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Sonic and the Black Knight
The Cauldron

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The Cauldron (ザ・コルドロン Za korudoron?) is the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth area of Sonic and the Black Knight. It holds one of the four barrier stones. This area is much like the Molten Mine but far more precipitous and dangerous, involving gaps containing lava and falling meteors.


The Cauldron appears to take place at a village close to pools of hot lava. Eventually in the game, a river of lava is surfed on, the player enters a field of geysers, and they also climb a large wall to reach the goal. There is also an abandoned village and crumbling towers swarming with the Knights of the Underworld.


Sir Percival travels through this area to locate a barrier stone deep within the volcanoes. Percival doesn't appear to read what the barrier stone says but she then places her faith into Sonic.


Name Goal Followers
Beat the Clock Reach the goal before time runs out 600
Special Challenge Escape the Cauldron 200
Mastery Stage Only allowed 10 sword swings 150
Rampage Defeat 12 enemies 100
Hide and Seek Find 7 Hidden Fairies 200


  • Despite the immense heat that the lava emits, the wood buildings floating in the area are not burning.






Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"The Cauldron" Tommy Tallarico 4:25

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