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This article or section is incomplete and in need of attention.
Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and help the Sonic News Network by expanding this article. Remove this message when finished.


Add {{Incomplete}} to an article or a section of an article that contains incomplete information (an incomplete list, table, etc.).

This template will put the page in the Articles in need of attention category. Try not to add the template to a page unless you unsure about what the information the article discusses.

Only use the template when you are unsure or cannot access the information required for the respective page. If you are, refrain from using the template and add the information instead.

What's the difference between a Stub and an Incomplete article?

A stub is an article with very few sentences that is missing important information. Stubs do not provide encyclopedic coverage of whatever it is they are about. An incomplete article is one that contains incomplete information, such as a paragraph that hasn't finished what it's discussing, or a table or long list that is missing some of its contents.

If an article is small, such as the Ball Hog page, it does not necessarily mean that the article is a stub or is incomplete, as long as the article covers everything that the subject is about.

What's the difference between an article that needs cleanup and an Incomplete article?

An article that requires cleanup is one that doesn't follow the Manual of Style, with bad grammar, too much capitalization, or things like having information in list format rather than in paragraphs. However, it is possible for an article in need of cleanup to have complete information.

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