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Sonic Underground
The Art of Destruction (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "The Art of Destruction".

[Scene: Mobius]

Aleena: The Fight for Freedom seems never ending.
[The doors of the factory open. A tank appears. The camera moves eventually to the Underground.]
Aleena: And it was not surprising that sometimes my children could get discouraged.
Sonic: Let's do it to it!
[Sonic jumps through a rocky path followed by Sonia. They run towards the factory...]
Swatbot: Halt!
[...Then they split ways before they reach the robots. The robot agree and chase each hedgehog. The camera cuts to Manic.]
Manic: Time to rock and roll!
[Manic unveils his drum set and bangs them loudly but infrequently. A rumbling effect is caused while the robots pursue the other two hedgehogs.]
Sonic: Yeah!
[Manic juggles his sticks. He hits the drums much more frequently. Sonic and Sonia runs towards each other and turn at the right moment that the robots hit each other and explode. Manic then hits the drum with all his might. The rumble disintegrates a mountain, and eventually the building.]
Sonia: Nice work!
Sonic: You got the beat, Manic!
Manic: Like taking wingnuts from a Swatbot! [Hears a noise] Huh? Incoming!
[An aircraft shoots a laser at the group. They hide in different places. Inside the robot is Dingo and Sleet, with the latter holding the controls.]
Dingo: You got him, Sleet!
[Sleet looks to the right and see something. He snickers. Sonia's handbag is seen on its own in the land.]
Sleet: We just make sure.
[The aircraft crashes behind a rock. The duo explore. Dingo spots Sonia's handbag.]
Dingo: Look!
Sleet: They are toast!
Sonia: [Off-screen] Born again, Sleet!
[The hedgehogs angrily approach their enemies from behind the rocks, with Sonic carrying his guitar.]
Sonic: By a landslide!
[Sonic shoots his guitar at Robotnik's sidekicks. They duck to dodge the attack. The shot hits a rock behind them and crumbles, hurting and knocking them down.]
Sonia: Hey, Sonic. Why have you caught Sleet and Dingo buried up to their necks?
Sonic: Not enough rocks?
[The hedgehogs laugh. As soon and they stop Dingo laughs too. Sleet becomes annoyed. However he looks above and eventually a weight falls on him.]

[Scene Change: Robotropolis]

Robotnik: You have failed me again!
[The duo are seen wrapped in bandages and slings on their arms and heads. They are looking embarrassed.]
Sleet: But sir? I can explain.
Robotnik: Silence!
Sleet: But but sir?
Robotnik: [Angrily confronts him] What part of "Silence" don't you understand? [Normally] I created a new weapon.
Sleet: A new weapon? You're so clever.
[Robotnik looks at him fiercely. He giggles nervously.]
Robotnik: I've named it "Artificial Robot Technology", but you may call it, ART.
[Robotnik presses a button on his remote that opens the doors to his new creation.]
Robotnik: Behold the future. Powerful, deadly, unstoppable!
[Robotnik moves aside to reveal his creation. It's a slim robot about half Robotnik's height. Sleet looks down to the strange figure and laughs with Dingo.]
Sleet: That's going to wipe out the resistance?
Robotnik: A demonstration please.
[The small robot touches a wall. It conducts electricity and destroys the entire wall. It then emerges from the carnage and grows massive. A giant shadow looms over the villainous trio to Robotnik's delight.]
Robotnik: Not only is he strong, but he will think, and will continue to learn. ART is like a son to me. He is my hedgehog eradication project!
Sleet: That is so brilliant, Dr. Robotnik! When do you want us to start using it... erm... ART?
Robotnik: Oh no. ART works alone, but I do have some dirty business for you.
Sleet: Dirty business? Ooh, that's right up our alley.
Dingo: [Laughs]
[Dingo is turned into a vacuum cleaner. It sucks up trash on the ground. Sleet suddenly kicks Dingo in annoyance.]
Sleet: Alley! Why did I have to say "Alley"?!

[Scene Change]

[Meanwhile, Manic taps the drums in annoyance.]
Sonic: Man, what's keeping you?
Manic: It's just well... [Hits a drum] I've been thinking... we beat, Butt-nik rebuilds. What's the point?
Sonic: Hey, we just munched a solid-fuel installation. That's not too shabby.
Manic: Yeah, I guess. [Sighs] Seems like nothing really changes.
Sonia: Guys, big trouble.
[She puts a chip into a machine. A flashback plays.]
Sonia: Check this out!
Character: If we can increase the... Watch out!
[In the flashback, ART breaks through the wall and approaches them. The two characters shoot at ART with their guns, but to no effect. ART grabs them with their vines, making them scream.]
ART: [Robotic voice] I am ART. You are next, hedgehogs.
Manic: What was that?
Sonic: Trouble.
Manic: Big trouble, [Angrily] and if we beat this thing, Butt-nik will just send something else!
Sonia: Manic, I know how you feel, [Puts her arms around him] but we can't just give up.
Sonic: Check this out.
[Sonic presses the play button. The flashback plays and rewinds again.]
Sonic: This thing always dodges to the right.
Sonia: Hmm... Interesting.

[Scene Change]

[Inside the van, Sonic is looking through a telescope in search of ART.]
Sonia: There's no sign of him.
[ART detects infra-red images of the three hedgehogs through its sensors.]
ART: Hedgehog: Bad. Must destroy hedgehogs.
[Manic - still annoyed - tosses and catches his sticks. Sonic looks back and gasps.]
Sonic: [Snapping] Manic!
[Manic tosses them away. Suddenly, ART's arm protrudes through the wall behind him.]
Manic: Aargh!
Sonia: Oh gosh!
Manic: Yeah, we're cutting through the wall!
Sonic: Look out!
[ART tries to tip the van over. Sonic opens the shutters and jumps out. He helps Sonia and Manic off too.]
Sonia: Outta here!
[They dash off to try an escape. However, they screech to a halt when ART extends his vine in front of them. The team turn to him in suspicion.]
Sonic: It's that ART dude. Go on! I'll keep him busy!
[Sonic walks. However, the other two stay silent.]
Sonic: Huh? [Whispers] Go.
[Manic pushes Sonia to a hiding place.]
Sonia: Remember, he always dodges.
Sonic: Gotcha.
[He touches his pendant which turns into a guitar.]
Sonic: Hey, bolt toy! Let's try a little double action!
[Sonic shoots at ART's legs. However, ART's legs raise and dodge his shots.]
Sonic: Whoa! [Angrily] What happened to going to the right?
ART: ART will try again.
[ART shoots a laser which Sonic dodges. He then extends the vines from his arm to attack Sonic. Sonic jumps on top of a vehicle.]
Sonic: [Angrily] Pig ears for brain, let's try this again!
[Sonic shoots at ART's legs. However, ART's legs raise and dodge his shots. The vines extend again and grab Sonic tightly.]
Sonic: Hey!
[Now caught, Sonic is tossed and dragged across the ground. He then loads and releases a spin dash to break free of ART's vines.]
ART: Hey. How you get away?
[Sonic waves and taunts back.]
Sonic: You figure it out, bolt boy! [Dashes]
ART: Are you will learn?

[Scene Change: Robotropolis]

[Sleet and Dingo finish cleaning the mess.]
Sleet: Break time!
[Sleet presses on his Shapeshift Remote and turns Dingo back to normal. Dingo feels something tickling his nose. He sneezes his nostrils filled with trash, sticking Sleet into a wall. Robotnik arrives at the scene.]
Robotnik: Oh very nice. [Starts clapping] Much better.
Sleet: [Struggling to break free] Does that mean we are out of this stinking alley?
Robotnik: Why yes. I've got an inside job for you.
Dingo: Alright.
Robotnik: [Pats Dingo's chest] The bathrooms in my headquarters haven't been cleaned in months.
[Sleet's eyes disintegrate, then his whole face disintegrates and breaks.]

[Scene Change]

[The hedgehogs are walking on a platform inside a building.]
Sonia: Let's check this place out.
Manic: Much doesn't exist.
Sonic: Lose the tooth, bro!
[They notice two lava pits.]
Sonia: I wonder where that ART creature is.
Sonic: [Points up in the air] Well, you don't have to wonder any more.
[ART's arm latches onto a wall. He pulls himself up and makes his way to their platform. He confronts them and prepares his gun.]
ART: Art will end the trouble now.
Sonic: [Touching his pendant fiercely] I don't think so.
[Sonic brings his guitar out. ART's gun is fired in slow motion.]
Sonic: [Slow motion voice] Whoa!
[Sonic is hit and falls down. ART aims upwards in celebration and then shoots Manic and Sonia. They scream as they fall. However, Manic holds on to a rope with her. ART encroaches a fainted Sonic and prepares to shoot. However, the blue hedgehog gets up quickly and shoots his guitar gun. It paralyzes the robot, taking his arm off and knocks him down. However, Sonic notices the arm regenerating and gasps.]
Sonic: Bummer Majores!
[The robot twists around a little bit then shoots another laser. Sonic jumps to dodge the attack and shoots his guitar gun again, clenching his eyes. ART opens a laser weapon from his chest.]
ART: Goodbye, evil hedgehog.
[He fires the big laser. Sonic blocks with his laser and quickly runs past the robot. The robot aims downwards and breaks the floor with the laser, sending him down into the lava pit. Sonic is seen hanging on to a support cable of the platform.]
Sonic: [Inaudible]
[Manic and Sonia swings back and forth and reach a safe platform. Sonic's guitar is released and he lands safely on the platform.]
Manic: Yes!
Sonia: [Pats Sonic's shoulder] Nice work, Sonic!
Sonic: Hey! No problemo!
Manic: [Looking out of the lava] Nothing's getting out of that! Let's blur!
[Sonic grabs Sonia and Manic and does a Super Peel Out. The camera moves down to the lava. ART emerges out of the lava and drops to the ground. Struggling, he move his arms until to a wall. He hits the wall with his arm and holds his position. All of his body parts regenerate back in his body to return to his stronger form.]
ART: Destroy hedgehogs. No problemo.
[His eyes light up.]

[Scene Change]

[The Underground have their instruments ready on the stage.]
Sonic: We really kicked some bot butt!
Manic: [Annoyed] Yeah but I bet butt-nik's already working on something better.
Sonia: Oh, get out for it, Manic. Come on! Let some music move ya!
[Manic bangs the drums.]
Manic: [Unconvinced] Yeah. You're right, sis.
[The tune begins with Sonic's guitar hook. Soon, Sonia's keyboard kicks in and plays a solo. Finally, Manic's drums start hitting. Unknowingly, ART's vine emerges through a vent. As soon as his vine touches the ground, it coils and then emerges next to the stage. The vine grows into his body. The three vines wrap the three hedgehogs and bind each one of them. Dramatic music plays as they are hung up in the air.]
Sonic: [Flailing] Whoa! What's going on?! I'm stuck!
ART: No spin. I told you I would learn.
[The hedgehogs struggle to break free.]
Manic: [Angrily] OK, you got it. So go ahead and take us in!
ART: First, make more of that... noise.
Sonic: [Struggling] Noise?!
ART: The noise you were making.
Sonia: I knew it was music! I think with middle buttons, it's a Butt-nik ally!
ART: Butt-nik, Butt-nik. Oh. Robotnik. Robotnik. Butt-nik. Ha, ha, ha, ha, that is very funny. Now play the note: The music.
[He lowers the trio back onto the stage.]
Sonic: Well, since we got no choice! Time to rock your socks off, bud!
Sonia: One! two! one two three four!

[The theme, "The Sound of Freedom", plays]

Manic: OK, ART. Do what you gotta do.
[The screen fades to black, and then to ART.]
Sonia: You're actually letting us out?
ART: Yes. I heave learnt, about freedom, and friendship.
Manic: Dude, come on, before it changes his mind.
[Manic walks away. ART releases his vine and grabs Manic's shoulder.]
ART: Wait please!
Manic: [Sarcastically] Oh right. I knew you'd give me the truth.
ART: No. You may go. I just want... to be a Freedom Fighter. Robotnik taught me to capture Freedom Fighters. That was wrong. I must fix that.
Sonic: He's a fast learner, so what do you guys think?
Sonia: [Confidently] I thought we'd bring him on board!
Manic: How do you know we trust him?
Sonic: Because we're the priority one hedgehog, and he's not dragging our butts to Robotnik, [To ART] right, big guy?
ART: Right Sonic. You do not trust me.
Manic: Suspicion is good when you're on the run, guy. [Sighs] but you gotta trust somebody sometime. [He handshakes ART.] Okay, you're in.
ART: That makes me feel... something.
Sonic: [Pats the robot's leg] Feelings too? Getting better and better! Now if you can make chili dogs, you'd be perfect!

[Scene Change: Robotnik's headquarters]

[Robotnik sees his own building in smoke on his monitor.]
Robotnik: I can't believe it! [Bangs his fist in desperation] My own creation! [To Sleet and Dingo shouting] Please, get in here!
[Sleet appears in a nervous state.]
Sleet: Yes, sir.
Robotnik: [Points behind him] Destroy that bot!
Sleet: [Orderly] Yes, sir!
[Outside, ART opens a laser from inside his chest and opens fire at the building again. A giant explosion is made.]

[Scene Change: The Alley, day]

Sonic: And then the Oracle told us about the prophecy.
ART: Prophecy? What is that?
Sonia: It's a foretelling of the future. This prophecy says that someday we'll reunite with mother and defeat Robotnik!
ART: That would be good?
Manic: [Annoyed] Yes, but my question is when? For all we know, it could happen twenty years from now. Why bother!
ART: [Confused] Hmm... Why bother?
[Sonic runs to a wall and pushes a button. It opens his computer. He starts typing.]
Sonic: Message coming in. It's from Cyrus.
Sonia: [Shocked] Oh my gosh! Robotnik's talked to mother!

[Scene Change]

[The Swatbots are on patrol. ART extends his vines through a vent and wraps it around. He pushes the vent out and lowers it to the ground. He uncoils. Sonic appears through the end of the pipe.]
Sonic: Clear!
[The three hedgehogs fall safely to the ground. A small ART makes his way too and expands himself back to his large forme.]
Sonia: Which way?
[Manic checks his compass.]
Manic: High security facility is that way.
[A row of lasers protect the entrance to the facility.]
ART: No problemo.
[ART gets close to the laser.]
Sonic: [Off-screen] What a guy.
[He touches the laser and absorbs it.]
Sonic: Oh, way past cool!
Manic: Nice work, dude!
[They walk to the next room.]
Sonic: [Whispering] Double guard outside the door. This must be the police.
Sonia: Here!
[We see a silhouette of Queen Aleena inside a security area protected by the two guards. ART immediately encroaches them.]
ART: Swat bottom up!
[The swatbots raise their guns. ART extends his vines to attack their chest. He shocks them with electricity, knocking them down with puffs of smoke. The team walk onward to the next area. They see Aleena inside the chamber walking backwards and forwards protected by a force field.]
Sonic: Hang on, Mom! Mom!
[ART uses his vines to disable the force field. The hedgehogs get closer to Aleena, who isn't noticing. ]
Sonia: Come on, mother. Let's get out!
[Sonia grabs Aleena but the figure is a hologram. The three hedgehogs have shocked looks in their faces.]
Sonia: Oh no! It's a trick!
[The door behind them closes. The illusion turns into Sleet. Dramatic music plays]
Sleet: Sorry, hedgehogs. Time to kiss your hologram mom and each other goodbye!
[The room starts caving in and tries to crush the group.]
Sonia: What?!
ART: What is this?
Sonia: What's going on?
Manic: Hey! No way!
ART: I will deal with this.
[ART shoots his laser gun at the wall to no effect. Sleet appears again.]
ART: Or not.
Sleet: Sorry, ART. Detour is made from composite materials! You'll never get through them.
[ART extends his arms out wide to both sides of the room. He tries pushing the room with all his might.]
Sleet: Nice try but those hydraulics are much stronger than you. You are about to become a hunk of useless metal!
[He laughs and becomes invisible. ART continues pushing and twists his head straining.]
ART: Get... the... back wall! It is the weak point! Use weapons!
[Sonia and Sonic touch their pendants and bring their weapons to life. They shoot at the back wall, but it is unaffected.]
Manic: It's not enough!
ART: I shall blast too.
[ART blasts his laser]
Sonia: No, it'll weaken you and we'll all be crushed!
[Manic generates his drum set to life.]
Manic: Let me try!
[He juggles the drumsticks. Sonic cuts in.]
Sonic: You're sure you can control it? We could all get smashed!
Manic: [Sarcastically] And if I don't try?
[Sonic thinks and realizes]
Sonic: Hmm. Good point.
[As ART continues to push the caving wall, Manic bangs the drums. A crack start forming in the wall.]
Manic: Get that spot with your weapons!
[Manic returns the drum set back inside his pendant. Sonia and Sonic continue shooting.]
Sonic: I'm there, Manic!
[Soon, the wall explodes. A hole is carved. The hedgehogs celebrate.]
Sonic: Yes!
[ART continues straining.]
ART: Get... out!
[The hedgehogs escape through the hole to the outside, apart from Manic, who encourages ART.]
Manic: Come on, ART. Let's go!
ART: I will stay. As you say, why bother. My actions will not defeat Robotnik.
Manic: Maybe not this time, but you gotta try! [Realizes] Oh, OK, I get it.
ART: Yes, Manic. ART is not the only one who learns. Now go.
Manic: [Protesting] Come on, man. I learned my lesson. Let's get out of here!
ART: It is too late. If I try to leave, I will be smashed. But it is alright. I have fought for freedom and I have made music.
[Manic looks in the distance]
Sonic: [Off-screen] Swatbots!
ART: Thanks to you hedgehogs, my life had value. Now... go.
Manic: [Upset and waves] Later, man.
[He climbs up the hole. However he is hit by ART's blast...]
Manic: Ow!
[...and falls back inside the caving cell. As soon as Manic gets back up and tidies himself, Sonic appears from behind and grabs his arm out of the cell.]
ART: [Struggles] Goodbye... friends!
[ART engages the laser inside his chest and starts shooting. Multiple shots are being fired from different tunnels. The hedgehogs are seen hiding behind a tunnel guarded by Swatbots. As soon as the shooting stops, Sonia fires her keyboard gun, but dodges as more Swatbot shots are fired. She notices Manic holding his arm in pain.]
Sonia: [Gasps] Manic!
Manic: Mine! It's mine!
[They hear a loud noise. They look towards the cell.]
Sonic: Poor guy.
Manic: [Miserably] Let's get out of here. :[He has a thought. He notices another hole has been burned through.]
Manic: Look! ART burned another hole!
Sonic: Time to juice that jam!
[They hold hands and Super Peel Out away.]

[Scene Change]

[Sonia checks her watch.]
Sonic: Where is he? The supply depot's just around the corner!
Sonia: It shouldn't have taken Manic this long to set those explosives. Maybe we should--
Manic: [Cutting in gliding on his hoverboard] Finished!
Sonia: What took you so long?
Manic: [Jumps off his hoverboard] I added fifty kilos to the load!
Sonic: Fifty?! That's gonna vaporize the place!
[A large explosion is seen in the distance. The hedgehogs watch the destruction continue.]
Manic: Just thought I put on a little light show, [Chuckles] in memory of ART!
Sonia and Sonic: [Taps his shoulder] In memory of ART?!
[The screen fades to black and the credits appear.]