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Terapods[1] are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a species of dinosaur-like animals that live on Mobius. They are also one of the few creatures left on the planet that have not been roboticized by Dr. Robotnik.[1]



Terapods are large, quadrupedal creatures that resemble a cross between elephants and ceratopsian dinosaurs. They have leathery skin in a variety of gray and brown shades that depend on the individual. Some also have spots. Their most characteristic traits are a frill at the back of the head, similar in shape to that of Protoceratops, and a short tapir-like trunk for a nose. They also have two toes on each of their feet and a long tail each.

Characteristics and Culture

The Terapods possess high intelligence for a non-anthropomorphic species and are loyal. They also have their own distinct language. Though it sounds like roars to most others, their sounds actually carry distinct language patterns. As such, it is possible to translate their speech.[1]

Every year, the Terapods migrate to a place untouched by Robotnik called Boulder Bay.[1]

Powers and abilities

Sonic Past Cool 165

Momma T carrying three Freedom Fighters on her back.

Terapods are physically very strong; an adult Terapod can carry three Freedom Fighters on its backs without them slowing it down and knock down a large tree. They also possess highly evolved senses, which for example gives them a much better bearing than most other species and alerts them to dangers much earlier than most others.[1]


TV series

Season one


The Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Terapods in the Great Jungle.

In the present day, a herd of Terapods migrated towards Boulder Bay. However, Baby T, the child of Momma T, got separated from his herd at some point and eventually met Tails, who introduced him to the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Shortly thereafter, Baby T's herd came trampling past Knothole Village, and Baby T returned to his herd. However, Sonic and Sally stopped the herd, as they believed they were migrating in the wrong direction. Hoping to get some answers, Sally used Nicole in conjunction with a special translator of hers that she put on Momma T in an attempt to translate the Terapods' language. The Knothole Freedom Fighters decided afterward to accompany the Terapods on their journey to ensure they got to Boulder Bay. When Dr. Robotnik, who wanted to roboticize the Terapods, and his lackeys approached however, the Terapods went into the Great Jungle in the hope that they would lose Robotnik. While in the jungle, Momma T and Baby T stuck with the Knothole Freedom Fighters, whom they saved from Scorch Plants and a living vine that tried pulling Sonic into some quicksand. Later, they carried the Knothole Freedom Fighters away when they sensed Robotnik approaching. During the ensuing escape, Robotnik almost caught Momma T with his hovercraft's gear, but Sonic and his friends interrupted him in time. After escaping Robotnik once more, Sonic used some info provided by Momma T to lure Robotnik and his lackeys into a field of Scorch Plants, which provided the Terapods with the distraction needed for them to escape Robotnik's pursuit. Soon after, the Terapods safely arrived at Boulder Bay. There, Momma T and Baby T said goodbye to the Knothole Freedom Fighters and thanked them for their aid.[1]

List of known Terapods


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