The Techno Tower boss is the boss of Techno Tower, Level 5 in Knuckles' Chaotix.


The Techno Tower boss a large robot with a transparent glass dome torso, in which a small red dome that contains the Dark Ring is located. The robot also features two green holes with metal parts where metal arms with red hands that have beige fingers are located.

The machine also has three metal parts that have wheels. A Robotnik-like face with a mustache and glass dome is located on top of a machine, the dome is where Dr. Robotnik sits and the mustache has turrets that shoot lasers.


Dr. Robotnik appears in a mech suit high in the tower's dome. The boss attacks by swinging its arms in an endless circle, harming the player if he/she touches one of them. Lasers from the roof attack the player as well. In order to defeat the boss, the player must attack the machine's Dark Ring, which is located in its red center. After eight hits, the boss is destroyed.

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