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The Adventures of SONIC the Hedgehog.

The Adventures of SONIC the Hedgehog (ソニックの大冒険 Sonic no Daibouken?)[1] is a series of illustrated prose stories starring Sonic the Hedgehog. The stories were published in the April 1992 - August 1993 issues of Shogaku Yonensei, a Japanese magazine aimed at fourth grade elementary school children, published by Shogakukan. It was written by Kenji Terada and initially illustrated by Norihiro Matsubara. From the April 1993 issue onwards the series was illustrated by Yoshihiko Ochi, who replaced Matsubara. Each chapter is seven pages in length. It ran concurrently with the Sonic the Hedgehog serialized manga series and featured the same characters and concepts.


Anton fighting Sonic.

The Adventures of SONIC the Hedgehog launched simultaneously with the manga series, which shares the same world, premise and cast of characters. Kenji Terada developed the manga series, including its characters, settings and concepts. While Terada is credited for the original concept in every installment of the manga, he only wrote The Adventures of SONIC the Hedgehog. As such, the stories published in Shogaku Yonensei could be considered the purest form of the series and its characters.

The series focuses on Nicky, a good-natured but wimpy 10 year old hedgehog, who gains the mysterious ability to transform into the faster-than-light hero Sonic the Hedgehog in times of need. Initially, none of the cast is aware of the transformation, not even Nicky himself.

The series is set in Hedgehog Town, where Nicky lives, along with his father Paulie, mother Brenda and 7 year old sister Tania. He attends Hedgehog Elementary School with his fellow Fourth Grade friends, including his neighbour Little John, Amy, Patty and Monica.

The local bully, Anton Veruca, and his family serve as the series' initial antagonists, while Dr. Eggman and his robot assistant Omelettes are introduced in the second story arc. Eggman wants to discover the secret of Sonic's faster-than-light power in order to conquer the world.


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