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The Team Ultimate[1] is a move that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is a technique that allows car racers to achieve an unstoppable speed boost.


When performing the Team Ultimate, the user, while riding a racing vehicle, surrounds themselves in a fiery golden aura that grants their vehicle a massive speed boost, thereby turning them into an unstoppable projectile that can plow through any obstacle and rival racer.


Sonic using the Team Ultimate.

In gameplay, the Team Ultimate is a move every racing character in the game can perform. When performing this move, the racer gains a radical speed boost that not only allows them to drive faster, but also send opposing racers skidding out of control by colliding with them. To perform the Team Ultimate, the player must press PSTriangleButton/Y button/Switch x while their Ultimate Meter, which can be charged by performing team actions, is full. Once the Team Ultimate is activated however, the Ultimate Meter starts to drain, and once it empties, the Team Ultimate will end.

While the Team Ultimate is active, the background music will also change depending on the character. For example a "Reach for the Stars" remix will play for Sonic,[2] while a "Dreams of an Absolution" remix will play for Silver.[3]

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