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Team Sonic Racing Overdrive
The Complete Race

"The Complete Race" is the collection of both episodes of the Team Sonic Racing Overdrive web series. It first aired on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube Channel on 25 April 2019, the same day that the episode "Eyes on the Prize" premiered.

Although promoted as just the two individual episodes strung together in a single video, it also featured minor music differences to accommodate the edits joining the episodes together.


The full, combined animation of Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive![1]



Races and species:






Spoiler warning: Plot, ending details or any kind of information follow.

Sonic saluting Big.

The story begins with Team Sonic facing off against Team Rose in a race on Wisp Circuit. Sonic and Tails pass Big with ease. However, Tails is soon hit by a Crimson Eagle attack by Amy. She and the Chao ram into Sonic, trying to slow him down. Omochao then tosses a Black Bomb at the hedgehog. Luckily, Knuckles jumps out of his vehicle to hit the Black Bomb away from his teammate. He harshly lands on the track and tumbles all the way back to his vehicle to give Sonic a thumbs up. Sonic then sees that Amy and the Chao have successfully passed him. Thus, Team Sonic gives them chase. Out in front of both teams is Team Dark.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman is hiding in the bushes, giving an Egg Pawn an "Eggman"-like disguise. Back on the track, Big manages to pass Team Sonic by attacking them with a Black Bomb. However, Big stops after he sees a Froggy-themed shop run by Eggman's Egg Pawn. Big tries to cross the road to get to the other side but keeps getting interrupted by his fellow racers. He then attempts to use his Fishing Rod to get a piece of merchandise. His rod however, gets stuck to a passing Knuckles, who angrily throws the rod back at Big. The Egg Pawn then holds up a sign to let Big know that the Froggy merchandise is free. This makes Big determined to slowly cross the road without hesitation.

The racers upon seeing Big.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Shadow are neck and neck. Sonic drifts ahead of his rival to begin racing backwards, annoying Shadow. Amy passes Sonic once again, with the Chao having a small clash with Shadow before catching up. Sonic manages to meet a White Wisp, who grants Sonic access to the White Boost to catch up to Amy and the Chao. The racers soon see Big crossing the road and end up crashing into each other to prevent a collision with the cat. Big manages to take all the Froggy merchandise he wants and returns to his vehicle satisfied. He continues the race with Amy and the Chao following behind.

Soon, the Egg Pawn makes its shop a Black Market, attracting the attention of the Chao. This annoys Amy but she also becomes intrigued by the shop when the Egg Pawn presents an assortment of hammers to her.

Rouge after popping Knuckles' tire.

Later, it has come down to a showdown between Team Sonic and Team Dark. While Rouge manages to incapacitate Knuckles by popping one of his tires, she soon crashes after being led into an obstruction by Eggman's Egg Pawn. Immediately after, Rouge takes out her phone to call Omega for help. Omega responds to Rouge's message and quickly arrives, only to crash into Rouge's car. Meanwhile, Tails has arrived and managed to fix Knuckles' car, thus allowing Knuckles to resume the race alongside Tails. As Rouge and Omega stand together stranded, they see Shadow approaching. Rouge waves to him for help, only for Shadow to completely ignore her and continue to drive. This stuns Rouge, leaving her to angrily kick Omega's Cross Dozer. Omega simply walks up to his vehicle and kicks it as well. However, both of their cars explode, propelling them away from their positions. Meanwhile, Eggman tries to halt Shadow with his Egg Pawn, only for Shadow to run it over.

Eventually, Shadow manages to pass Tails after making the fox cub spin out of control. Sonic pulls up to Tails' side however, allowing Tails to steady his vehicle. The duo then race off to keep up with Shadow, but the black hedgehog uses the Blue Cube to keep them at bay. Eventually though, Sonic sees Knuckles driving off of a small cliff. The echidna lands down beside Shadow and begins to ram him.

Team Sonic prepare to perform their Team Ultimate.

As the race continues, Sonic reaches out to Knuckles, asking for an Item Box. Knuckles throws one back but it reaches Tails instead. From it, three White Wisps eject. This gives Tails enough of a boost to let him catch up to Knuckles and Shadow. Realizing he is trailing behind, Sonic looks around for a way to catch up to his teammates and eventually finds a shortcut. Meanwhile, Shadow manages to pull further ahead of Tails and Knuckles. As they near the finish line, however, Sonic quickly swerves in to line up with his teammates. The trio then activate their Team Ultimate. They rapidly boost off, managing to catch up to Shadow. As Shadow turns back and sees this, he realizes that he cannot win. Annoyed, Shadow teleports out of his Dark Reaper, allowing Team Sonic to boost through, blowing the car away. Shadow then reappears, lands on his feet and begins to speed walk. He walks all the way to the bleachers where Rouge, Omega and several Chao are sitting.

Team Sonic triumphantly cross the finish line and are given their trophy, only for Eggman to take it for himself. While Eggman pulls off his victory dance however, he is crushed by the Dark Reaper, which flings the trophy out of his hands and back into Sonic's. Initially surprised by the turn of events, Team Sonic turn back to the cameras to celebrate their victory. The Egg Pawn returns to meet its the former, only to see that he was hit by Shadow's car.



Team Sonic Racing Overdrive Complete


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