
Tails: Yeah? Well, I got the X-Tornado!
[He converts to X-Cyclone and moves forward, but Shadow Chaos Spears the left leg off sending the vehicle falling onto its side, cracking the canopy. Tails speeds Cosmo away from the wreckage with his namesakes as the X-Cyclone propels itself towards shadow and explodes.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Corridor]

Rouge: [On radio] Something just blew up in the hangar!
Knuckles: I've gotta reach Tails before it's too late.

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Hangar]

[The automatic sprinkler system turns on as Shadow leaves the wreckage. He spots an elevator shaft. Tails is flying Cosmo up the shaft, which is guarded by infrared security lasers. Tails is wearing an infrared scope so he can see the lasers. Shadow leaps up the shaft, accidentally touching a laser.]
Mainframe: Intruder alert. All stun lasers fire on target.
[Even with security lasers firing at Shadow, he is still able to dodge them. Cosmo sees Shadow coming.]
Cosmo: Here he comes!
Tails: It's okay. Just trust me.
[There is fear in Cosmo's eyes and determination in Tails'. Shadow destroys the security lasers with Chaos Spears as he rebounds up the walls. Tails glances at Cosmo.]
Tails: Almost there!
[They enter a shaft in the ceiling. Tails mashes an emergency button as they roll to a stop. Shadow sees the door in the ceiling close. He runs into it before falling down to a pipe below.]
Tails: Come on, Cosmo!
[Tails and Cosmo run down the small corridor, but Shadow breaks through the door and spins towards the petrified duo. Suddenly Knuckles shows up and holds Shadow back.]
Cosmo: It's Knuckles!
Knuckles: [Straining] Get outta here quick!
[Shadow starts to push Knuckles back.]
Knuckles: I've had enough of you, Shadow!
[He uses his brute strength to throw Shadow through the ceiling.]
Knuckles: Go! Now!
Tails: Be careful, Knuckles.
[Shadow emerges from the hole.]
Shadow: Trying to challenge me is a big mistake, and you are going to regret it.
Knuckles: I've always wanted to shadowbox!
Shadow: As you wish.
[He rebounds off the four surfaces of the hall towards Knuckles. He is slammed backwards and lands on the floor. Meanwhile, Tails and Cosmo run through a door.]
Tails: Ah! It's a dead end! We have to find another way out!
[Suddenly it explodes behind them.]
Tails: Come on!
[They make a right, and are forced to stop at a dead end. There is a control panel there.]
Cosmo: Please hurry! Shadow will catch up with us soon!
Shadow: [Off-screen] Sooner than you think.
[They see a shadow approaching. Tails grits his teeth and grows in annoyance.]
Cosmo: I guess this is it.
[Tails stands protective in front of Cosmo.]
Cosmo: Wait a second, Shadow. If you insist on getting rid of me, you should at least tell me the reason why.
Shadow: [Off-screen] I do have a reason...
[Shadow arrives and stands in front of them.]
Shadow: ...but I won't tell you what it is.
[He slowly approaches the two, not knowing that Tails' hand is on a switch.]
Shadow: There's no point in putting up a fight because you can't beat me.
Cosmo: You don't have to do this.
Shadow: You won't talk me out of getting rid of you, so don't try!
Tails: Stay back! I won't let you near her!
[He throws the switch, and a door lowers between them.]
Shadow: [Amused] Do you seriously believe a door can stop me?
Tails: Maybe you're not as strong as you think.
[The door closes.]
Shadow: This will be too easy.
[He tries to Chaos Spear the door down, but to no effect. Suddenly he feels an electric current run through him, and he feels the ground under him rising. He rises up into the barrel of the Sonic Driver.]
Shadow: I'll spin free!
[He spins in a ball as the Sonic Driver is activated.]
Tails: Shadow fell right into my trap. Activate Sonic Power Cannon now!!!
[He pulls another switch, and the Sonic Driver fires Shadow out into space. Tails pants from the adrenaline.]
Tails: We lucked out, Cosmo.
[He turns around.]
Tails: Shadow started spinning at just the right time. You should be safe now.
[Cosmo nods.]
Tails: Let's go.
[Cosmo takes Tails' hand. Meanwhile, Rouge is tending to Knuckles on the floor of the hall.]
Cream: [Over communicator] It's okay. Tails said Shadow went to space.
Knuckles: Way to go, buddy.
Rouge: Where's Shadow?
Knuckles: He's gone now. Tails was able to use the Sonic Power Cannon to send Shadow on a long trip. And you're next... [sits up] ...unless you tell me what's goin' on!
Rouge: Your foxy friend just make a huge mistake.
[She produces the device Leon gave her.]
Rouge: Cosmo is the real enemy, not Shadow.

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Tails and Cosmo return to the bridge. They stand at the upper deck together.]
Cosmo: I'm sorry I'm causing you so much trouble.
Tails: You don't have to apologize, Cosmo. You mean a lot to me, and the only thing I care about is making sure you're safe.
[There is a long pause as they look at each other. Then they head to their posts. Suddenly Shadow Chaos Controls in front of them, white Chaos Emerald in hand. The Emerald falls apart.]
Shadow: This Emerald is a fake.
Tails: Let's settle this now!
[Tails charges towards Shadow, but he punches him aside.]
Cosmo: He's hurt!
[Shadow starts towards Cosmo. Tails gets back up and leaps onto Shadow from behind, but the Ultimate Lifeform throws him into the command chair's stairs. He collapses.]
Cosmo: What have I done...?
[She gasps, and her eyes shrink in fear as Shadow turns back to her. Soon he has her at his mercy.]
Shadow: Let's get this over with.
[Just as Shadow is about to deliver the finishing blow, Tails uses the last of his energy to grab on to Shadow's leg.]
Tails: [Weakly] Leave her alone... If you don't, you'll be sorry!...
[Shadow smirks, knowing Tails is not able to do anything. He is about to return to his business when a hole is blasted in the giant canopy above them. Glass rains down as a black blur speeds in, destroys Tails' console at his command chair, and speeds back out as various objects are sucked into space. Cosmo holds onto the railing for dear life. Her grip slips, but Tails grabs on to her. Four balls of protective webbing seal the hole, and the suction stops. Tails and Cosmo collapse on the ground as a gigantic ship, Dark Oak's Battleship, pulls up next to the Typhoon.]

[Scene Change: Dark Oak's Battleship]

Dark Oak: Well done, Cosmo, or should I say, White Seed.

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Cosmo is shocked.]
Dark Oak: You have now completed your mission.
[Cosmo has a feeling of fear and dread.]
Cosmo: [To herself] White Seed... Mission... What mission?... What is he talking about?...

[Scene Change: The Seedrian Ship - Flashback]

[Cosmo cowers as the Scarship overshadows her. One of its missiles strikes the bridge of the ship. Cosmo runs down the hall. An explosion rocks the side of the ship near her.]
Cosmo: It's too late... The Metarex are coming...
[A red-eyed Metarex turns towards her.]
Dark Oak: [Voiceover] If you want to survive, then listen to me. Pay close attention.
Cosmo: Don't... Don't listen...

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Dark Oak: [Voiceover] From now on, you will report everything to me. Your eyes will be my eyes. Your ears will be my ears. You will be the ultimate spy. Your codename will be White Seed.
[Suddenly Cosmo's amulet begins to glow. She screams as the Blue Typhoon, then Dark Oak's Battleship, are bathed in an intensely bright glow. Then they vanish. The episode ends and the credits roll.]