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Sonic X
The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk".

[Scene: Oriental City, night]

[A low-flying jet plane flies over the city. Knuckles stands at the bow of a small freight boat with his arms folded.]
Knuckles: [As narrator] Things were in pretty bad shape. We've been stranded in this weird world for what felt like forever, and no matter how many times we beat Eggman, we still weren't any closer to getting back home. I was starting to lose hope. But all that changed about two months ago, when I first met Hawk.

[Scene Change: Outside the temple]

Knuckles: [As narrator] I've been travelling for a while through the south side of the continent, searching for a Chaos Emerald. I saw an old stone temple of some kind, and I decided to check it out. Everything was eerie and quiet, until I heard a voice.
[In a flashback, Knuckles arrives at the temple and steps down into it.]
Hawk: Please! Somebody! Help!
[Knuckles catches sight of an Oriental man, Hawk by name, trapped between two walls threatening to crush him. Knuckles punches a hole in the wall, and they escape safely. A grateful Hawk bows to Knuckles.]
Knuckles: [As narrator] I didn't know it then, but Hawk and I were looking for the same thing.

[Scene Change: Oriental city]

[Knuckles is then seen walking through the streets of the Oriental City, ignoring the stares he is receiving.]
Knuckles: [As narrator] I heard from Hawk again a few weeks later. He told me he found what he was looking for. Naturally, I was suspicious and curious, so I decided to pay my new friend a visit.
[He walks up to a man.]
Knuckles: Hey, How do I get to Jack's place from here?
Man: Ah, I know you! You're that Sonic guy, aren't you?
Knuckles: You must be crazy! I don't look anything like Sonic! I'm Knuckles!
Man: I didn't mean to offend you, pal. We don't see many hedgehogs around here.
Knuckles: [As narrator] He led me through a half-dozen dirty alleys right to Jack's place.

[Scene Change: Jack's shop]

[Knuckles enters the shop, receiving stares from one and all - including a disguised Decoe and Bocoe. Knuckles approaches Jack, who is behind the counter.]
Knuckles: I'm looking for a guy by the name of Hawk.
[Jack doesn't move and still stares.]
Knuckles: It's not polite to stare, pal.
Knuckles: Never mind that. Have you seen Hawk or haven't you?
Jack: Nope. Name doesn't sound familiar. Sorry, wish I could help ya.
Knuckles: You're lying.
[Knuckles turns around to see that the men have stood up.]
Bruiser Boy: Hey. The man told you he hasn't seen your friend. Now you can either thank him and get out, or me and my friends can show you the way out.
[Jack ducks behind the counter.]
Knuckles: Well... Maybe you and your friends are the one who need to leave.
Bruiser Boy: Oh, is that so? Well I'll show you, you dirty little...
[He lunges for Knuckles, but Knuckles trips him, and he lands behind the counter. He turns to the others, who cower in fear.]
Li Yan: I would not do that.
[Everyone turns around at the direction of the voice.]
Li Yan: I have a feeling he's tougher than he looks.
[The Bruiser Boys bow to him.]
Bruiser Boys: Mr. Li Yan.
[Li Yan approaches Knuckles.]
Li Yan: What is your business?
Knuckles: A guy named Hawk said I could find him here. He has something I want.
Li Yan: You must be Knuckles. I've been expecting you. If you are looking for Hawk, you're talking to the right guy. Just follow me and I'll take you right to him.
Knuckles: Then lead the way.
[As Knuckles follows Li Yan out of the shop, the camera pans to Decoe and Bocoe in disguise.]
Decoe: Knuckles.
Bocoe: I was not expecting to see him here. We must report this to Dr. Eggman.
[The opening theme plays.]

[Scene Change: Oriental City]

[Li Yan leads Knuckles into a house, down a staircase, and to another door, where he holds it open for Knuckles.]
Knuckles: After you.
Li Yan: [Laughs] Okay.
[Li Yan steps through the door and closes it. Suddenly a trap door opens beneath Knuckles, and he begins falling. He extends his arms and legs on the walls to stop his fall, then drops to the ground. He finds himself in a jail cell with Hawk.]
Hawk: I'll share this cell with you, but don't think I'm gonna share my food. If you want to eat, you're gonna have to wait until tomorrow. Got it?
Knuckles: That's no way to treat a friend, is it?
[Hawk turns round.]
Hawk: Knuckles, it's you!
[Hawk embraces Knuckles' hand.]
Hawk: Ah, it's so good to see you! How did you get down here?
Knuckles: Well... Let's just say I decided to drop in.

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort.]

[The Egg Fort is still floating in the water. Eggman is speaking with holograms of Bocoe and Decoe.]
Dr. Eggman: What was that nincompoop Knuckles doing in a dive like that?
Decoe: He said he was looking for someone named Hawk. It all seemed very suspicious, Doctor.
Dr. Eggman: Very interesting. Perhaps it's time to put our little plan into action. It ought to be loads of fun! Now let's see...
[Chuckling, he presses a button that shuffles his deck of robot cards. His glasses glow.]
Dr. Eggman: Excellent.

[Scene Change: The jail cell]

Knuckles: ...and you're sure it was a Chaos Emerald you saw?
[Hawk holds up his hand to estimate the size of the Chaos Emerald.]
Hawk: It was a big red stone, about this size.
Knuckles: It is a Chaos Emerald.
[A shot of the red Chaos Emerald is shown.]
Knuckles: That's one more. If only we had them all, I could get back home again. Angel Island... paradise.
[A flashback of Knuckles guarding the Master Emerald is shown.]
Knuckles: Just me guarding the Master Emerald without a care in the world.
[A butterfly lights upon a leaf that is in Knuckles' mouth.]
Knuckles: Hour after hour... Day after day... Just watching and dreaming... But mostly dreaming.
[The butterfly flies away.]
Knuckles: I thought it would last forever...
[Knuckles is seen protecting the Master Emerald.]
Knuckles: Even when things got tough, I always knew they would eventually be all right. And then, out of nowhere, it happened.
[A flashback of the Chaos Control burst is shown. Then the flashbacks end.]
Hawk: You mean the reason you want to find those Chaos Emeralds is so you can go back home?
Knuckles: Best reason I can think of.
Hawk: So that's it. I thought you wanted it for the same reason I did, for money.
Knuckles: It doesn't matter now, though. I assume they took the Emerald when they put you here.
Hawk: Don't you worry, Knuckles. I was smart enough to hide it before they came for me. I knew they'd be looking for it, you see.
Knuckles: Where is it?
Hawk: [laughs] I hid it where nobody could find it. It's in a--
[Knuckles covers Hawk's mouth, noticing a speaker in the cell.]
Knuckles: This place really isn't so bad. It's kinda cozy once you get used to it, you know?
[While talking, Knuckles jerks his thumb towards the speaker.]
Knuckles: Didn't think I'd like it when I got here, but I really think it's growing on me.
[He releases his grip on Hawk, who immediately catches on.]
Hawk: Yeah, come to think of it, this could be a lot worse, couldn't it? I mean, most places like this are the pits! As far as jail cells go, this one's first-class all the way! Ah, and I'll tell you something else, the food's not half-bad either! The baked beans they serve are pretty good. Even though the other day they were as cold...

[Scene Change: Elsewhere]

[Li Yan is listening to the conversation.]
Hawk: ice and a little dry, but you didn't hear it from me. While we're on the subject, they could change the menu once in a while. I mean, baked beans day in and day out, you'd think they'd never heard of steak or fried chicken or even a cheeseburger with fries. Wouldn't that be something?

[Scene Change: The jail cell]

Knuckles: It sure would!!!

[Scene Change: Li Yan's room.]

[The echo of Knuckles' shouting causes Li Yan to yell and fall back on his chair. Two of the Bruiser Boys arrive at the scene.]
Bruiser Boy 1: You all right, sir?
Bruiser Boy 2: What happened?
[They help Li Yan up.]
Li Yan: Play games with me, will they?!
[They leave the room and head to Hawk's cell, only to find it empty. The only sign of escape is a hole in the wall.]

[Scene Change: Outside]

[Knuckles and Hawk race out of the building and onto a street corner.]
Hawk: Taxi!
[A rickshaw stops for them. Knuckles and Hawk climb aboard.]
Hawk: Well, what are you waiting for? Start pedalling!
[The rickshaw takes off. Unknown to them, Rouge is watching them from the air.]
Hawk: Take a right up at this corner.
[The rickshaw makes a right, and Rouge follows them. They soon arrive at their destination, then disembark from the rickshaw as it speeds away.]
Knuckles: Where are we?
Hawk: The old factory district.
[They look around.]
Hawk: Come on. Let's go.
[They head to the top of a staircase leading down to the subway. As they head down, Rouge arrives at the top of the stairs, but is suddenly karate-chopped from behind by a man - the same man who was the rickshaw driver.]

[Scene Change: The subway]

[Knuckles and Hawk reach the bottom of the stairs. They arrive at a place where one of the railroad ties is marked.]
Hawk: Over here.
[He bends down and starts digging.]
Hawk: Yeah...
[He lifts a bag out of the ground and empties its contents into his hand - the red Chaos Emerald.]
Hawk: There she is!
Knuckles: That's a Chaos Emerald!
Hawk: It's all yours. And thanks for getting me out, pal.
[They become aware of the sound of Eggman's laughter. Turning, they see the doctor in his Egg Mobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Well, if it isn't my little friend Knucklehead. Hand over that Chaos Emerald. I promise to keep it safe and sound.
Knuckles: I'll give you something, but it won't be this Emerald.
[Knuckles charges toward Eggman, but he and the Egg Mobile fade before his eyes.]
Dr. Eggman: [Off-screen laughing] I'm a hologram!
Hawk: Knuckles! Help me!
[Knuckles turns to see Hawk at the mercy of the nunchucks belonging to the rickshaw driver.]
Knuckles: It's you!
Dr. Eggman: Never judge by appearances, Knucklebrain. She may have seemed just like a rickshaw driver to you, but she's so much more. Say hello to E-91, also known as the Lady Ninja!
[The costume is revealed to be Eggman's robot, E-91 Lady Ninja.]
Knuckles: Ninja?
Dr. Eggman: Yes, and quite a lovely one at that. But don't let her loveliness dazzle you; you might get hurt!
Knuckles: A robot... Eggman!

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort]

[The Egg Fort is now flying above Oriental City.]
Dr. Eggman: It's time, my beauty. Time for you to get me that Chaos Emerald!

[Scene Change: The subway]

[Lady Ninja yanks the nunchucks causing Hawk to throw the bag her way. But Knuckles kicks a bucket onto her head, and the bag misses. Lady Ninja removes the bucket and leaps forward, holding her nunchucks.]
Dr. Eggman: Let's throw a bit more weight behind things.
[One end of the chain becomes a giant 16-ton steel ball which she attempts to swing into Knuckles, but he leaps into the air and glides above her. She swings the ball into the ceiling, but Knuckles dodges, then leaps out of the way as a piece of the ceiling falls right where he was standing. Lady Ninja attacks again, but Knuckles avoids it. The impact of the ball causes even more of the subway to collapse.]
Knuckles: Quick, Hawk! Grab the Emerald and run!
[Hawk makes a run for the emerald, but Lady Ninja's ball hits the wall next to him, causing rubble to fall on the bag. Hawk cries out and attempts to remove the stones. Knuckles appears next to him.]
Knuckles: Let's go!
Hawk: Knuckles, the Emerald! It's buried!
[They are forced to dodge another ball-and-chain attack that strikes the fallen wall.]

[Scene Change: Oriental City]

[Meanwhile, Rouge regains consciousness.]
Rouge: Sneaking up on a girl... That's no way to treat a lady.
[She catches sight of the rising dust cloud coming from the subway.]
Rouge: I don't know what that is, but it's not good... What the-?
[Then she notices the Egg Fort above her.]
Rouge: I think that's my cue to get outta here.
[Rouge flies away.]

[Scene Change: The subway]

[The reckless Lady Ninja is destroying the entire subway with her ball-and-chain.]
Knuckles: Hawk! We have to get away from that thing!
Hawk: I know, but how?
[As the ceiling cracks and collapses, Knuckles sees his opening. He grabs Hawk and leaps across the falling chunks of stone to safety above ground. As the entire subway collapses, the Egg Fort leaves.]

[Scene Change: Hawk's house.]

[Hawk is watching the news.]
News Reporter: Now our top story this hour. Interesting developments in last night's building collapse - eyewitnesses reported spotting Dr. Eggman in the area around the time of the collapse. Officials have launched a full investigation.
Hawk: Guess there's not much we can do now, 'cept maybe hang around here for a while 'til the dust settles.
Knuckles: I had that Emerald in the palm of my hand.
[Knuckles punches a punching bag with such force that it flies off of its support, and a few of the house's support beams fall as well.]
Hawk: Knock it off, Knuckles! That won't do any good!
[Another piece of ceiling falls on Knuckles. That's when he notices something on the ground in front of him.]
Knuckles: Is this... the Shovel Claws?! How'd they get here?
Hawk: Those metal things? I dug 'em out of that old temple. You know, when you saved me.
[A shot is shown of the temple, then the Shovel Claws in the temple.]
Knuckles: The Shovel Claws...

[Scene Change: Oriental City]

[Knuckles and Hawk arrive at a certain part of the destroyed subway. Knuckles begins climbing underground.]
Hawk: Careful down there!
[Knuckles puts on his shovel claws and begins digging through the rocks.]
Knuckles: I know it's around here somewhere...
[He digs a little more, then lifts the Chaos Emerald. He returns to the surface, only to find out Hawk has disappeared.]
Knuckles: Hawk! Where are you?!
[Bokkun arrives with his television]
Bokkun: Pay attention, Knuckles. Special message from Dr. Eggman.
[Eggman's face appears on the screen.]
Dr. Eggman: If you want to see your friend again, you'd best mosey over to New Town, and make it snappy. [Laughs] And don't try anything funny - Bokkun's been studying the martial arts. He's getting... better.
[Suddenly the screen surrounding Bokkun becomes a flame, as do his eyes.]
Bokkun: I know karate!
[Bokkun attempts to kick Knuckles, who dodges. The robot continues to chop the air.]
Bokkun: Hi-yaah! Karate chop! These hands are dangerous weapons! Take that! Don't mess with me!
[He leaves.]

[Scene Change: Construction site, evening]

[Hawk is tied up and dangling from a crane, with Lady Ninja guarding him. Knuckles approaches.]
Hawk: Knuckles! It's you!
[A hologram of Eggman in his Eggmobile appears.]
Dr. Eggman: Good evening. I trust you brought the Chaos Emerald with you?
[Knuckles lifts the Chaos Emerald high in the air.]
Dr. Eggman: Now give it to the little lady.
[The hologram disappears. Knuckles throws the emerald just past Lady Ninja. The newly-arrived Rouge dives after it. Lady Ninja leaps off the beam she is standing on. A kite appears on her back, slowing her descent. Hawk leaps up and frees Hawk from the crane.]
Hawk: Knuckles! Whaah!
[Rouge grabs the Chaos Emerald, and is pursued by Lady Ninja.]
Lady Ninja: I want that Chaos Emerald!
Rouge: How about I keep the Emerald and you get lost?
[Rouge fires a laser at Lady Ninja's kite, destroying it. As Lady Ninja falls, she throws a shuriken at the bag, ripping it in half and causing the Chaos Emerald to fall out.]
Rouge: Nice shot!
[Knuckles and Hawk are now on the scene.]
Knuckles: [Pointing] Quick, this way!
[Lady Ninja expands new wings, reminiscent to a flying squirrel, and continues the chase. Knuckles is just about to grab the emerald when Lady Ninja pushes his hand away, sending the Emerald in a different direction while also sending Knuckles through an awning. The emerald lands in front of Hawk, who picks it up. He flees as Lady Ninja turns around and pursues him. She draws her weapons and swings it at Knuckles, but Knuckles throws a plate which deflects Lady Ninja's own weapon back at her, sending her through a table. Rouge sees the commotion.]
Rouge: Uhh... Think maybe I'll pay another visit when things calm down a bit.
[Hawk runs into and alley, and finds that it's a dead end. Suddenly he sees the shadow of Lady Ninja in front of him. He turns around, but she is not there. Lady Ninja, who is literally hiding in the shadows, snatches the emerald from Hawk, and soon emerges.]
Lady Ninja: Thank you.
[She tries to flee, but is stopped by Knuckles.]
Knuckles: You're not going anywhere. Now hand over that Emerald before there is more trouble.
[Lady Ninja stores the emerald in her outfit. Knuckles then attempts to attack her with a flurry of punches, which she dodges. She flips backwards, then throws several shurikens, which Knuckles dodges. Knuckles then rebounds off the wall and kicks her down. She gets back up and traps Knuckles with a web of electricity. Knuckles catches a quick glimpse of the Master Emerald in his vision.]
Hawk: Stop it! You're hurting him!
[Knuckles is still getting shocked by the electric bind. He sees another glimpse of the Master Emerald, which is illuminated by lightning. Hawk gets an idea, and throws a bucket of water on Lady Ninja, who begins shorting out and drops the Chaos Emerald. Knuckles, free of the electric bind, uppercuts Lady Ninja into the sky, where she disappears with a twinkle. Hawk holds out the Chaos Emerald and smiles. Knuckles smiles back, and they shake hands.]

[Scene Change: The dock, morning]

[The next morning, Knuckles is about to leave by boat.]
Hawk: Well... I know you have to be on your way... but maybe you could come back sometime to visit. 'Cause I'm gonna miss you, Knuckles.
[After a pause, Hawk starts crying as the boat sets off.]
Knuckles: [Giving Hawk a thumbs-up] Yes, I'll be back. See ya, Hawk!
Hawk: So long, my friend!
[He runs to the edge of the dock]
Hawk: [Waving] Goodbye! Come back soon!
[On the ship, Knuckles glances at the Chaos Emerald. Suddenly, it begins glowing. Knuckles is transported to a completely white area.]
Knuckles: Where am I?
[The whiteness is replaced by the Master Emerald shrine.]
Tikal: The servers are the seven Chaos...
Knuckles: The servers... are the seven Chaos... What does that mean?
[He finds himself on the boat again. The vision is over.]
Knuckles: What was that all about?
[Knuckles looks back at the emerald. The episode ends.]