The Best of Crush 40: Super Sonic Songs is a greatest hits compilation album by Crush 40. The album contains songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, from their past albums, and some newly recorded songs. A few of the tracks have also been remastered into new mixes.

Track list

  1. "I Am... All of Me" (New mix) -Length: 3:51
  2. "His World" (New mix) -Length: 5:16
  3. "Un-Gravitify" (New mix) -Length: 4:44
  4. "All Hail Shadow" (New mix) -Length: 4:01
  5. "Never Turn Back" -Length: 4:39
  6. "Revvin' Up" -Length: 4:35
  7. "Into The Wind" -Length: 4:29
  8. "Watch Me Fly" -Length: 5:11
  9. "Fire Woman" (The Cult cover) -Length: 5:16
  10. "Sonic Heroes" -Length: 3:28
  11. "What I'm Made Of..." -Length: 3:44
  12. "Live Life" -Length: 5:38
  13. "Knight of the Wind" (New mix) -Length: 4:31
  14. "Live & Learn" -Length: 4:31
  15. "Open Your Heart" (New mix) -Length: 4:49
  16. "Is It You?" -Length: 4:58
  17. "Free" -Length: 3:21 (iTunes bonus track)
  18. "With Me" (Massive Power Mix) -Length: 3:55 (iTunes bonus track)
  19. "Seven Rings In Hand" -Length: 4:49 (iTunes bonus track)


  • The songs "I Am... All of Me", "Knight of the Wind", "His World", "Live Life" and "Open Your Heart" were all newly remixed for this album.
  • "Is It You?" is a new song recorded for this album.
  • "Fire Woman" is a song that was originally recorded by The Cult.
  • The album was released a year before Sonic Free Riders although it featured the game's theme song "Free".

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