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Sonic Underground
The Big Melt (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "The Big Melt".

[Scene: A cold area]

[With a blizzard in the background, looking through a pair of binoculars, a large submarine rises up and appears in front of the viewer.]
Bear: There it is, boys.
[The bear lowers his binoculars.]
Bear: It's Sleet and Dingo.
[He looks through it again and notices the two villains. The camera cuts to the rest of the crew.]
Bear: Hide!
Walrus: They're up to something and you bet it's gonna be bad.
Bear: For them to come this far it's worse than bad. We gotta get work to the others.
[The bear leaves.]

[Scene Change: Beach, day]

Aleena: [As Narrator] My children had few chances to simply enjoy themselves. So when the opportunity arose, they took full advantage.
[On top of a caravan, Sonic is on his sunbed playing his guitar.]

[Shortly, a circle enlarges in the middle of the screen and the song, "Fun in the Sun". plays.]

[Scene Change: Beach, day]

[Sonic stops playing and exhales. He puts his guitar down and sleeps on his sunbed.]
Sonic: Is this cool or is this cool?
Manic: [Off-screen] Here, Sonic! Check this out!
[Sonic takes off his sunglasses and sees Manic riding a wave. Rock music plays.]
Manic: Yeah!
[Manic rides underwater and then up in the air. He laughs. Sonic becomes excited. Shortly after Manic lands, he performs a somersault.]
Manic: Yahoooo!
[Sonic gives Manic a thumb up and relaxes on his sunbed.]
Sonic: Nope. Doesn't get much better than this.
[We see Sonia speeding along in her bike. As she approaches the caravan, she presses a button on her remote. A ramp descends from the top of the caravan. She rides on it and stops by Sonic's sunbed.]
Sonia: Look at Manic. It's a miracle!
Sonic: Yo sis, slow down. All that movement is disturbing my cosmic train--
[A whistle blows in the background. It is revealed to be Sonia again.]
Sonic: Whoa! That can shatter a coconut!
Sonia: [Calling and waving] Manic!
[Manic is still flying on his surfboard.]
Sonic: [Fed up] Let me guess. My vacation is history, right?
[Sonia winks and nods her head. Manic arrives by her.]
Manic: We're busted?
Sonia: [Panicking] Robotnik is snooping around the polar icecap. The Freedom Fighters spotted Sleet and Dingo aboard the submarine yesterday. And--
Sonic: [Interrupting with his hands on his head.] Don't tell me.
Sonia: We have to check it out!
[Sonic screams in anger]
Sonic: I knew this was too good to last! I knew it, knew it, knew it, knew it, knew it!
Manic: Yeah! We just started our vacation this morning.
Sonic: I don't even have a tan yet.
[Sonic storms off. Sonia puts her hands on her hips]
Sonia: Oh what are you guys? Freedom Fighters or wimps?
Sonic and Manic: [Annoyed] Wimps.
[Sonia folds her arms and stares at her two brothers. They exhale grumpily.]
Sonic and Manic: Freedom Fighters.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's base]

[Robotnik, along with four henchbots, see the submarine rise from the sea. Sleet and Dingo climb out and approach him.]
Robotnik: Is the plant operational, Sleet?
Sleet: All ready to power up, sir.
Robotnik: Excellent. In 48 hours, all of Mobius will be underwater. It's going to drive Sonic right out of his little rodent's mind.
[He presses a few buttons and laughs evilly.]
Robotnik: Would that be fun?
[They smile. Robotnik presses a button that beeps, and laughs louder. A screen goes bright. Meanwhile, a generator powers up. It sucks hot water upwards through a tube. On top of the base is a large iceberg which starts melting away. A giant steam cloud is seen as the screen fades to black.]

[Scene Change: Mountains]

[With a blizzard still howling away, The caravan speeds across the icy road. Inside are the Freedom Fighters in their seats with Sonic controlling the steering wheel. Manic and Sonia try to move around to keep themselves warm.]
Sonic: So cold! My goosebumps' goosebumps have goosebumps!
Sonia: Well, tell your goosebumps to brace themselves. It's gonna get a lot colder than this.
Sonic: [Groans] I can't wait.

[Scene Change: Mountain's Edge]

[They are parked on the edge of the mountain and look at the sea through their binoculars.]
Manic: See anything, bro?
Sonic: Yeah. A whole lot of goosebumps looking for home.
Sonia: Actually, I just checked the temperature. And it's about fifteen degrees warmer than normal for this time of year! [Gasps]
[Sonic speeds by her in excitement and takes her computer.]
Sonic: So what does that make it? Only fifty below?
Sonia: [Fed up] Minus twenty degrees Celsius.
Sonic: Well, I like eighty degrees Fahrenheit better!
Sonia: [Angrily] Sonic, that's whining. I am really sick of it! We have a job to do so let's do it!
Sonic: I know we have a job to do but I think this is a wild goose chase. What would Ro-butt-nik be doing in this freezer? Doesn't make sense!
Manic: [Holding two clumps of ice] Well, maybe he wants ice to melt the ice caps or something.
[Manic pushes them together and makes a snowball.]
Sonic: Melt the ice caps?
[He throws the snowball.]
Manic: Don't sue me.
[Sonia types something on her computer. A right arrow shows on the screen.]
Sonia: According to the Freedom Fighters, the submarine surfaced out near the end of that big ice floe. We ought to check that.
[Another small iceberg melts in the boiling waters while the team investigate the situation. Suddenly Manic gets a fright as a geyser pops out in front of him. He becomes curious as he notices the hole in the geyser and then the steam spewing above it. He calls up to Sonic.]
Manic: Yo, Sonic! Check this out!
[Sonic, on the top of a mountain, zooms to where the geyser is and looks down at the hole.]
Sonic: What's up?
Manic: Steam! We're in water?
[The ice start to break and melt down. Sonic and Manic gasp in horror as the river forms, disabling access.]
Manic: This is bad!
[They are separated from the main island as their iceberg drifts away.]
Sonic: Where's Sonia?
[Sonia - on the edge of an ice floe - screams as the clump of ice by her feet breaks off from the island.]

[Scene Change: Mountains]

[Sonia, still on her ice clump, slide down the icy mountain and lands on a rock, trying to keep her balance.]
Manic: Sonia!
Sonic: Sonia!
[The two ice floes separate themselves]
Manic: Sonia!
Sonic: Sonia!
[Sonic and Manic lie forwards with their gloves on the edge of a floe.]
Sonic: What am I doing here? I hate water!
[They both look up in horror]
Manic: Oh man! Titanic time!
[They realize they are riding towards a giant iceberg.]
Manic: Where's a stupid life when you need one?
Sonic: This is the lifeboat.
[The floe hit the iceberg and breaks off. Sonic and Manic scream as they are being dragged inside the icy cave. A waterfall is then seen. They fall down the waterfall and then down a water current. Meanwhile, Sonia is still on her floe calling Manic and Sonic.]
Sonia: Sonic! Manic! [Louder] Sonic! Manic! Huh?!
[She looks up. An ice clump breaks off from the giant iceberg in her direction and crashes into the sea.]
Sonia: Oh no!
[A giant wave encroaches her. She is on of it riding it, screaming as she does so. She is then escorted back to the shore. As the wave crashes into the shore, Sonia screams as her floe flies off. She lands into a wall and slides down. She eventually stands on her floe and brings out a badge which generates her keyboard gun. She shoots a laser in front of her which generates a tunnel. By the end of the tunnel, her keyboard disappears. She is off her floe and slides across the ice. She stands up and balances herself. She skids to a halt, exhausted and annoyed. She then hears noises in the background.]
Sonia: Where am I? Where's it coming from? Sounds like it's right...
[She realizes she is standing on a platform that is shaking. She runs away as the platform opens. Marty appears up the steps. Moe tries to get up the steps too, but sneezes before he could do so.]
Moe: Oh boy. This cold is a real doozy.
Marty: That's what you get for going out without your scarf, Moe.
Jeff: [As he walks up the steps] You've been telling him that for thirty years! Does he ever listen? [Gasps as he notices Sonia through a block of ice] Fellas! We've got company! Hey, you can come out now, little lady.
[Sonia hesitantly walks over to the three penguins.]
Sonia: I am not a little lady! My name is--
Marty, Jeff and Moe: [Bowing] Your majesty!
Sonia: Huh?

[Scene Change: Icy cave]

[A water current flows rapidly with Sonic and Manic riding the current in their floe. They approach an island up ahead.]
Sonic: Time to bail this ice cube, bro!
[They jump off the floe and land on the island. They look up and notice the snow at the top shaking. Out pops a yeti, whom roars at them.]
Sonic: Yeti, my main monster! What's up, big guy?
[The yeti roars again and brings out his arms ready to grab the brothers.]
Sonic: Uh oh.
[The Brothers scream and zoom off into the distance.]

[Scene Change]

[Sonia rides on a sled with the three penguins in front of her. She notices several different carvings on the wall.]
Sonia: Look at all these carvings. They're really beautiful.
Marty: All penguins are artisans, your majesty; And you are the favorite subject.
Sonia: [Angrily] Look. Like I say. I'm very flattered that you think I'm your queen's son, but my name is Sonia, and as you can see, I'm a hedgehog, not a penguin.
[She looks down in awe as Moe sneezes and rubs his nose.]
Moe: As was our queen, Sauna.
Jeff: The Penguin Prophecy says that one day, a long departed Queen would return, and bring the time of warmth and happiness to the frozen north!
Marty: And since you arrived, our weather is turning quite balmy. So you'll never convince us you're not Queen Sauna.
[They arrive inside an Icy palace and explore together.]
Sonia: Oh my gosh. This is so beautiful!
[She looks at the statue of Queen Sauna, which looks like an identical image of herself.]
Marty: Still deny that you're our queen, you majesty?
Sonia: I really don't understand all this. All I know is I have two lost brothers who are lost out there and I need to find them.
[Moe brings out a notebook. Immediately afterwards, he sneezes. He then reads the book very closely.]
Moe: Sorry, majesty. Nothing in the prophecy book about the Queen having any brothers.
[She looks at them in disbelief.]

[Scene Change: Outside, night]

[Sonic and Manic continue onwards on their floe, using their oars.]
Sonic: Any luck, bro?
Manic: Just a lot of places where the water is starting to boil.
[A beep is heard. Suddenly, the brothers are forced up by Robotnik's submarine. Robotnik, Sleet and Dingo arrive at the scene with the brothers ending up behind them. The submarine heads towards a tunnel.]
Sleet: ETA Three minutes, sir.
Robotnik: How high has the water risen?
Sleet: Another nine meters, sir.
Robotnik: Excellent. It won't be long now.
[The submarine enters the tunnel into Robotnik's base with the door closing behind it. As soon as it stops, Manic sneezes.]
Dingo: [To Robotnik] Gesundheit, sir.
Robotnik: I didn't sneeze.
[He looks at Sleet.]
Sleet: Don't look at me.
Robotnik: Well, someone sneezed.
[Sonic and Manic hide at their place. Above them, Sleet brings out a gun.]
Sleet: Come out, whoever you are!
[The brothers rise up.]
Sonic: Surprise!

[Scene Change: Icy palace]

[At the hair salon, the three penguins smarten up Sonia.]
Sonia: Oh, a girl could sure get used to this.
[She looks in the mirror.]
Sonia: Hello, dear Sonia. You're a Freedom Fighter, not a queen. Thank you ladies. That's all for today. I'll call if I need you.
[She stands up off her chair and reveals her new look. She tightens her dressing gown however as Moe sneezes again. He runs towards her.]
Moe: Your majesty, I must speak with you.
[He sneezes loudly. She flinches as his sneeze creates a breeze.]
Sonia: Just sit tight.
Moe: I bring terrible news.

[Scene Change: Icy palace]

[The statue is melting with the head already melted.]
Marty: Our city is starting to melt away, and we don't know what to do!
Jeff: Are you doing this because you're mad at us or?
Sonia: I'm not responsible for this!
Moe: But you're the queen. You have to stop it!
Sonia: You're right. I do have to stop it. But I can't do it alone. I need my brothers.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's base]

[Robotnik's team, and six of his henchbots are facing the two brothers.]
Robotnik: Nice to you to drop by, hedgehog, but I didn't think you like cold, wet places.
Sonic: I don't, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.
Robotnik: And what might that be?
Sleet: [Moves in front of Robotnik] Yeah, tell us.
Sonic: I'd rather shell than tell.
Dingo: Yeah right.
[As Dingo engages in combat, Sonic and Manic join hands and start spinning together. A massive tornado forms and whirls towards Dingo.]
Dingo: No!
[Dingo is hit by the tornado and spins uncontrollably. The tornado spins one of the henchbots too, falling flat on the ground. It then turns another henchbot into a red spinning tornado.]
Robotnik: Huh?
[Robotnik and Sleet fear the worst as the blue tornado turns into a speedy aura. It charges at them and forces them apart. The aura escapes. A trail of fire separates Robotnik and Sleet, the latter having landed on his back.]

[Scene Change: Outside]

[Sonia and the three penguins ride on a bovine.]
Sonia: Could you stop, please? This looks like a good place. [Calls] Hello? Hello? Hello Hello?
[The echo is heard across the breeze.]
Sonia: Perfect.
[She doffs her earmuffs and slides off. She generates her keyboard and starts playing.]
Marty: How cool is this?! Yeah!
[The Blue Aura is seen zooming across the landscape. While running, Manic checks his left earmuff.]
Manic: Stop!
[They both skid to a halt.]
Sonic: What's up?
Manic: I thought I heard music.
Sonic: Swing, bro. Not music.
Manic: Chill a sec.
[Manic listens out.]
Sonic: I'm waiting.
[They continue listening. Soon Sonic takes off his earmuffs.]
Sonic: [Excitedly] That's Sonia!
Manic: [Points forward] That way!
[They zoom off.]

[Scene Change: Robotnik's base]

Robotnik: I knew I should never have trusted you two idiots to handle this job!
Dingo and Sleet: But sir?
Robotnik: [Angrily] Quiet! I want those rodents caught and hung out to dry! Is that clear?
Dingo and Sleet: Yes sir!
Robotnik: If you fail, you will rue the miserable day you were born.
Dingo: What's rue?

[Scene Change: Outside]

[Sonia is seen playing keyboard music. She stops as soon as an aura is heard.]
Sonia: Here they come!
[The three penguins brace themselves as the aura approaches. The aura grinds to a halt. The penguins fall off the bovine in a heap. The three heroes celebrate and hug each other. The penguins soon appear from behind the animal.]
Sonia: Guys, I'd like you to meet my new friends. Marty, Moe and Jeff. [To the penguins] These are my brothers, Sonic and Manic.
Marty: That's true. You're not our long lost queen Sauna.
Sonic: Hate to break in, Sonia but Ro-butt-nik is trying to flood the whole world! We gotta move fast!

[Scene Change: Icy cave]

[A stalactite is seen dripping onto an icy road. The penguins and the hedgehogs slide across it. As soon as they finish, Manic stays where he is, while Sonic and Sonia investigate the cave.]
Sonic: That heating plant is right on the other side of this wall.
Manic: You sure, Sonic. I thought it was down a little farther.
Sonic: [Angrily] My sense of direction is perfect! This is it!
[He spins and drills a hole in the wall. However, he screams as he is forced back by a pulse of water. He slides beside Sonia and Manic and spits out water from his cheeks.]
Sonic: I hate water.
Sonia: Oh. Now that's what I call a perfect sense of direction.
[Sonic has a grumpy look on his face.]

[Scene Change: Icy cave]

[Several holes have been drilled into the cave. Manic and Sonia continue to watch Sonic.]
Sonic: Right on the other side of this wall. I can feel it!
Sonia: Yeah, what?
[The camera cuts to Robotnik's plant. It zooms out. We see Sonic discovering the plant from a tunnel he just dug.]
Sonic: Oh boy! [Zooms back to everyone] Bingo!
Moe: [Sneezes] Bingo?
Sonia: It means this is it!
Sonic: There is a problem! This whole factory is lined with laser guns!
Manic: So what's the plan?

[Scene Change: The plant]

[Sonic zooms around the factory, triggering all the sentry guns. The guns continuously fire lasers. One laser destroys a hench-bot. The ice starts crumbling away, damaging all the sentry guns. Sonic eventually stops by his two friends.]
Manic: Explosive!
Sonic: You gotta love it!
[Sonia is seen turning the switch of a controller.]
Sonia: That's the last one!
[She puts the controller onto the machine.]
Manic: Let's signal Sonic to build.
[Sonia generates her keyboard and starts playing.]
[Sleet and Dingo are on a craft sliding down the ice.]
Sonic: Some free advice, chuckle-heads. Go back to your submarine and go home. Cuz this dump is gonna blow sky high! 5 minutes and chain.
[Sonic zooms off the craft.]
Sleet: Let's get out of here!
[Manic helps Sonia into the tunnel. Sonic zooms and catches up to them. Meanwhile, an analogue timer appears on the screen, counting down towards the top.]
Robotnik: He said what?
Sleet: The whole plant was going to blow sky high!
Robotnik: That's impossible!
[An explosion sounds. An iceberg explodes with factory parts everywhere. The submarine moves into the cave.]
Robotnik: Head palm!

[Scene Change: Outside]

[Jolly music plays. The friends are on an exclusive island. The three penguins are seen relaxing in a hot sauna along with Sonia.]
Sonia: Sonic, come in. The water is wonderful!
Sonic: Not a chance. I had all the water I need on this trip.
Sonia: I wouldn't be too sure about that.
Sonic: What do you mean?
[Sonia points her leg upwards. Sonic looks up from his deck chair and sees Manic diving in a ball shape from the top of a cliff.]
Manic: Cannonball!
[Sonic panics and runs away while Manic falls into the water. The camera cuts to Sonic running and screaming. The screen circles out on Sonic's left eye and goes black. The credits appear.]