The Temple of Light is a location that appears in Sonic Shuffle. It is a temple in the center of Maginaryworld and the resting place for the Precioustone.


The Temple of Light lies on an large flat floating rock in the void-like space in the center of Maginaryworld. The Temple of Light itself resembles a large lump made of intertwined gold and brown vines. It has three front gates, seven spires in different sizes on the top of the central structure that branches outward, and has a hole in the roof on the central structure.

Inside the Temple of Light is the room where the Precioustone is stored. This room is composed of several rows of large rings made from horizontal rectangular plates that are place on top of one another, forming a dome. These rings are constantly revolving around themselves, and can be raised to give a full view over Maginaryworld.


For an unprecedented amount of time, the Temple of Light served as the safe haven for the Precioustone, where Illumina would reside and protect it from harm. When Illumina split into Lumina Flowlight and Void, Void came to the Temple of Light and made contact with the Precioustone and caused the Precioustone to shatter and its fragments scattered to the far corners of Maginaryworld.

To save Maginaryworld from destruction, Lumina send out a distress message to other worlds. As a response to her message, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy were send to Maginaryworld, and dropped into the Temple of Light. Inside the temple, Lumina explained the threat Maginaryworld was facing, and Sonic and the gang agreed to help restore the Precioustone and save this world. The group then departed the Temple of Light to look for the Precioustone fragments in other worlds.

After the Precioustone had been rebuilt and brought back to the Temple of Light, Void came back to the temple as well, seeking out the Precioustone anew. Inside the temple, Sonic, Lumina and the others confronted Void, whose growing loneliness and despair turned him into a monster, and he transformed the Temple of Light into a dark space. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy defeated Void in the ensuing battle, returning the Temple of Light to normal. After the battle, Sonic and the others managed to lift Lumina out of her despair when the Precioustone would not recover, and had her accept Void as a necessary part of herself and dreams. Lumina then fully restored the Precioustone inside the Temple of Light and rejoined with Void, thus recreating Illumina.


  • The Temple of Light might be located in the Fourth Dimension Space, since the location they are in both share similarities. Also, it is in the Forth Dimension Space where Sonic and his allies go back to the Temple of Light to fight Void.



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