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Team Sonic Racing Plus Deluxe Turbo Championship Edition one-shot is a one-shot comic book special published by IDW Publishing. It reprints the story featured in the previous Team Sonic Racing One-shot.

Official solicitation

When the evil Dr. Eggman invites himself to Dodon Pa's tournament, it's up to Sonic and his friends to race into action-again! Re-presenting the hit one-shot Team Sonic Racing, the Plus Deluxe Turbo Championship Edition is so jam-packed with goodies, we had to give it a name worthy of its extras! Reprints Team Sonic Racing plus a new guide to the Wisp power-ups, a glossary of Team Moves, a gallery of in-game tracks, and commentary by writer Caleb Goellner! Releasing just in time for the launch of the exciting new game, Team Sonic Racing! The ultimate collector's edition for fans of Sonic games and comics![1]

Featured stories

That time I got to write a Sonic comic


Caleb Goellner is racing back home with his dog, overjoyed that he gets to write the Team Sonic Racing comic. As he gets home all finished with his errands, he becomes set to write the script for the comic. Moments later, Caleb has no ideas for the script. He decides that in order to properly write the comic, he needs to get inside the minds of the Sonic characters. He soon begins to write the script imagining himself as several Sonic characters. Eventually, Caleb becomes overwhelmed and starts to believe he is actually Big the Cat. He walks away from his desk calling for Froggy, leaving his pug to look on with a puzzled look. In the ending box, Caleb thanks Joe, David, Megan, Adam, Shawn, Elaina, and everyone at Sega for their assistance.




Reprinted stories

Team Sonic Racing

Other features

  • Sumo Digital interview: Derek Littlewood of Sumo Digital is interviewed about his and his team's work on Team Sonic Racing.
  • Vehicle Concept Gallery: Vehicle Concept Gallery shows off the concept artwork behind the vehicles used by the characters in Team Sonic Racing.
  • From Script to Page!: From Script to Page! is a section that focuses on the process of making comics. It focuses specifically on pages three, twelve and sixteen of Team Sonic Racing Plus Deluxe Turbo Championship Edition one-shot.
  • Guide to Wisps: This section talks about all fourteen Wisps that can be used in Team Sonic Racing and their effects in gameplay.
  • Team-Up Tracks: This section shows artwork of several of the tracks that can be raced on in Team Sonic Racing. These include artwork of Wisp Circuit, Whale Lagoon, Bingo Party, Haunted Castle, Frozen Junkyard and Market Street.
  • Glossary of Team Moves: This section focuses on the special moves teams can use in Team Sonic Racing, such as the Skim Boost, Slingshot, Item Box Transfer and Rival Takedown.
  • Sonic Letters Squad: Sonic Letters Squad is a section where the comic staff can post fan artwork and fan letters that have been sent in to them.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019 - Free Digital Ashcan


  • This issue was initially planned for release on 8 May 2019, but was delayed to 22 May 2019.


Early covers

Preview pages



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