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The Tee Shot[1] (ティーショット[2] Tīshotto?) is an Action Item that appears in Sonic Free Riders. It is used to attack leading racers.


The Tee Shot, in its simplicity, consists of a standard golf club and golf ball.


The Tee Shot can be obtained from the different Item Boxes on the race tracks. However, it is only available to racers riding on a Board Type Extreme Gear and will not appear if the rider is using another type of Extreme Gear.

When obtaining this item, the characters automatically grab a golf club. Then, by swinging the club as if playing golf, the user shoots a ball at the racer in the first place of the current race, stunning them briefly and giving other racers the chance to overtake them.

To use the Tee Shot in gameplay, the player will need to perform the aforementioned swing.



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