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  1. {{TOCright}} forces the auto-generated Table of Contents for an article to appear in a table that is floated to the right side of the page (as seen right), in order to improve article layout.


Insert {{TOCright}} at the point in the article where you want the top of the Table of Contents box to appear. Use with {{-}} or {{clear}} to prevent coalition with text.

Parameters (optional)

Sets the CSS clear property, which forces this float underneath the side specified with this attribute. So, clear=right (which is the default) will place the element after all the right floating elements before it. Options are left, right, both, or none.
Set the CSS width.
Limits the depth of subheadings shown. For instance using limit=4 will hide the fourth level and deeper subheadings in the hierarchy. And limit=2 will hide all subheadings leaving only the main headings. This is implemented as a CSS class in the MediaWiki:Common.css.


Usage of this template remains controversial with many editors and readers as it breaks consistency with the standardized appearance of the site. When using this template logout and check that it appears correctly with the default skin in Internet Explorer and a Acid2 compatible browser (or Firefox). Consult the following pages for placement elucidation Help:Section#Floating the TOC and Wikipedia:How to fix bunched-up edit links

  • Avoid placing the TOC in a visually poor location. Crossing a section division is probably a poor idea.
  • If the TOC is floated left of a bulleted list, the bullets will be hidden.

Site wide floating of TOC code

See also: Help:User style

Add to your userpage/monobook.css (if your using the default monobook skin)

#bodyContent #toc {
 float: right;
 clear: right;
 margin: 0.3em;

A more advanced (non IE users) using the CSS child selector to prevent existing TOC layout scheme from causing problems and allowing the TOC to float next to existing images.

#bodyContent > #toc, #wikiPreview > #toc {
 float: right;
 clear: none;
 padding: 0.2em;
 margin: 0.3em;

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