Please pin this on any article which pertains PRINCIPALLY to the Archie Comics continuity.

Note also that this tag is for in-universe articles only. It should not be attached to real world articles such as issues, specials, writers or artists. These can be categorised separately, as appropriate.

Obviously, because the SatAM / Archie continuities were very closely related, there will be a degree of overlap here. Best practice is to mark anything that is Archie and SatAM with this Archie template, and use the SatAM tag for those few things which had a lot of exposure in the cartoons but little or none in the comics. Please don't use both templates on the same article - it makes things look messy!


  • For characters, use {{Archie|character}}
  • For groups, user {{Archie|group}}
  • For locations, use {{Archie|location}}
  • For objects, use {{Archie|object}}
  • For all other Archie Comics articles, use {{Archie}}

Adding this template to an article automatically categorises that article in [[Category:Archie]] or an appropriate subcategory.

Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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