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This group exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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The point is, when we work together as a single unit we're UNBEATABLE.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Team Sonic,[3] also known as the United Village Defenders of the Village,[1] are the main protagonists of the Sonic Boom franchise. They are a group of heroes who protect the tropical island of Seaside Island from all manners of dangers,[4] including the ever-present threat of Dr. Eggman and his robot legions, while still living regular lives. Along the way, the group has also stood up against threats ranging from harmless annoyances to dangers posing a threat to the entire world. Though they bicker from time to time and have their differences, the team always sticks together, both as friends and as a family.[5]



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

In Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, on a regular day of foiling Dr. Eggman's plans, Team Sonic (excluding Sticks the Badger) followed Eggman and Metal Sonic to an ancient tomb deep within an island. There, Eggman's new Destruction Troops and Metal Sonic forced Sonic to open the tomb and have his team seek refuge inside, despite his team telling him not to do it. There, the team accidentally release a powerful and villainous Ancient named Lyric the Last Ancient. Arming themselves with Lyric's shackles, Team Sonic sought out Cliff, who revealed Lyric's plans to power his army of Sentinels with the Chaos Crystals to destroy all organic and create a world of twisted metal and robots. To stop Lyric's plan, the group sat aside their animosity for Sonic's actions to retrieve the Crystals before Lyric. During their search, the team got split up in the Abandoned Research Facility where Knuckles and Amy secured a Crystal while Sonic and Tails retrieved a map from the past that lead to the remaining Crystals, after a confrontation with Shadow.

Team Sonic vs. Lyric, from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

With the map, Team Sonic found all the Crystals despite interferences from Lyric, Eggman and their minions. However, they were forced to surrender them to Lyric after the snake managed to hold Sonic at gunpoint with his robots. Though Lyric still shot Sonic down, the hedgehog survived, and Team Sonic confronted Lyric together in perfect unison at his lair. Thanks to the unexpected help from Eggman, Team Sonic defeated Lyric and saved the world before Lyric's army could be deployed.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Team Sonic and Shadow being contacted by Lyric, from Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Team Sonic saved Sticks from a rockslide. Sticks then told them about an army coming up from the underground to destroy them all. However, Amy ignored her warning and set off with Knuckles on a research expedition. While Amy was alone however, Lyric, a rogue Ancient, attacked Amy and kidnapped her for her knowledge on the Lost Crystal of Power. Witnessing the kidnapning over their AVA, Sonic decided to go rescue Amy. Along the way, he gathered up Tails, Sticks and Knuckles for the mission. Together, the team followed the decoded recordings left by Amy on her AVA in an attempt to find her. In Shadow Canyons however, Team Sonic was attacked by Shadow, who was being mind controlled by Lyric. After freeing Shadow, the team received a message from Lyric, prompting Shadow to head off alone to get retribution. When Team Sonic later got to the Robot Facility, Metal Sonic tried to stop them. After Sonic overcame Metal Sonic, Team Sonic followed the robot to the Volcanic Crater. There, they found the Tornado airplane and used it to fly to Cloud Sanctuary, where they rescued Amy. The team then went on to confront Lyric, but Lyric trapped most of them in a special cage, leaving Sonic to fight him alone. Ultimately, however, Sonic managed to defeat Lyric, and with Shadow's help, he threw him out of his airship. Sticks then make an irrational speech about teamwork, but Sonic backed her and emphasized the value of how their collaboration allowed them to stop Lyric. On the way back, however, Sonic and Knuckles argued with each other over the name of their team.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, world-ending weather patterns started to emerge, prompting Team Sonic to investigate the islands. During this, Sonic and Amy uncovered one of many fissures which infused their Communicators with Fire and Ice energy, giving the duo new powers which they used to seal the fissure. As Sonic and Amy regrouped with Tails, who revealed that sealing up fissures stabilized the weather, the fox figured out how let their whole team tap into these new powers before the trio headed home to seal fissures erupting there. Amidst all this, Team Sonic met D-Fekt, an Eggman robot with nearly limitless magnetic powers who tried repeatedly to protect the fissures. Dr. Eggman also occasionally intruded on the team to take Sonic to races against his EggBot Racers for his plan to discredit Sonic's reputation.

Team Sonic on Ragna Rock, from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

Thinking that D-Fekt and Eggman were connected to the fissures, Team Sonic would pursue D-Fekt across the islands while sealing fissures, eventually learning that the fissures emitted Ragnium which D-Fekt was covered in. As such, the team tricked D-Fekt into wearing a tracker which lead them to Ragna Rock where Eggman was mining for Ragnium and piping the by-products from his operations off to adjacent islands, thereby creating the fissures which were destroying the environment. When Team Sonic got there, D-Fekt destroyed the Ragnium mine and nearly killed Eggman when attempting to stop Team Sonic for the doctor. After Team Sonic beat D-Fekt, Eggman, in reluctant gratitude toward Team Sonic for saving him, gave them D-Fekt, whom Tails reprogramed into a harmless pet for Sticks. With all said and done, the team went home.

TV series


For some time, Team Sonic has defended Seaside Island, having saved its main settlement from hundred of thousands of attacks from Dr. Eggman.[6] On one of their adventures in particular, the team got involved in a time-traveling escapade with Eggman.[7]

Season one

Team Sonic being deceived by Eggman, from "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"

Team Sonic nearly lost a member when Sonic fired Tails to keep him safe after a disastrous battle with Burnbot, but Sonic rehired him after he proved himself.[8] Team Sonic later fell for a ploy by Dr. Eggman where the doctor weakened their main members for his Obliterator Bot. When Obliterator targeted Eggman lair instead though, Team Sonic was convinced to help the doctor stop the robot, although they could not save the lair.[9] The team was then nearly torn apart by arguments caused by Tails' UT robot which Eggman stole to use against them. However, when Tails left to save UT from Eggman, Team Sonic had to save Tails from Eggman.[10] After stopping Fire Bot, Team Sonic was then bothered by Sticks the Badger' new pet Buster (whom they ironically encouraged Sticks to get) until he turned out to be an Eggman robot sent to destroy them. However, Sticks stopped Buster without hurting him before setting him free.[11]

Team Sonic later came to the Awardy Awards when Sticks was nominated for an Awardy Award for saving the Village. There, they foiled Eggman's attempt to take the award by force.[12] Amy would then leave her team to help Eggman redecorate his lair, feeling unappreciated by her team. Feeling guilty, Team Sonic went to Eggman's lair where they freed Amy from imprisonment and trashed the lair.[13] Eggman later made some Evil Cookies which everyone on Team Sonic, except Sonic, ate, turning them into clones of Eggman. The now evil heroes united under Eggman to plot Sonic's demise, but Sonic returned his team to normal with the unwilling aid of Eggman after his new allies turned against him.[14] Team Sonic were soon after attacked by Cowbot, but when they made Cowbot target Eggman, the majority of the team made Sonic protect Eggman from it (with Tails' aid).[15]

Team Sonic in the circus, from "Circus of Plunders".

After beating Octopus Bot, Tails temporarily left Team Sonic to fix his Unbolterizer which endangered their lives during the fight. In the meantime, the rest of the team would help T.W. Barker out with a circus show until the rogue ringmaster forced them to stay as his performers. However, they were freed by Tails, allowing them to defeat Barker and his circus.[16] Team Sonic was later preoccupied with Knuckles' attempts to shift the luck balance of the universe in his favor after he had enough of losing to Sonic, but then Eggman invaded Seaside Island. Since Knuckles' bad luck and Eggman's good luck made it impossible for Team Sonic to win, they let Knuckles join Eggman and had his bad luck beat him.[17] More trouble arose when Sonic and Eggman, unbeknownst to Team Sonic, switched minds due to a meteor. As such, the team would attack Sonic (in Eggman's body) whenever he showed up, while Eggman (in Sonic's body) plotted the heroes' end. However, thanks to Tails, Sonic and Eggman could switch back.[18]

After a shifting period, Team Sonic was left without nothing to do when Eggman lost his drive. While the rest of the team could cope, Sonic drove them nuts with his restlessness, so they orchestrated an event that made Sonic and Eggman renew their conflict.[19] Team Sonic later went to a pie festival, except for Tails who had to replant an orchard. Upon returning though, mutant plants on the orchard attacked them. Sonic and Amy thus went to get Tails, while Knuckles and Sticks kept the plants at bay until Tails could destroy them with a machine.[20] When Sonic was later sued by Eggman, most of Team Sonic could not help Sonic's case despite their effort, until Amy intervened.[20] Team Sonic later found Eggman selling tomato sauce which seemed harmless, but when the sauce cans began turning appliances into an army for Eggman to conquer the island with, the team stopped Eggman's plans.[21]

Team Sonic fighting Giant Robot, from "Sole Power".

As a result of a set-up staged by Eggman, Team Sonic came under attack by Giant Robot, a robot powered by Sonic's running. When the team could not beat the robot, Sonic made it overload instead.[22] While having a movie night, Team Sonic got attacked by Eggman again. This time, an endless time loop was created during their battle, making Team Sonic relive the same day repeatedly without knowing it. However, Eggman (who retained awareness) got them to help him break the time loop.[23] Having awoken a Granifer Giganticus, Team Sonic tried to make him fall asleep while protecting him from Eggman. After dealing with the giant's kidnapping of Sticks, Team Sonic lured him to Eggman's lair where Eggman was forced to let him in peace.[24] Then, when Sonic got stuck in Buddy Buddy Temple with Eggman, Team Sonic argued over who should lead them on their rescue of Sonic. Slipping into the temple by accident, the team was brought to safety by both Sonic and Eggman as the temple caved in.[25]

When Team Sonic hosted Orbot and Cubot after they left Eggman, they had to help the evil trio defeat an evil computer virus named Nominatus who had seized Eggman's tech to destroy the world. Once it was done, the parties ended their truce.[26] Later, the team had to unite to drive off Eggman's attack on Sonic so he could return a library book on time.[27] In a classic battle of the sexes, Sonic and Knuckles later competed against Amy and Sticks on a race to Hidden Meadows, which the latter pair won with ease.[28] Soon after, Team Sonic would pull off a prank on Eggman which made him desert technology. When the Lightning Bolt Society took over Eggman's lair though, Team Sonic and Eggman had to unite to stop the Lightning Bolt's random attacks, making Eggman pick up tech again.[29]

Team Sonic working as restaurant staff members, from "Chez Amy".

Uniting to help Amy with her new business, Chez Amy, Team Sonic served as the restaurant's staff until most of them got fed up with Amy's rivalry with Meh Burger. Nonetheless, Team Sonic came together to help Amy defend Chez Amy from Eggman. Unable to save Chez Amy, Team Sonic helped rebuild Meh Burger after Eggman destroyed it.[30] When Swifty the Shrew then showed up, Team Sonic (except Sonic) was enthralled by his hipness. Upon discovering Swifty's meanness though, they took Sonic's side. When Swifty then got Sonic banished from the Village and was revealed to work for Eggman, Team Sonic got the Village Council to bring Sonic back, who then handled Eggman.[31] Team Sonic later had to travel to a mystical mamoset to settle Sticks' suspicious about them being cursed. After saving the mamoset from Eggman, he declared Team Sonic curse-free.[32] Setting up the Chili Dog Cook-Off, most of Team Sonic planned to participate, while Sonic served as the judge. However, the team had go find Knuckles when he went missing. They found him a day later, having passed out from eating a pepper.[33]

Team Sonic ready to face the Froglodytes, from "Closed Door Policy".

Having foiled Eggman's Explode-o-nut plot, Team Sonic helped with Sticks' (forced) yard sale. Along the way, they uncovered the entrance to the caves of the Froglodytes, who kidnapped Sticks, prompting the remainder of Team Sonic to rescue her and reseal the Froglodyte Caves.[34] As Knuckles then sent the Village into chaos as deputy mayor, the rest of Team Sonic joined forces with Eggman to stop him. However, when Eggman turned on them, Team Sonic kept him from seizing power over the Village.[35] Over their next battles with Eggman, Team Sonic had to attend Amy's sensitivity seminar with Sonic when the hedgehog upset the Village. In the end, Team Sonic went on a trip while Sonic stayed behind to retire. Upon returning though, they found Sonic back in action and beloved by the Village again.[1] The team later met an alternate Knuckles whom they helped get home before his presence destroyed their reality.[36] Soon after, they kept Dave the Intern from hunting himself and others during his attempt to battle Sonic with Octopus Bot, until Sonic could stop him.[37]

At New Year's eve, Team Sonic celebrated at the village party they set up. While most of Team Sonic kept partying, Eggman used his Slow Motion Machine to beat Sonic in something before the year's end, although no one except Sonic saw him do it.[38] When the girls on Team Sonic were later brainwashed by Justin Beaver, the boys formed Dreamboat Express/Dude-itude to free all the brainwashed victims and foil the plans of Dixon, Justin's producer, to turn the female villagers into consumer zombies.[39] Upon later foiling another Eggman attack, Team Sonic noticed Tails was crushing on Zooey, and each member gave him advise to go by. While their help failed, Tails managed to win Zooey over on his own while stopping another Eggman attack.[40] Witnessing Knuckles' rise to frame as "Trash Can Head Guy", Team Sonic enjoyed the spoils of being a celebrity's friends. As Knuckles left to be a TV host though, the team had to save him from Eggman. In the aftermath, Knuckles chose to be on Team Sonic over the life of a celebrity.[41]

Team Sonic fighting Eggman's bolstered army, from "Robot Battle Royale".

As Knuckles began pursuing inventing, Team Sonic came to see Tails and Knuckles battle in the Robot Battle Royale. When Eggman seized Tails' Hypnobot however, Team Sonic stopped Eggman from making a new army with Tails' inventions.[42] Team Sonic later tried staying cool during a heatwave when they discovered Eggman had captured the Archipelago Homeowners Association. As such, they freed the group.[43] Noticing later that Amy was secretly "Fuzzy Puppy Buddies" with Eggman, the rest of Team Sonic kept an eye on Eggman at the pair's trip Puppy Con. There, they got entangled in Eggman's scheme to steal a rare game piece, but Amy resolved it alone.[44] Upon foiling another of Eggman's schemes, Team Sonic agreed to fight Eggman fairly by facing him one-on-one, only for them all to get outsmarted one after another during their scheduled fights. In the end though, Team Sonic managed to beat Eggman's latest scheme by switching out when needed in their fight.[45]

Upon saving the Village for the millionth time, Team Sonic was given the Greatest Role Model of All Time Award. Because the team was still horsing around though, Mayor Fink gave them an image specialist to make them better role models, who eventually restricted them from using force against Eggman. However, Sticks got her team back to their old ways.[6] Discovering Amy's private play A Rose Without Thorns, Team Sonic got torn apart over arguments stemming from Amy's portrayals in her play. While Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks reconciled after a fight, Amy would not forgive her friends so easily, so they put up her play as an apology, which worked.[46] Later on, most of Team Sonic would help Knuckles stand up to Charlie who kept bullying him.[47] Team Sonic would later face their greatest challenge when they were attacked by Eggman's league of villains dubbed Team Eggman. Despite the villains' strategy and the unexpected aid from Shadow the Hedgehog however, Team Sonic won the battle.[48]

Season two

Team Sonic ready for battle, from "Tommy Thunder: Method Actor".

After Team Sonic averted an Eggman attack, movie star Tommy Thunder decided to observe Sonic for his next role. By mellowing out Team Sonic, Tommy convinced Sonic to let him hang around, only to take credit for the team's next victory over the Weasel Bandits. Still, Team Sonic praised Sonic when he shared his credit with Tommy to preserve Tommy's image for his fans.[3] Learning later from Eggman that an asteroid would hit the earth, Team Sonic opted to stop the asteroid rather than hide from its impact in Eggman's bunker. After some trials and errors, the team had Knuckles fly up to the asteroid to bump it off course with Tails' Solar Convergence Device. When Knuckles had to destroy the asteroid instead though, Sonic ran all over the island to deflect the falling debris with Amy's Hammer.[49] Team Sonic was later busy handling Sticks' frustrations with fluff news, which lead to her and Tails getting a TV news gig after starting a popular podcast. As that led to Sticks instigating a village revolt, the rest of Team Sonic arrived to calm the masses, who in turn destroyed Eggman's Mega Microwave Water Vaporizer for them when he presented it.[50]

While Team Sonic experimented on Sonic's speed, Sonic got stuck on another plane of existence when testing Tails' Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier. As Team Sonic tried to get Sonic back home, Eggman used Sonic's absence to attack the Village. However, most of Team Sonic held Eggman off while Tails retrieved Sonic, who in turn helped defeat Eggman.[51] Sonic soon after introduced Mark the Tapir, his biggest fan, to most of Team Sonic. Though the team was unnerved by Mark's obsessive behavior, Sonic was not worried and soon made Mark his assistant. When Sonic did not join them for a movie however, Team Sonic looked for him and soon discovered that Mark held him captive. Though Mark imprisoned the team too, they and Sonic would break free and defeat Mark.[52]

Tails apologizing for his maniacal zeal to his team, from "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er".

Eventually, Sonic and Tails told their team of their bet to see if the latter could catch the former. Their teammates subsequently got caught in Tails' failed traps, but got freed by Tails much later to save Sonic from Eggman when Tails caught him. Afterwards, Tails apologized to his friends and took his bet's punishment in front of them at Meh Burger Karaoke Night.[53] Team Sonic later went to investigate seismic activity out at sea after beating Eggman again. There, they found Eggman generating a tidal wave underwater to destroy the Village. After getting delayed by the aquaphobic Sonic, the team got Sonic into the water with the aid of Soar the Eagle's life-coaching. Using Tails' high-tech wetsuits, Sonic, Knuckles and Amy faced Eggman and his Badniks and managed to redirect his Wave Machine despite many complications.[2]

When Dreamcaster broadcasted hypnotism through TV, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy slowly fell under mind control. As such, they did not believe Sticks when she told them she had seen Dreamcaster, and even helped arrest her when she was blamed for breaking a studio. As the quartet became Eggman's slaves and helped him build a world-controlling satellite though, Sticks returned with gear that freed her team from the mind control, and together they freed the enslaved villagers and stopped Eggman.[54] Team Sonic later stopped Eggman's next attack on the Village when the doctor got past Tails' new Village defense, which would backfire despite Tails' successful demonstration. Discovering later that Tails had split himself into five dimwitted copies, Team Sonic created more copies when trying to remerge them. With Eggman's help though, the team gathered the runaway copies and put Tails back together.[55]

Team Sonic vs. the Egg Tank, from "Strike!".

Back in the Village Center, Sonic, Amy and Tails would stop an attack by Eggman and his Egg Tank. A few of Team Sonic's member subsequently got entangled in the striking action at Eggman's.[56] Then, after stopping Eggman from destroying the Fuzzy Puppy Warehouse, Team Sonic would protect City Hall from the newly-independent Orbot and his forces. This battle ended when Orbot destroyed the records on the new villain permit and Orbot got returned to Eggman's service.[57] Having foiled an attack from Eggman, Team Sonic helped cure Knuckles of some amnesia he got. Recalling he was the last of his kind, Knuckles looked for a foster family while his team watched him. When Knuckles got taken in by Charlie and Belinda though, the villains made him help them attack Team Sonic. However, Knuckles would rejoin his friends, help beat the villains, and realize that Team Sonic was his true family.[5]

While in the jungle, Team Sonic found a mech suit in an Ancient ruin. Claiming the mech suit, Sonic used it to foil Eggman's latest ambush, although he nearly killed Eggman with it. Noticing Sonic's growing malice while wearing the mech suit, the team found the mech suit's blueprints and learned it was taking over Sonic. Refusing to listen to reason, Sonic left to be Eggman's partner, which led to Sonic endangering the Village. Fortunately, Team Sonic freed Sonic from the mech suit by making it benign, although Sonic still kept it.[58] Some time later, after hours of playing Tomatopotamus 2, Team Sonic saw that an Eggman robot named FiendBot had followed Sonic home. Although Sonic revealed that FiendBot was nice, and that they should call him "FriendBot" instead, the others were wary to trust the robot and would dislike how he messed up their days. However, they warmed up to FriendBot after he helped them stop an Eggman attack and gave his life to save Sonic. Using their video game to fix FriendBot, Team Sonic made him a part of the team and gave him a home with the Cubot prototypes.[59]

Team Sonic and Og face the Froglodytes, from "Og Man Out".

Having stopped Eggman's search for Ancient tech, Team Sonic would investigate some robberies. Finding the thief to be Og, a friendly Froglodyte seeking a new life on the surface, the suspicious team took turns watching Og. When other Froglodytes invaded the Village, Team Sonic would be overwhelmed by the horde, but with the help of Og, whom they initially thought had released the Froglodytes, the team drove them back underground. Afterwards, the team made up with Og.[60] After joining the studio audience at an edition of the Comedy Chimp Show, Team Sonic had a period where they dealt with Eggman and his forces while Knuckles took leaves of absences to earn money from two jobs to pay the fees for a house he brought from T.W. Barker. When Knuckles lost his jobs though, Team Sonic helped revoke his contract with Barker at the cost of his house.[61]

When the Village had a power outage, Team Sonic investigated its cause. Finding Eggman innocent, they discovered the blackout was due to the town's power source (the Meroke Crystal) having died out. Following Mayor Fink's directions, Team Sonic went into the mountains and retrieved a new crystal from a deadly trap built by the Ancients, where Knuckles proved invaluable in solving its riddles. With the crystal in hand, the team restore the Village's power.[62] Team Sonic later got involved in town discussions that lead to a referendum between Amy and Eggman's name propositions for a new town name. When Eggman won the referendum, he used it to get elected as Village leader, leaving Team Sonic legally unable to oppose him. Amy and Sticks (whose ancestry had made the villagers shun her briefly) however, found a way to remove Eggman from power, allowing Team Sonic to keep him from destroying the village.[63] After observing the changes in Meh Burger's staff brought about by Eggman, Team Sonic (mninus Sticks) came to the reopening of the improved Meh Burger. There, they and the villagers got trapped in a force-field and sent towards space in Meh Burger by Eggman. Contacting Sticks, the trapped team conducted a mid-air rescue of themselves and the villagers with the aid of Sticks and Dave the Intern (whom Sticks recruited) while returning Meh Burger to the surface.[64]

Team Sonic tending to Bea, from "Give Bees A Chance".

After Team Sonic stopped Eggman's theft of the Fregosi Sapphire (which Knuckles assumed guardianship of), Amy adopted a Bee Bot she named Bea, much to the team's chagrin. When Eggman reclaimed Bea however, he used her to steal the Fregosi Sapphire from Team Sonic. However, the team would rescue Bea, get the Fregosi Sapphire back, and foil Eggman's plan to power Mega Bot with the gem.[65] Having attended the Science Fair Awards, Team Sonic would foil an attack on them by Eggman. From there, Sonic, Amy and Sticks got involved in the playdates Mombot arranged for Sonic and Eggman, while Tails and Knuckles sought to get Beth the Shrew's attention.[66] After seeing Knuckles' new hangout, Team Sonic got involved in the Muckfoot Mania Tails began when he seemingly proved Muckfoot's existence. While most of the team praised Tails for his discovery, the suspicious Sticks made Tails discover that "Muckfoot" was just a muddy Knuckles sleepwalking. When Tails would not reveal the truth to the villagers though, Knuckles got caught by Barker, who sought to make Muckfoot his attraction, so Team Sonic had to rescue him. With that, Tails revealed the truth about Muckfoot to the public.[67] Having seen Tails demonstrate his upgraded Build-it Box, Team Sonic would play with a manifestation of Ms. Tomatopotamus after foiling an Eggman attack. When Ms. Tomatopotamus suddenly grew however, the team discovered that Nominatus, Beta and Retro had hijacked the Build-it Box. Tails and Knuckles thus went to question Eggman about the theft while the rest faced the thieves, who began materializing an army with the Build-it Box to conquer the planet with. With Eggman's aid, Team Sonic stopped Nominatus' plans and imprisoned him and his gang.[68]

When Team Sonic fought and beat Eggman again, the team would chide Sonic's lack of teamwork. Later at the team's lunch, Sonic told the others that he had Steve Eggman join the team after Steve saved him. Besides disliking that Sonic did not consult them, the others did not trust Steve, even after he helped them save some Gogobas. The team soon after broke apart when accusations and disagreements between them arose. However, Tails soon discovered that it was Steve (who was an evil shapeshifting robot) that staged the team's dissolution. The teammates thus saved Sonic when Eggman and Steve attacked him, and Team Sonic was reformed.[69] Tensions between Sonic and Tails later arose when Sonic moved in with Tails while a widabit used Sonic's Shack for its courting ritual. After the team heard this, Sonic, Tails and Amy tried in vain to advance the ritual by getting the widabit a mate. Team Sonic soon fought Eggman again, but ESC's Fastidious Beaver halted them when a widabit arrived, just as more widabits, whom Tails had mistakenly attracted, ran through the Village to the shack. After saving bystanders from the stampede, Team Sonic got one last widabit to the shack, during which Sonic and Tails made up. With fifty widabits there, Sonic could now relocate them, but a courting ritual between two widabits made him wait a week.[70]

Team Sonic coming to rescue Mighton and Bolts, from "Robots From The Sky Part 1".

When Team Sonic held a charity car wash, Eggman attacked them when he complained about their service. Team Sonic easily beat Eggman's Badniks, but lost when Mighton and Bolts appeared and beat them for Eggman. After Eggman left with his new allies, Team Sonic investigated these robots' origins. Finding a spaceship, they discovered the robots were not of this world. Orbot and Cubot later came and told the team that Eggman held Mighton and Bolts captive in his lair. Saving Mighton and Bolts after a battle in the lair, Team Sonic made peace with them and helped fix their ship. When the duo departed though, the Cubot prototypes attacked Team Sonic and shot Tails.[71] Tails survived though, and Team Sonic subdued the protypes. Just as Sonic and Tails learned that the prototypes (who tried attacking them again after Tails fixed them) were infected by malware from Morristown, they had to help their team protect the Village when robots from all around attacked it. With these robots being infected by the same malware, Team Sonic split up; while Sonic and Tails went to Morristown to stop the malware signal, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks would keep the infected robots at bay, including Team Sonic's own FriendBot.[72]

Team Sonic meeting Team Cybonic, from "Robots From The Sky Part 4".

Though Og came to their aid, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks soon got overwhelmed by the robots, so Knuckles got the villagers to help them. Back in Morristown, Sonic and Tails met the Robot Resistance, who revealed a robot was creating the malware signal and had taken over Morristown. Finding this robot, the duo saw it was Hypnobot, now sentient and seeking to conquer the world as revenge for Tails' abandonment of him. Ultimately, Sonic and Tails (who refused to destroy Hypnobot) stopped the malware signal by kicking Hypnobot off of Morristown, leaving Team Sonic's members to deal with the aftermath of the crisis in their locations.[73] Amy, Knuckles and Sticks soon after joined Sonic and Tails in Morristown when Eggman and Hypnobot invaded it with their robot army. Joining Eggman's side was also FriendBot, who was forced to help him by Hypnobot. Although Team Sonic and their allies fought back, they got overwhelmed and had to retreat to a bunker when Hypnobot turned the city's robots against them. There, Bolts created malware-proof cyborg clones of Team Sonic, who gave them enough manpower to turn the battle around. The invasion ended when Tails destroyed Hypnobot and Eggman retreated. With their cyborg clones keeping Morristown (now renamed "Roboken") safe now, Team Sonic bid farewell to the city, although FriendBot choose to stay after regaining his free will.[74]

After foiling Eggman's latest theft in the Village by defeating his HugeBot, Team Sonic's members each got what seemed like irremovable fleas that turned them into itchy messes. This led to the team getting quarantined by the authorities, although the mayor soon released them so they could stop Eggman's latest rampage. Discovering then that their fleas were remote-controlled Eggman robots, Team Sonic faced Eggman and made these "FleaBots" stick to him for the time being after a brief battle.[75] Team Sonic later stopped the Lightning Bolt Society's newest scheme. Afterward, the team's Pin Dashers faced the Lightning Bowler Society in a bowling match after the latter became bowlers, and lost. Arranging a rematch, Sonic made his team practice day and night, but when they heard that the Lightning Bowlers broke up, they sought to reunite them for their rematch. As they gathered the group however, Team Sonic had to stop Eggman when he attacked with his Mega. While the team beat the Mega with the unintended help from the Lightning Bowlers when they tried to fight Team Sonic, the rematch got canceled when the Lightning Bowlers became Lightning Bolts again.[76]

The team eventually split up when Sonic, Tails and Knuckles went to perform a concert with their band on the other side of the island. However, the trio's trip was fraught with trouble, and was ultimately for nothing when they discovered that their concert was not due for another month.[77] Meanwhile, Amy and Sticks would distract Eggman so they could have the weekend to themselves. Eventually settling on a spa weekend, Amy and Sticks had to put it on hold to drive Eggman out of the Village when he rampaged through it, upset over having been tricked by the girls. Belinda would attack the Village immediately after with Charlie's Mech Suit, but Amy and Sticks stopped her too.[78] Team Sonic eventually got lured into a trap by Eggman, but was able to overcome it and escape. Hearing soon after that Eggman had turned his lair into a hotel to pay for a fee, Team Sonic checked in there to keep an eye on the doctor. The team eventually got trapped alongside the guests when Eggman took them hostage for a scheme, but Sticks, who was absence from the team, broke them free. Team Sonic subsequently fought Eggman, which led to the guests' liberation and the destruction of Eggman's lair.[79]

Team Sonic goofing off, from "Mister Eggman".

When local gossip revealed that Dr. Eggman was no doctor, Team Sonic would see him as an even greater joke. They thus joined the villagers in mocking Eggman during the scientist's next trip to the Village. Sonic went the extra mile by beating Eggman when he retaliated. For the next boring weeks where Eggman focused on getting a Ph.D., Team Sonic spent their free time goofing off. Though they stopped Eggman when he tried to rob a store, their fight lacked the usual spark. When Eggman did earn his doctorate, the team watched his graduation ceremony.[80] Visiting later the Haunted Forest with Eggman, Team Sonic had a laugh seeing Eggman get traumatized by the props. However, Sonic and Tails got entangled in the events resulting from Eggman's experience, which led to Barker attacking Team Sonic (minus Amy) after he seized Eggman's properties. Thanks to Barker's strategies, Team Sonic had a hard time against Barker's Badniks. However, they were saved when Eggman reclaimed his Badniks and properties from Barker. Team Sonic then proceeded to fight Eggman like always.[81]

After a trip to Meh Burger, Sonic, Tails and Amy came across Gogoba Village. There, the Gogoba Chief revealed that the Froglodytes had taken his people away to work in the mines. Guilt-tripped into saving them, Team Sonic entered the Froglodytes' caves and saw that the frogs were helping Eggman (whom they thought was a kingly figure) mine for the Tummel Crystal. Although Team Sonic got caught and put into labor, they escaped when Eggman found the crystal, allowing Sonic to expose Eggman as a fake to the Froglodytes. Eggman then tried using a crystal-powered MeBot, but Sonic stopped him with his own mech suit, and Team Sonic brought the Gogobas back home.[82] Team Sonic later had a game when they saw Cubot, who had gone nuts and was flying around with a rampant Anti Gravity Ray, and Eggman arrive. With Cubot's gravity field picking up innocent villagers, Team Sonic tried to rescue the villagers, only for Cubot to gain control of the Anti Gravity Ray. Cubot then began taking the villagers, along with Amy, Knuckles and Sticks, into space to enlighten them. Sonic and Tails however, intercepted Cubot in the sky and brought everyone down by reversing the Anti Gravity Ray with a knob provided by Orbot. After removing the Anti Gravity Ray from Cubot though, Team Sonic almost got crushed by the gravity it began to emit. Knuckles however, saved them by destroyed the device.[83]

Team Sonic playing soccer, from "Victory".

When their beloved rec center got closed, Team Sonic tried in vain to save it with a petition. Concurrently, Eggman tried to get the rec center so he could trash it. Since only the winner of a sports game could get the rec center, Team Sonic and Eggman arranged a soccer match. Learning later that they would face Team Cybonic, whom Eggman had recruited with mind-control, Team Sonic accepted this match-up once Eggman promised his team's freedom after the match. Team Sonic stood to lose however when Eggman made his team meaner (but dumber) while the teams practiced. At the match though, they won by exploiting Team Cybonic's stupidity, leading to the rec center's reopening. Team Sonic then freed Team Cybonic from the mind-control when the cyborgs attacked them, and together they got some payback at Eggman.[84] When goofing off later on, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles accidentally injured Lady Walrus. With Lady Walrus too hurt to watch her baby Chumley, the trio agreed to babysit Chumley while she recovered. However, this was no easy task for them, and Amy refused to help. Eggman attacked the trio soon after, but thanks to Chumley's interference, they beat the doctor. Sonic and co. then got the hang on babysitting Chumley and had a good time. When Chumley vanished though, Sonic and co. looked for him in vain before confronting Lady Walrus. Fortunately, Chumley appeared in time for them to return him to his mother, and the trio resumed their earlier escapade, albeit with a small responsibility lesson in mind.[85] Team Sonic soon after helped Sonic beat up Eggman and Morpho after they sent Sonic on a trip to another dimension.[86]

While at Tails', most of Team Sonic got Tails to make a big Build-it Box for making large and fun stuff after seeing the fox's measly use of a small one. With it, the crew made themselves cars. Getting over-competitive, Team Sonic prepped their own car race, only to be forced to make it an official event by racing laws. After eight months of permits, the team had their race, with locals like Eggman joining their competition. After Team Sonic's members crashed and Eggman stood to win though, the team realized the error of their ways, and made a car from their own that Sonic used to win the race. Afterward, Team Sonic received participation trophies.[87] Team Sonic later played soccer when Eggman came and told Sonic to add him on FriendSpace. When Sonic refused, which made Eggman run off, Tails convinced him to do it anyway to keep tabs on Eggman. However, the team soon learned that Eggman was bombarding Sonic with notifications. Amy, Tails and Knuckles soon after got into Scrambler (while Sonic was denied membership) until it got deleted.[88] The team later reunited when Amy's Hammer vanished. Along the way, they fought off Eggman when he got mad at them for accusing him of taking the hammer (which he did not). The team tried afterward to comfort a dismayed Amy, who hired Vector the Crocodile to find her hammer. While Vector and Sonic investigated, the rest of Team Sonic stood on the sidelines, watching the case unfold, until Vector found the hammer and returned it to Amy.[89]

When Team Sonic tried using Meh Burger's new delivery service to order take-out that would be free if not delivered within a certain time limit, their meal arrived many hours too later. As such, they joined a focus group to review Meh Burger's service. At the end, Sonic became Meh Burger's new delivery boy. When Eggman later tried to keep Sonic from delivering an order on time, Tails, Knuckles and Amy helped Sonic by holding off Eggman's Badniks.[90] Team Sonic later went to Eggman's lair when they got scammed by Eggman's online business. While fighting Eggman however, they damaged the lair's HQ room, causing Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, Eggman and Orbot to be sorted across the rooms in Eggman's lair by the lair's pneumatic tube system. Though Sonic stopped the tubes, he also activated the lair's lockdown protocol, trapping everyone in their respective room. This left Amy and Tails stuck with lots of Mootonium, and Knuckles stuck with Eggman. Sticks and Orbot made their way to the former duo by turning off the AC; without air too cool it however, the Mootonium stood to explode. When Eggman established a way to communicate through the lair's pipes however, Tails and Orbot got the info on how to undo the lockdown from Eggman to Sonic in the HQ room. After that, Team Sonic escaped the lair just before it blew up.[7]

Team Sonic reflecting on their adventure, from "You and I Bee-come One".

Coming under attack by Bee Bots, Team Sonic trapped them in a cave when Orbot and Cubot proved unable to call off the Bee Bots without Eggman (who was on vacation). Afterward, the team tried to help Tails after discovering that he had been merged with a Bee Bot, only to be forced to handle a rescue mission first, which Tails handled so well with his cybernetics that he decided to remain as he was. However, Tails' Bee Bot half soon made him go rogue and use the imprisoned Bee Bots to attack Team Sonic, who fell back after seeing Tails get hurt for every Bee Bot they beat. Bringing in Eggman for help, Team Sonic was able to stop Tails and return him to normal.[91] Later, after seeing Eggman's bots chase a cuddly creature around, Team Sonic would ask Eggman about the creature. They soon saw though that Eggman was the creature, and that he turned into it whenever he got angry. Most of them thus used this opportunity to tease Eggman into morphing. After Eggman took anger management class from Amy however, the team could no long get to him.[92]

When Eggman went on vacation with his robot family, Team Sonic tried taking some time off, only to have several misadventures. Eventually, they found Eggman and co. returning, with Mighton and Cyborg Sonic hot on their trail. Learning that Eggman had stolen Bolts' intelligence chip, Team Sonic helped Mighton and Cyborg Sonic battle Eggman until he surrendered the chip.[93] Team Sonic later noticed the downside to D-Fekt's muteness, so Tails gave him a voice chip. This allowed D-Fekt to express a desire for purpose, which Team Sonic helped him out with. Eventually, the team showed D-Fekt the Cubot prototypes, whom he became the new guardian of (since FriendBot had moved to Roboken). Although the team soon learned that D-Fekt had helped the prototypes overthrow Eggman, they let it slide. However, Team Sonic ended up fighting D-Fekt when they objected to his recent revenge rampage. While they fought, Eggman arrived in a suped-up MeBot and fought D-Fekt. Amidst this, Sonic saved D-Fekt's girlfriend when Eggman took her hostage. After defeating Eggman, D-Fekt deemed him and Team Sonic even, and left.[94]

Continuing with their daily lives, Team Sonic came together to have lunch at Meh Burger, only for Eggman to attack them with Badniks. Although the team beat the Badniks, they noticed that Eggman was up to something strange. Later, the team members each got beaten up by Shadow, who apparently held a grudge against them.[95] Once Shadow realized he had been tricked by Eggman into fighting Team Sonic however, he left. All beaten up, the team regrouped, only for Lord Eggman (Eggman's counterpart from another dimension) to appear and attack Sonic. However, when Shadow arrived and attacked Lord Eggman, thinking that he was Dr. Eggman, Lord Eggman revealed that Dr. Eggman was hiding in his dimension and provided Shadow with a portal to him. Deciding to join Shadow in the other dimension, Sonic had his team watch Lord Eggman. Sonic and Shadow soon after returned with Eggman and Metal Sonic in tow. While these four individuals fought, Team Sonic would help Sonic defeat Metal. The team's victory was short-lived however, as Shadow then revealed to the team that he, in a desire for universal revenge, had trapped Eggman and Lord Eggman in a secret place while they fought Metal; since their dimension cannot host two Eggmans, this would cause an abnormality that would destroy the universe. Wasting no time, Team Sonic located the Eggmans, with Sonic saving the universe by getting Lord Eggman home.[96]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

On a regular day, Team Sonic (excluding Sticks) united to beat Dr. Eggman's Big Boy and make him retreat. Shortly after, Sticks brought the news that Tails' House had been taken by a "Rock-cyborg", which had been planted under the house. Finding the robot, the team lured it into an ambush where they destroyed it and brought Tails' house back on its foundation.[97] Soon after, Eggman returned in the Big Boy. Team Sonic tried stopping it, but was betrayed by Knuckles, who had joined Eggman because he was tired of Amy's criticism. Knuckles helped Eggman imprison his team, but then revealed himself to be a covert agent to prove his smarts. After reflecting on his blunder, Knuckles beat Eggman and his mech while his team escaped to safety. Afterwards however, Amy noticed she had lost her hammer.[98] The boys on the team thus went looking for it while Sticks tried getting Amy out of her funk. By coincident, Sonic fond Amy's Hammer and brought it back, allowing Team Sonic to go home.[99]

Team Sonic after defeating the Big Boy, from Sonic Boom #4,

Team Sonic later promised Eggman a final showdown with his Big Boy. When the team forgot about it, Eggman hunted them down and the heroes found themselves outmatched by the improved mech. Fortunately, Sticks showed up and defeated the Big Boy with the Rock of Justice despite her team's skepticism, though at the cost of the weapon.[100]

Boom Shaka-laka

Sometime after Team Sonic united to help Sonic beat the doctor's Badniks, Eggman requested their aid to operate his rides at the Eggtoberfest. Thinking they could watch over Eggman's plans that way, Team Sonic agreed. Sure enough, Eggman soon attacked the villagers at the carnival with his army which Team Sonic defeated, earned them the adoration of the villagers.[101]

Soon after, Team Sonic was challenged to a supposedly fair race in the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix by Eggman. While Team Sonic accepted the challenge, Sticks did not participate, believing it was a trap. At the competition, Team Sonic received go-karts from Eggman to drive in. During the race though, Team Sonic was incapacitated one by one by Eggman's hidden robots and machines while their bio-data was copied for Project Hodge Podge.[102] Thankfully, Sonic was saved from his trap by his team, whom Sonic convinced to let him prove that he could beat Eggman fair and square in the race. Resuming the race, Sonic was cornered by Eggman's Spider-Kart. Fortunately, Tails, Knuckles and Amy arrived and held Eggman off so Sonic could win the competition, and the full team (Sticks included) defeated Eggman. Sonic then celebrated with a friendship speech about how proud he was to be a part of Team Sonic.[103] When Sticks returned after being gone for a while, Team Sonic heard her story about fighting an evil robot alongside an interdimensional army, though no one believed her.[104]


Team Sonic standing ready to defend their island.

As pointed out by Sonic the Hedgehog, Team Sonic are not aggressors, meaning they do not actively seek conflict.[36] Instead, they are more akin to defenders, only springing into action to defend Seaside Island and the innocent, and generally only attack others when provoked.[1][36]



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