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The Teleport Dash is a psychic jump that warps space, allowing Silver to move quickly “through” an enemy or an enemy attack and avoid damage. This is a good move to use when facing multiple enemies that you must get close enough to in order to use PK against them.

— Description

Teleport Dash (テレポダッシュ Terepodasshu?) is a technique used by Silver the Hedgehog which first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). When using this move, Silver teleports short distances using Psychokinesis.


Silver using the Teleport Dash.

In order for Silver to use the Teleport Dash, he must have obtained the Heart of Wind Level Up Item. When utilizing this move, Silver jumps into midair and uses his psychokinesis to warp space, allowing him to teleport through midair at light speed. When using this move in gameplay, the player must quickly press the jump button twice.

The Teleport Dash is good for quickly getting “through” an enemy or an attack. Using the Teleport Dash drains the Action Gauge however, and if it runs out, the move becomes unusable. It is thus advised not to overuse this move over a bottomless pit.


  • There is a possibility that Silver also used this move in his intro cutscene (when Blaze the Cat told him that Iblis has appeared again). After receiving the news, Silver flew off at high speeds, which may have been the Teleport Dash. However, this is unlikely, as Silver had yet to purchase the Heart of the Wind.
    • He is also shown using an ability similar to the Teleport Dash in Sonic Generations to teleport himself to a location faster after being knocked down by Sonic's Homing Attack.


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