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Collect Rings to increase your speed. Use the Violet Void Wisp to steal Rings from your opponents! Held Rings slowly decay over time.

— Description, Team Sonic Racing manual

Team Vampire Race is one of the types of Events available in Team Sonic Racing. It is not available in Team Adventure however.


In Team Vampire Race Events, the player competes in a basic three lap race that adhere to the basic rules and gameplay mechanics of a Team Race in Team Sonic Racing. As such, the player competes as a single playable character with two teammates to race with and rival teams to race against. Up to four teams of three can compete in this Event, for a total of twelve racers at a time. The teams' different standings during a race are displayed on the left side of the HUD and is constantly updated. Each team on this display also has its own color, which makes it possible to identify the characters who are backlit with these colors. Out on the race track, rival racers are highlighted in red. Racers can also pick up power-ups from the Item Boxes on the race tracks and use them against rival racers. Teammates, however, are unaffected by the player's power-ups. The racers can also pull off various team maneuvers, such as the Item Box Transfer, Slingshot, Skim Boost, Rival Takedown and Team Ultimate.

The goal of the player and their team in this Event is to get the best position possible in the race. When starting out the race, the racers will be in possession of ten Rings. As in most other Events, collecting Rings increases the racers' top speed and can be collected from the tracks. However, during the race, the Rings in the racers' possession will slowly decay over time, with one Ring vanishing from the racer's Ring count roughly every second. At the same time, the racers can also lose Rings when taking damage, which causes them to slow down as well. The amount of Rings the player possesses is displayed by a gauge that can be seen on the top of the screen during the Vampire Race. This gauge has an yellow-orange-red bar that grows whenever the player obtains Rings and shrinks when the player loses Rings. When this gauge is filled to the maximum, the player cannot hold any more Rings. As such, during Vampire Races, the player must focus on collecting Rings and keeping them from being stolen or dropped.

In addition to the Ring-draining effect, Item Boxes in Vampire Race Events only grant Orange Wisps and Violet Wisps, the latter of which allows the player to pull in Rings and Item Boxes, absorb Orange Rocket fired from rival racers, and, most noticeably, steal Rings from nearby rival racers with the Violet Void.

A Team Vampire Race Event will conclude once all the racers have made three laps around the race track. However, when deciding the winning team, the racers on each team all contribute individually to the team's final place in the race, meaning crossing the finish line first will not always be enough. Instead, the team gets points based on their members' final positions in the race. The better the members' final positions in the race are, the more points the player's team will receive. When reaching the result screen, points will be assigned for each racer's final position (15 for first place, 12 for second, then 10, 9, 8 and so on), and totaled up for each team. The team with the highest total score are declared the winners of the Team Vampire Race.

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