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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Alright! Team Heroes together again on another adventure!

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2022

Team Heroes[1] are a group mentioned in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a team of heroes consisting of Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna.



Formed at some point in the past, Team Heroes would go on to face and defeat the Egg Emperor mech (piloted by Neo Metal Sonic disguised by Dr. Eggman).[2] After learning that Neo Metal Sonic had taken over the Eggman Empire however, Team Heroes foiled the robot's plans by defeating him and making him revert back to normal.[3]

Deep Trouble

Team Heroes was later reunified again when Knuckles sent an invitation for Sonic and Tails to come help him with an issue on Angel Island. By the time the trio reconvened though, Sonic and Knuckles briefly got into an argument due to Knuckles saying that Sonic brings trouble to his island, and angrily blaming Sonic for bringing the Metal Virus and the Zombots. Regardless, Tails managed to defuse the tension between the two, prompting Knuckles to reveal that he needed their help investigating some strange quakes in Marble Garden. Sonic thought that meant that Knuckles counted on them, but Knuckles snarked that he counted on Sonic to cause trouble and relied on Tails to keep him focused. Regardless, Team Heroes proceeded towards Marble Garden. As Sonic and Tails discussed which way was the quickest to Marble Garden (among other things) however, Knuckles showed them a shortcut through the mountains. As Sonic and Tails acknowledged Knuckles for his knowledge about the island, Knuckles admitted that he had only found this route recently, and that he, much to his displeasure, had yet to explore all of Angel Island. Eventually reaching Marble Garden, Team Heroes came across Dr. Eggman, who was causing the quakes by recklessly drilling for rare minerals in a drilling vehicle. After then exchanging a few brief quips, Team Heroes engaged Eggman and his vehicle. Despite nearly getting buried alive, Team Heroes' teamwork managed to let them survive the ordeal and defeat Eggman's vehicle. As Eggman then left Angel Island, Team Heroes hopefully believed that Eggman would not come back for a while. Afterwards, Tails offered Knuckles to come back with them for some R&R and see what had been going on without him. Knuckles declined the offer though, insisting that he still had a lot to discover about Angel Island first. Accepting this, Sonic promised Knuckles that he could count on his teammates if he needed help again.[1]

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